DeepSynth: Program Synthesis for Automatic Task Segmentation in Deep Reinforcement Learning
On Functional Test Generation for Deep Neural Network IPs
GRASPEL: Graph Spectral Learning at Scale
Generativity and Interactional Effects: an Overview
SAL: Sign Agnostic Learning of Shapes from Raw Data
DCSO: Dynamic Combination of Detector Scores for Outlier Ensembles
CopyMTL: Copy Mechanism for Joint Extraction of Entities and Relations with Multi-Task Learning
Learning to Retrieve Reasoning Paths over Wikipedia Graph for Question Answering
Stage-based Hyper-parameter Optimization for Deep Learning
AttKGCN: Attribute Knowledge Graph Convolutional Network for Person Re-identification
Differentially Private Federated Variational Inference
Histogram Transform Ensembles for Density Estimation
Facial Landmark Correlation Analysis
Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning: A Selective Overview of Theories and Algorithms
Projective Quadratic Regression for Online Learning
Rethinking Softmax with Cross-Entropy: Neural Network Classifier as Mutual Information Estimator
When NAS Meets Robustness: In Search of Robust Architectures against Adversarial Attacks
Multi-Component Graph Convolutional Collaborative Filtering
Automatic Ensemble Learning for Online Influence Maximization
k-core structure of real multiplex networks
Corpus Wide Argument Mining — a Working Solution
Neural Random Forest Imitation
Asymmetric Correntropy for Robust Adaptive Filtering
Degree-Bounded Generalized Polymatroids and Approximating the Metric Many-Visits TSP
Robot Affect: the Amygdala as Bloch Sphere
Approaching Small Molecule Prioritization as a Cross-Modal Information Retrieval Task through Coordinated Representation Learning
Coded LoRa Frame Error Rate Analysis
Non-parametric targeted Bayesian estimation of class proportions in unlabeled data
Optimal-order preconditioners for the Morse-Ingard equations
ViewSynth: Learning Local Features from Depth using View Synthesis
Real-Time 3D Model Tracking in Color and Depth on a Single CPU Core
3rd-order Spectral Representation Method: Part II — Ergodic Multi-variate random processes with fast Fourier transform
Bounding Singular Values of Convolution Layers
Design and Autonomous Stabilization of a Ballistically Launched Multirotor
Joint Modeling of Local and Global Temporal Dynamics for Multivariate Time Series Forecasting with Missing Values
A fully-coupled computational framework for large-scale simulation of fluid-driven fracture propagation on parallel computers
Enhancing Cross-task Black-Box Transferability of Adversarial Examples with Dispersion Reduction
Reaching a Consensus on Random Networks: The Power of Few
A Measurement of Social Capital in an Open Source Software Project
Dynamic Control of a Fiber Manufacturing Process using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Training Modern Deep Neural Networks for Memory-Fault Robustness
On sequences associated to the invariant theory of rank two simple Lie algebras
Convexification for a 3D inverse scattering problem with the moving point source
Self-Enhanced Convolutional Network for Facial Video Hallucination
Scalable sim-to-real transfer of soft robot designs
Invert and Defend: Model-based Approximate Inversion of Generative Adversarial Networks for Secure Inference
A Domain Adaptive Density Clustering Algorithm for Data with Varying Density Distribution
Solution Curve for Linear Control Systems on Lie Groups
Financial ratios and stock returns reappraised through a topological data analysis lens
CoverNet: Multimodal Behavior Prediction using Trajectory Sets
Joint Spatial and Angular Super-Resolution from a Single Image
Learning a Representation with the Block-Diagonal Structure for Pattern Classification
New Transceiver Designs for Interleaved Frequency Division Multiple Access
Subexponential LPs Approximate Max-Cut
Dynamical System Inspired Adaptive Time Stepping Controller for Residual Network Families
A Semi-Markov Model for the Control of Thermostatically Controlled Load
Some sum-product type estimates for two-variables over prime fields
Neural Integration of Continuous Dynamics
Weighted Laplacian and Its Theoretical Applications
PlantDoc: A Dataset for Visual Plant Disease Detection
Hypergeometric functions and moments of operators
Compressing Representations for Embedded Deep Learning
