Gumbel-softmax Optimization: A Simple General Framework for Combinatorial Optimization Problems on Graphs
Global Autoregressive Models for Data-Efficient Sequence Learning
Fault-Diagnosing SLAM for Varying Scale Change Detection
Pose Neural Fabrics Search
RuDaS: Synthetic Datasets for Rule Learning and Evaluation Tools
Leveraging human Domain Knowledge to model an empirical Reward function for a Reinforcement Learning problem
Data management for platform-mediated public services: Challenges and best practices
Estimating change points in nonparametric time series regression models
Learning to Benchmark: Determining Best Achievable Misclassification Error from Training Data
Rethinking Deep Neural Network Ownership Verification: Embedding Passports to Defeat Ambiguity Attacks
Learning to Tune XGBoost with XGBoost
A Tsetlin Machine with Multigranular Clauses
Constructing Dynamic Knowledge Graph for Visual Semantic Understanding and Applications in Autonomous Robotics
Document classification methods
Automatic Detection and Classification of Cognitive Distortions in Mental Health Text
Short-Text Classification Using Unsupervised Keyword Expansion
Probing Natural Language Inference Models through Semantic Fragments
Self-boosted Time-series Forecasting with Multi-task and Multi-view Learning
The Mathematics of Benford’s Law — A Primer
Learning Controls Using Cross-Modal Representations: Bridging Simulation and Reality for Drone Racing
The Computational Complexity of Fire Emblem Series and similar Tactical Role-Playing Games
A Data-driven Dynamic Rating Forecast Method and Application for Power Transformer Long-term Planning
MVDLite: A Light-weight Representation of Model View Definition with Fast Validation for BIM Applications
Real-time 3-D Mapping with Estimating Acoustic Materials
Where are the Keys? — Learning Object-Centric Navigation Policies on Semantic Maps with Graph Convolutional Networks
Learning Residual Flow as Dynamic Motion from Stereo Videos
Asymptotics of $d$-Dimensional Visibility
Bridging the domain gap in cross-lingual document classification
Cyclic sieving phenomenon on dominant maximal weights over affine Kac-Moody algebras
Proceedings of the 27th International Symposium on Graph Drawing and Network Visualization (GD 2019)
Describing the Jelonek set of polynomial maps via Newton polytopes
Circular Cumulant Reductions for Macroscopic Dynamics of Kuramoto Ensemble with Multiplicative Intrinsic Noise
A local input-to-state stability result w.r.t. attractors of nonlinear reaction-diffusion equations
Dirac and Lagrange algebraic constraints in nonlinear port-Hamiltonian systems
On the Hurwitz zeta function with an application to the exponential-beta distribution
Multi-person Pose Tracking using Sequential Monte Carlo with Probabilistic Neural Pose Predictor
On the Metropolis Algorithm for Urban Street Networks
Towards Distributed Logic Programming based on Computability Logic
Boosting Real-Time Driving Scene Parsing with Shared Semantics
Bayesian Optimization under Heavy-tailed Payoffs
Exact solutions for geodesic distance on treelike models with some constraints
Microstructure synthesis using style-based generative adversarial network
$360^o$ Surface Regression with a Hyper-Sphere Loss
$q$-rious and $q$-riouser
Identifying Pediatric Vascular Anomalies With Deep Learning
A Single Multi-Task Deep Neural Network with Post-Processing for Object Detection with Reasoning and Robotic Grasp Detection
Uniform Poincar{é} and logarithmic Sobolev inequalities for mean field particles systems
Transfer learning for Remaining Useful Life Prediction Based on Consensus Self-Organizing Models
Automatic detection of surgical site infections from a clinical data warehouse
Influence of different disorder types on Aharonov-Bohm caging in the diamond chain
A Karhunen-Loeve expansion for one-mode open quantum harmonic oscillators using the eigenbasis of the two-point commutator kernel
Convergent stochastic algorithm for parameter estimation in frailty models using integrated partial likelihood
Learning Spatial Awareness to Improve Crowd Counting
Improved Strong Spatial Mixing for Colorings on Trees
Heat transfer models for fire insulation panels: Bayesian calibration and sensitivity analysis
Motion Guided Attention for Video Salient Object Detection
