Accurate, Adaptable, and Accessible Error Metrics for Predictive Models (A3)
Supplies tools for tabulating and analyzing the results of predictive models. The methods employed are applicable to virtually any predictive model and make comparisons between different methodologies straightforward.
Multivariate Measurement Error Correction (mmc)
Provides routines for multivariate measurement error correction. Includes procedures for linear, logistic and Cox regression models. Bootstrapped standard errors and confidence intervals can be obtained for corrected estimates.
Ternary Search Tree (TSTr)
A ternary search tree is a type of prefix tree with up to three children and the ability for incremental string search. The package uses this ability for word auto-completion and includes a dataset with the 10001 most frequent English words.
JavaScript Charts API Tool (rAmCharts)
API for using AmChart Library. Based on the ‘htmlwidgets’ package, it provides a global architecture to generate ‘JavaScript’ source code for charts. Most of classes in the library have their equivalent in R with S4 classes; for those classes, not all properties have been referenced but can easily be added in the constructors. Complex properties (e.g. ‘JavaScript’ object) can be passed as named list. See examples at <h…/>. and <http://…/> for more information about the library.
QRcode Generator for R (qrcode)
Create QRcode in R.