Streamline Descriptive Analysis of Quantitative Data Matrices (quantable)
Methods which streamline the descriptive analysis of quantitative matrices.
Binarization and Trinarization of One-Dimensional Data (BiTrinA)
Provides methods for the binarization and trinarization of one-dimensional data and some visualization functions.
Allan Variance Analysis (allanvar)
A collection of tools for stochastic sensor error characterization using the Allan Variance technique originally developed by D. Allan.
A Model Object Framework for Regression Analysis (modelObj)
A utility library to facilitate the generalization of statistical methods built on a regression framework. Package developers can use ‘modelObj’ methods to initiate a regression analysis without concern for the details of the regression model and the method to be used to obtain parameter estimates. The specifics of the regression step are left to the user to define when calling the function. The user of a function developed within the ‘modelObj’ framework creates as input a ‘modelObj’ that contains the model and the R methods to be used to obtain parameter estimates and to obtain predictions. In this way, a user can easily go from linear to non-linear models within the same package.
Character String Processing Facilities (stringi)
Allows for fast, correct, consistent, portable, as well as convenient character string/text processing in every locale and any native encoding. Owing to the use of the ICU library, the package provides R users with platform-independent functions known to Java, Perl, Python, PHP, and Ruby programmers. Among available features there are: pattern searching (e.g. via regular expressions), random string generation, string collation, transliteration, concatenation, date-time formatting and parsing, etc.
stringi: The string processing package for R