A fast implicit difference scheme for solving the generalized time-space fractional diffusion equations with variable coefficients
Modular decomposition of Markov chain: detecting hierarchical organization of pervasive communities
A Real-Time Cross-modality Correlation Filtering Method for Referring Expression Comprehension
Stochastic Assignment of Electric Vehicles at Charging Stations Based on Personalized Utility Functions
Temporally Consistent Depth Prediction with Flow-Guided Memory Units
Classification-Specific Parts for Improving Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
Searching for Accurate Binary Neural Architectures
Fast Large-Scale Discrete Optimization Based on Principal Coordinate Descent
Controllable Text-to-Image Generation
Conjunction probability of smooth centered Gaussian processes
BasketballGAN: Generating Basketball Play Simulation Through Sketching
Geometry of conjunction set of smooth stationary Gaussian fields
How to Morph a Tree on a Small Grid
CELNet: Evidence Localization for Pathology Images using Weakly Supervised Learning
Domain Transfer in Dialogue Systems without Turn-Level Supervision
Hybrid Neural Models For Sequence Modelling: The Best Of Three Worlds
Incorporating Dynamicity of Transportation Network with Multi-Weight Traffic Graph Convolution for Traffic Forecasting
AdaBoost-assisted Extreme Learning Machine for Efficient Online Sequential Classification
Downlink Pilot Precoding and Compressed Channel Feedback for FDD-Based Cell-Free Systems
Packing and covering directed triangles asymptotically
Meta-neural-network for Realtime and Passive Deep-learning-based Object Recognition
Davidson-Luce model for multi-item choice with ties
A Chebyshev Spectral Method for Nonlinear Fourier Transform: Norming Constants
Parameter-uniform fitted mesh higher order finite difference scheme for singularly perturbed problem with an interior turning point
A Joint Two-Phase Time-Sensitive Regularized Collaborative Ranking Model for Point of Interest Recommendation
PLIN: A Network for Pseudo-LiDAR Point Cloud Interpolation
Disproportionate division
Hierarchic Neighbors Embedding
Catching up with trends: The changing landscape of political discussions on twitter in 2014 and 2019
ICDAR2019 Robust Reading Challenge on Arbitrary-Shaped Text (RRC-ArT)
On the inertia index of a mixed graph with the matching number
Hashtags are (not) judgemental: The untold story of Lok Sabha elections 2019
PredatorHP Attacks Interval-Sized Regions
Linear Parameter-Varying Control of Nonlinear Systems based on Incremental Stability
Prediction Uncertainty Estimation for Hate Speech Classification
A toy model for anomalous transport and Griffiths effects near the Many-Body Localization transition
On the Benefits of Anticipating Load Imbalance for Performance Optimization of Parallel Applications
Decision Set Optimization and Energy-Efficient MIMO Communications
On optimum design of frame structures
Uncovering Flaming Events on News Media in Social Media
Distance Assessment and Hypothesis Testing of High-Dimensional Samples using Variational Autoencoders
P-BOOST: Parallel Boosting of Optimal Narrow-Band Direction of Arrival Estimators
Exact Semiparametric Inference and Model Selection for Load-Sharing Systems
Model-Based Warp-Level Tiling for Image Processing Programs on GPUs
Rolling in the Deep — Hybrid Locomotion for Wheeled-Legged Robots using Online Trajectory Optimization
Predictive limitations of spatial interaction models: a non-Gaussian analysis
MuPNet: Multi-modal Predictive Coding Network for Place Recognition by Unsupervised Learning of Joint Visuo-Tactile Latent Representations
Efficient multiscale methods for the semiclassical Schrödinger equation with time-dependent potentials
Upper Bounds of Schubert Polynomials
MFCC-based Recurrent Neural Network for Automatic Clinical Depression Recognition and Assessment from Speech
Explainable Product Search with a Dynamic Relation Embedding Model
Blind deconvolution of covariance matrix inverses for autoregressive processes
On the Optimal Control of Relaxation Systems
A Convolutional Transformation Network for Malware Classification
Global Aggregation then Local Distribution in Fully Convolutional Networks
DeepTIO: A Deep Thermal-Inertial Odometry with Visual Hallucination
