Reproducible Evaluation of Neural Network Based Channel Estimators And Predictors Using A Generic Dataset
Playing Games in the Dark: An approach for cross-modality transfer in reinforcement learning
SEAN: Image Synthesis with Semantic Region-Adaptive Normalization
Self-attention with Functional Time Representation Learning
Correlation-aware Adversarial Domain Adaptation and Generalization
Abstract Argumentation and the Rational Man
Trainable Communication Systems: Concepts and Prototype
Orthogonal Wasserstein GANs
Method and Dataset Mining in Scientific Papers
Functional marked point processes — A natural structure to unify spatio-temporal frameworks and to analyse dependent functional data
Induction of Subgoal Automata for Reinforcement Learning
VIABLE: Fast Adaptation via Backpropagating Learned Loss
DeepAlign: Alignment-based Process Anomaly Correction using Recurrent Neural Networks
Financial Time Series Forecasting with Deep Learning : A Systematic Literature Review: 2005-2019
What’s Hidden in a Randomly Weighted Neural Network?
A Reparameterization-Invariant Flatness Measure for Deep Neural Networks
Tag Recommendation by Word-Level Tag Sequence Modeling
A Free Lunch in Generating Datasets: Building a VQG and VQA System with Attention and Humans in the Loop
iprior: An R Package for Regression Modelling using I-priors
Stochastic Event Generation Through Markovian Jumps: Generalized Distribution and Minimal Representations
Clique and cycle frequencies in a sparse random graph model with overlapping communities
Hierarchical model-based policy optimization: from actions to action sequences and back
Predicting wave heights for marine design by prioritizing extreme events in a global model
Siam R-CNN: Visual Tracking by Re-Detection
Policies for constraining the behaviour of coalitions of agents in the context of algebraic information theory
Integer packing sets form a well-quasi-ordering
Analysis of Lower Bounds for Simple Policy Iteration
Tikhonov regularization of a second order dynamical system with Hessian driven damping
Sentiment Analysis On Indian Indigenous Languages: A Review On Multilingual Opinion Mining
Quality analysis of DCGAN-generated mammography lesions
Poq: Projection-based Runtime Assertions for Debugging on a Quantum Computer
A Single Set Improvement to the $3k-4$ Theorem
Decomposed Structured Subsets for Semidefinite and Sum-of-Squares Optimization
Using Distributed Representation of Code for Bug Detection
Macross: Urban Dynamics Modeling based on Metapath Guided Cross-Modal Embedding
Shape theorem for a one-dimensional growing particle system with a bounded number of occupants per site
Machine Learning for a Low-cost Air Pollution Network
Region segmentation via deep learning and convex optimization
GraphZero: Breaking Symmetry for Efficient Graph Mining
Universality of random permutations
Towards Efficient Superconducting Quantum Processor Architecture Design
Design and Prototyping of Hybrid Analogue Digital Multiuser MIMO Beamforming for Non-Orthogonal Signals
Novel Non-Negative Variance Estimator for (Modified) Within-Cluster Resampling
Efficient Recognition of Graph Languages
Increasing Traffic Throughput by Controlling Autonomous Vehicles at Low Penetration Rates
Geometric Feedback Network for Point Cloud Classification
Applying Artificial Intelligence to Glioma Imaging: Advances and Challenges
Fruit Detection, Segmentation and 3D Visualisation of Environments in Apple Orchards
Decoding Cosmological Information in Weak-Lensing Mass Maps with Generative Adversarial Networks
GitHub Typo Corpus: A Large-Scale Multilingual Dataset of Misspellings and Grammatical Errors
Adaptive Communication Bounds for Distributed Online Learning
A PHY Layer Security Analysis of Uplink Cooperative Jamming-Based Underlay CRNs with Multi-Eavesdroppers
Communication-Efficient Distributed Online Learning with Kernels
A CNN-LSTM Hybrid Framework for Wrist Kinematics Estimation Using Surface Electromyography
Land Cover Change Detection via Semantic Segmentation
