Logical Interpretations of Autoencoders
A continuation method in Bayesian inference
Join Query Optimization with Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithms
Emergent Structures and Lifetime Structure Evolution in Artificial Neural Networks
Generalized Bayesian Regression and Model Learning
Prediction of Horizontal Data Partitioning Through Query Execution Cost Estimation
Network Embedding: An Overview
Starling: A Scalable Query Engine on Cloud Function Services
Defending Against Adversarial Machine Learning
Noise Robust Generative Adversarial Networks
Semi-Supervised Learning for Text Classification by Layer Partitioning
SuperGlue: Learning Feature Matching with Graph Neural Networks
ViewAL: Active Learning with Viewpoint Entropy for Semantic Segmentation
TimeCaps: Capturing Time Series Data with Capsule Networks
Towards Fairness in Visual Recognition: Effective Strategies for Bias Mitigation
Fréchet Change Point Detection
K-MACE and Kernel K-MACE Clustering
Single Sample Feature Importance: An Interpretable Algorithm for Low-Level Feature Analysis
Lifelong Spectral Clustering
CSPNet: A New Backbone that can Enhance Learning Capability of CNN
Transfer Learning in Visual and Relational Reasoning
Novelty Detection Via Blurring
Measuring similarity between two mixture trees using mixture distance metric and algorithms
Monetizing Mobile Data via Data Rewards
Discriminative Adversarial Domain Adaptation
Grapy-ML: Graph Pyramid Mutual Learning for Cross-dataset Human Parsing
Topological Machine Learning for Multivariate Time Series
Decision Propagation Networks for Image Classification
Adaptive Initialization Method for K-means Algorithm
Analysis of Explainers of Black Box Deep Neural Networks for Computer Vision: A Survey
Towards Similarity Graphs Constructed by Deep Reinforcement Learning
Fair DARTS: Eliminating Unfair Advantages in Differentiable Architecture Search
Learning Neural Search Policies for Classical Planning
Orthogonal Convolutional Neural Networks
Do Attention Heads in BERT Track Syntactic Dependencies?
Contrastive Learning of Structured World Models
Social Attention for Autonomous Decision-Making in Dense Traffic
Fooling with facts: Quantifying anchoring bias through a large-scale online experiment
PanDA: Panoptic Data Augmentation
LSAR: Efficient Leverage Score Sampling Algorithm for the Analysis of Big Time Series Data
Crypto-Oriented Neural Architecture Design
Image2StyleGAN++: How to Edit the Embedded Images?
A Vietnamese Text-Based Conversational Agent
Iterative TV minimization on the graph
Network Intrusion Detection based on LSTM and Feature Embedding
Learning sparse linear dynamic networks in a hyper-parameter free setting
The fixed-stress splitting scheme for Biot’s equations as a modified Richardson iteration: Implications for optimal convergence
Adaptive Estimation of Multivariate Piecewise Polynomials and Bounded Variation Functions by Optimal Decision Trees
Sifted Randomized Singular Value Decomposition
DDNet: Dual-path Decoder Network for Occlusion Relationship Reasoning
Near-resonant light transmission in two-dimensional dense cold atomic media with short-range positional correlations
Complexity bounds on supermesh construction for quasi-uniform meshes
The hidden topological structure of flow network functionality
Deep Learning with Gaussian Differential Privacy
A discriminative condition-aware backend for speaker verification
A Vietnamese information retrieval system for product-price
Distributed graphs: in search of fast, low-latency, resource-efficient, semantics-rich Big-Data processing
A Stochastic Trust-Region Framework for Policy Optimization
PIQA: Reasoning about Physical Commonsense in Natural Language
A High-dimensional M-estimator Framework for Bi-level Variable Selection
BPS states, conserved charges and centres of symmetric group algebras
Assessing Supply Chain Cyber Risks
Hybrid Text Feature Modeling for Disease Group Prediction using Unstructured Physician Notes
A strongly convergent Krasnosel’skiǐ-Mann-type algorithm for finding a common fixed point of a countably infinite family of nonexpansive operators in Hilbert spaces
A User Study of Perceived Carbon Footprint
High accuracy and error analysis of indoor visible light positioning algorithm based on image sensor
Scalable Extreme Deconvolution
Smart Grid State Estimation with PMUs Time Synchronization Errors
Brezzi-Douglas-Marini interpolation of any order on anisotropic triangles and tetrahedra
Biology and Compositionality: Empirical Considerations for Emergent-Communication Protocols
Semi-supervised Bootstrapping of Dialogue State Trackers for Task Oriented Modelling
