Checking and Simplifying Validation Rule Sets (validatetools)
Rule sets with validation rules may contain redundancies or contradictions. Functions for finding redundancies and problematic rules are provided, given a set a rules formulated with ‘validate’.

Fst-Heterozygosity Smoothed Quantiles (fsthet)
A program to generate smoothed quantiles for the Fst-heterozygosity distribution. Designed for use with large numbers of loci (e.g., genome-wide SNPs). The best case for analyzing the Fst-heterozygosity distribution is when many populations (>10) have been sampled. See Flanagan & Jones (2017) <doi:10.1093/jhered/esx048>.

A Microcontroller Interface (Rduino)
Functions for connecting to and interfacing with an ‘Arduino’ or similar device. Functionality includes uploading of sketches, setting and reading digital and analog pins, and rudimentary servo control. This project is not affiliated with the ‘Arduino’ company, <https://…/>.