A Coefficient of Determination for Probabilistic Topic Models
An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Applied to Multimedia
Bayesian forecasting of multivariate time series: Scalability, structure uncertainty and decisions
AdaFilter: Adaptive Filter Fine-tuning for Deep Transfer Learning
Parallelising MCMC via Random Forests
A Unified Framework for Lifelong Learning in Deep Neural Networks
Automatically Neutralizing Subjective Bias in Text
Fast Sparse ConvNets
Global Health Monitor: A Web-based System for Detecting and Mapping Infectious Diseases
Filter Response Normalization Layer: Eliminating Batch Dependence in the Training of Deep Neural Networks
Rethinking Normalization and Elimination Singularity in Neural Networks
LATTE: Latent Type Modeling for Biomedical Entity Linking
An Alternative Cross Entropy Loss for Learning-to-Rank
Factorized Multimodal Transformer for Multimodal Sequential Learning
Domain Knowledge Aided Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Intrusion Detection and Response
Data Programming using Continuous and Quality-Guided Labeling Functions
Analysis of Evolutionary Behavior in Self-Learning Media Search Engines
Fair Multi-party Machine Learning — a Game Theoretic approach
Probability Analysis of Age of Information in Multi-hop Networks
Instance Cross Entropy for Deep Metric Learning
Adaptive Nearest Neighbor: A General Framework for Distance Metric Learning
Federated Learning with Bayesian Differential Privacy
Cost-Based Goal Recognition Meets Deep Learning
Optimizing Data Usage via Differentiable Rewards
Machine: The New Art Connoisseur
Towards Quantification of Explainability in Explainable Artificial Intelligence Methods
Thompson Sampling for Factored Multi-Agent Bandits
CRUR: Coupled-Recurrent Unit for Unification, Conceptualization and Context Capture for Language Representation — A Generalization of Bi Directional LSTM
Moral Dilemmas for Artificial Intelligence: a position paper on an application of Compositional Quantum Cognition
Parametric Models Analysed with Linear Maps
Privacy-preserving parametric inference: a case for robust statistics
Interactive Text Ranking with Bayesian Optimisation: A Case Study on Community QA and Summarisation
SWAG: Item Recommendations using Convolutions on Weighted Graphs
Generating Stereotypes Automatically For Complex Categorical Features
Query Expansion for Patent Searching using Word Embedding and Professional Crowdsourcing
DE/RM-MEDA: A New Hybrid Multi-Objective Generator
Extending Buffon’s Needle Problem to ‘Random-Line Graphs’
The deep learning and statistical physics applications to the problems of combinatorial optimization
Voice Search and Typed Search Performance Comparison on Baidu Search System
A Simple yet Effective Way for Improving the Performance of GANs
Automatic Detection of Satire in Bangla Documents: A CNN Approach Based on Hybrid Feature Extraction Model
Impressive computational acceleration by using machine learning for 2-dimensional super-lubricant materials discovery
Efficient Estimation of Equilibria in Large Aggregative Games with Coupling Constraints
Green’s function of the screened Poisson’s equation on the sphere
On the robustness and performance of entropy stable discontinuous collocation methods for the compressible Navie-Stokes equations
Sample-Efficient Reinforcement Learning with Maximum Entropy Mellowmax Episodic Control
A Survey on Adversarial Information Retrieval on the Web
Special Itô maps and an $L^2$ Hodge theory for one forms on path spaces
About the foundation of the Kubo Generalized Cumulants theory. A revisited and corrected approach
Multigrid in H(div) on Axisymmetric Domains
Sampling distribution for single-regression Granger causality estimators
A posteriori error estimates for semilinear optimal control problems
A time-invariant random network evolution
Commutative diagram of the Gross-Pitaevskii approximation
A converging finite element scheme for motion by curvature of a network with a triple junction
On the Use of C-index for Stratified and Cross-Validated Cox Model
A randomized construction of high girth regular graphs
Interval-Valued Kriging Models for Geostatistical Mapping with Imprecise Inputs
Prosody Transfer in Neural Text to Speech Using Global Pitch and Loudness Features
Ocular Recognition Databases and Competitions: A Survey
An Algorithm for Strong Stability in the Student-Project Allocation Problem with Ties
Temporal Reasoning via Audio Question Answering
A Stabilizing Control Algorithm for Asynchronous Parallel Quadratic Programming via Dual Decomposition