Improved estimation via model selection method for semimartingale regressions based on discrete data
Novel Methods for the Analysis of Stepped Wedge Cluster Randomized Trials
Two new classes of entanglement-assisted quantum MDS codes
Skew throttling
An experimental proof that resistance-switching memories are not memristors
Adaptive Dynamic Programming for Model-free Tracking of Trajectories with Time-varying Parameters
BMVC 2019: Workshop on Interpretable and Explainable Machine Vision
Surfing on an uncertain edge: Precision cutting of soft tissue using torque-based medium classification
Searching for Better Test Case Prioritization Schemes: a Case Study of AI-assisted Systematic Literature Review
Acoustic scene analysis with multi-head attention networks
Note on distributed certification of minimum spanning trees
Approximation by random fractions
An algorithm based on continuation techniques for minimization problems with highly non-linear equality constraints
Metrics and barycenters for point pattern data
Place Recognition for Stereo VisualOdometry using LiDAR descriptors
Exploring Apprenticeship Learning for Player Modelling in Interactive Narratives
A Weighted $\ell_1$-Minimization Approach For Wavelet Reconstruction of Signals and Images
More About Covariance Descriptors for Image Set Coding: Log-Euclidean Framework based Kernel Matrix Representation
A new decomposition of ascent sequences and Euler–Stirling statistics
Mean-field Langevin System, Optimal Control and Deep Neural Networks
Band-Limited Gaussian Processes: The Sinc Kernel
Intelligent Reflecting Surface Design for MIMO System by Maximizing Sum-Path-Gains
Towards Quality Assurance of Software Product Lines with Adversarial Configurations
Fast transcription of speech in low-resource languages
Communication-based Evaluation for Natural Language Generation
Generation and Application of Constrained Interaction Test Suites Using Base Forbidden Tuples With Mixed Neighborhood Tabu Search
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Task-driven Discovery of Incomplete Networks
Control Synthesis from Linear Temporal Logic Specifications using Model-Free Reinforcement Learning
Intelligent Bearing Fault Diagnosis with Convolutional Long-Short-Term-Memory Recurrent Neural Network
Space-time Galerkin isogeometric method and efficient solver for parabolic problem
Recognition of Russian traffic signs in winter conditions. Solutions of the ‘Ice Vision’ competition winners
On the energy of digraphs
Solving Strong-Substitutes Product-Mix Auctions
Situational Awareness Enhanced through Social Media Analytics: A Survey of First Responders
Computing spatially resolved rotational hydration entropies from atomistic simulations
Dirichlet Depths for Point Process
Multitype Integer Monoid Optimization and Applications
Learning Invariants through Soft Unification
Knowledge Discovery In Nanophotonics Using Geometric Deep Learning
ReduKtor: How We Stopped Worrying About Bugs in Kotlin Compiler
Hyper-Differential Sensitivity Analysis of Uncertain Parameters in PDE-Constrained Optimization
Interactive Martingale Tests for the Global Null
Multilingual Neural Machine Translation for Zero-Resource Languages
Near-term quantum algorithms for linear systems of equations
Spins, percolation and height functions
Audio-Visual Speech Separation and Dereverberation with a Two-Stage Multimodal Network
Identifying Research Challenges in Post Quantum Cryptography Migration and Cryptographic Agility
The Science of Murray Gell-Mann
Uniform asymptotics of Toeplitz determinants with Fisher-Hartwig singularities
On an irreducibility type condition for the ergodicity of nonconservative semigroups
Ramanujan graphs and exponential sums over function fields
Hipster random walks
BottleSum: Unsupervised and Self-supervised Sentence Summarization using the Information Bottleneck Principle
On Decoding Cohen-Haeupler-Schulman Tree Codes
Efficient high-order singular quadrature schemes in magnetic fusion
Regular Partitions and Their Use in Structural Pattern Recognition
A Characteristic Function Approach to Deep Implicit Generative Modeling
KRNC: New Foundations for Permissionless Byzantine Consensus and Global Monetary Stability
Bonsai-SPH: A GPU accelerated astrophysical Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics code
