An Attribute Oriented Induction based Methodology for Data Driven Predictive Maintenance
scikit-hubness: Hubness Reduction and Approximate Neighbor Search
Human-Robot Collaboration via Deep Reinforcement Learning of Real-World Interactions
Differential Bayesian Neural Nets
On the Delta Method for Uncertainty Approximation in Deep Learning
Neural Predictor for Neural Architecture Search
Implicit Priors for Knowledge Sharing in Bayesian Neural Networks
Lambada: Interactive Data Analytics on Cold Data using Serverless Cloud Infrastructure
LOGAN: Latent Optimisation for Generative Adversarial Networks
Applying Knowledge Transfer for Water Body Segmentation in Peru
Continuous Graph Neural Networks
GGNN: Graph-based GPU Nearest Neighbor Search
Effect of Imbalanced Datasets on Security of Industrial IoT Using Machine Learning
Simultaneously Linking Entities and Extracting Relations from Biomedical Text Without Mention-level Supervision
Towards Successful Collaboration: Design Guidelines for AI-based Services enriching Information Systems in Organisations
A Comprehensive Survey on Machine Learning Techniques and User Authentication Approaches for Credit Card Fraud Detection
Recovering from Biased Data: Can Fairness Constraints Improve Accuracy?
Semi-Supervised Learning of Bearing Anomaly Detection via Deep Variational Autoencoders
Using Dimensionality Reduction to Optimize t-SNE
Diagnostic Curves for Black Box Models
Multivariate Rational Approximation
Neighborhood Cognition Consistent Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
Towards Understanding the Spectral Bias of Deep Learning
Deep Probabilistic Models to Detect Data Poisoning Attacks
Decentralized Common Knowledge Oracles
Modelling Semantic Categories using Conceptual Neighborhood
EDAS: Efficient and Differentiable Architecture Search
The Knowledge Within: Methods for Data-Free Model Compression
Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Vehicular Communication: An Active Learning Approach
Data Poisoning Attacks on Neighborhood-based Recommender Systems
A new generalisation of the directed last passage percolation: its study on the cylinders
Discovery and Separation of Features for Invariant Representation Learning
A city-scale IoT-enabled ridesharing platform
An Attention-Based Speaker Naming Method for Online Adaptation in Non-Fixed Scenarios
Stochastic Variational Inference via Upper Bound
An Investigation of Biases in Web Search Engine Query Suggestions
Noisy, Greedy and Not So Greedy k-means++
Rodent: Relevance determination in ODE
Small resolutions of toric varieties associated to string polytopes of small indices
DAL — A Deep Depth-aware Long-term Tracker
Some supercongruences arising from symbolic summation
Training the Convolutional Neural Network with Statistical Dependence of the Response on the Input Data Distortion
Interpolating between boolean and extremely high noisy patterns through Minimal Dense Associative Memories
A Human-AI Loop Approach for Joint Keyword Discovery and Expectation Estimation in Micropost Event Detection
KRM-based Dialogue Management
An improved approximation algorithm for ATSP
A Rigorous Theory of Conditional Mean Embeddings
GroSS: Group-Size Series Decomposition for Whole Search-Space Training
DLTPy: Deep Learning Type Inference of Python Function Signatures using Natural Language Context
Stability of Redundancy Systems with Processor Sharing
On-policy Reinforcement Learning with Entropy Regularization
GeoTrackNet-A Maritime Anomaly Detector using Probabilistic Neural Network Representation of AIS Tracks and A Contrario Detection
Optimal control of the FitzHugh-Nagumo stochastic model with nonlinear diffusion
Channel Modeling for Synaptic Molecular Communication With Re-uptake and Reversible Receptor Binding
A novel framework for joint sparse clustering and alignment of functional data
Towards blind user’s indoor navigation: a comparative study of beacons and decawave for indoor accurate location
EduBERT: Pretrained Deep Language Models for Learning Analytics
Artificial boundary method for the solution of pricing European options under the Heston model
Editorial: EVA 2019 data competition on spatio-temporal prediction of Red Sea surface temperature extremes