Simulation-based reinforcement learning for real-world autonomous driving
Enhancing Passive Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging Using Polarization Cues
Learning Generalizable Representations via Diverse Supervision
Data processing over single-port homodyne detection to realize super-resolution and super-sensitivity
Learning Semantic Correspondence Exploiting an Object-level Prior
Stability Analysis of Infinite-dimensional Event-triggered and Self-triggered Control Systems with Lipschitz Perturbations
Multivariate stable approximation in Wasserstein distance by Stein’s method
Multimodal Emotion Recognition Model using Physiological Signals
Spatiotemporal deep learning model for citywide air pollution interpolation and prediction
Tropical Polynomial Division and Neural Networks
Stochastic SIR Levy jump model with infinite activity
J-Net: Randomly weighted U-Net for audio source separation
Richer priors for infinitely wide multi-layer perceptrons
Improving Voice Separation by Incorporating End-to-end Speech Recognition
Incremental Clustering Techniques for Multi-Party Privacy-Preserving Record Linkage
Mining Approximate Acyclic Schemes from Relations
On the Polyhedrality of Cutting-plane Closure
Pseudo-inversion of time encoding of bandlimited signals
Pythia: AI-assisted Code Completion System
Refining HTN Methods via Task Insertion with Preferences
Deep Object Co-segmentation via Spatial-Semantic Network Modulation
Glass stability changes the nature of yielding under oscillatory shear
Drndalo: Lightweight Control Flow Obfuscation Through Minimal Processor/Compiler Co-Design
The role of annealing in determining the yielding behavior of glasses under cyclic shear deformation
MSTDP: A More Biologically Plausible Learning
An Optimal Streaming Algorithm for Non-monotone Submodular Maximization
Constructions of Pairs of Orthogonal Latin Cubes
Stochastic Optimal Power Flow with Network Reconfiguration: Congestion Management and Facilitating Grid Integration of Renewables
Transmission Expansion Planning with Seasonal Network Optimization
Sparse and Low-Rank Tensor Regression via Parallel Proximal Method
Recognition of Blockchain-based Multisignature E-Awards
Fast and Scalable Estimator for Sparse and Unit-Rank Higher-Order Regression Models
Learning and Planning for Time-Varying MDPs Using Maximum Likelihood Estimation
New simple proofs of the Kolmogorov extension theorem and Prokhorov’s theorem
On the Effective Throughput of Coded Caching: A Game Theoretic Perspective
Neural Chinese Word Segmentation as Sequence to Sequence Translation
Gender Patterns of Human Mobility in Colombia: Reexamining Ravenstein’s Laws of Migration
Applications of the Poincaré–Hopf Theorem: Epidemic Models and Lotka–Volterra Systems
Merging Weak and Active Supervision for Semantic Parsing
Online Structured Sparsity-based Moving Object Detection from Satellite Videos
Semi-Relaxed Quantization with DropBits: Training Low-Bit Neural Networks via Bit-wise Regularization
Investigations on the inference optimization techniques and their impact on multiple hardware platforms for Semantic Segmentation
An obstruction to small-time controllability of the bilinear Schr{ö}dinger equation
Equivalence of the Hazard Rate and Usual Stochastic Orders for Parallel Systems
SAT-Encodings for Treecut Width and Treedepth
Disjunctive linear separation conditions and mixed-integer formulations for aircraft conflict resolution by speed and altitude control
Sufficient Stability Conditions for Time-varying Networks of Telegrapher’s Equations or Difference Delay Equations
Generalized spectral characterization of mixed graphs
RESCUE: Interdependent Challenges of Reliability, Security and Quality in Nanoelectronic Systems
Collaborative Attention Network for Person Re-identification
Class Teaching for Inverse Reinforcement Learners
Joint Distributed Link Scheduling and Power Allocation for Content Delivery in Wireless Caching Networks
Operational Framework for Recent Advances in Backtracking Search Optimisation Algorithm: A Systematic Review and Performance Evaluation
