Learning Rate Dropout
Error-Correcting Neural Network
SGAS: Sequential Greedy Architecture Search
Scalable Graph Algorithms
Biometric Recognition Using Deep Learning: A Survey
On Multi-Cascade Influence Maximization: Model, Hardness and Algorithmic Framework
Training Distributed Deep Recurrent Neural Networks with Mixed Precision on GPU Clusters
A Programmatic and Semantic Approach to Explaining and DebuggingNeural Network Based Object Detectors
MANELA: A Multi-Agent Algorithm for Learning Network Embeddings
An Anomaly Contribution Explainer for Cyber-Security Applications
Topic-aware chatbot using Recurrent Neural Networks and Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
Talking with Robots: Opportunities and Challenges
The Group Loss for Deep Metric Learning
Active Search for Nearest Neighbors
PointEval: On the Impact of Pointer Analysis Frameworks
Real-time Travel Time Estimation Using Matrix Factorization
On the optimality of kernels for high-dimensional clustering
Knowledge Infused Learning (K-IL): Towards Deep Incorporation of Knowledge in Deep Learning
Deep Learning for Visual Tracking: A Comprehensive Survey
Multi-Scale Self-Attention for Text Classification
Large-scale text processing pipeline with Apache Spark
Fastened CROWN: Tightened Neural Network Robustness Certificates
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Applications of Edge and Fog Computing: A Review and Future Directions
A Fast Matrix-Completion-Based Approach for Recommendation Systems
ExperienceThinking: Hyperparameter Optimization with Budget Constraints
Identifying the number of clusters for K-Means: A hypersphere density based approach
BitMEX Funding Correlation with Bitcoin Exchange Rate
Inapproximability of Additive Weak Contraction under SSEH and Strong UGC
Point Cloud Instance Segmentation using Probabilistic Embeddings
Non parametric estimation of residual-past entropy, mean residual-past lifetime, residual-past inaccuracy measure and asymptotic limits
Semi-flexible directed polymers in a strip with attractive walls
Predominant Musical Instrument Classification based on Spectral Features
Disentanglement Challenge: From Regularization to Reconstruction
Correction Filter for Single Image Super-Resolution: Robustifying Off-the-Shelf Deep Super-Resolvers
An exact algorithm for the minimum rank of a graph
Automatic Creation of Text Corpora for Low-Resource Languages from the Internet: The Case of Swiss German
On conditions under which a probability distribution is uniquely determined by its moments
Total dominator total chromatic numbers of cycles and paths
Assessing the Robustness of Visual Question Answering
Dis-entangling Mixture of Interventions on a Causal Bayesian Network Using Aggregate Observations
An Energy Efficient Distributed Gossip Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks based on a Randomized Markovian Duty-Cycling
IMPACT: Importance Weighted Asynchronous Architectures with Clipped Target Networks
Bird Flocking Inspired Control Strategy for Multi-UAV Collective Motion
Generalized Reputation Computation Ontology and Temporal Graph Architecture
Urban Driving with Conditional Imitation Learning
Modeling Fluency and Faithfulness for Diverse Neural Machine Translation
Latent Semantic Search and Information Extraction Architecture
[Re] Learning to Learn By Self-Critique
Constructions of (2, 1, 2) complete j-MDP convolutional codes
Long Short-Term Network Based Unobtrusive Perceived Workload Monitoring with Consumer Grade Smartwatches in the Wild
Robustness Evaluation of the Butterfly Optimization Algorithm on a Control System
Quantized deep learning models on low-power edge devices for robotic systems
QoS-Aware Joint Power Allocation and Task Offloading in a MEC/NFV-enabled C-RAN Network
ReLeTA: Reinforcement Learning for Thermal-Aware Task Allocation on Multicore
Learning Driving Decisions by Imitating Drivers’ Control Behaviors
Admission Control and Resource Allocation of Slice Requests with Minimization of Mobile Service Provider’s Cost
Facial Expression Representation Learning by Synthesizing Expression Images
Projective view at Optimization Problem for Multiband Filter
PU-GCN: Point Cloud Upsampling using Graph Convolutional Networks
EM-NET: Centerline-Aware Mitochondria Segmentation in EM Images via Hierarchical View-Ensemble Convolutional Network
Relation Graph Network for 3D Object Detection in Point Clouds
Probing the State of the Art: A Critical Look at Visual Representation Evaluation
Metric entropy for functions of bounded total generalized variation