Estimating uncertainty of earthquake rupture using Bayesian neural network
Paraphrasing with Large Language Models
Adversarial Examples Improve Image Recognition
Regularizing Neural Networks by Stochastically Training Layer Ensembles
LL/SC and Atomic Copy: Constant Time, Space Efficient Implementations using only pointer-width CAS
Third-Person Visual Imitation Learning via Decoupled Hierarchical Controller
Algebraic solution to constrained bi-criteria decision problem of rating alternatives through pairwise comparisons
On Perfect Matchings in $k$-complexes
Intertwining and the Markov uniqueness problem on path spaces
RefinedMPL: Refined Monocular PseudoLiDAR for 3D Object Detection in Autonomous Driving
Local Spectral Clustering of Density Upper Level Sets
Efficient Drone Mobility Support Using Reinforcement Learning
Too Quiet in the Library: A Study of Native Third-Party Libraries in Android
Communication-Efficient and Byzantine-Robust Distributed Learning
EvAn: Neuromorphic Event-based Anomaly Detection
Information-Theoretic Confidence Bounds for Reinforcement Learning
Improving Conditioning in Context-Aware Sequence to Sequence Models
Quantum Lissajous Scars
Delay master stability of inertial oscillator networks
Phase mapping for cardiac unipolar electrograms with neural network instead of phase transformation
Separate and Attend in Personal Email Search
A class of integration by parts formulae in stochastic analysis I
Integration by parts formulae for degenerate diffusion measures on path spaces and diffeomorphism groups
An Upper Bound for the Number of Rectangulations of a Planar Point Set
Bismut type formulae for differential forms
Decentralized Consensus Optimization Based on Parallel Random Walk
Reinforcing an Image Caption Generator Using Off-Line Human Feedback
A multi-material topology optimization algorithm based on the topological derivative
Controlling False Discovery Rate Using Gaussian Mirrors
Speech Sentiment Analysis via Pre-trained Features from End-to-end ASR Models
An Innovative Approach to Addressing Childhood Obesity: A Knowledge-Based Infrastructure for Supporting Multi-Stakeholder Partnership Decision-Making in Quebec, Canada
Geometric stochastic analysis on path spaces
Mixture survival models methodology: an application to cancer immunotherapy assessment in clinical trials
Geo-clustered chronic affinity: pathways from socio-economic disadvantages to health disparities
Poisson-Minibatching for Gibbs Sampling with Convergence Rate Guarantees
State Alignment-based Imitation Learning
Continuous and discrete abstractions for planning, applied to ship docking
Interval Reachability Analysis using Second-Order Sensitivity
TMI: Thermodynamic inference of data manifolds
Effects of Differential Privacy and Data Skewness on Membership Inference Vulnerability
Multi-model mimicry for model selection according to generalised goodness-of-fit criteria
Synthetic vs Real: Deep Learning on Controlled Noise
Verbal Programming of Robot Behavior
WildMix Dataset and Spectro-Temporal Transformer Model for Monoaural Audio Source Separation
Formulae for the derivatives of heat semigroups
MIMAMO Net: Integrating Micro- and Macro-motion for Video Emotion Recognition
ReMixMatch: Semi-Supervised Learning with Distribution Alignment and Augmentation Anchoring
Teaching Perception
Are Noisy Sentences Useless for Distant Supervised Relation Extraction?
Learning Multi-level Dependencies for Robust Word Recognition
Minority Voter Distributions and Partisan Gerrymandering
Multiple Points of Gaussian Random Fields
Leveraging Sensing at the Infrastructure for mmWave Communication
An algebraic reduction of Hedetniemi’s conjecture
A Comparative Evaluation of SGM Variants (including a New Variant, tMGM) for Dense Stereo Matching
Joint Learning of Answer Selection and Answer Summary Generation in Community Question Answering
Debiased Inverse-Variance Weighted Estimator in Two-Sample Summary-Data Mendelian Randomization
DBSN: Measuring Uncertainty through Bayesian Learning of Deep Neural Network Structures
Incentivizing efficient use of shared infrastructure: Optimal tolls in congestion games
Multi-Objective Multi-Agent Planning for Jointly Discovering and Tracking Mobile Object
On Modeling Local Search with Special-Purpose Combinatorial Optimization Hardware
Machine learning for protein folding and dynamics
Zero-Resource Cross-Lingual Named Entity Recognition
Facility Location Problem with Capacity Constraints: Algorithmic and Mechanism Design Perspectives
Crowd Density Forecasting by Modeling Patch-based Dynamics
When Does Non-Orthogonal Tensor Decomposition Have No Spurious Local Minima?