Meta Adaptation using Importance Weighted Demonstrations
Deep learning reconstruction of ultrashort pulses from 2D spatial intensity patterns recorded by an all-in-line system in a single-shot
Prethermal memory loss and universal non-equilibrium dynamics in interacting quantum systems coupled to thermal baths
Iteratively-Refined Interactive 3D Medical Image Segmentation with Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
Attention Deep Model with Multi-Scale Deep Supervision for Person Re-Identification
Echoing the recent Google success: Foundational Roots of Quantum Supremacy
Interarea Oscillations & Chimera in Power Systems
Forecasting vegetation condition for drought early warning systems in pastoral communities in Kenya
Oriented Diameter of Star Graphs
Lonesum and $Γ$-free $0$-$1$ fillings of Ferrers shapes
Using Surrogate Models and Data Assimilation for Efficient Mobile Simulations
Subexponential potential asymptotics with applications
Simple and Lightweight Human Pose Estimation
Oscillator Circuit for Spike Neural Network with Sigmoid Like Activation Function and Firing Rate Coding
Shape Detection of Liver From 2D Ultrasound Images
Seamless Object-Oriented Requirements
Unsupervised Keyword Extraction for Full-sentence VQA
Uncertainty Management in Power System Operation Decision Making
Robust cooperative synchronization of homogeneous agents with delays on directed communication graphs
Globally Guided Progressive Fusion Network for 3D Pancreas Segmentation
No Need for Recovery: A Simple Two-Step Byzantine Consensus
Hardness of some variants of the graph coloring game
Universal Adversarial Perturbations to Understand Robustness of Texture vs. Shape-biased Training
A Stochastic Tensor Method for Non-convex Optimization
Differentiable Meta-learning Model for Few-shot Semantic Segmentation
Region Normalization for Image Inpainting
On the Mathematical Structure of Cascade Effects and Emergent Phenomena
OFDM-Based Optical Spatial Modulation
Smoothed complexity of local Max-Cut and binary Max-CSP
Discourse Level Factors for Sentence Deletion in Text Simplification
Bayesian nonparametric estimation in the current status continuous mark model
Joint Parsing and Generation for Abstractive Summarization
Controlling the Amount of Verbatim Copying in Abstractive Summarization
When is ACL’s Deadline? A Scientific Conversational Agent
Doctor2Vec: Dynamic Doctor Representation Learning for Clinical Trial Recruitment
On the Abstract Structure of the Behavioral Approach to Systems Theory
Return of $k$-bonacci random walks
Representing Software Project Vision by Means of Video: A Quality Model for Vision Videos
A Transformer-based approach to Irony and Sarcasm detection
Visualizing Point Cloud Classifiers by Curvature Smoothing
Intermittent Demand Forecasting with Deep Renewal Processes
On Symbiosis of Attribute Prediction and Semantic Segmentation
Atlas Based Segmentations via Semi-Supervised Diffeomorphic Registrations
Bi-fidelity Stochastic Gradient Descent for Structural Optimization under Uncertainty
SemEval-2013 Task 4: Free Paraphrases of Noun Compounds
SemEval-2010 Task 8: Multi-Way Classification of Semantic Relations Between Pairs of Nominals
Doob equivalence and non-commutative peaking for Markov chains
Combined Model for Partially-Observable and Non-Observable Task Switching:Solving Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Problems
Constrained Linear Data-feature Mapping for Image Classification
Distributed Linear Quadratic Tracking Control for Leader-Follower Multi-Agent Systems: A Suboptimality Approach
On the product of generating functions for domino and bi-tableaux
From Persistent Homology to Reinforcement Learning with Applications for Retail Banking
Low Rank Approximation for Smoothing Spline via Eigensystem Truncation
Robustness Metrics for Real-World Adversarial Examples
ScienceExamCER: A High-Density Fine-Grained Science-Domain Corpus for Common Entity Recognition
Enhancing Out-Of-Domain Utterance Detection with Data Augmentation Based on Word Embeddings
Mechanism of Universal Conductance Fluctuations
Ground Truth Simulation for Deep Learning Classification of Mid-Resolution Venus Images Via Unmixing of High-Resolution Hyperspectral Fenix Data
An Efficient Approximation of the Kalman Filter for Multiple Systems Coupled via Low-Dimensional Stochastic Input
