Interactive AI with a Theory of Mind
Neural Network Branching for Neural Network Verification
A Step Towards Exposing Bias in Trained Deep Convolutional Neural Network Models
Fundamental Limitations in Sequential Prediction and Recursive Algorithms: $\mathcal{L}_{p}$ Bounds via an Entropic Analysis
On the Validity of Bayesian Neural Networks for Uncertainty Estimation
Mo’ States Mo’ Problems: Emergency Stop Mechanisms from Observation
A Study of Black Box Adversarial Attacks in Computer Vision
Learning Multi-dimensional Indexes
PyTorch: An Imperative Style, High-Performance Deep Learning Library
ALFRED: A Benchmark for Interpreting Grounded Instructions for Everyday Tasks
Learn Electronic Health Records by Fully Decentralized Federated Learning
Adjusting Decision Boundary for Class Imbalanced Learning
Mining Top-k Trajectory-Patterns from Anonymized Data
Scalable Bayesian Preference Learning for Crowds
AdversarialNAS: Adversarial Neural Architecture Search for GANs
Flow Rate Control in Smart District Heating Systems Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Conformance Checking Approximation using Subset Selection and Edit Distance
A Robust Stereo Camera Localization Method with Prior LiDAR Map Constrains
Identifying nearby sources of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays with deep learning
Deep learning for magnitude prediction in earthquake early warning
Google street view and deep learning: a new ground truthing approach for crop mapping
Learning Agent Communication under Limited Bandwidth by Message Pruning
Lost-customers approximation of semi-open queueing networks with backordering — An application to minimise the number of robots in robotic mobile fulfilment systems
A Formal Approach to the Engineering of Domain-Specific Distributed Systems
Scene recognition based on DNN and game theory with its applications in human-robot interaction
Viewpoint-Aware Loss with Angular Regularization for Person Re-Identification
Predicting Soil pH by Using Nearest Fields
Faster Lattice Enumeration
Joint Graph-based Depth Refinement and Normal Estimation
Bayesian Model Selection for Change Point Detection and Clustering
Deep Nitsche Method: Deep Ritz Method with Essential Boundary Conditions
Hierarchical societies exhibit diverse swarming transitions
Analyzing and Improving the Image Quality of StyleGAN
AI-Assisted Low Information Latency Wireless Networking
ATIS + SpiNNaker: a Fully Event-based Visual Tracking Demonstration
Less Is Better: Unweighted Data Subsampling via Influence Function
A Context-Aware Loss Function for Action Spotting in Soccer Videos
Trimming Mobile Applications for Bandwidth-Challenged Networks in Developing Regions
Mathematical aspects relative to the fluid statics of a self-gravitating perfect-gas isothermal sphere
enumeration of weighted paths on a digraph and block hook determinant
FANNet: Formal Analysis of Noise Tolerance, Training Bias and Input Sensitivity in Neural Networks
Improved S-AF and S-DF Relaying Schemes using Machine Learning based Power Allocation over Cascaded Rayleigh Fading Channels
Spin-Orbit-Torque-based Devices, Circuits and Architectures
Asymmetric Co-Teaching for Unsupervised Cross Domain Person Re-Identification
A bijective proof of the ASM theorem, Part II: ASM enumeration and ASM-DPP relation
A deep learning based tool for automatic brain extraction from functional magnetic resonance images in rodents
Moments of Student’s t-distribution: A Unified Approach
Multi-Channel Volumetric Neural Network for Knee Cartilage Segmentation in Cone-beam CT
The most frequent programming mistakes that cause software vulnerabilities
The impact of automation and connectivity on traffic flow and CO2 emissions. A detailed microsimulation study
Mathematical Analysis and Algorithms for Federated Byzantine Agreement Systems
On the size of chaos via Glauber calculus in the classical mean-field dynamics
Achieving Determinism in Adaptive AUTOSAR
Multi-Criterion Evolutionary Design of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Martingales of stochastic Laplacian growth
