On the Legal Compatibility of Fairness Definitions
Domain-Aware Dynamic Networks
ModelHub.AI: Dissemination Platform for Deep Learning Models
Entropy, mutual information, and systematic measures of structured spiking neural networks
To Trust, or Not to Trust? A Study of Human Bias in Automated Video Interview Assessments
Defining and Unpacking Transformative AI
FT-SWRL: A Fuzzy-Temporal Extension of Semantic Web Rule Language
The Distance Matching Problem
AR-Net: A simple Auto-Regressive Neural Network for time-series
Android Botnet Detection using Convolutional Neural Networks
Product Knowledge Graph Embedding for E-commerce
Dual-Attention Graph Convolutional Network
QKD: Quantization-aware Knowledge Distillation
Data Augmentation for Deep Transfer Learning
Unbiased Evaluation of Deep Metric Learning Algorithms
How Can We Know What Language Models Know?
Towards Privacy and Security of Deep Learning Systems: A Survey
Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning with Adaptive Policies
Understand Dynamic Regret with Switching Cost for Online Decision Making
QPDAS: Dual Active Set Solver for Mixed Constraint Quadratic Programming
D-SPIDER-SFO: A Decentralized Optimization Algorithm with Faster Convergence Rate for Nonconvex Problems
RETRO: Relation Retrofitting For In-Database Machine Learning on Textual Data
Continuous Dropout
Neural networks with redundant representation: detecting the undetectable
Detection of Derivative Discontinuities in Observational Data
Inducing Relational Knowledge from BERT
Constraints in Gaussian Graphical Models
Modelling Load-Changing Attacks in Cyber-Physical Systems
Finite impulse response models: A non-asymptotic analysis of the least squares estimator
Greed is Good: Exploration and Exploitation Trade-offs in Bayesian Optimisation
Application of Time Series Analysis to Traffic Accidents in Los Angeles
DeStress: Deep Learning for Unsupervised Identification of Mental Stress in Firefighters from Heart-rate Variability (HRV) Data
Towards Lingua Franca Named Entity Recognition with BERT
Mean-field backward stochastic differential equations with mean reflection and nonlinear resistance
Multi-PCA based Fault Detection Model Combined with Prior knowledge of HVAC
Non-Intrusive Electrical Appliances Monitoring and Classification using K-Nearest Neighbors
Use of Artificial Intelligence to Analyse Risk in Legal Documents for a Better Decision Support
How much physics is in a current-voltage curve? Inferring defect properties from photovoltaic device measurements
Corpus-Level End-to-End Exploration for Interactive Systems
Tabulated MLP for Fast Point Feature Embedding
Kernelized Multiview Subspace Analysis by Self-weighted Learning
Using the Web as an Implicit Training Set: Application to Noun Compound Syntax and Semantics
DeepMimic: Mentor-Student Unlabeled Data Based Training
Extending the dynamic strain sensing rang of phase-OTDR with frequency modulation pulse and frequency interrogation
Cycle and bit accurate chaos-based communication system
Chaos-based spread-spectrum communication system
Machine Learning-based Signal Detection for PMH Signals in Load-modulated MIMO System
Euclidean random matching in 2D for non constant densities
Key Modes for Time-Space Evolutions of ENSO and PDO by ESMD Method
Importance-Aware Learning for Neural Headline Editing
Conclusion-Supplement Answer Generation for Non-Factoid Questions
Independent language modeling architecture for end-to-end ASR
ICD Coding from Clinical Text Using Multi-Filter Residual Convolutional Neural Network
A Synergistic Approach for Internet of Things and Cloud Integration: Current Research and Future Direction
Tree search algorithms for the Sequential Ordering Problem
Pattern and Anomaly Detection in Urban Temporal Networks
Polyhedral study of the Convex Recoloring problem
Mis-classified Vector Guided Softmax Loss for Face Recognition
AuthorGAN: Improving GAN Reproducibility using a Modular GAN Framework
Consider ethical and social challenges in smart grid research
An Optimized and Energy-Efficient Parallel Implementation of Non-Iteratively Trained Recurrent Neural Networks
Experiments with a PCCoder extension
Low Rank Factorization for Compact Multi-Head Self-Attention
QoS-Aware Machine Learning-based Multiple Resources Scheduling for Microservices in Cloud Environment
CONAN: Complementary Pattern Augmentation for Rare Disease Detection
Coronary Artery Classification and Weakly Supervised Abnormality Localization on Coronary CT Angiography with 3-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Networks
Restoring Chaos Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Study of Distributed Robust Beamforming with Low-Rank and Cross-Correlation Techniques
Degenerate zero-truncated Poisson random variables
Deep Image Harmonization via Domain Verification
An integrated heterogeneous Poisson model for neuron functions in hand movement during reaching and grasp
Measurement and Characterization of the Stationary Noise in Narrowband Power Line Communication
Optimal checkpointing for heterogeneous chains: how to train deep neural networks with limited memory
Music Source Separation in the Waveform Domain
Towards improving the e-learning experience for deaf students: e-LUX
A concrete example of inclusive design: deaf-oriented accessibility
The Scenario Culture
Solving Inverse Wave Scattering with Deep Learning
Example-Guided Scene Image Synthesis using Masked Spatial-Channel Attention and Patch-Based Self-Supervision