The problem with DDPG: understanding failures in deterministic environments with sparse rewards
FAN: Feature Adaptation Network for Surveillance Face Recognition and Normalization
Multi-Level Network for High-Speed Multi-Person Pose Estimation
Lattice Configurations Determining Few Distances
Stable Matrix Completion using Properly Configured Kronecker Product Decomposition
Generating Commit Messages from Git Diffs
Doc2Vec on the PubMed corpus: study of a new approach to generate related articles
Multi-Vehicle Mixed-Reality Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Multi-Lane Driving
Revisiting Deep Architectures for Head Motion Prediction in 360° Videos
Words Avoiding Reversed Factors, Revisited
Edge-Guided Occlusion Fading Reduction for a Light-Weighted Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation
Maximum likelihood estimation of regularisation parameters in high-dimensional inverse problems: an empirical Bayesian approach
Nucleation of ergodicity by a single doublon in supercooled insulators
Optimal event selection and categorization in high energy physics, Part 1: Signal discovery
Constructions of point-line arrangements in the plane with large girth
Infinite Families of Quantum-Classical Hybrid Codes
DeepRICH: Learning Deeply Cherenkov Detectors
High precision numerical approach for the Davey-Stewartson II equation for Schwartz class initial data
Recursive multivariate derivatives of $e^{f(x_1,\dots, x_n)}$ of arbitrary order
OASIS: ILP-Guided Synthesis of Loop Invariants
Hopf monoids, permutohedral tangent cones, and generalized retarded functions
Convolutional Composer Classification
A geometric characterization of minimal codes and their asymptotic performance
Device-Free User Authentication, Activity Classification and Tracking using Passive Wi-Fi Sensing: A Deep Learning Based Approach
Imitation Learning of Robot Policies by Combining Language, Vision and Demonstration
Proportionality and the Limits of Welfarism
Improving Polyphonic Music Models with Feature-Rich Encoding
A Measure of Similarity in Textual Data Using Spearman’s Rank Correlation Coefficient
Multi-person Spatial Interaction in a Large Immersive Display Using Smartphones as Touchpads
Euler-Lagrange equations for multiobjective Lagrangian functions via set optimization
MixNMatch: Multifactor Disentanglement and Encodingfor Conditional Image Generation
Password-conditioned Anonymization and Deanonymization with Face Identity Transformers
City2City: Translating Place Representations across Cities
Enabling real-time multi-messenger astrophysics discoveries with deep learning
Collaboration Drives Individual Productivity
A Preliminary Study of Disentanglement With Insights on the Inadequacy of Metrics
A Quadratic Lower Bound for Algebraic Branching Programs
A fractional Brownian — Hawkes model for the Italian electricity spot market: estimation and forecasting
Supervised load identification of 18 fixed-speed motors based on their turn-on transient current
Federated Learning for Ranking Browser History Suggestions
Multi-Object Portion Tracking in 4D Fluorescence Microscopy Imagery with Deep Feature Maps
Exceptional points of discrete-time random walks in planar domains
Moments of order statistics from DNID discrete random variables with application in reliability
Local Model Poisoning Attacks to Byzantine-Robust Federated Learning
Reliability properties of k-out-of-n systems with one cold standby unit
Cryptocurrency Price Prediction and Trading Strategies Using Support Vector Machines
Learning to Match Templates for Unseen Instance Detection
Autonomous WiFi Fingerprinting for Indoor Localization
A Functional Equation of Tail-balance for Continuous Signals in the Condorcet Jury Theorem
Robustly Clustering a Mixture of Gaussians
Faster Algorithms for Parametric Global Minimum Cut Problems
Compressed MRI Reconstruction Exploiting a Rotation-Invariant Total Variation Discretization
Approximating the Permanent by Sampling from Adaptive Partitions
Scaffold for the polyhedral embedding of cubic graphs
Quenched vs Annealed: Glassiness from SK to SYK
On a conjecture of Gowers and Long
Matrix Decompositions and Sparse Graph Regularity
Artificial Intelligence for Diagnosis of Skin Cancer: Challenges and Opportunities
On a general Wright-Fisher model
Dataset-On-Demand: Automatic View Search and Presentation for Data Discovery
SchrödingeRNN: Generative Modeling of Raw Audio as a Continuously Observed Quantum State
Dynamic Portfolio Management with Reinforcement Learning
An Adaptive View of Adversarial Robustness from Test-time Smoothing Defense
Bounding Zolotarev numbers using Faber rational functions
Explaining Models by Propagating Shapley Values of Local Components