Energy Efficiency Optimization: A New Trade-off Between Fairness and Total System Performance
Almost sharp bounds on the number of discrete chains in the plane
Mix and Match: Markov Chains & Mixing Times for Matching in Rideshare
$K_r$-Factors in Graphs with Low Independence Number
Spectral alignment of correlated Gaussian random matrices
Grant-Free Massive Random Access With a Massive MIMO Receiver
Convolutional neural networks model improvements using demographics and image processing filters on chest x-rays
A simple explanation for the ‘shuffling phenomenon” for lozenge tilings of dented hexagons
Introduction to Computational Thinking: a new high school curriculum using CodeWorld
Visualizing structural balance in signed networks
Modeling German Verb Argument Structures: LSTMs vs. Humans
Smooth Fictitious Play in $N\times 2$ Potential Games
Idle Time Optimization for Target Assignment and Path Finding in Sortation Centers
Averaging Essential and Fundamental Matrices in Collinear Camera Settings
Rational Polyhedral Outer-Approximations of the Second-Order Cone
Transferable Force-Torque Dynamics Model for Peg-in-hole Task
Image segmentation of liver stage malaria infection with spatial uncertainty sampling
Survival analysis for AdVerse events with VarYing follow-up times (SAVVY): Rationale and statistical concept of a meta-analytic study
Towards Efficient Integration of Blockchain for IoT Security: The Case Study of IoT Remote Access
WLS-ENO Remap: Superconvergent and Non-Oscillatory Weighted Least Squares Data Transfer on Surfaces
Extended Nestohedra and their Face Numbers
On the Graph Laplacian and the Rankability of Data
Branching epistemic uncertainty and thickness of tails
Morphing and Sampling Network for Dense Point Cloud Completion
Counterexamples to Siegel’s Conjecture
Interpreting Deep Learning Features for Myoelectric Control: A Comparison with Handcrafted Features
Who Asked Us? How the Theory of Computing Answers Questions about Analysis
Permanental sequences that are related to a Markov chain example of Kolmogorov
XGBOD: Improving Supervised Outlier Detection with Unsupervised Representation Learning
Image Based Identification of Ghanaian Timbers Using the XyloTron: Opportunities, Risks and Challenges
Borrowing From the Future: An Attempt to Address Double Sampling
Efficient adjustment sets for population average treatment effect estimation in non-parametric causal graphical models
Estimating energy input rate from vertical profiles of energy dissipation rate
Exploiting Motion Information from Unlabeled Videos for Static Image Action Recognition
A Pósa-type condition of potentially $_3C_\ell$-graphic sequences
Learning to Relate from Captions and Bounding Boxes
DeepAtom: A Framework for Protein-Ligand Binding Affinity Prediction
Solutions of DC OPF are Never AC Feasible
Transferability versus Discriminability: Joint Probability Distribution Adaptation (JPDA)
A Note on Induced Path Decomposition of Graphs
HCA-DBSCAN: HyperCube Accelerated Density Based Spatial Clustering for Applications with Noise
Penalized Matrix Regression for Two-Dimensional Variable Selection
The Effect of Real Estate Auction Events on Mortality Rate
Adversary A3C for Robust Reinforcement Learning
Inverse Cognitive Radar — A Revealed Preferences Approach
Steklov Convexification and a Trajectory Method for Global Optimization of Multivariate Quartic Polynomials
Integrate Image Representation to Text Model on Sentence Level: a Semi-supervised Framework
Development of Embedded Speed Control System for DC Servo Motor using Wireless Communication
Central Limit Theorem in Lebesgue-Riesz spaces for weakly dependent random sequences
Data Analytics for Fog Computing by Distributed Online Learning with Asynchronous Update
Machines Getting with the Program: Understanding Intent Arguments of Non-Canonical Directives
Online Delay Estimation and Adaptive Compensation in Wireless Networked System: An Embedded Control Design
On oracle factoring of integers
Not All Attention Is Needed: Gated Attention Network for Sequence Data
Online Knowledge Distillation with Diverse Peers
Preserving Patient Privacy while Training a Predictive Model of In-hospital Mortality
On Generalized Surrogate Duality in Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming
Distribution-Free Pointwise Adjusted P-Values for Functional Hypotheses
Fast Stochastic Ordinal Embedding with Variance Reduction and Adaptive Step Size
V-Shaped Sparse Arrays For 2-D DOA Estimation
LEGaTO: Low-Energy, Secure, and Resilient Toolset for Heterogeneous Computing
End to End Trainable Active Contours via Differentiable Rendering