Learning a faceted customer segmentation for discovering new business opportunities at Intel
Class-Conditional VAE-GAN for Local-Ancestry Simulation
Flatsomatic: A Method for Compression of Somatic Mutation Profiles in Cancer
Fock-space correlations and the origins of many-body localisation
Perceive, Transform, and Act: Multi-Modal Attention Networks for Vision-and-Language Navigation
DeFINE: DEep Factorized INput Word Embeddings for Neural Sequence Modeling
Deep Density: circumventing the Kohn-Sham equations via symmetry preserving neural networks
Detecting total hip replacement prosthesis design on preoperative radiographs using deep convolutional neural network
Stablizer-Free Weak Galerkin Methods for Monotone Quasilinear Elliptic PDEs
SimpleBooks: Long-term dependency book dataset with simplified English vocabulary for word-level language modeling
Properties of nowhere dense graph classes related to independent set problem
Alternative Metrics
Variational Physics-Informed Neural Networks For Solving Partial Differential Equations
Goodness-of-fit test for the bivariate Hermite distribution
Dynamical fitness models: evidence of universality classes for preferential attachment graphs
Roman and Vatican Crossover Designs
Modelling dependence within and across run-off triangles for claims reserving
PointPWC-Net: A Coarse-to-Fine Network for Supervised and Self-Supervised Scene Flow Estimation on 3D Point Clouds
PREDICT & CLUSTER: Unsupervised Skeleton Based Action Recognition
Automatic Generation of Headlines for Online Math Questions
Model-Aware Deep Architectures for One-Bit Compressive Variational Autoencoding
Roundtrip Spanners with $(2k-1)$ Stretch
Some properties of $k$-bonacci words on infinite alphabet
A Framework for Weighted-Sum Energy Efficiency Maximization in Wireless Networks
AdaShare: Learning What To Share For Efficient Deep Multi-Task Learning
Learning with less data via Weakly Labeled Patch Classification in Digital Pathology
Conditional Hierarchical Bayesian Tucker Decomposition
Causal inference of hazard ratio based on propensity score matching
On the choice of initial guesses for the Newton-Raphson algorithm
DC Optimal Power Flow with Joint Chance Constraints
Improving Model Robustness Using Causal Knowledge
A New Inventory Control Approach For Considering Customer Classes In An Integrated Supply Chain Management
Calibrationless Parallel MRI using Model based Deep Learning (C-MODL)
Integral equalities and inequalities: a proxy-measure for multivariate sensitivity analysis
Modelling publication bias and p-hacking
QubitHD: A Stochastic Acceleration Method for HD Computing-Based Machine Learning
Serverless seismic imaging in the cloud
Soft Anchor-Point Object Detection
Empirical Upper-bound in Object Detection and More
Counting stationary points of the loss function in the simplest constrained least-square optimization
Collecting Charges for Ad Impact on User Experience for Different Price Types
Some Algebraic Properties of Lecture Hall Polytopes
Two-Stage Learning for Uplink Channel Estimation in One-Bit Massive MIMO
Information-Geometric Set Embeddings (IGSE): From Sets to Probability Distributions
Words With Few Palindromes, Revisited
3D Shape Completion with Multi-view Consistent Inference
Analysis of Hydrological and Suspended Sediment Events from Mad River Wastershed using Multivariate Time Series Clustering
Towards Reliable Evaluation of Road Network Reconstructions
Spectrum Cartography via Coupled Block-Term Tensor Decomposition
Large independent sets in triangle-free cubic graphs: beyond planarity
Manipulating Elections by Selecting Issues
Bayesian Optimization for Categorical and Category-Specific Continuous Inputs
Qini-based Uplift Regression
All you need is a good representation: A multi-level and classifier-centric representation for few-shot learning
Metre as a stylometric feature in Latin hexameter poetry
On the $q$-Dyson orthogonality problem
Designing the Next Generation of Intelligent Personal Robotic Assistants for the Physically Impaired
Minimum Bayes Risk Training of RNN-Transducer for End-to-End Speech Recognition
Stable chimeras of non-locally coupled Kuramoto-Sakaguchi oscillators in a finite array
An End-to-end Framework for Unconstrained Monocular 3D Hand Pose Estimation
Deep Learning for Optimal Deployment of UAVs with Visible Light Communications
System Integration and Control Design of a Maglev Platform for Space Vibration Isolation
Stigmergic Independent Reinforcement Learning for Multi-Agent Collaboration
Augmentation Methods on Monophonic Audio for Instrument Classification in Polyphonic Music
Time-Guided High-Order Attention Model of Longitudinal Heterogeneous Healthcare Data
Error Resilient Deep Compressive Sensing
Action Recognition via Pose-Based Graph Convolutional Networks with Intermediate Dense Supervision
Generalized Constructions of Complementary Sets of Sequences of Lengths Non-Power-of-Two
Algorithmic Improvements for Deep Reinforcement Learning applied to Interactive Fiction
Rethinking Temporal Fusion for Video-based Person Re-identification on Semantic and Time Aspect
Product Sequencing and Pricing under Cascade Browse Model
Palmprint Recognition in Uncontrolled and Uncooperative Environment
Optimal and Adaptive Estimation of Extreme Values in the Permuted Monotone Matrix Model
A Discriminative Learned CNN Embedding For Remote Senseing Image Scene Classification
Analysis of Asymptotic Escape of Strict Saddle Sets in Manifold Optimization
Schur Polynomials do not have small formulas if the Determinant doesn’t!