On sums of squares of $k$-nomials
Robust Morph-Detection at Automated Border Control Gate using Deep Decomposed 3D Shape and Diffuse Reflectance
Automatic Video Object Segmentation via Motion-Appearance-Stream Fusion and Instance-aware Segmentation
Stable shredded spheres and causal random maps with large faces
Windable Heads & Recognizing NL with Constant Randomness
TU Wien @ TREC Deep Learning ’19 — Simple Contextualization for Re-ranking
Pricing FX Options under Intermediate Currency
Copula versions of distance multivariance and dHSIC via the distributional transform — a general approach to construct invariant dependence measures
RGPNet: A Real-Time General Purpose Semantic Segmentation
System of Lane-Emden equations as IVPs BVPs and Four Point BVPs & Computation with Haar Wavelets
The Analysis of Projective Transformation Algorithms for Image Recognition on Mobile Devices
Quantum Ising chains with small-world couplings: No small-world effect at the quantum level; Stability of the quantum critical point
Detecting Finger-Vein Presentation Attacks Using 3D Shape & Diffuse Reflectance Decomposition
Bilinear form test statistics for extremum estimation
Decentralised Sparse Multi-Task Regression
Optimal Laplacian regularization for sparse spectral community detection
Simpson’s Paradox and the implications for medical trials
FlowNet3D++: Geometric Losses For Deep Scene Flow Estimation
The Comparison of Methods for Individual Treatment Effect Detection
Multivariate scale-mixed stable distributions and related limit theorems
On two supercongruence conjectures of El Bachraoui
A Fast deflation Method for Sparse Principal Component Analysis via Subspace Projections
The Transfer of Polarised Radiation in Homogeneous Water Bodies
Statistical inference for fractional diffusion process with random effects at discrete observations
Linear Convergence of Frank-Wolfe for Rank-One Matrix Recovery Without Strong Convexity
Analytical approach to synchronous states of globally coupled noisy rotators
Geometry of martensite needles in shape memory alloys
Age of Information in Random Access Channels
Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces assisted Communications with Limited Phase Shifts: How Many Phase Shifts Are Enough?
A Hybrid Graph Coloring Algorithm for GPUs
Poincaré inequality, and central limit theorems for parabolic stochastic partial differential equations
Transforming the Lindblad Equation into a System of Linear Equations: Performance Optimization and Parallelization
Knowledge-Enriched Visual Storytelling
Robust and Secure Wireless Communications via Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces
Optimal control of an eddy current problem with a dipole source
BADGER: Learning to (Learn [Learning Algorithms] through Multi-Agent Communication)
Cross-benchmarking for performance evaluation: looking across best practices of different peer groups using DEA
Soft robust solutions to possibilistic optimization problems
Confounding Adjustment Methods for Multi-level Treatment Comparisons Under Lack of Positivity and Unknown Model Specification
Ontologies for the Virtual Materials Marketplace
Multiscale Self Attentive Convolutions for Vision and Language Modeling
Convolutional STN for Weakly Supervised Object Localization and Beyond
On sets containing a unit distance in every direction
Self-Learned Formula Synthesis in Set Theory
Degenerative Adversarial NeuroImage Nets for 3D Simulations: Application in Longitudinal MRI
Quantifying Urban Canopy Cover with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Classifying Pattern and Feature Properties to Get a $Θ(n)$ Checker and Reformulation for Sliding Time-Series Constraints
QUEST: Quantized embedding space for transferring knowledge
On the Shortest Separating Cycle
Design of an algorithm for acoustic signal detection of moving vehicles
Multi-temporal abrupt change estimation on Landsat time series imagery: an application to analyze burn severity in La Primavera, Mexico
On the deficiency of complete multipartite graphs