2SDR: Applying Kronecker Envelope PCA to denoise Cryo-EM Images
Graph Pruning for Model Compression
Order Matters at Fanatics Recommending Sequentially Ordered Products by LSTM Embedded with Word2Vec
Learning Feature Interactions with Lorentzian Factorization Machine
Parallel Distributed Logistic Regression for Vertical Federated Learning without Third-Party Coordinator
Finite-Time 4-Expert Prediction Problem
Robust Learning-based Predictive Control for Constrained Nonlinear Systems
Effectively Prefetching Remote Memory with Leap
Identify the cells’ nuclei based on the deep learning neural network
Graph Convolution Networks for Probabilistic Modeling of Driving Acceleration
Differentiable Algorithm for Marginalising Changepoints
Real-time Ultrasound-enhanced Multimodal Imaging of Tongue using 3D Printable Stabilizer System: A Deep Learning Approach
Trend to Equilibrium for the Kinetic Fokker-Planck Equation via the Neural Network Approach
Weakly-Supervised Opinion Summarization by Leveraging External Information
A Discrete CVAE for Response Generation on Short-Text Conversation
Time-Domain Multi-modal Bone/air Conducted Speech Enhancement
Fast Power System Cascading Failure Path Searching with High Wind Power Penetration
Archipelago: A Scalable Low-Latency Serverless Platform
Adversarial Risk Analysis for First-Price Sealed-Bid Auctions
Developments in Multi-Agent Fair Allocation
Enabling Personalized Decision Support with Patient-Generated Data and Attributable Components
Dual Learning-based Video Coding with Inception Dense Blocks
Investigating bankruptcy prediction models in the presence of extreme class imbalance and multiple stages of economy
Shape Detection In 2D Ultrasound Images
On the Extremal Zagreb Indices of $\mathbf{\textit{n}}$-Vertex Chemical Trees with Fixed Number of Segments or Branching Vertices
Full Characterization of Minimal Linear Codes as Cutting Blocking Sets
This Car is Mine!: Automobile Theft Countermeasure Leveraging Driver Identification with Generative Adversarial Networks
Privacy-Aware Recommendation with Private-Attribute Protection using Adversarial Learning
Neural Networks Learning and Memorization with (almost) no Over-Parameterization
Noise Induces Loss Discrepancy Across Groups for Linear Regression
Neuron Interaction Based Representation Composition for Neural Machine Translation
PAG-Net: Progressive Attention Guided Depth Super-resolution Network
Economy Statistical Recurrent Units For Inferring Nonlinear Granger Causality
A Novel Method of Marginalisation using Low Discrepancy Sequences for Integrated Nested Laplace Approximations
On the Robustness of Signal Characteristic-Based Sender Identification
Classifying Vietnamese Disease Outbreak Reports with Important Sentences and Rich Features
Effective Modeling of Encoder-Decoder Architecture for Joint Entity and Relation Extraction
UAV-enabled Secure Communication with Finite Blocklength
Minimizing the Information Leakage Regarding High-Level Task Specifications
Performance Effectiveness of Multimedia Information Search Using the Epsilon-Greedy Algorithm
Visual Relationship Detection with Low Rank Non-Negative Tensor Decomposition
Continual adaptation for efficient machine communication
Knowledge Network and a Knowledge Network Example
An inexact augmented Lagrangian method for nonsmooth optimization on Riemannian manifold
Blockchain-Based Electronic Voting System for Elections in Turkey
Supervised and Semi-supervised Deep Learning-based Models for Indoor Location Prediction and Recognition
Dissipativity in economic model predictive control: beyond steady-state optimality
An End-to-End Framework for Cold Question Routing in Community Question Answering Services
Pushable chromatic number of graphs with degree constraints
Learning Robustness with Bounded Failure: An Iterative MPC Approach
Go From the General to the Particular: Multi-Domain Translation with Domain Transformation Networks
Retinal Vessel Segmentation based on Fully Convolutional Networks
Simplified_edition_Multi-robot SLAM Multi-view Target Tracking based on Panoramic Vision in Irregular Environment
Resource production of written forms of Sign Languages by a user-centered editor, SWift (SignWriting improved fast transcriber)
SWift — A SignWriting editor to bridge between deaf world and e-learning