New constructions of cooperative MSR codes: Reducing node size to $\exp(O(n))$
Sparse-GAN: Sparsity-constrained Generative Adversarial Network for Anomaly Detection in Retinal OCT Image
One-Shot Object Detection with Co-Attention and Co-Excitation
Diffusion Maps for Embedded Manifolds with Boundary with Applications to PDEs
Abnormal source identification for parabolic distributed parameter systems
A Simple Variational Bayes Detector for Orthogonal Time Frequency Space (OTFS) Modulation
U-CNNpred: A Universal CNN-based Predictor for Stock Markets
Least $Q$-eigenvalues of nonbipartite 2-connected graphs
A note on algebraic connectivity of 2-connected graphs
Language-Independent Sentiment Analysis Using Subjectivity and Positional Information
An accelerated first-order method with complexity analysis for solving cubic regularization subproblems
Cycle-Consistent Adversarial Networks for Realistic Pervasive Change Generation in Remote Sensing Imagery
DiscoTK: Using Discourse Structure for Machine Translation Evaluation
A Data Driven Approach to Learning The Hamiltonian Matrix in Quantum Mechanics
An Efficient Multi-Domain Framework for Image-to-Image Translation
Augmented Random Search for Quadcopter Control: An alternative to Reinforcement Learning
Improving Neural Relation Extraction with Positive and Unlabeled Learning
Addressing Time Bias in Bipartite Graph Ranking for Important Node Identification
KPTimes: A Large-Scale Dataset for Keyphrase Generation on News Documents
Sketching for Motzkin’s Iterative Method for Linear Systems
Free-riders in Federated Learning: Attacks and Defenses
Hydrodynamics for the partial exclusion process in random environment
Weapon-Target Assignment Problem with Interference Constraints using Mixed-Integer Linear Programming
Optimal Estimation of Change in a Population of Parameters
Emotion helps Sentiment: A Multi-task Model for Sentiment and Emotion Analysis
Deep Model-Based Reinforcement Learning via Estimated Uncertainty and Conservative Policy Optimization
A New Corpus for Low-Resourced Sindhi Language with Word Embeddings
Stable Learning via Sample Reweighting
Reaction Asymmetries to Social Responsibility Index Recomposition: A Matching Portfolio Approach
FairPrep: Promoting Data to a First-Class Citizen in Studies on Fairness-Enhancing Interventions
AutoRemover: Automatic Object Removal for Autonomous Driving Videos
Challenges of Scaled Agile for Safety-Critical Systems
Computer Systems Have 99 Problems, Let’s Not Make Machine Learning Another One
Factorization graphs of finite groups
An Integrated Early Warning System for Stock Market Turbulence
Lidar-Camera Co-Training for Semi-Supervised Road Detection
Online Pricing with Reserve Price Constraint for Personal Data Markets
Homogenization with fractional random fields
A Generalization Theory based on Independent and Task-Identically Distributed Assumption
The Weighted Tsetlin Machine: Compressed Representations with Weighted Clauses
HyperTraPS: Inferring probabilistic patterns of trait acquisition in evolutionary and disease progression pathways
A note on the Lomax distribution
Data Transmission based on Exact Inverse Periodic Nonlinear Fourier Transform, Part I: Theory
Data Transmission based on Exact Inverse Periodic Nonlinear Fourier Transform, Part II: Waveform Design and Experiment
A Case for the Score: Identifying Image Anomalies using Variational Autoencoder Gradients
Unsupervised Neural Mask Estimator For Generalized Eigen-Value Beamforming Based ASR
Machine learning for music genre: multifaceted review and experimentation with audioset
Estimation of Blood Glucose Level of Type-2 Diabetes Patients using Smartphone Video
A review and evaluation of standard methods to handle missing data on time-varying confounders in marginal structural models
Learning restrictions on admissible switching signals for switched systems
Legal document retrieval across languages: topic hierarchies based on synsets
Quantum Lower Bounds for 2D-Grid and Dyck Language
Self-Supervised Unconstrained Illumination Invariant Representation
Predicting Performance of Software Configurations: There is no Silver Bullet
Individual-based models under various time-scales
Multiple quadrotors carrying a flexible hose: dynamics, differential flatness and control
Maestro: A Python library for multi-carrier energy district optimal control design