GPU Support for Automatic Generation of Finite-Differences Stencil Kernels
ReD-CaNe: A Systematic Methodology for Resilience Analysis and Design of Capsule Networks under Approximations
PFASST-ER: Combining the Parallel Full Approximation Scheme in Space and Time with parallelization across the method
On the star-critical Ramsey number of a forest versus complete graphs
Geometric origins of self-similarity in the evolution of real networks
$(2k+1)$-connected tournaments with large minimum out-degree are $k$-linked
Efficient Convolutional Neural Networks for Depth-Based Multi-Person Pose Estimation
Financial Market Directional Forecasting With Stacked Denoising Autoencoder
On the relation between structured $d$-DNNFs and SDDs
Learning Bayesian networks from demographic and health survey data
PTAS for Steiner Tree on Map Graphs
Short-Packet Transmission over a Bidirectional Massive MIMO link
Relating lp regularization and reweighted l1 regularization
Application of Multiple Fourier-Legendre Series to Implementation of Strong Exponential Milstein and Wagner-Platen Methods for Non-Commutative Semilinear Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
A general symplectic integrator for canonical Hamiltonian systems
Joint Active and Passive Beamforming for Intelligent Reflecting Surface-Assisted Massive MIMO Systems
SemEval-2017 Task 3: Community Question Answering
GDPArrrrr: Using Privacy Laws to Steal Identities
Using Laplacian Spectrum as Graph Feature Representation
Distributed stochastic subgradient-free algorithm for Nash equilibrium seeking in two-network zero-sum games
SemEval-2017 Task 4: Sentiment Analysis in Twitter
Coordination of interdependent natural gas and electricity systems based on information gap decision theory
A Robust Iris Authentication System on GPU-Based Edge Devices using Multi-Modalities Learning Model
A multifactor regime-switching model for inter-trade durations in the limit order market
Neural network wiretaps
Concave connection cost Facility Location and the Star Inventory Routing problem
On Clearing Prices in Matching Markets: A Simple Characterization without Duality
Fluctuations of the Gromov-Prohorov sample model
Is Discriminator a Good Feature Extractor?
End-to-end Learning of Waveform Generation and Detection for Radar Systems
Uniform Local Amenability implies Property A
Application of information gap decision theory in practical energy problems: A comprehensive review
A positivity-preserving energy stable scheme for a quantum diffusion equation
Chen and Chvátal’s Conjecture in tournaments
Multiframe-based Adaptive Despeckling Algorithm for Ultrasound B-mode Imaging with Superior Edge and Texture
Recent Developments in Iterative Methods for Reducing Synchronization
Federated Learning with Personalization Layers
Enriching Existing Conversational Emotion Datasets with Dialogue Acts using Neural Annotators
Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface for Green Edge Inference
Mixture Dense Regression for Object Detection and Human Pose Estimation
A New Framework for Pinning Control of Boolean Networks
Capacity of the covariance perceptron
Extension and comparison of techniques to enforce boundary conditions in Finite Volume POD-Galerkin reduced order models for fluid dynamic problems
Improving Model Drift for Robust Object Tracking
A Random Matrix Perspective on Mixtures of Nonlinearities for Deep Learning
Characteristics of an Online Controlled Experiment: Preliminary Results of a Literature Review
Information bottleneck through variational glasses
Reducing the Complexity of Fingerprinting-Based Positioning using Locality-Sensitive Hashing
Improved Algorithm for Tolerant Junta Testing
Distributional Locational Marginal Pricing Based Optimization for Electric Vehicle Charging Management
Contribution to the design and the implementation of a Cloud Radio Access Network
Deep Learning for Symbolic Mathematics
CNNs, LSTMs, and Attention Networks for Pathology Detection in Medical Data
Efficient Relaxed Gradient Support Pursuit for Sparsity Constrained Non-convex Optimization
Audiovisual Transformer Architectures for Large-Scale Classification and Synchronization of Weakly Labeled Audio Events
A Probabilistic Approach to Floating Point Arithmetic