Chains of binary paths and shifted tableaux
SOSD: A Benchmark for Learned Indexes
Large Deviations for Stochastic Porous Media Equation on General Measure Spaces
Spike-and-wave epileptiform discharge pattern detection based on Kendall’s Tau-b coefficient
Towards Oracle Knowledge Distillation with Neural Architecture Search
Efficient Calibration of Embedded MPC
Dynamic Optimal Choice When Rewards are Unbounded Below
Progressive-Growing of Generative Adversarial Networks for Metasurface Optimization
Model structures and fitting criteria for system identification with neural networks
Deep Networks with Adaptive Nyström Approximation
Algebraic analysis of multiple social networks with multiplex
Indirect Local Attacks for Context-aware Semantic Segmentation Networks
Deep Learning to Scale up Time Series Traffic Prediction
Learning Modular Representations for Long-Term Multi-Agent Motion Predictions
BETA: A Large Benchmark Database Toward SSVEP-BCI Application
Joint Power and Blocklength Optimization for URLLC in a Factory Automation Scenario
Fluctuations for Zeros of Gaussian Taylor Series
Blockwisely Supervised Neural Architecture Search with Knowledge Distillation
Distributed Soft Actor-Critic with Multivariate Reward Representation and Knowledge Distillation
Equivalence and Characterizations of Linear Rank-Metric Codes Based on Invariants
Detecting anthropogenic cloud perturbations with deep learning
Sentiment Analysis of German Twitter
Semiparametric Quantile Models for Ascending Auctions with Asymmetric Bidders
A Multi-cascaded Deep Model for Bilingual SMS Classification
Sparsely Grouped Input Variables for Neural Networks
Numerical Schemes for Backward Stochastic Differential Equations Driven by $G$-Brownian motion
Procedural Content Generation: From Automatically Generating Game Levels to Increasing Generality in Machine Learning
On the Benefits of Attributional Robustness
Efficient method for parallel computation of geodesic transformation on CPU
High Order Singular Value Decomposition for Plant Biodiversity Estimation
Weakly Supervised Cell Instance Segmentation by Propagating from Detection Response
A robust method based on LOVO functions for solving least squares problems
The spectral radius of graphs with no intersecting triangles
Minimization of Weighted Completion Times in Path-based Coflow Scheduling
Kurdish (Sorani) Speech to Text: Presenting an Experimental Dataset
On a simple model that explains inversion of a self-propelled rotor under periodic stop and release operations
Hybrid Decision Trees: Longer Quantum Time is Strictly More Powerful
Crandall-lions Viscosity Solutions For Path-dependent PDEs: The Case Of Heat Equation
A spiking neural algorithm for the Network Flow problem
Attentive Modality Hopping Mechanism for Speech Emotion Recognition
Learning Domain-Independent Planning Heuristics with Hypergraph Networks
Proper Hierarchies in Polylogarithmic Time and Absence of Complete Problems
Heuristic Strategies in Uncertain Approval Voting Environments
Model-Driven Channel Estimation for OFDM Systems Based on Image Super-Resolution Network
An Algorithm for Computing Coefficients of Words in Expressions Involving Exponentials and its Application to the Construction of Exponential Integrators
Color inference from semantic labeling for person search in videos
Value-driven Manufacturing Planning using Cloud-based Evolutionary Optimisation
Self-Calibration for Massive MIMO with Channel Reciprocity and Channel Estimation Errors
Prototype Selection Based on Clustering and Conformance Metrics for Model Discovery
Sanity Checks for Saliency Metrics
Link Prediction in the Stochastic Block Model with Outliers
An adaptive and fully automatic method for estimating the 3D position of bendable instruments using endoscopic images
Mobility and Coverage Evaluation of New Radio PDCCH for Point-to-Multipoint Scenario
Rate-Splitting for Multigroup Multicast Beamforming in Multicarrier Systems
