A Simple Datascience Challenge System (rchallenge)
A simple datascience challenge system using R Markdown and Dropbox. It requires no network configuration, does not depend on external platforms like e.g. Kaggle and can be easily installed on a personal computer.

Fit and Deploy Rotation Forest Models (rotationForest)
Fit and deploy rotation forest models (‘Rodriguez, J.J., Kuncheva, L.I., 2006. Rotation forest: A new classifier ensemble method. IEEE Trans. Pattern Anal. Mach. Intell. 28, 1619-1630’) for binary classification. Rotation forest is an ensemble method where each base classifier (tree) is fit on the principal components of the variables of random partitions of the feature set.

Spatial Stochastic Frontier Analysis (ssfa)
Spatial Stochastic Frontier Analysis (SSFA) is an original method for controlling the spatial heterogeneity in Stochastic Frontier Analysis (SFA) models by splitting the inefficiency term into three terms: the first one related to spatial peculiarities of the territory in which each single unit operates, the second one related to the specific production features and the third one representing the error term.