Experimental Evidence for Asymptotic Non-Optimality of Comb Adversary Strategy
On the connection between Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm and bent functions
Learning Spatially Structured Image Transformations Using Planar Neural Networks
An Introduction to Communication Efficient Edge Machine Learning
On the central levels problem
Jones’ Conjecture in subcubic graphs
Improving upon NBA point-differential rankings
A Comparative Study of Pretrained Language Models on Thai Social Text Categorization
Conservation Voltage Reduction by Coordinating Legacy Devices, Smart Inverters and Battery
EventGAN: Leveraging Large Scale Image Datasets for Event Cameras
Reading the Manual: Event Extraction as Definition Comprehension
Higher-order total variation approaches and generalisations
Leveraging Procedural Generation to Benchmark Reinforcement Learning
Inferring HIV incidence trends and transmission dynamics with a spatio-temporal HIV epidemic model
Towards an Integrative Educational Recommender for Lifelong Learners
Tight Coefficients of Averaged Operators via Scaled Relative Graph
Stochastic Newton and Cubic Newton Methods with Simple Local Linear-Quadratic Rates
Stationary Points of Shallow Neural Networks with Quadratic Activation Function
A Proof of the Gan-Loh-Sudakov Conjecture
LiteEval: A Coarse-to-Fine Framework for Resource Efficient Video Recognition
Dream to Control: Learning Behaviors by Latent Imagination
Random Field Ising Model and Parisi-Sourlas Supersymmetry I. Supersymmetric CFT
A Simulation Model for Pedestrian Crowd Evacuation Based on Various AI Techniques
A FEAST variant incorporated with a power iteration
Visual Illusions Also Deceive Convolutional Neural Networks: Analysis and Implications
Lorentzian polynomials from polytope projections
Physics-based Simulation of Continuous-Wave LIDAR for Localization, Calibration and Tracking
Integrating Motion into Vision Models for Better Visual Prediction
On particle-size distribution of convex similar bodies in $\mathbb{R}^3$
Angle-Based Sensor Network Localization
Large scale representation learning from triplet comparisons
COSTRA 1.0: A Dataset of Complex Sentence Transformations
Learning to Separate: Detecting Heavily-Occluded Objects in Urban Scenes
Deep Contextualized Acoustic Representations For Semi-Supervised Speech Recognition
Asymptotics of random resonances generated by a point process of delta-interactions
AMR-to-Text Generation with Cache Transition Systems
Optimal Farsighted Agents Tend to Seek Power
ELFISH: Resource-Aware Federated Learning on Heterogeneous Edge Devices
differint: A Python Package for Numerical Fractional Calculus
Residual-based a posteriori error estimates for a conforming mixed finite element discretization of the Monge-Ampère equation
Enumerating Parking Completions Using Join and Split
Maximum entropy methods for texture synthesis: theory and practice
Scenario optimization for optimal training of Echo State Networks
Smart Parking: IoT and Blockchain
Online and Bandit Algorithms for Nonstationary Stochastic Saddle-Point Optimization
Optimizing Information Freshness Through Computation-Transmission Tradeoff and Queue Management in Edge Computing
Robustness-Driven Exploration with Probabilistic Metric Temporal Logic
A Robust Self-Learning Method for Fully Unsupervised Cross-Lingual Mappings of Word Embeddings: Making the Method Robustly Reproducible as Well
It GAN DO Better: GAN-based Detection of Objects on Images with Varying Quality
Risk-Averse Action Selection Using Extreme Value Theory Estimates of the CVaR
Communicating with Large Intelligent Surfaces: Fundamental Limits and Models
Deep Learning based Switching Filter for Impulsive Noise Removal in Color Images
SWIPT with Practical Modulation and RF Energy Harvesting Sensitivity
Fast Intent Classification for Spoken Language Understanding
Distance-Based Learning from Errors for Confidence Calibration
HAMNER: Headword Amplified Multi-span Distantly Supervised Method for Domain Specific Named Entity Recognition