System Identification for Hybrid Systems using Neural Networks
Self-Supervised Learning by Cross-Modal Audio-Video Clustering
Improved cross-validation for classifiers that make algorithmic choices to minimise runtime without compromising output correctness
xMUDA: Cross-Modal Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for 3D Semantic Segmentation
Optimized Runge-Kutta (LDDRK) timestepping schemes for non-constant-amplitude oscillations
Patch Reordering: a Novel Way to Achieve Rotation and Translation Invariance in Convolutional Neural Networks
Moment Propagation of Discrete-Time Stochastic Polynomial Systems using Truncated Carleman Linearization
A novel classification-selection approach for the self updating of template-based face recognition systems
How to Efficiently Handle Complex Values? Implementing Decision Diagrams for Quantum Computing
Transform-Invariant Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Classification and Search
On a characterisation theorem for $a$-adic solenoids
Phase transition for the volume of high-dimensional random polytopes
Joint User Association and Resource Allocation in the Uplink of Heterogeneous Networks
Conley-Morse-Forman theory for generalized combinatorial multivector fields on finite topological spaces
Comparative Study of Differentially Private Synthetic Data Algorithms and Evaluation Standards
Cameras Viewing Cameras Geometry
Generalized Guerra’s interpolation schemes for dense associative neural networks
Continuous Adaptation for Interactive Object Segmentation by Learning from Corrections
Lockless Transaction Isolation in Hyperledger Fabric
HS-CAI: A Hybrid DCOP Algorithm via Combining Search with Context-based Inference
Testing for high frequency features in a noisy signal
Mixture-Model-based Bounding Box Density Estimation for Object Detection
A Fine-grained Sentiment Dataset for Norwegian
Distributed estimation of principal support vector machines for sufficient dimension reduction
Diversity-Aware Vehicle Motion Prediction via Latent Semantic Sampling
LL(1) Parsing with Derivatives and Zippers
Every Frame Counts: Joint Learning of Video Segmentation and Optical Flow
Data-Driven Compression of Convolutional Neural Networks
Asymptotics and approximation of large systems of ordinary differential equations
ASR is all you need: cross-modal distillation for lip reading
Hexagon tilings of the plane that are not edge-to-edge
Using VAEs and Normalizing Flows for One-shot Text-To-Speech Synthesis of Expressive Speech
A reduction formula for Waring’s numbers through generalized Paley graphs
Dividing and Conquering Cross-Modal Recipe Retrieval: from Nearest Neighbours Baselines to SoTA
A Chevalley formula for semi-infinite flag manifolds and quantum K-theory (Extended abstract)
Effective Sub-clonal Cancer Representation to Predict Tumor Evolution
Distributed payoff allocation in coalitional games via time varying paracontractions
Interpreting Epsilon of Differential Privacy in Terms of Advantage in Guessing or Approximating Sensitive Attributes
PERMUTATION Strikes Back: The Power of Recourse in Online Metric Matching
Inference under random limit bootstrap measures
Detection and Mitigation of Rare Subclasses in Neural Network Classifiers
Elliptic and $q$-analogs of the Fibonomial numbers
Comparing Offline and Online Testing of Deep Neural Networks: An Autonomous Car Case Study
On the Penalty term for the Mixed Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method for the Biharmonic Equation
Integro-differential equations linked to compound birth processes with infinitely divisible addends
Partition and Cohen-Macaulay Extenders
Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Methods for 1D Rosenau Equation
Light-weight Calibrator: a Separable Component for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
Rate Analysis of Cell-Free Massive MIMO-NOMA With Three Linear Precoders
Multimodal Machine Translation through Visuals and Speech
Marked Gibbs point processes with unbounded interaction: an existence result
Motion Equivariance OF Event-based Camera Data with the Temporal Normalization Transform
Data-Driven Spectrum Cartography via Deep Completion Autoencoders
Neural Network-Inspired Analog-to-Digital Conversion to Achieve Super-Resolution with Low-Precision RRAM Devices
Equivalence Relations for Computing Permutation Polynomials
Option-critic in cooperative multi-agent systems