Normal Assisted Stereo Depth Estimation
Secure Sketch for All Noisy Sources
3FabRec: Fast Few-shot Face alignment by Reconstruction
Schema Matching using Machine Learning
Negligible Cooperation: Contrasting the Maximal- and Average-Error Cases
A singular stochastic control approach for optimal pairs trading with proportional transaction costs
Regularized and Smooth Double Core Tensor Factorization for Heterogeneous Data
‘Looking at the right stuff’ — Guided semantic-gaze for autonomous driving
Construction of optimal Hermitian self-dual codes from unitary matrices
Architecture Models Refinements for Software Development of Critical Real-time Embedded Systems
Sizing and Profitability of Energy Storage for Prosumers in Madeira, Portugal
Dynamic Security Assessment of Small-Signal Stability for Power Systems using Windowed Online Gaussian Process
Neural Storyboard Artist: Visualizing Stories with Coherent Image Sequences
Real-time Analysis of Privacy-(un)aware IoT Applications
Design of Anti-Jamming Waveforms for Time-Hopping Spread Spectrum Systems in Tone Jamming Environments
A Non-conditional Uniform Divergence Criteria of Projection Method for Compact Operator Equation
Wheels in planar graphs and Hajós graphs
Basis Path Coverage Criteria for Smart Contract Application Testing
ContractGuard: Defend Ethereum Smart Contracts with Embedded Intrusion Detection
Topologically Mapping the Macroeconomy
Reinventing 2D Convolutions for 3D Medical Images
Task-Oriented Dialog Systems that Consider Multiple Appropriate Responses under the Same Context
List colouring of two matroids through reduction to partition matroids
ACE: Abstract Consensus Encapsulation for Liveness Boosting of State Machine Replication
To the numerical solution of the inverse multi-frequency scalar acoustics problem
The roles of random boundary conditions in spin systems
Image Cropping with Composition and Saliency Aware Aesthetic Score Map
Two Causal Principles for Improving Visual Dialog
Deep Visual Waterline Detection within Inland Marine Environment
Causality for Machine Learning
Delay-Complexity Trade-off of Random Linear Network Coding in Wireless Broadcast
A relaxed version of Šoltés’s problem and cactus graphs
An Iterative Security Game for Computing Robust and Adaptive Network Flows
dpVAEs: Fixing Sample Generation for Regularized VAEs
A survey of of blockchain-based solutions for Energy Industry
Exploiting Operation Importance for Differentiable Neural Architecture Search
Tropical $F$-polynomials and General Presentations
Differentially private Nash equilibrium seeking for networked aggregative games
Intersection graph of maximal stars
Semi-Supervised Hierarchical Recurrent Graph Neural Network for City-Wide Parking Availability Prediction
Towards Understanding the Information Ecosystem Through the Lens of Multiple Web Communities
Three Dimensional Route Planning for Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles using Salp Swarm Algorithm
EDIT: Exemplar-Domain Aware Image-to-Image Translation
Which Channel to Ask My Question? Personalized Customer Service RequestStream Routing using DeepReinforcement Learning
On the Robustness of Deep Learning-predicted Contention Models for Network Calculus
Causally Denoise Word Embeddings Using Half-Sibling Regression
Merging Deterministic Policy Gradient Estimations with Varied Bias-Variance Tradeoff for Effective Deep Reinforcement Learning
Quantum interference effect on exciton transport in monolayer semiconductors
Simple Pose: Rethinking and Improving a Bottom-up Approach for Multi-Person Pose Estimation
A Proposal-based Approach for Activity Image-to-Video Retrieval
Using panoramic videos for multi-person localization and tracking in a 3D panoramic coordinate
Breaking the cycle — Colleagues are all you need
A change-point approach to identify hierarchical organization of topologically associated domains in chromatin interaction
PAC learning with stable and private predictions
A new method based on the bundle idea and gradient sampling technique for minimizing nonsmooth convex functions
MEC-enabled Energy Cooperation for Sustainable 5G Networks Exploiting the Location Service API
Second-order optimality conditions for SDCMPCC and application to rank optimization problems