Gemmini: An Agile Systolic Array Generator Enabling Systematic Evaluations of Deep-Learning Architectures
Study of Di-muon Production Process in $pp$ Collision in CMS Data from Symmetry Scaling Perspective
SM-NAS: Structural-to-Modular Neural Architecture Search for Object Detection
Unsupervised Learning for Intrinsic Image Decomposition from a Single Image
Matrix Completion from Quantized Samples via Generalized Sparse Bayesian Learning
Estimating knots in bilinear spline growth mixture models with time-invariant covariates in the framework of individual measurement occasions
Estimating knots in bilinear spline growth models with time-invariant covariates in the framework of individual measurement occasions
DLGAN: Disentangling Label-Specific Fine-Grained Features for Image Manipulation
Covering Codes for Insertions and Deletions
Actively Learning Gaussian Process Dynamics
Concentration and confinement of eigenfunctions in a bounded open set
Decision Making guided by Emotion A computational architecture
Tertiles and the time constant
Subjective Logic-based Identification of Markov Chains and Its Application to CAV’s Safety
Class-specific residual constraint non-negative representation for pattern classification
Computational Ceramicology
Background Suppression Network for Weakly-supervised Temporal Action Localization
Capacity scaling in a Non-coherent Wideband Massive SIMO Block Fading Channel
SelfVIO: Self-Supervised Deep Monocular Visual-Inertial Odometry and Depth Estimation
The JDDC Corpus: A Large-Scale Multi-Turn Chinese Dialogue Dataset forE-commerce Customer Service
Compressed Sensing Channel Estimation for OFDM with non-Gaussian Multipath Gains
Four presumed gaps in the software engineering research community’s knowledge
Disposability in Square-Free Words
Artificial neural networks in action for an automated cell-type classification of biological neural networks
Bootstrap Inference for Multiple Imputation under Uncongeniality and Misspecification
HybridNetSeg: A Compact Hybrid Network for Retinal Vessel Segmentation
TreeGen: A Tree-Based Transformer Architecture for Code Generation
Estimation of the Parameters of Symmetric Stable ARMA and ARMA-GARCH Models
Transmission System Resilience Enhancement with Extended Steady-state Security Region in Consideration of Uncertain Topology Changes
Vandermonde with Arnoldi
Characterizing the impact of using features extracted from pre-trained models on the quality of video captioning sequence-to-sequence models
Competitive Equilibrium with Generic Budgets: Beyond Additive
Anaphora Resolution in Dialogue Systems for South Asian Languages
A stochastic approach to enhanced diffusion
Orderless Recurrent Models for Multi-label Classification
Kempe Chains and Rooted Minors
Locality Constraint Dictionary Learning with Support Vector for Pattern Classification
Attack Agnostic Statistical Method for Adversarial Detection
Bribery in Rating System: A Game-Theoretic Perspective
Maximum Entropy Models from Phase Harmonic Covariances
Direct Classification of Type 2 Diabetes From Retinal Fundus Images in a Population-based Sample From The Maastricht Study
Unsupervised Features Learning for Sampled Vector Fields
Spotting insects from satellites: modeling the presence of Culicoides imicola through Deep CNNs
Asymmetric entanglement-assisted quantum error-correcting codes and BCH codes
Domain Adaptation for Object Detection via Style Consistency
Sets of Half-Average Nulls Generate Risk-Limiting Audits: SHANGRLA
Low-variance Black-box Gradient Estimates for the Plackett-Luce Distribution
Computer Vision-based Accident Detection in Traffic Surveillance
Multilingual Culture-Independent Word Analogy Datasets
Cellular automata in operational probabilistic theories
High Quality ELMo Embeddings for Seven Less-Resourced Languages
A Prediction-Correction Algorithm for Real-Time Model Predictive Control
Towards a Goal-oriented Agent-based Simulation framework for High-Performance Computing
Deriving star cluster parameters with convolutional neural networks. II. Extinction and cluster/background classification
Linear filtering with fractional noises: large time and small noise asymptotics
Fast Decentralized Linear Functions via Successive Graph Shift Operators
Responsible Scoring Mechanisms Through Function Sampling
Decentralized Frequency Alignment for Collaborative Beamforming in Distributed Phased Arrays
ptype: Probabilistic Type Inference