Visual Physics: Discovering Physical Laws from Videos
FSE/CACM Rebuttal$^2$: Correcting A Large-Scale Study of Programming Languages and Code Quality in GitHub
AttentionGAN: Unpaired Image-to-Image Translation using Attention-Guided Generative Adversarial Networks
Self-Attention Enhanced Selective Gate with Entity-Aware Embedding for Distantly Supervised Relation Extraction
Potential of deep features for opinion-unaware, distortion-unaware, no-reference image quality assessment
A Scalable Framework for Solving Fractional Diffusion Equations
GhostNet: More Features from Cheap Operations
A numerical approach for transient magnetohydrodynamic flows
A Utilization Model for Optimization of Checkpoint Intervals in Distributed Stream Processing Systems
Data Augmentation Using Adversarial Training for Construction-Equipment Classification
LqRT: Robust Hypothesis Testing of Location Parameters using Lq-Likelihood-Ratio-Type Test in Python
In Perfect Shape: Certifiably Optimal 3D Shape Reconstruction from 2D Landmarks
Recency predicts bursts in the evolution of author citations
Improving Fictitious Play Reinforcement Learning with Expanding Models
Accumulative time-based ranking method to reputation evaluation in information networks
Evaluating Commonsense in Pre-trained Language Models
Survey of Attacks and Defenses on Edge-Deployed Neural Networks
Simultaneous Neural Machine Translation using Connectionist Temporal Classification
AIPNet: Generative Adversarial Pre-training of Accent-invariant Networks for End-to-end Speech Recognition
Generalizing Complex Hypotheses on Product Distributions: Auctions, Prophet Inequalities, and Pandora’s Problem
Rethinking the Item Order in Session-based Recommendation with Graph Neural Networks
Can Attention Masks Improve Adversarial Robustness?
Trading Convergence Rate with Computational Budget in High Dimensional Bayesian Optimization
Taking a Stance on Fake News: Towards Automatic Disinformation Assessment via Deep Bidirectional Transformer Language Models for Stance Detection
Label Dependent Deep Variational Paraphrase Generation
Hölderian error bounds and Kurdyka-Łojasiewicz inequality for the trust region subproblem
Characterising the Structure of Halo Merger Trees Using a Single Parameter: The Tree Entropy
LucidDream: Controlled Temporally-Consistent DeepDream on Videos
AdapNet: Adaptability Decomposing Encoder-Decoder Network for Weakly Supervised Action Recognition and Localization
Approximating Permanent of Random Matrices with Vanishing Mean: Made Better and Simpler
Embedded multilevel Monte Carlo for uncertainty quantification in random domains
Graph Representation for Face Analysis in Image Collections
With or without replacement? Sampling uncertainty in Shepp’s urn scheme
Deep Reinforcement Learning based Adaptive Moving Target Defense
A Most Irrational Foraging Algorithm
On the Minimal Set of Inputs Required for Efficient Neuro-Evolved Foraging
An Efficient Machine Learning-based Elderly Fall Detection Algorithm
Class-Conditional Domain Adaptation on Semantic Segmentation
Benefits of Jointly Training Autoencoders: An Improved Neural Tangent Kernel Analysis
SAG-VAE: End-to-end Joint Inference of Data Representations and Feature Relations
Semantic Head Enhanced Pedestrian Detection in a Crowd
Floquet Anderson Localization of Two Interacting Discrete Time Quantum Walks
GRIm-RePR: Prioritising Generating Important Features for Pseudo-Rehearsal
Composition operators on reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces with analytic positive definite functions
A race-DC in Big Data
BLAS: Broadcast Relative Localization and Clock Synchronization for Dynamic Dense Multi-Agent Systems
Existence and uniqueness of global Koopman eigenfunctions for stable fixed points and periodic orbits
SecureGBM: Secure Multi-Party Gradient Boosting
Recovering Facial Reflectance and Geometry from Multi-view Images
Small-Signal Stability Constrained Optimal Power Flow: A Convexification Approach
An adaptive well-balanced positivity preserving scheme on quadtree grids for shallow water equations
On popular sums and differences of sets with small products
A tale of two toolkits, report the second: bake off redux. Chapter 1. dictionary based classifiers
Involution pipe dreams
JEC-QA: A Legal-Domain Question Answering Dataset
Deep Stereo using Adaptive Thin Volume Representation with Uncertainty Awareness
Zero-shot Chinese Discourse Dependency Parsing via Cross-lingual Mapping
A note on the Poljak-Rodl function
Non-Autoregressive Video Captioning with Iterative Refinement
word2word: A Collection of Bilingual Lexicons for 3,564 Language Pairs
Sideways Transliteration: How to Transliterate Multicultural Person Names?