Machine learning applications in time series hierarchical forecasting
Task Scheduling of Multiple Agile Satellites with Transition Time and Stereo Imaging Constraints
Dynamic Graph Representation for Partially Occluded Biometrics
HSCJN: A Holistic Semantic Constraint Joint Network for Diverse Response Generation
Gate-Shift Networks for Video Action Recognition
Evaluating Reliability of SSD-Based I/O Caches in Enterprise Storage Systems
Alignment Free and Distortion Robust Iris Recognition
Generalization Error Bounds Via Rényi-, $f$-Divergences and Maximal Leakage
Network games with dynamic players: Stabilization and output convergence to Nash equilibrium
Training Object Detectors from Few Weakly-Labeled and Many Unlabeled Images
A higher order Faber spline basis for sampling discretization of functions
A Data-driven Storage Control Framework for Dynamic Pricing
An Efficient Multi-fidelity Bayesian Optimization Approach for Analog Circuit Synthesis
Nonintrusive Load Monitoring for Machines used in Manufacturing
Algebraic Analysis of Rotation Data
AntNet: Deep Answer Understanding Network for Natural Reverse QA
Critical mass effect in evolutionary games triggered by zealots
Bayesian Optimization Approach for Analog Circuit Synthesis Using Neural Network
Affect-based Intrinsic Rewards for Learning General Representations
Reconsidering Design of Multi-Antenna NOMA Systems with Limited Feedback
Using Massive MIMO Arrays for Joint Communication and Sensing
Hepatocellular Carcinoma Intra-arterial Treatment Response Prediction for Improved Therapeutic Decision-Making
A Novel FPGA-Based High Throughput Accelerator For Binary Search Trees
Empirical Fourier Decomposition
Adaptive Approaches for Fully Distributed Nash Equilibrium Seeking in Networked Games
LatentFusion: End-to-End Differentiable Reconstruction and Rendering for Unseen Object Pose Estimation
A graph inequality on the common neighbourhood
Diversifying Inference Path Selection: Moving-Mobile-Network for Landmark Recognition
Stochastic tissue window normalization of deep learning on computed tomography
Semantic Enrichment of Streaming Healthcare Data
Area Queries Based on Voronoi Diagrams
A geometric realization of socle-projective categories for posets of type $\mathbb{A}$
Image Reconstruction via Discrete Curvatures
Dynamic Tracking Biosensors: Unconstrained Detection and Performance Limits
Clustering as a means of leader selection in consensus networks
RST-MODNet: Real-time Spatio-temporal Moving Object Detection for Autonomous Driving
DeepC-MVS: Deep Confidence Prediction for Multi-View Stereo Reconstruction
Path-dependent McKean-Vlasov limit for interacting diffusions: large deviations and hydrodynamics
PACLP: a fine-grained partition-based access control policy language for provenance
Automated curriculum generation for Policy Gradients from Demonstrations
AD-EYE: A Co-simulation Platform for Early Verification of Functional Safety Concepts
A Novel Robust Fault Detection Scheme of Lipschitz Nonlinear Systems Using Combination of Bond Graph and Observer
Nonlinear State Estimation using Gaussian Integral
Periodic staircase matrices and generalized cluster structures
On L(2,1)-labelings of some products of oriented cycles
Fair Division with Bounded Sharing
AdvPC: Transferable Adversarial Perturbations on 3D Point Clouds
Statistical Economies of Scale in Battery Sharing
Generalizable prediction of academic performance from short texts on social media
JNET: Learning User Representations via Joint Network Embedding and Topic Embedding
A Method for Computing Class-wise Universal Adversarial Perturbations
Packing under Convex Quadratic Constraints
Model Embedded DRL for Intelligent Greenhouse Control
Anisotropic Functional Deconvolution for the irregular design with dependent long-memory errors
Equilibrium strategies in a multiregional transboundary pollution differential game with spatially distributed controls
PAPR-Limited Precoding in Massive MIMO Systems with Reflect- and Transmit-Array Antennas
Secure Regularized Zero Forcing for Multiuser MIMOME Channels
Nonparametric analysis of nonhomogeneous multi-state processes based on clustered observations
Directed FCFS Infinite Bipartite Matching
Algorithms of Data Development For Deep Learning and Feedback Design
A Multigrid Method for a Nitsche-based Extended Finite Element Method
Just Go with the Flow: Self-Supervised Scene Flow Estimation
Optimization for Reinforcement Learning: From Single Agent to Cooperative Agents
Interpreting Context of Images using Scene Graphs
New inconsistency indicators for incomplete pairwise comparisons matrices