Learning to Caption Images with Two-Stream Attention and Sentence Auto-Encoder
Depth First Exploration of a Configuration Model
Spatial Autoregressive Models for Scan Statistic
Learning End-To-End Scene Flow by Distilling Single Tasks Knowledge
Smart Predict-and-Optimize for Hard Combinatorial Optimization Problems
HAL: Improved Text-Image Matching by Mitigating Visual Semantic Hubs
Culture-Based Explainable Human-Agent Deconfliction
Constructing Minimal Perfect Hash Functions Using SAT Technology
Optimal Non-Coherent Detector for Ambient Backscatter Communication System
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Trading
Implementation of Optical Deep Neural Networks using the Fabry-Perot Interferometer
Worst case recovery guarantees for least squares approximation using random samples
DL-Droid: Deep learning based android malware detection using real devices
Interventional Markov Equivalence for Mixed Graph Models
TPsgtR: Neural-Symbolic Tensor Product Scene-Graph-Triplet Representation for Image Captioning
Speed of Rational Social Learning in Networks with Gaussian Information
Calibration of the Pareto and related distributions -a reference-intrinsic approach
Spectral Graph Transformer Networks for Brain Surface Parcellation
GANkyoku: a Generative Adversarial Network for Shakuhachi Music
Fleet Control using Coregionalized Gaussian Process Policy Iteration
Dynamical Analysis of Spatial Interaction Models
Technical report: supervised training of convolutional spiking neural networks with PyTorch
BlendedMVS: A Large-scale Dataset for Generalized Multi-view Stereo Networks
Learnable Pooling in Graph Convolution Networks for Brain Surface Analysis
A Data Set of Internet Claims and Comparison of their Sentiments with Credibility
Neural Turbo Equalization: Deep Learning for Fiber-Optic Nonlinearity Compensation
A Transfer Learning Method for Goal Recognition Exploiting Cross-Domain Spatial Features
On the Existence and Computation of Minimum Attention Optimal Control Laws
Privately Learning Thresholds: Closing the Exponential Gap
HILUCSI: Simple, Robust, and Fast Multilevel ILU with Mixed Symmetric and Unsymmetric Processing
Cross-trait prediction accuracy of high-dimensional ridge-type estimators in genome-wide association studies
Adversarial Learning of Privacy-Preserving and Task-Oriented Representations
Uniform Matroids are Ehrhart Positive
PointPainting: Sequential Fusion for 3D Object Detection
On an Optimal Solution to the Film Scheduling and Showtime Staggering Problem
One-Bit Radar Processing with Time-Varying Sampling Thresholds
An Efficient $\varepsilon$-BIC to BIC Transformation and Its Application to Black-Box Reduction in Revenue Maximization
SparseTrain:Leveraging Dynamic Sparsity in Training DNNs on General-Purpose SIMD Processors
PPSM: A Privacy-Preserving Stackelberg Mechanism: Privacy Guarantees for the Coordination of Sequential Electricity and Gas Markets
Topical Phrase Extraction from Clinical Reports by Incorporating both Local and Global Context
Universal adversarial examples in speech command classification
Can Taxes Improve Congestion on All Networks?
Data-driven Variable Speed Limit Design with Performance Guarantees for Highways
Clique factors in Kneser graphs
On the use of information criteria for subset selection in least squares regression
Panoptic-DeepLab: A Simple, Strong, and Fast Baseline for Bottom-Up Panoptic Segmentation
Uniform inference for bounds on the distribution and quantile functions of treatment effects in randomized experiments
Importance Sampling of Many Lights with Reinforcement Lightcuts Learning
From power law to Anderson localization in nonlinear Schrödinger equation with nonlinear randomness
A Fully Natural Gradient Scheme for Improving Inference of the Heterogeneous Multi-Output Gaussian Process Model
Multi-source Distilling Domain Adaptation
Prediction of individual progression rate in Parkinson’s disease using clinical measures and biomechanical measures of gait and postural stability
Improved motion correction for functional MRI using an omnibus regression model
Improving N-gram Language Models with Pre-trained Deep Transformer
Sequentially congruent partitions and partitions into squares
Searching for new physics with profile likelihoods: Wilks and beyond
Hull and Geodetic Numbers for Some Classes of Oriented Graphs