Methods of Weighted Combination for Text Field Recognition in a Video Stream
Universal eigenvector correlations in quaternionic Ginibre ensembles
Locality Aware Appearance Metric for Multi-Target Multi-Camera Tracking
Benefitting from the Grey Literature in Software Engineering Research
The Limited Reach of Fake News on Twitter during 2019 European Elections
Dynamic string-averaging CQ-methods for the split feasibility problem with percentage violation constraints arising in radiation therapy treatment planning
Combinatorial model for m-cluster categories in type E
Exploring Frequency Domain Interpretation of Convolutional Neural Networks
PacketCGAN: Exploratory Study of Class Imbalance for Encrypted Traffic Classification Using CGAN
On the Fine Interior of Three-dimensional Canonical Fano Polytopes
Residual Bi-Fusion Feature Pyramid Network for Accurate Single-shot Object Detection
A constrained TAP approach for disordered spin models: application to the mixed spherical case
On Yoshinaga’s arrangement of lines and the containment problem
Scaling of energy spreading in a disordered Ding-Dong lattice
Reviewing and Improving the Gaussian Mechanism for Differential Privacy
Following Social Groups: Socially Compliant Autonomous Navigation in Dense Crowds
Data-Driven Recursive Least Squares Estimation for Model Predictive Current Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
SpoC: Spoofing Camera Fingerprints
Jejueo Datasets for Machine Translation and Speech Synthesis
Property Invariant Embedding for Automated Reasoning
Expected dispersion of uniformly distributed points
Combinatorial generation via permutation languages. II. Lattice congruences
Large-Scale Noun Compound Interpretation Using Bootstrapping and the Web as a Corpus
Wright-Fisher processes with selection and mutation in a random environment
On piecewise-linear homeomorphisms between distributive and anti-blocking polyhedra
Findings of the 2016 WMT Shared Task on Cross-lingual Pronoun Prediction
Multi-Range Attentive Bicomponent Graph Convolutional Network for Traffic Forecasting
Cores and quotients of partitions through the Frobenius symbol
Multilevel quasi Monte Carlo methods for elliptic PDEs with random field coefficients via fast white noise sampling
On the matrix range of random matrices
Spike and Slab Pólya tree posterior distributions
Projections of antichains
Favorite-Candidate Voting for Eliminating the Least Popular Candidate in Metric Spaces
AdaSample: Adaptive Sampling of Hard Positives for Descriptor Learning
Stability of defection, optimisation of strategies and the limits of memory in the Prisoner’s Dilemma
Two paradigmatic scenarios for inverse stochastic resonance
Bayesian inference based process design and uncertainty analysis of simulated moving bed chromatographic systems
NorNE: Annotating Named Entities for Norwegian
Towards Precise End-to-end Weakly Supervised Object Detection Network
Data-Driven Wide-Area Control
Efficiency and irreversibility of movements in a city
Shearlets as Feature Extractor for Semantic Edge Detection: The Model-Based and Data-Driven Realm
On Robust Pseudo-Bayes Estimation for the Independent Non-homogeneous Set-up
High- and Low-level image component decomposition using VAEs for improved reconstruction and anomaly detection
Dynamically Provisioning Cray DataWarp Storage
The r-central factorial numbers with even indices
Document Structure Extraction for Forms using Very High Resolution Semantic Segmentation
A Consistent Discrete 3D Hodge-type Decomposition: implementation and practical evaluation
Weighted Number Operators on Bernoulli Functionals and Quantum Exclusion Semigroups
The Nonstochastic Control Problem
Extended Formulations for Stable Set Polytopes of Graphs Without Two Disjoint Odd Cycles
Roots of Kostlan polynomials: moments, strong Law of Large Numbers and Central Limit Theorem
