Compute Decision Interval and Average Run Length for CUSUM Charts (CUSUMdesign)
Computation of decision intervals (H) and average run lengths (ARL) for CUSUM charts.
Plot Categorical Data Using Quasirandom Noise and Density Estimates (vipor)
Generate a violin point plot, a combination of a violin/histogram plot and a scatter plot by offsetting points within a category based on their density using quasirandom noise.
Methods for Multivariate Quadrature (mvQuad)
Provides methods to construct multivariate grids, which can be used for multivariate quadrature. This grids can be based on different quadrature rules like Newton-Cotes formulas (trapezoidal-, Simpson’s- rule, …) or Gauss quadrature (Gauss-Hermite, Gauss-Legendre, …). For the construction of the multidimensional grid the product-rule or the combination- technique can be applied.
Quickly Map and Explore Spatial Data (quickmapr)
While analyzing geospatial data, easy visualization is often needed that allows for quick plotting, and simple, but easy interactivity. Additionally, visualizing geospatial data in projected coordinates is also desirable. The ‘quickmapr’ package provides a simple method to visualize ‘sp’ and ‘raster’ objects, allows for basic zooming, panning, identifying, and labeling of spatial objects, and does not require that the data be in geographic coordinates.
Estimation of Multivariate Long-Memory Models Parameters (multiwave)
Computation of an estimation of the long-memory parameters and the long-run covariance matrix using a multivariate model (Lobato, 1999; Shimotsu 2007). Two semi-parametric methods are implemented: a Fourier based approach (Shimotsu 2007) and a wavelet based approach (Achard and Gannaz 2014).