Executability of Python Snippets in Stack Overflow
Statistical mechanics of time series
Human detection of machine manipulated media
Bag-of-Audio-Words based on Autoencoder Codebook for Continuous Emotion Prediction
Improving Neural Relation Extraction with Implicit Mutual Relations
Topic Modeling in Embedding Spaces
Hierarchical Clustering Supported by Reciprocal Nearest Neighbors
Semantic Parsing with Dual Learning
Time series cluster kernels to exploit informative missingness and incomplete label information
Productization Challenges of Contextual Multi-Armed Bandits
Featured Snippets Results in Google Web Search: An Exploratory Study
Interpretable Dynamics Models for Data-Efficient Reinforcement Learning
GraphSAINT: Graph Sampling Based Inductive Learning Method
Agile Domain Adaptation
Neural Network-based Equalizer by Utilizing Coding Gain in Advance
Understanding the Representation Power of Graph Neural Networks in Learning Graph Topology
Making AI Forget You: Data Deletion in Machine Learning
Profiling based Out-of-core Hybrid Method for Large Neural Networks
PreCall: A Visual Interface for Threshold Optimization in ML Model Selection
Forecasting remaining useful life: Interpretable deep learning approach via variational Bayesian inferences
Gain with no Pain: Efficient Kernel-PCA by Nyström Sampling
Fitting Prediction Rule Ensembles to Psychological Research Data: An Introduction and Tutorial
Time2Vec: Learning a Vector Representation of Time
Distributions of Historic Market Data — Relaxation and Correlations
Incrementalizing RASA’s Open-Source Natural Language Understanding Pipeline
An alternative for the average income estimation using small area methods
Visualizing and Describing Fine-grained Categories as Textures
Vision-based Pedestrian Alert Safety System (PASS) for Signalized Intersections
Adaptive Pricing in Insurance: Generalized Linear Models and Gaussian Process Regression Approaches
Human Body Parts Tracking: Applications to Activity Recognition
Image Super-Resolution Using Attention Based DenseNet with Residual Deconvolution
City-GAN: Learning architectural styles using a custom Conditional GAN architecture
Testing independence between two random sets for the analysis of colocalization in bio-imaging
Tranquil Clouds: Neural Networks for Learning Temporally Coherent Features in Point Clouds
A Novel Approach to OCR using Image Recognition based Classification for Ancient Tamil Inscriptions in Temples
A General Framework for Complex Network-Based Image Segmentation
Speech bandwidth extension with WaveNet
Improving the resolution of microscope by deconvolution after dense scan
Affine Disentangled GAN for Interpretable and Robust AV Perception
Accurate Congenital Heart Disease ModelGeneration for 3D Printing
Brand vs. Generic: Addressing Non-Adherence, Secular Trends, and Non-Overlap
Development of email classifier in Brazilian Portuguese using feature selection for automatic response
Infer Implicit Contexts in Real-time Online-to-Offline Recommendation
Introduction to Camera Pose Estimation with Deep Learning
Listen, Attend, Spell and Adapt: Speaker Adapted Sequence-to-Sequence ASR
A Comparison of Super-Resolution and Nearest Neighbors Interpolation Applied to Object Detection on Satellite Data
Joint Speech Recognition and Speaker Diarization via Sequence Transduction
A Targeted Acceleration and Compression Framework for Low bit Neural Networks
ReCoSa: Detecting the Relevant Contexts with Self-Attention for Multi-turn Dialogue Generation
Neural or Statistical: An Empirical Study on Language Models for Chinese Input Recommendation on Mobile
To Tune or Not To Tune? How About the Best of Both Worlds?