The future of urban models in the Big Data and AI era: a bibliometric analysis (2000-2019)
$q$-Supercongruences modulo the fourth power of a cyclotomic polynomial via creative microscoping
Diagnostic checking in FARIMA models with uncorrelated but non-independent error terms
X-Ray Sobolev Variational Auto-Encoders
A Bayesian Dynamic Multilayered Block Network Model
Maximum likelihood estimation for discrete exponential families and random graphs
Shortest Path Centrality and the All-pairs Shortest Paths Problem via Sample Complexity
Efficient Approximate Inference with Walsh-Hadamard Variational Inference
Perfect $2$-colorings of Hamming graphs
Resource Allocation for Secure URLLC in Vehicular Communications: A Physical Layer Perspective
Dominated chromatic number of some operations on a graph
A Proposed Practical Problem-Solving Framework for Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives in Socio-Ecological Systems Based on a Model of the Human Cognitive Problem-Solving Process
FirecREST: RESTful API on Cray XC systems
Tight Bounds for Planar Strongly Connected Steiner Subgraph with Fixed Number of Terminals (and Extensions)
Deep autofocus with cone-beam CT consistency constraint
Hydrodynamics Limits and Clausius inequality for Isothermal Non-linear Elastodynamics with Boundary Tension
CAGNet: Content-Aware Guidance for Salient Object Detection
Learning from Irregularly Sampled Data for Endomicroscopy Super-resolution: A Comparative Study of Sparse and Dense Approaches
Lossless Size Reduction for Integer Least Squares with Application to Sphere Decoding
Mean Shift Rejection: Training Deep Neural Networks Without Minibatch Statistics or Normalization
Parametric Interpolation Framework for 1-D Scalar Conservation Laws with Non-Convex Flux Functions
DIFAR: Deep Image Formation and Retouching
Short Term Prediction of Parking Area states Using Real Time Data and Machine Learning Techniques
A note on Douglas-Rachford, subgradients, and phase retrieval
STGRAT: A Spatio-Temporal Graph Attention Network for Traffic Forecasting
An Iterative Polishing Framework based on Quality Aware Masked Language Model for Chinese Poetry Generation
Automating the formulation and resolution of convex variational problems: applications from image processing to computational mechanics
Time-adaptive optimization in a parameter identification problem of HIV infection
Voter models on subcritical inhomogeneous random graphs
Generalisations of Capparelli’s and Primc’s identities, II: perfect $A_{n-1}^{(1)}$ crystals and explicit character formulas
On the Heavy-Tailed Theory of Stochastic Gradient Descent for Deep Neural Networks
Generalisations of Capparelli’s and Primc’s identities, I: coloured Frobenius partitions and combinatorial proofs
Randomized Decoding of Gabidulin Codes Beyond the Unique Decoding Radius
Embedding and learning with signatures
DIST: Rendering Deep Implicit Signed Distance Function with Differentiable Sphere Tracing
A Broken Circuit Model for Chromatic Homology Theories
Distance domatic numbers for grid graphs
Bi-Directional Domain Translation for Zero-Shot Sketch-Based Image Retrieval
Radio Map Based 3D Path Planning for Cellular-Connected UAV
Adversarially Robust Low Dimensional Representations
Using Fully Convolutional Neural Networks to detect manipulated images in videos
Transflow Learning: Repurposing Flow Models Without Retraining
Unpaired Image Translation via Adaptive Convolution-based Normalization
Minkowski distances and standardisation for clustering and classification of high dimensional data
On the Equilibria and Efficiency of Electricity Markets with Renewable Power Producers and Congestion Constraints
Confidence Calibration and Predictive Uncertainty Estimation for Deep Medical Image Segmentation
On strong infinite Sidon and $B_h$ sets and random sets of integers
Hierarchical Low-rank Structure of Parameterized Distributions
Chain-length, flexibility and the glass transition of polymers
A Graph-based Ranking Approach to Extract Key-frames for Static Video Summarization