There is no good way to quantify fat tailed distributions
Proximal Newton Methods for X-Ray Imaging with Non-Smooth Regularization
A Dataset Schema for Cooperative Learning from Demonstration in Multi-robots Systems
Polynomial time guarantees for the Burer-Monteiro method
Multi-Scan Implementation of the Trajectory Poisson Multi-Bernoulli Mixture Filter
Physically Interpretable Neural Networks for the Geosciences: Applications to Earth System Variability
A family of fractional diffusion equations derived from stochastic harmonic chains with long-range interactions
Robotic Surveillance Based on the Meeting Time of Random Walks
Conv-MPN: Convolutional Message Passing Neural Network for Structured Outdoor Architecture Reconstruction
Percolation of three fluids on a honeycomb lattice
The Potential of Quantum Annealing for Rapid Solution Structure Identification
Deep Physiological State Space Model for Clinical Forecasting
A note on semi-infinite program bounding methods
Security-Constrained Unit Commitment with Corrective Network Reconfiguration: Enhanced Benders Decomposition Approach
Universal approximation of symmetric and anti-symmetric functions
Millimeter Wave Massive MIMO Downlink Per-Group Communications with Hybrid Linear Precoding
A Resource for Computational Experiments on Mapudungun
Acquiring Knowledge from Pre-trained Model to Neural Machine Translation
Fast Greedy Optimization of Sensor Selection in Measurement with Correlated Noise
Integrating Whole Context to Sequence-to-sequence Speech Recognition
Analysis of a Nonlinear Opinion Dynamics Model with Biased Assimilation
Mean field interaction on random graphs with dynamically changing multi-color edges
Predicting Lake Erie Wave Heights using XGBoost
Robust Online Model Adaptation by Extended Kalman Filter with Exponential Moving Average and Dynamic Multi-Epoch Strategy
Towards Building a Multilingual Sememe Knowledge Base: Predicting Sememes for BabelNet Synsets
Addressing Marketing Bias in Product Recommendations
Spectral-GANs for High-Resolution 3D Point-cloud Generation
Binarized Canonical Polyadic Decomposition for Knowledge Graph Completion
Adversarial Domain Adaptation with Domain Mixup
Reluctant additive modeling
Deep Fictitious Play for Finding Markovian Nash Equilibrium in Multi-Agent Games
Learning to Recommend via Meta Parameter Partition
Learning with Multiplicative Perturbations
Drone-based Joint Density Map Estimation, Localization and Tracking with Space-Time Multi-Scale Attention Network
A Novel Hybrid Scheme Using Genetic Algorithms and Deep Learning for the Reconstruction of Portuguese Tile Panels
Handwriting-Based Gender Classification Using End-to-End Deep Neural Networks
Intelligent Reflecting Surface Enhanced Wireless Network: Two-timescale Beamforming Optimization
Counterfactual Explanation Algorithms for Behavioral and Textual Data
Domain-independent Dominance of Adaptive Methods
Efficient feature embedding of 3D brain MRI images for content-based image retrieval with deep metric learning
A Machine Learning Framework for Solving High-Dimensional Mean Field Game and Mean Field Control Problems
On Parity Unimodality of $q$-Catalan Polynomials
Towards An Implementation of the Subset-sum Problem on the IBM Quantum Experience
Towards Constructing a Corpus for Studying the Effects of Treatments and Substances Reported in PubMed Abstracts
Covariate-dependent control limits for the detection of abnormal price changes in scanner data
Bayesian Group Selection in Logistic Regression with Application to MRI Data Analysis
Diversity-Generated Image Inpainting with Style Extraction
Extracting Trips from Multi-Sourced Data for Mobility Pattern Analysis: An App-Based Data Example
Learning Efficient Representation for Intrinsic Motivation
Knee Cartilage Segmentation Using Diffusion-Weighted MRI
Explorable Super Resolution
Algorithmic Discrimination: Formulation and Exploration in Deep Learning-based Face Biometrics
Learning-based Funnel-MPC for output-constrained nonlinear systems
Object Detection with Convolutional Neural Networks