Learning Index Selection with Structured Action Spaces
Truthful and Faithful Monetary Policy for a Stablecoin Conducted by a Decentralised, Encrypted Artificial Intelligence
Three-in-a-Tree in Near Linear Time
A Particle Method without Remeshing
BAFFLE : Blockchain based Aggregator Free Federated Learning
Certifying Blockchain Byzantine Fault Tolerance
Reproducibility of an airway tapering measurement in CT with application to bronchiectasis
Musical Instrument Classification via Low-Dimensional Feature Vectors
An Asymptotic Analysis on Generalized Secretary Problem
Statistical and Machine Learning-based Decision Techniques for Physical Layer Authentication
Visualizing How Embeddings Generalize
Barrier function-Based Variable Gain Super-Twisting Controller
Meta-analysis of Gene Expression in Neurodegenerative Diseases Reveals Patterns in GABA Synthesis and Heat Stress Pathways
Scenery Reconstruction for Random Walk on Random Scenery Systems
Multimodal Dataset of Human-Robot Hugging Interaction
Efficient 3D Fully Convolutional Networks for Pulmonary Lobe Segmentation in CT Images
Experimental Validation of Stable Coordination for Multi-Robot Systems with Limited Fields of View using a PortableMulti-Robot Testbed
On correctness of an n queens program
Z-Net: an Asymmetric 3D DCNN for Medical CT Volume Segmentation
Deep Neural Networks for Choice Analysis: Architectural Design with Alternative-Specific Utility Functions
Projections onto the Set of Feasible Inputs and the Set of Feasible Solutions
Reservoirs learn to learn
Improving Human Performance Using Mixed Granularity of Control in Multi-Human Multi-Robot Interaction
Symmetric and Exterior Squares of Hook Representations
Instantiation-Net: 3D Mesh Reconstruction from Single 2D Image for Right Ventricle
They Might NOT Be Giants: Crafting Black-Box Adversarial Examples with Fewer Queries Using Particle Swarm Optimization
On-line Non-Convex Constrained Optimization
Source Seeking in Unknown Environments with Convex Obstacles
Deep neural network solution of the electronic Schrödinger equation
Vanishing-Error Approximate Degree and QMA Complexity
Learning Geo-Temporal Image Features
Improved Semiparametric Analysis of Polygenic Gene-Environment Interactions in Case-Control Studies
Graphs in which all maximal bipartite subgraphs have the same order
A Probabilistic Analysis of the Neumann Series Iteration
Scene Compliant Trajectory Forecast with Agent-Centric Spatio-Temporal Grids
Streaming PTAS for Constrained k-Means
Estimation of Wasserstein distances in the Spiked Transport Model
High-Throughput In-Memory Computing for Binary Deep Neural Networks with Monolithically Integrated RRAM and 90nm CMOS
Multiplicative Rank-1 Approximation using Length-Squared Sampling
Learnability Can Be Independent of ZFC Axioms: Explanations and Implications
Towards Unsupervised Segmentation of Extreme Weather Events
Partial Compilation of Variational Algorithms for Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum Machines
Discovering Differential Features: Adversarial Learning for Information Credibility Evaluation
Data-Efficient Classification of Birdcall Through Convolutional Neural Networks Transfer Learning
Analysis on One-Stage SSHC Rectifier for Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvesting
Emergent Tool Use From Multi-Agent Autocurricula
Analog Subspace Coding: A New Approach to Coding for Non-Coherent Wireless Networks
On reconstruction algorithms for signals sparse in Hermite and Fourier domains
Generalized Dictionary Matching under Substring Consistent Equivalence Relations
A*3D Dataset: Towards Autonomous Driving in Challenging Environments
Attraction-Repulsion Actor-Critic for Continuous Control Reinforcement Learning
Constructing Infinite Sets of Orthogonal Exponentials for Convex Polytopes
Real-Time Variational Fisheye Stereo without Rectification and Undistortion
On Sum of Squares Representation of Convex Forms and Generalized Cauchy-Schwarz Inequalities
Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning for Open-Domain Dialog
STELA: A Real-Time Scene Text Detector with Learned Anchor
Multiclass classification of growth curves using random change points and heterogeneous random effects
Bounds for the rank of a complex unit gain graph in terms of the independence number