RinQ Fingerprinting: Recurrence-informed Quantile Networks for Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting
Adaptive Margin Ranking Loss for Knowledge Graph Embeddings via a Correntropy Objective Function
A Deep Neural Network for Finger Counting and Numerosity Estimation
Influence of Pointing on Learning to Count: A Neuro-Robotics Model
Variance-Based Risk Estimations in Markov Processes via Transformation with State Lumping
The Breuer-Major Theorem in total variation: improved rates under minimal regularity
Discrete Choice and Welfare Analysis with Unobserved Choice Sets
StrokeSave: A Novel, High-Performance Mobile Application for Stroke Diagnosis using Deep Learning and Computer Vision
Explicitly Conditioned Melody Generation: A Case Study with Interdependent RNNs
Identifying Linear Models in Multi-Resolution Population Data using Minimum Description Length Principle to Predict Household Income
Rate of convergence in Wasserstein distance of piecewise-linear Lévy-driven SDEs
An inverse acoustic-elastic interaction problem with phased or phaseless far-field data
An Empirical Study on the Practical Impact of Prior Beliefs over Policy Types
Evaluation of Retinal Image Quality Assessment Networks in Different Color-spaces
A Deep Reinforcement-Learning-based Driving Policy for Autonomous Road Vehicles
A Modular Task-oriented Dialogue System Using a Neural Mixture-of-Experts
Large Memory Layers with Product Keys
Perturbation theory approach to study the latent space degeneracy of Variational Autoencoders
New families of strong Skolem starters
LakhNES: Improving multi-instrumental music generation with cross-domain pre-training
Tensor-Free Proximal Methods for Lifted Bilinear/Quadratic Inverse Problems with Applications to Phase Retrieval
On $L_p$-Solvability of Stochastic Integro-Differential Equations
Short-term ASV Collision Avoidance with Static and Moving Obstacles
Acoustic Model Optimization Based On Evolutionary Stochastic Gradient Descent with Anchors for Automatic Speech Recognition
Large-Scale Mixed-Bandwidth Deep Neural Network Acoustic Modeling for Automatic Speech Recognition
Fully Convolutional Networks for Handwriting Recognition
Super-resolution meets machine learning: approximation of measures
A Resource-Aware Approach to Collaborative Loop Closure Detection with Provable Performance Guarantees
The Almost-Disjoint 2-Path Decomposition Problem
Secure Authentication of ADS-B Aircraft Communications using Retroactive Key Publication
The special value $u=1$ of Artin-Ihara $L$-functions
Explaining an increase in predicted risk for clinical alerts
Degenerate Turán densities of sparse hypergraphs
Safety Control with Preview Automaton
Multi-element SIAC filter for shock capturing applied to high-order discontinuous Galerkin spectral element methods
Can Unconditional Language Models Recover Arbitrary Sentences?
Radiality Constraints for Resilient Reconfiguration of Distribution Systems: Formulation and Application to Microgrid Formation
Modelling the Socialization of Creative Agents in a Master-Apprentice Setting: The Case of Movie Title Puns
Nonparametric estimation of the conditional density function with right-censored and dependent data
Vision-and-Dialog Navigation
Regular path-constrained time-optimal control problems in three-dimensional flow fields
A Model-based Approach for Sample-efficient Multi-task Reinforcement Learning
Diverse Trajectory Forecasting with Determinantal Point Processes
My lips are concealed: Audio-visual speech enhancement through obstructions
Integer Laplacian Eigenvalues of Chordal Graphs
Aesthetic Attributes Assessment of Images
The SAT+CAS Method for Combinatorial Search with Applications to Best Matrices
Object Detection in Video with Spatial-temporal Context Aggregation
Eco-driving with Learning Model Predictive Control
Necessary and sufficient conditions for the uniform integrability of the stochastic exponential
The average number of spanning hypertrees in sparse uniform hypergraphs
ADDMC: Exact Weighted Model Counting with Algebraic Decision Diagrams
A discontinuous phase transition in the threshold-$θ\geq 2$ contact process on random graphs
Two-stream Spatiotemporal Feature for Video QA Task
Semi-supervised Feature-Level Attribute Manipulation for Fashion Image Retrieval
Message passing-based link configuration in short range millimeter wave systems
Conditional Analysis for Key-Value Data with Local Differential Privacy