Unveiling the singular dynamics in the cosmic large-scale structure
More Is Less: Learning Efficient Video Representations by Big-Little Network and Depthwise Temporal Aggregation
Solving Arithmetic Word Problems Automatically Using Transformer and Unambiguous Representations
EMAP: Explanation by Minimal Adversarial Perturbation
Dicoogle Framework for Medical Imaging Teaching and Research
Conditions of exact null controllability and the problem of complete stabilizability for time-delay systems
Improving Question Generation with Sentence-level Semantic Matching and Answer Position Inferring
Deep Neural Network Fingerprinting by Conferrable Adversarial Examples
Space time stabilized finite element methods for a unique continuation problem subject to the wave equation
Quantifying Life Quality as Walkability on Urban Networks: The Case of Budapest
On the geometry of Stein variational gradient descent
Learning to smell for wellness
Online information of vaccines: information quality is an ethical responsibility of search engines
ZuCo 2.0: A Dataset of Physiological Recordings During Natural Reading and Annotation
Matrix sketching for supervised classification with imbalanced classes
A Longitudinal Study of Static Analysis Warning Evolution and the Effects of PMD on Software Quality in Apache Open Source Projects
Automated metrics calculation in a dynamic heterogeneous environment
Just Ask:An Interactive Learning Framework for Vision and Language Navigation
Two-stage Beamformer Design via Deterministic Equivalents
Dynamic Energy-Efficient Power Allocation in Multibeam Satellite Systems
Optimizing the fundamental limits for quantum and private communication
Stabilizing Stuart-Landau oscillators via time-varying networks
FT-ClipAct: Resilience Analysis of Deep Neural Networks and Improving their Fault Tolerance using Clipped Activation
Detecting mechanical loosening of total hip replacement implant from plain radiograph using deep convolutional neural network
Augmented Reality for Human-Swarm Interaction in a Swarm-Robotic Chemistry Simulation
Dynamic Prosody Generation for Speech Synthesis using Linguistics-Driven Acoustic Embedding Selection
Spatial images from temporal data
Language Model Bootstrapping Using Neural Machine Translation For Conversational Speech Recognition
Open and Closed Convexity of Sparse Neural Codes
A Markov process for an infinite interacting particle system in the continuum
AP-Perf: Incorporating Generic Performance Metrics in Differentiable Learning
GPU Algorithm for Earliest Arrival Time Problem in Public Transport Networks
IENet: Interacting Embranchment One Stage Anchor Free Detector for Orientation Aerial Object Detection
Multivariate Central Limit Theorems for Random Simplicial Complexes
Zero Crossing Modulation for Communication with Temporally Oversampled 1-Bit Quantization
KernelNet: A Data-Dependent Kernel Parameterization for Deep Generative Modeling
Proving Data-Poisoning Robustness in Decision Trees
TX-Ray: Quantifying and Explaining Model-Knowledge Transfer in (Un-)Supervised NLP
Adjusted Subadditivity of Relative Entropy for Non-commuting Conditional Expectations
Core-Periphery Structure in Directed Networks
Stability and supersaturation of $4$-cycles
Neural Academic Paper Generation
Morphological Tagging and Lemmatization of Albanian: A Manually Annotated Corpus and Neural Models
Brownian structure in the KPZ fixed point
Adversarial normalization for multi domain image segmentation
The stochastic Klausmeier system and a stochastic Schauder-Tychonoff type theorem
A Multigrid Method for Efficiently Training Video Models
View-Invariant Probabilistic Embedding for Human Pose
FourierSAT: A Fourier Expansion-Based Algebraic Framework for Solving Hybrid Boolean Constraints
Periodic Pólya Urns, the Density Method, and Asymptotics of Young Tableaux
A gray-box model for a probabilistic estimate of regional ground magnetic perturbations: Enhancing the NOAA operational Geospace model with machine learning
Data-driven Adaptive Benders Decomposition for the Stochastic Unit Commitment Problem
Efficient implementation of partitioned stiff exponential Runge-Kutta methods
TutorialVQA: Question Answering Dataset for Tutorial Videos