High-Dimensional Forecasting in the Presence of Unit Roots and Cointegration
Linear mappings preserving the copositive cone
Specific Absorption Rate-Aware Beamforming in MISO Downlink SWIPT Systems
Improving EEG based Continuous Speech Recognition
Fast Polynomial Kernel Classification for Massive Data
Time-aware Gradient Attack on Dynamic Network Link Prediction
A model for the detection of spatially correlated biphotons using a photon-counting camera
Controllable List-wise Ranking for Universal No-reference Image Quality Assessment
2D Wasserstein Loss for Robust Facial Landmark Detection
Unsupervised Neural Sensor Models for Synthetic LiDAR Data Augmentation
Prioritized Multi-agent Path Finding for Differential Drive Robots
Revisiting Bourgain-Kalai and Fourier Entropies
Pixel Adaptive Filtering Units
Large deviations for the largest eigenvalue of sub-Gaussian matrices
Towards a Hypothesis on Visual Transformation based Self-Supervision
Latent space conditioning for improved classification and anomaly detection
Invenio: Discovering Hidden Relationships Between Tasks/Domains Using Structured Meta Learning
Scaling active inference
Multi-View Time Series Classification via Global-Local Correlative Channel-Aware Fusion Mechanism
Optimal Permutation Recovery in Permuted Monotone Matrix Model
Functional Bayesian Filter
AnoNet: Weakly Supervised Anomaly Detection in Textured Surfaces
Analysis of hybridized discontinuous Galerkin methods without elliptic regularity assumptions
Deep Multivariate Mixture of Gaussians for Object Detection under Occlusion
Efficiently Counting Vertex Orbits of All 5-vertex Subgraphs, by EVOKE
Biological sex classification with structural MRI data shows increased misclassification in transgender women
DeepSmartFuzzer: Reward Guided Test Generation For Deep Learning
Fluctuations of the Magnetization for Ising Models on Erdős-Rényi Random Graphs — the Regimes of Small p and the Critical Temperature
The harmonic mean $χ^2$ test to substantiate scientific findings
FusionStitching: Boosting Execution Efficiency of Memory Intensive Computations for DL Workloads
Enlarged Controllability and Optimal Control of Sub-Diffusion Processes with Caputo Fractional Derivatives
Pyramid Vector Quantization and Bit Level Sparsity in Weights for Efficient Neural Networks Inference
Algorithmic Bias in Recidivism Prediction: A Causal Perspective
ORL: Reinforcement Learning Benchmarks for Online Stochastic Optimization Problems
The Tilted Beta Binomial Linear Regression Model: a Bayesian Approach
Derivative-Free Method For Decentralized Distributed Non-Smooth Optimization
Fast convergence to higher multiplicity zeros
A Note on Mixing in High Dimensional Time series
On some sequences of polynomials generating the Genocchi numbers
Trajectory growth lower bounds for random sparse deep ReLU networks
A Unified Deep Learning Approach for Prediction of Parkinson’s Disease
Lung Cancer Detection and Classification based on Image Processing and Statistical Learning
Reducing the Human Effort in Developing PET-CT Registration
Stochastic Graphon Games: I. The Static Case
Who did They Respond to? Conversation Structure Modeling using Masked Hierarchical Transformer
JParaCrawl: A Large Scale Web-Based English-Japanese Parallel Corpus
Appearance Composing GAN: A General Method for Appearance-Controllable Human Video Motion Transfer
Domination for latin square graphs
Online Hashing with Efficient Updating of Binary Codes
Tropical principal component analysis on the space of ultrametrics
Inverse-Transform AutoEncoder for Anomaly Detection
Non-autoregressive Transformer by Position Learning
Analysis of odds, probability, and hazard ratios: From 2 by 2 tables to two-sample survival data
Image-based table recognition: data, model, and evaluation
A Deep Reinforcement Learning Architecture for Multi-stage Optimal Control
Effects of Adopting Ultra-Fast Charging Stations in the San Francisco Bay Area
Robot Learning and Execution of Collaborative Manipulation Plans from YouTube Videos
Improvement of Batch Normalization in Imbalanced Data
Integrating Inter-Object Scenarios with Intra-object Statecharts for Developing Reactive Systems
Mitigate Bias in Face Recognition using Skewness-Aware Reinforcement Learning
Combinatorial lower bounds for 3-query LDCs
Volumes of flow polytopes related to caracol graphs