On Analysis of the Bitcoin and Prism Backbone Protocols
Structural domination and coloring of some ($P_7, C_7$)-free graphs
Massively Multilingual Neural Machine Translation in the Wild: Findings and Challenges
Optimal Feature Transport for Cross-View Image Geo-Localization
Micro-expression Action Unit Detection withSpatio-temporal Adaptive Pooling
The HOG-FDA Approach with Mobile Phone Data to Modeling the Dynamic of People’s Presences in the City
Evidential positive opinion influence measures for viral marketing
Extension of Sinkhorn Method: Optimal Movement Estimation of Agents Moving at Constant Velocity
Proportional Dynamics in Exchange Economies
Fast algorithm for topologically disordered lattices with constant coordination number
Positive Harmonic Functions on the Heisenberg group I
Terahertz Band: The Last Piece of RF Spectrum Puzzle for Communication Systems
BlazeFace: Sub-millisecond Neural Face Detection on Mobile GPUs
No Word is an Island — A Transformation Weighting Model for Semantic Composition
Approximate Nonlinear Regulation via Identification-Based Adaptive Internal Models
Capillary Rise — A Computational Benchmark for Wetting Processes
Even maps, the Colin de~Verdière number and representations of graphs
Kolmogorov complexity in the USSR (1975–1982): isolation and its end
Recovery and Repair Schemes for Shift-XOR Regenerating Codes
Variational and numerical analysis of a dynamic viscoelastic contact problem with friction and wear
FIRE: Unsupervised bi-directional inter-modality registration using deep networks
On the minimum value of the Colless index and the bifurcating trees that achieve it
Asymptotic results for the last zero crossing time of a Brownian motion with non-null drift
Real-world forward rate dynamics with affine realizations
Directing Power Towards Sub-Alternatives
Safe Policy Improvement with Soft Baseline Bootstrapping
How should we score athletes and candidates: geometric scoring rules
Cake Cutting on Graphs: A Discrete and Bounded Proportional Protocol
MeetUp! A Corpus of Joint Activity Dialogues in a Visual Environment
Towards a Connected Sky: Performance of Beamforming with Down-tilted Antennas for Ground and UAV User Co-existence
Optimal Space-Depth Trade-Off of CNOT Circuits in Quantum Logic Synthesis
Deep-Learning for Tidemark Segmentation in Human Osteochondral Tissues Imaged with Micro-computed Tomography
Efficient Semantic Scene Completion Network with Spatial Group Convolution
Activitynet 2019 Task 3: Exploring Contexts for Dense Captioning Events in Videos
Analysis of Ward’s Method
Multifaceted Analysis of Fine-Tuning in Deep Model for Visual Recognition
Machine Learning Kernel Method from a Quantum Generative Model
Spatiotemporal Local Propagation
Percolation description of charge transport in amorphous oxide semiconductors
Estimating the division rate from indirect measurements of single cells
Image-Based Size Analysis of Agglomerated and Partially Sintered Particles via Convolutional Neural Networks
Percolation description of charge transport in the random barrier model applied to amorphous oxide semiconductors
Approximate Model Counting, Sparse XOR Constraints and Minimum Distance
Highly parallel algorithm for the Ising ground state searching problem
Approximate Message Passing for Indoor THz Channel Estimation
Kernel Trajectory Maps for Multi-Modal Probabilistic Motion Prediction
Time-aware uniformization of winning strategies
Improved PDE Models for Image Restoration through Backpropagation
Perturbed Greedy on Oblivious Matching Problems
Isomorphisms for spaces of predictable processes and an extension of the Itô integral
Distribution of outbreak sizes for SIR disease in finite populations
Error Exponents for Asynchronous Multiple Access Channels. Controlled Asynchronism may Outperform Synchronism
Tempered stable distributions and processes
Exponential stock models driven by tempered stable processes
Deep Active Learning for Axon-Myelin Segmentation on Histology Data
Amplifying Rényi Differential Privacy via Shuffling
Stochastic mortality models: An infinite dimensional approach
Fairness without Regret
Joint Radio Resource Allocation and 3D Beam-forming in MISO-NOMA-based Network with Profit Maximization for Mobile Virtual Network Operators
Estimating Traffic Disruption Patterns with Volunteered Geographic Information
Disease classification of macular Optical Coherence Tomography scans using deep learning software: validation on independent, multi-centre data