A generalization of combinatorial identities for stable discrete series constants
Speeding up Word Mover’s Distance and its variants via properties of distances between embeddings
Some Results on Dominating Induced Matchings
A Quasi-Newton Method Based Vertical Federated Learning Framework for Logistic Regression
Texture Hallucination for Large-Scale Painting Super-Resolution
The (theta, wheel)-free graphs Part IV: induced paths and cycles
Beyond classical Hamilton’s Rule. State distribution asymmetry and the dynamics of altruism
Location Forensics of Media Recordings Utilizing Cascaded SVM and Pole-matching Classifiers
Adaptive Divergence for Rapid Adversarial Optimization
Replicator dynamics for the game theoretic selection models based on state
Factor Analysis on Citation, Using a Combined Latent and Logistic Regression Model
Detecting GAN generated errors
The intriguing role of module criticality in the generalization of deep networks
A 130-MS/s 10-Bit Asynchronous SAR ADC with 55.2 dB SNDR
Exponential Resolution Lower Bounds for Weak Pigeonhole Principle and Perfect Matching Formulas over Sparse Graphs
Gaussian Embedding of Large-scale Attributed Graphs
Risk Bounds for Low Cost Bipartite Ranking
An asynchronous incomplete block LU preconditioner for computational fluid dynamics on unstructured grids
SSNdesign — an R package for pseudo-Bayesian optimal and adaptive sampling designs on stream networks
A fully discrete curve-shortening polygonal evolution law for moving boundary problems
MORPHOSYS: Efficient Colocation of QoS-Constrained Workloads in the Cloud
Hybrid Beamforming for Active Sensing using Sparse Arrays
Sparse Graph Attention Networks
Road traffic reservoir computing
Some Properties and Combinatorial Implications of Weighted Small Schröder Numbers
Waveform Design for One-Bit Radar Systems Under Uncertain Interference Statistics
A new method of constructing Askey-Wilson type integral
On the uniform accuracy of implicit-explicit backward differentiation formulas (IMEX-BDF) for stiff hyperbolic relaxation systems and kinetic equations
Escaping spurious local minimum trajectories in online time-varying nonconvex optimization
An Integrative Data-Driven Physics-Inspired Approach to Traffic Congestion Control
Merging External Bilingual Pairs into Neural Machine Translation
Inference for Synthetic Control Methods with Multiple Treated Units
Abstract Reasoning with Distracting Features
Nuclear partitions and a formula for $p(n)$
Skeleton based Activity Recognition by Fusing Part-wise Spatio-temporal and Attention Driven Residues
More on Poincare-Hopf and Gauss-Bonnet
Exposing and Correcting the Gender Bias in Image Captioning Datasets and Models
How Should I Orchestrate Resources of My Slices for Bursty URLLC Service Provision?
Multi-version Indexing in Flash-based Key-Value Stores
Optimality and limitations of audio-visual integration for cognitive systems
BLiMP: A Benchmark of Linguistic Minimal Pairs for English
Anomaly Detection in Particulate Matter Sensor using Hypothesis Pruning Generative Adversarial Network
Beneficial Investigation of Extended-Range Electric Powertrains with Dual Motor Input and Automated Manual Transmission
Flow Contrastive Estimation of Energy-Based Models
Logarithmic A-hypergeometric series
Face Detection with Feature Pyramids and Landmarks
SPSTracker: Sub-Peak Suppression of Response Map for Robust Object Tracking
DeepLofargram: A Deep Learning based Fluctuating Dim Frequency Line Detection and Recovery
DEGAS: Differentiable Efficient Generator Search
GANCoder: An Automatic Natural Language-to-Programming Language Translation Approach based on GAN
Investigating Deep Neural Transformations for Spectrogram-based Musical Source Separation
Inversion of 1D frequency- and time-domain electromagnetic data with convolutional neural networks
Idealness of $k$-wise intersecting families
A Generalized Matrix-Tree Theorem for Pfaffian Pairs
Patchy Image Structure Classification Using Multi-Orientation Region Transform
Reinforced Feature Points: Optimizing Feature Detection and Description for a High-Level Task
Spatially Adapted First and Second Order Regularization for Image Reconstruction: From an Image Surface Perspective
IPG-Net: Image Pyramid Guidance Network for Object Detection
TeaNet: universal neural network interatomic potential inspired by iterative electronic relaxations
Meta-Path Constrained Random Walk Inference for Large-Scale Heterogeneous Information Networks
Optimal Best Markovian Arm Identification with Fixed Confidence
BlockLot: Blockchain based Verifiable Lottery