A compact fourth-order implicit-explicit Runge-Kutta type scheme for numerical solution of the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation
Confounding and Regression Adjustment in Difference-in-Differences
Strong structure recovery for partially observed discrete Markov random fields on graphs
Actionable Interpretability through Optimizable Counterfactual Explanations for Tree Ensembles
Modeling excess hazard with time–to–cure as a parameter
AdaCare: Explainable Clinical Health Status Representation Learning via Scale-Adaptive Feature Extraction and Recalibration
A stability property for a mono-dimensional three velocities scheme with relative velocity
ConCare: Personalized Clinical Feature Embedding via Capturing the Healthcare Context
Augmented Skew-Symetric System for Shallow-Water System with Surface Tension Allowing Large Gradient of Density
Computation of avoidance regions for driver assistance systems by using a Hamilton-Jacobi approach
Multi-label Classification for Automatic Tag Prediction in the Context of Programming Challenges
Cooperative strings and glassy dynamics in various confined geometries
High Order Semi-Lagrangian Discontinuous Galerkin Method Coupled with Runge-Kutta Exponential Integrators for Nonlinear Vlasov Dynamics
Introduction to Solving Quant Finance Problems with Time-Stepped FBSDE and Deep Learning
Robust Economic Model Predictive Control without Terminal Conditions
PointRGCN: Graph Convolution Networks for 3D Vehicles Detection Refinement
SAMSum Corpus: A Human-annotated Dialogue Dataset for Abstractive Summarization
Leveraging Self-supervised Denoising for Image Segmentation
An adaptive algorithm for quantum circuit simulation
Literature Review of Action Recognition in the Wild
Neural Network Based in Silico Simulation of Combustion Reactions
A semi-autonomous approach to connecting proprietary EHR standards to FHIR
SPDEs with linear multiplicative fractional noise: continuity in law with respect to the Hurst index
The bivariate $K$-finite normal mixture ‘blanket’ copula: an application to driving patterns
ComHapDet: A Spatial Community Detection Algorithm for Haplotype Assembly
Your Local GAN: Designing Two Dimensional Local Attention Mechanisms for Generative Models
Standard complexes of matroids and lattice paths
Fully Unsupervised Probabilistic Noise2Void
Data-based guarantees of set invariance properties
Modeling Spectral Properties in Stationary Processes of Varying Dimensions with Applications to Brain Local Field Potential Signals
Holographic MIMO Surfaces for 6G Wireless Networks: Opportunities, Challenges, and Trends
A priori and a posteriori error analysis of an unfitted HDG method for semi-linear elliptic problems
An Erdős–Fuchs Theorem for Ordered Representation Functions
The diameter of uniform spanning trees in high dimensions
Automated Generation of Computer Graded Unit Testing-Based Programming Assessments for Education
Multi-View Matching Network for 6D Pose Estimation
Power System Decarbonization: Impacts of Energy Storage Duration and Interannual Renewables Variability
Synchronization of Kuramoto Oscillators in Dense Networks
Multilevel and hierarchical Bayesian modeling of cosmic populations
Maximal quadratic-free sets
New boundaries for positive definite functions
Perfectly contractile graphs and quadratic toric rings
Error Bounds for Reduced Order Model Predictive Control
Single Machine Batch Scheduling to Minimize the Weighted Number of Tardy Jobs
Representable Matrices: Enabling High Accuracy Analog Computation for Inference of DNNs using Memristors
Multi-view shape estimation of transparent containers
Quantum Ultra-Walks: Walks on a Line with Hierarchical Spatial Heterogeneity
How Much Over-parameterization Is Sufficient to Learn Deep ReLU Networks?
GLA in MediaEval 2018 Emotional Impact of Movies Task