The structure of $k$-planar graphs
Privileged Features Distillation for E-Commerce Recommendations
Combining Social Force Model with Model Predictive Control for Vehicle’s Longitudinal Speed Regulation in Pedestrian-Dense Scenarios
A Neural Architecture for Designing Truthful and Efficient Auctions
Information-Centric Grant-Free Access for IoT Fog Networks: Edge vs Cloud Detection and Learning
Fixation properties of rock-paper-scissors games in fluctuating populations
Edge Heuristic GAN for Non-uniform Blind Deblurring
Self-Regulated Interactive Sequence-to-Sequence Learning
Cross-Domain Complementary Learning with Synthetic Data for Multi-Person Part Segmentation
Dynamical modelling of cascading failures in the Turkish power grid
retina-VAE: Variationally Decoding the Spectrum of Macular Disease
On multicolor Ramsey numbers of triple system paths of length 3
A Wasserstein-type distance in the space of Gaussian Mixture Models
Optimal control of district heating networks using a reduced order model
Simplification of Polyline Bundles
Beyond Imitation: Generative and Variational Choreography via Machine Learning
Intensity of waves inside a strongly disordered medium
State-of-The-Art Sparse Direct Solvers
Aerial Animal Biometrics: Individual Friesian Cattle Recovery and Visual Identification via an Autonomous UAV with Onboard Deep Inference
Local Limit Theorems for the Random Conductance Model and Applications to the Ginzburg-Landau $\nabla\varphi$ Interface Model
A Study of Network Congestion in Two Supercomputing High-Speed Interconnects
StakeCube: Combining Sharding and Proof-of-Stake to build Fork-free Secure Permissionless Distributed Ledgers
Graph Neural Based End-to-end Data Association Framework for Online Multiple-Object Tracking
Computing sharp recovery structures for Locally Recoverable codes
Adaptive Deep Learning for High Dimensional Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equations
Splitting methods for Fourier spectral discretizations of the strongly magnetized Vlasov-Poisson and the Vlasov-Maxwell system
Minimax Theorems for Finite Blocklength Lossy Joint Source-Channel Coding over an AVC
Low-rank matrix completion and denoising under Poisson noise
The acute:chronic workload ratio: challenges and prospects for improvement
Three algorithms for solving high-dimensional fully-coupled FBSDEs through deep learning
Arbitrarily High-order Unconditionally Energy Stable Schemes for Thermodynamically Consistent Gradient Flow Models
Competitive Analysis with a Sample and the Secretary Problem
Optimized Sharing of Coefficients in Parallel Filter Banks
Statistical inference for piecewise normal distributions and stochastic variational inequalities
Metastability of a random walk with catastrophes
Warfarin dose estimation on multiple datasets with automated hyperparameter optimisation and a novel software framework
Performance Boundary Identification for the Evaluation of Automated Vehicles using Gaussian Process Classification
Analysis of Bivariate Jump-Diffusion Processes
Online Inference and Detection of Curbs in Partially Occluded Scenes with Sparse LIDAR
Assessing postural instability during cerebral hypoperfusion using sub-millimeter monocular 3D sway tracking
Method of moments for 3-D single particle ab initio modeling with non-uniform distribution of viewing angles
Quantum and Classical Algorithms for Approximate Submodular Function Minimization
Analytic and Probabilistic Problems in Discrete Geometry
Single Image Super-Resolution via CNN Architectures and TV-TV Minimization
Provably Efficient Reinforcement Learning with Linear Function Approximation
Reward Advancement: Transforming Policy under Maximum Causal Entropy Principle
Walking Randomly, Massively, and Efficiently
Computational Concentration of Measure: Optimal Bounds, Reductions, and More
Simulation of 3D elasto-acoustic wave propagation based on a Discontinuous Galerkin Spectral Element method
Using Chinese Characters To Generate Text-Based Passwords For Information Security
Timely Cloud Computing: Preemption and Waiting
Change point detection for graphical models in presence of missing values
Variational principle for weakly dependent random fields
Learning to learn with quantum neural networks via classical neural networks
Detecting hidden and composite orders in layered models via machine learning
Adversarial Objects Against LiDAR-Based Autonomous Driving Systems