An outranking Choquet integral formulation for multi-criteria sorting problems with heterogeneous scales: an extension of FlowSort for interacting criteria
Estimating Numerical Distributions under Local Differential Privacy
Clustering and External Validity in Randomized Controlled Trials with Stochastic Potential Outcomes
Asymmetric contrarians in opinion dynamics
The state of the art in kidney and kidney tumor segmentation in contrast-enhanced CT imaging: Results of the KiTS19 Challenge
Arborescences of Covering Graphs
Stylized Facts and Agent-Based Modeling
On the linear convergence of circumcentered isometry methods
A Keyframe-based Continuous Visual SLAM for RGB-D Cameras via Nonparametric Joint Geometric and Appearance Representation
Symmetric designs and projective special unitary groups of dimension at most five
A Bayesian Inference Framework for Procedural Material Parameter Estimation
Leveraging Contextual Embeddings for Detecting Diachronic Semantic Shift
On estimation and feedback control of spin-1/2 systems with unknown initial states
A note on generalized semi-infinite program bounding methods
Learning Word Ratings for Empathy and Distress from Document-Level User Responses
Low-Latency High-Level Data Sharing for Connected and Autonomous Vehicular Networks
On the query complexity of estimating the distance to hereditary graph properties
Structure of Optimal Cache Placement for Coded Caching with Heterogeneous Demands
Deep-Learning-Aided Successive-Cancellation Decoding of Polar Codes
Simulation of neural function in an artificial Hebbian network
Asymptotic Normality and Variance Estimation For Supervised Ensembles
Expressiveness and Learning of Hidden Quantum Markov Models
On the total and strong version for Roman dominating functions in graphs
Latent Replay for Real-Time Continual Learning
Offset Masking Improves Deep Learning based Accelerated MRI Reconstructions
On Distance and Kernel Measures of Conditional Independence
Clustering via Ant Colonies: Parameter Analysis and Improvement of the Algorithm
MnasFPN: Learning Latency-aware Pyramid Architecture for Object Detection on Mobile Devices
Automated speech-based screening of depression using deep convolutional neural networks
Long Distance Relationships without Time Travel: Boosting the Performance of a Sparse Predictive Autoencoder in Sequence Modeling
Boundary input-to-state stabilization of a damped Euler-Bernoulli beam in the presence of a state-delay
Deep Bayesian Active Learning for Multiple Correct Outputs
Discovering Opioid Use Patterns from Social Media for Relapse Prevention
A Note on Riordan Arrays with Catalan Halves
Riordan arrays, the $A$-matrix, and Somos $4$ sequences
BERT for Large-scale Video Segment Classification with Test-time Augmentation
Addict Free — A Smart and Connected Relapse Intervention Mobile App
See and Read: Detecting Depression Symptoms in Higher Education Students Using Multimodal Social Media Data
Evidence for goodness of fit in Karl Pearson chi-squared statistics
Mixing autoencoder with classifier: conceptual data visualization
Event Ticket Price Prediction with Deep Neural Network on Spatial-Temporal Sparse Data
An Annotated Dataset of Coreference in English Literature
An Empirical Investigation of Correlation between Code Complexity and Bugs
Some further results in Ramsey graph construction
Bayesian-Deep-Learning Estimation of Earthquake Location from Single-Station Observations
Prolonging Network Lifetime in Wireless Sensor Networks with Path-Constrained Mobile Sink
A Deep Convolutional Network for Seismic Shot-Gather Image Quality Classification
On Induced Subgraphs of the Hamming Graph
Training Robust Tree Ensembles for Security
Artificial Intelligence for Low-Resource Communities: Influence Maximization in an Uncertain World
The Polynomial Transform
Unsupervised Inflection Generation Using Neural Language Modeling
Nonparametric Screening under Conditional Strictly Convex Loss for Ultrahigh Dimensional Sparse Data
Influence Maximization for Social Good: Use of Social Networks in Low Resource Communities
Noise2Blur: Online Noise Extraction and Denoising
Survey of prognostics methods for condition-based maintenance in engineering systems
Drug-Target Indication Prediction by Integrating End-to-End Learning and Fingerprints
A generalised linear Ramsey graph construction