Funnel control for the monodomain equations with the FitzHugh-Nagumo model
A Variational Perturbative Approach to Planning in Graph-based Markov Decision Processes
PitchNet: Unsupervised Singing Voice Conversion with Pitch Adversarial Network
ADEPOS: A Novel Approximate Computing Framework for Anomaly Detection Systems and its Implementation in 65nm CMOS
Popular Branchings and Their Dual Certificates
Enhancing Relation Extraction Using Syntactic Indicators and Sentential Contexts
StarGAN v2: Diverse Image Synthesis for Multiple Domains
A Fully-Integrated Sensing and Control System for High-Accuracy Mobile Robotic Building Construction
GraphPoseGAN: 3D Hand Pose Estimation from a Monocular RGB Image via Adversarial Learning on Graphs
Game Description Logic with Integers: A GDL Numerical Extension
Veni Vidi Dixi: Reliable Wireless Communication with Depth Images
Better Understanding Hierarchical Visual Relationship for Image Caption
On Bipartite Distinct Distances in the Plane
A Method of Detecting End-To-End Curves of Limited Curvature
Fast Projective Image Rectification for Planar Objects with Manhattan Structure
Distribution-induced Bidirectional Generative Adversarial Network for Graph Representation Learning
WIKIR: A Python toolkit for building a large-scale Wikipedia-based English Information Retrieval Dataset
Deciding multiple tiling by polygons in polynomial time
Learning Deep Generative Models with Short Run Inference Dynamics
A Method of Fluorescent Fibers Detection on Identity Documents under Ultraviolet Light
Surrogate Modeling of Aerodynamic Simulations for Multiple Operating Conditions Using Machine Learning
Fundamental trigonometric interpolation and approximating polynomials and splines
A Low Computational Approach for Price Tag Recognition
Active Learning of SVDD Hyperparameter Values
Rank-Metric Codes, Generalized Binomial Moments and their Zeta Functions
Deep Distributional Sequence Embeddings Based on a Wasserstein Loss
A New Paradigm for Identifying Reconciliation-Scenario Altering Mutations Conferring Environmental Adaptation
Quantum-Inspired Hamiltonian Monte Carlo for Bayesian Sampling
X-rays induced atomic dynamics in a lithium-borate glass
Trajectory-Based Recognition of Dynamic Persian Sign Language Using Hidden Markov Model
A Constraint-Tightening Approach to Nonlinear Stochastic Model Predictive Control for Systems under General Disturbances
A Mean Field Games Model for Cryptocurrency Mining
EmbedMask: Embedding Coupling for One-stage Instance Segmentation
High order ADER schemes for continuum mechanics
Epoch-wise label attacks for robustness against label noise
A probability theoretic approach to drifting data in continuous time domains
Throughput Maximization for UAV-aided Backscatter Communication Networks
On Computing the Hamiltonian Index of Graphs
Self-Supervised Learning of Pretext-Invariant Representations
Research on dynamic target detection and tracking system of hexapod robot
Energy-Efficient Cooperative Secure Transmission in Multi-UAV Enabled Wireless Networks
On games with coordinating and anti-coordinating agents
Multi-color forcing in graphs
Challenges in Architecting Fully Automated Driving; with an Emphasis on Heavy Commercial Vehicles
On stability of users equilibria in heterogeneous routing games
Exact asymptotics for phase retrieval and compressed sensing with random generative priors
Towards better social crisis data with HERMES: Hybrid sensing for EmeRgency ManagEment System
Using Sequence-to-Sequence Learning for Repairing C Vulnerabilities
Applying systems-theoretic process analysis in the context of cooperative driving
Derandomization and absolute reconstruction for sums of powers of linear forms
Template co-updating in multi-modal human activity recognition systems
Simulating space-time random fields with nonseparable Gneiting-type covariance functions
A Maximin Optimal Online Power Control Policy for Energy Harvesting Communications
Fault tolerant funnel control for uncertain linear systems
Tracking with prescribed performance for linear non-minimum phase systems