“Pattern Analytics can be defined as a discipline of Big Data that enables business leaders to understand how different variables of the business interact and are linked with each other. Variables can be of any kind and within any data source, structured as well as unstructured. Such patterns can indicate opportunities for innovation or threats of disruption for your business and therefore require action. Finding patterns within the data and sifting it out is difficult. Machine learning can contribute in helping us humans find patterns that are relevant, but too difficult for us to see. This enables organizations to find patterns they act on. Business leaders can learn from these patterns and use them in their decision-making process. Business leaders therefore should rely less on their gut feeling and years of experience, and more on the data. Pattern Analytics does not require predefined models; the algorithms will do the work for you and find whatever is relevant in a combination of large sets of data. The key with pattern analytics is automatically revealing intelligence that is hidden in the data and these insights will help you grow your business.” Mark van Rijmenam ( 31 Dec. 2014 )