Deconstructing and reconstructing word embedding algorithms
Quantum Computation with Machine-Learning-Controlled Quantum Stuff
Domain-invariant Stereo Matching Networks
Error-mitigated data-driven circuit learning on noisy quantum hardware
Bifurcation analysis of stationary solutions of two-dimensional coupled Gross-Pitaevskii equations using deflated continuation
Classification of distributed binary labeling problems
On the Strength of Chromatic Symmetric Homology for graphs
Refinements of Barndorff-Nielsen and Shephard model: an analysis of crude oil price with machine learning
Scheduler of quantum circuits based on dynamical pattern improvement and its application to hardware design
SG-NN: Sparse Generative Neural Networks for Self-Supervised Scene Completion of RGB-D Scans
Generalized inferential models for censored data
Internet of Things in Geospatial Analytics
Hybrid Precoding Design for Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface aided mmWave Communication Systems
Intra-Pulse Polyphase Coding System for Second Trip Suppression in a Weather Radar
Learning Likelihoods with Conditional Normalizing Flows
Barcodes as summary of objective function’s topology
An HLL Riemann solver for the hybridised discontinuous Galerkin formulation of compressible flows
Square Attack: a query-efficient black-box adversarial attack via random search
Drug dissemination strategy with a SEIR-based SUC model
Linear Backward Stochastic Differential Equations with Gaussian Volterra processes
Location histogram privacy by sensitive location hiding and target histogram avoidance/resemblance (extended version)
Permutations sortable by deques and two stacks in parallel share the same growth rate
A probabilistic assessment of the Indo-Aryan Inner-Outer Hypothesis
Uniformly vertex-transitive graphs
Prior-based Domain Adaptive Object Detection for Adverse Weather Conditions
Safety Guarantees for Planning Based on Iterative Gaussian Processes
ROC movies — a new generalization to a popular classic
Boundary traces of shift-invariant diffusions in half-plane
Quadratic Q-network for Learning Continuous Control for Autonomous Vehicles
OptiBox: Breaking the Limits of Proposals for Visual Grounding
Algorithms for flows over time with scheduling costs
Learning Perceptual Inference by Contrasting
Effects of a Hovering Unmanned Aerial Vehicle on Urban Soundscapes Perception
Actin Networks Voltage Circuits
Bimodal Speech Emotion Recognition Using Pre-Trained Language Models
FusionMapping: Learning Depth Prediction with Monocular Images and 2D Laser Scans
The one-phase fractional Stefan problem
Capacity-Approaching Polar Codes with Long Codewords and Successive Cancellation Decoding Based on Improved Gaussian Approximation
Improved Approximation Algorithms for Inventory Problems
Supervised and Unsupervised End-to-End Deep Learning for Gene Ontology Classification of Neural In Situ Hybridization Images
End-to-End Deep Neural Networks and Transfer Learning for Automatic Analysis of Nation-State Malware
The Topology of Mutated Driver Pathways
Belief and plausibility measures for D numbers
Representation Learning on Unit Ball with 3D Roto-Translational Equivariance
Crime in Philadelphia: Bayesian Clustering with Particle Optimization
Validation of Automatically Generated Patches: An Appetizer
Applications of the Deep Galerkin Method to Solving Partial Integro-Differential and Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equations
One-Shot Pruning of Recurrent Neural Networks by Jacobian Spectrum Evaluation
Data-Driven Optimization of Public Transit Schedule
Monochromatic subgraphs in iterated triangulations
Contradictory predictions
A Hybrid Approach Towards Two Stage Bengali Question Classification Utilizing Smart Data Balancing Technique
Federated Learning with Autotuned Communication-Efficient Secure Aggregation
STConvS2S: Spatiotemporal Convolutional Sequence to Sequence Network for weather forecasting
Proximal Splitting Algorithms: Overrelax them all!
Sub-pixel matching method for low-resolution thermal stereo images