Conversational implicatures in English dialogue: Annotated dataset
Classification of Single-lead Electrocardiograms: TDA Informed Machine Learning
hauWE: Hausa Words Embedding for Natural Language Processing
Cognitive Assessment Estimation from Behavioral Responses in Emotional Faces Evaluation Task — AI Regression Approach for Dementia Onset Prediction in Aging Societies
Dynamical Combinatorics and Torsion Classes
Prototype Rectification for Few-Shot Learning
Cascaded Detail-Preserving Networks for Super-Resolution of Document Images
Multi-Agent Game Abstraction via Graph Attention Neural Network
Deep Ordinal Classification with Inequality Constraints
GBCNs: Genetic Binary Convolutional Networks for Enhancing the Performance of 1-bit DCNNs
AOP: An Anti-overfitting Pretreatment for Practical Image-based Plant Diagnosis
Point Cloud Processing via Recurrent Set Encoding
Learning to Reuse Translations: Guiding Neural Machine Translation with Examples
CAMUS: A Framework to Build Formal Specifications for Deep Perception Systems Using Simulators
Nearest Neighbor Sampling of Point Sets using Random Rays
Empirical Study of Easy and Hard Examples in CNN Training
Shenjing: A low power reconfigurable neuromorphic accelerator with partial-sum and spike networks-on-chip
End-to-End Trainable Non-Collaborative Dialog System
Co-contributorship Network and Division of Labor in Individual Scientific Collaborations
Space-Ground Coherent Optical links: Ground Receiver Performance With Adaptive Optics and Digital Phase-Locked Loop
Chinese Spelling Error Detection Using a Fusion Lattice LSTM
Deep Image-to-Video Adaptation and Fusion Networks for Action Recognition
Fast and Incremental Loop Closure Detection Using Proximity Graphs
Double points of supersolvable and divisionally free line arrangements in the projective plane
Semi-convergence of the EPSS method for singular generalized saddle point problems
Mixing enhancement in binary fluids using optimised stirring strategies
Boundary feedback stabilization of a reaction-diffusion equation with Robin boundary conditions and state-delay
Faster Matroid Intersection
Unsupervised Domain Adaptation of Language Models for Reading Comprehension
Fast Fibonacci heaps with worst case extensions
Solving Traveltime Tomography with Deep Learning
Regularized Fine-grained Meta Face Anti-spoofing
Fine-grained Attention and Feature-sharing Generative Adversarial Networks for Single Image Super-Resolution
Benchmark for numerical solutions of flow in heterogeneous groundwater formations
Filling Conversation Ellipsis for Better Social Dialog Understanding
Scheduling and control over networks using MPC with time-varying terminal ingredients
Estimating People Flows to Better Count them in Crowded Scenes
Financial Event Extraction Using Wikipedia-Based Weak Supervision
A Causal Inference Method for Reducing Gender Bias in Word Embedding Relations
A Neural Network Architecture to Learn Explicit MPC Controllers from Data
Do you trade with your friends or become friends with your trading partners? A case study in the G1 cryptocurrency
Learning References with Gaussian Processes in Model Predictive Control applied to Robot Assisted Surgery
FairyTED: A Fair Rating Predictor for TED Talk Data
Matrix Normal PCA for Interpretable Dimension Reduction and Graphical Noise Modeling
Vandermonde sets and hyperovals
A Resource-Aware Approach to Self-Triggered Model Predictive Control
Random projections: data perturbation for classification problems
An Iterative Interference Cancellation Algorithm for Large Intelligent Surfaces
Detecting Unknown Behaviors by Pre-defined Behaviours: An Bayesian Non-parametric Approach
Fast and Generalized Adaptation for Few-Shot Learning
Constrained Gaussian Process Learning for Model Predictive Control
Deep Image Deraining Via Intrinsic Rainy Image Priors and Multi-scale Auxiliary Decoding
Bounds on time-optimal concatenations of arcs for two-input driftless 3D systems
The nested block preconditioning technique for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations with emphasis on hemodynamic simulations
Higher-order topological insulators in two-dimensional Aubry-André-Harper models
Discriminative training of conditional random fields with probably submodular constraints
Optimal Model-Based Sensor Placement & Adaptive Monitoring Of An Oil Spill