Heterogeneous Label Space Transfer Learning for Brain-Computer Interfaces: A Label Alignment Approach
Sequential Classification with Empirically Observed Statistics
Universal Adversarial Perturbations for CNN Classifiers in EEG-Based BCIs
Value-laden Disciplinary Shifts in Machine Learning
SAIS: Single-stage Anchor-free Instance Segmentation
A New Terrain in HCI: Emotion Recognition Interface using Biometric Data for an Immersive VR Experience
RSA: Randomized Simulation as Augmentation for Robust Human Action Recognition
Multi-resolution Graph Neural Network for Identifying Disease-specific Variations in Brain Connectivity
Singing Voice Conversion with Disentangled Representations of Singer and Vocal Technique Using Variational Autoencoders
Range-only Collaborative Localization for Ground Vehicles
A Note on StiffDNN — a DNN for Stiff Dynamic Systems
A DPG Maxwell approach for studying nonlinear thermal effects in active gain fiber amplifiers
Adaptive Online Planning for Continual Lifelong Learning
Variable Selection with Rigorous Uncertainty Quantification using Deep Bayesian Neural Networks: Posterior Concentration and Bernstein-von Mises Phenomenon
Optimizing synchronization in multiplex networks of phase oscillators
Learning Adversarial MDPs with Bandit Feedback and Unknown Transition
Mean-shift least squares model averaging
Approximating Star Cover Problems
Learning to Super Resolve Intensity Images from Events
Structure Learning with Similarity Preserving
Longitudinal Mediation Analysis Using Natural Effect Models
Multi-view Subspace Clustering via Partition Fusion
Real-Time Panoptic Segmentation from Dense Detections
Music Style Classification with Compared Methods in XGB and BPNN
Wideband Millimeter-Wave Beam Training with True-Time-Delay Array Architecture
Optimal Green Hybrid Attacks in Secure IoT
Rank Aggregation via Heterogeneous Thurstone Preference Models
SemEval-2016 Task 3: Community Question Answering
Odd cycles and Hilbert functions of their toric rings
Cross-lingual Pre-training Based Transfer for Zero-shot Neural Machine Translation
SafeLife 1.0: Exploring Side Effects in Complex Environments
SemEval-2016 Task 4: Sentiment Analysis in Twitter
Writing Across the World’s Languages: Deep Internationalization for Gboard, the Google Keyboard
WaveFlow: A Compact Flow-based Model for Raw Audio
On Extensions of Limited Memory Steepest Descent Method
Robust Invisible Hyperlinks in Physical Photographs Based on 3D Rendering Attacks
Implementing a smooth exact penalty function for general constrained nonlinear optimization
IRS-Enhanced OFDMA: Joint Resource Allocation and Passive Beamforming Optimization
Hi-CMD: Hierarchical Cross-Modality Disentanglement for Visible-Infrared Person Re-Identification
Space-Time Landslide Predictive Modelling
Numerical Gaussian process Kalman filtering
Competing local and global interactions in social dynamics: how important is the friendship network?
Overcoming Catastrophic Forgetting by Generative Regularization
A Hidden Variables Approach to Multilabel Logistic Regression
‘How do urban incidents affect traffic speed?’ A Deep Graph Convolutional Network for Incident-driven Traffic Speed Prediction
On irreversible spread of influence in edge-weighted graphs
Wasserstein Proximal Algorithms for the Schrödinger Bridge Problem: Density Control with Nonlinear Drift
A simple proof of the characteristic function of Student’s $t$-distribution
Cyclic Functional Mapping: Self-supervised correspondence between non-isometric deformable shapes
Hitting time of edge disjoint Hamilton cycles in random subgraph processes on dense base graphs
Facilitating on-line opinion dynamics by mining expressions of causation. The case of climate change debates on The Guardian
Tropical convex hulls of infinite sets
Continuous Online Learning and New Insights to Online Imitation Learning
Explainable artificial intelligence model to predict acute critical illness from electronic health records
Optimizing the energy consumption of spiking neural networks for neuromorphic applications
Make Thunderbolts Less Frightening — Predicting Extreme Weather Using Deep Learning
Time-inconsistent consumption-investment problems in incomplete markets under general discount functions