“Data science is, at its foundation, centered on the analysis of data. The technical areas of data science are those that need direct study to make data analysis as effective as possible The areas are:
1.Statistical theory,
2.Statistical models,
3.Statistical and machine-learning methods,
4.Visualization methods,
5.Algorithms for statistical, machine-learning, and visualization methods,
6.Computational environments for data analysis: hardware, software, and database management, as well as
7.Live analyses of data where results are judged by the subject-matter findings, not the methodology and systems that are used.
Of course, these areas can be divided into sub-areas, which in turn can have sub-sub-areas, and so forth. Also, research in an area can depend heavily on research in others.”
Wen-wen Tung, Ashrith Barthur, Matthew C. Bowers, Yuying Song, John Gerth, William S. Cleveland ( 2018 )