Outside the Box: Abstraction-Based Monitoring of Neural Networks
On Universal Features for High-Dimensional Learning and Inference
Automatic Differentiable Monte Carlo: Theory and Application
Bayesian optimization with local search
Active Learning for Deep Detection Neural Networks
EnAET: Self-Trained Ensemble AutoEncoding Transformations for Semi-Supervised Learning
Band-limited Training and Inference for Convolutional Neural Networks
Scalable methods for computing state similarity in deterministic Markov Decision Processes
Rule Extraction in Unsupervised Anomaly Detection for Model Explainability: Application to OneClass SVM
Data Proxy Generation for Fast and Efficient Neural Architecture Search
Entity Extraction with Knowledge from Web Scale Corpora
Random Machines: A bagged-weighted support vector model with free kernel choice
S-RASTER: Contraction Clustering for Evolving Data Streams
Quantization Networks
Online Fair Division: A Survey
A Comparative Analysis of Forecasting Financial Time Series Using ARIMA, LSTM, and BiLSTM
Continual Learning with Adaptive Weights (CLAW)
Neural Network Memorization Dissection
An Efficient Parametric Linear Programming Solver and Application to Polyhedral Projection
Efficient Exploration through Intrinsic Motivation Learning for Unsupervised Subgoal Discovery in Model-Free Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
Local AdaAlter: Communication-Efficient Stochastic Gradient Descent with Adaptive Learning Rates
Exploiting Spatial Invariance for Scalable Unsupervised Object Tracking
Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Vehicular Communication using Optical Camera Communications
On (H^{2|2}) Isomorphism theorems and reinforced loop soup
3D-Rotation-Equivariant Quaternion Neural Networks
Learning Cross-modal Context Graph for Visual Grounding
Convolutional Neural Network-based Optical Camera Communication System for Internet of Vehicles
New structures to solve aggregated queries for trips over public transportation networks
A CNN-RNN Framework for Crop Yield Prediction
Heterogeneous Graph-based Knowledge Transfer for Generalized Zero-shot Learning
Sharp hypotheses and bispatial inference
Utility Analysis of Network Architectures for 3D Point Cloud Processing
Robust Lane Marking Detection Algorithm Using Drivable Area Segmentation and Extended SLT
The perceived effects of group developmental psychology training on agile software development teams
Fine-grained Synthesis of Unrestricted Adversarial Examples
Challenges with Extreme Class-Imbalance and Temporal Coherence: A Study on Solar Flare Data
Quantum Two-Mode Squeezing Radar and Noise Radar: Correlation Coefficients for Target Detection
Sparse random tensors: concentration, regularization and applications
Agile Ways of Working: A Team Maturity Perspective
Safe Policies for Reinforcement Learning via Primal-Dual Methods
The complexity of promise SAT on non-Boolean domains
Replication-based emulation of the response distribution of stochastic simulators using generalized lambda distributions
Modelagem de Sistemas Audiométricos Usando Técnicas de Computação Flexível
A New Characterization of Path Graphs
EfficientDet: Scalable and Efficient Object Detection
Exploring the Origins and Prevalence of Texture Bias in Convolutional Neural Networks
Search to Distill: Pearls are Everywhere but not the Eyes
Real-Time Emotion Recognition via Attention Gated Hierarchical Memory Network
Grammar Compressed Sequences with Rank/Select Support
Global stability of fluid flows despite transient growth of energy
Iterative Peptide Modeling With Active Learning And Meta-Learning
Machine-learning non-stationary noise out of gravitational wave detectors
Shapelets for earthquake detection
Reversible Computation in Wireless Communications
Tool-Supported Experiments for Continuously Collecting Data of Subjective Video Quality Assessments During Video Playback
OmniFold: A Method to Simultaneously Unfold All Observables
Incompressibility of classical distributions
A Scrambled Method of Moments
Synthesis of Reduced Asymmetric Choice Petri Nets
An Adaptive Load Balancer For Graph Analytical Applications on GPUs
Periodic behavior in families of numerical and affine semigroups via parametric Presburger arithmetic
Motion control for autonomous heterogeneous multi-agent area search in uncertain conditions
ID-aware Quality for Set-based Person Re-identification
DPM: A deep learning PDE augmentation method (with application to large-eddy simulation)
Deadlock Analysis and Resolution in Multi-Robot Systems: The Two Robot Case
Polylogarithmic Approximation Algorithm for k-Connected Directed Steiner Tree on Quasi-Bipartite Graphs
A Flexible Mixed-Frequency Vector Autoregression with a Steady-State Prior
Governance of Social Welfare in Networked Markets
Gradient-based Optimization for Bayesian Preference Elicitation
m-Axial and m-Circular 3m-Polygons
The politics of deceptive borders: ‘biomarkers of deceit’ and the case of iBorderCtrl
A Tale of Two-Timescale Reinforcement Learning with the Tightest Finite-Time Bound
Random Fourier Features via Fast Surrogate Leverage Weighted Sampling
Deep Active Learning: Unified and Principled Method for Query and Training
The Karger-Stein Algorithm is Optimal for $k$-cut
Instrumental Variables: to Strengthen or not to Strengthen?
Extreme events in a network of heterogeneous Josephson junctions
Mutating Epidemic Processes Over Time-Varying Networks in Discrete-Time
Lower Bounds for Function Inversion with Quantum Advice
RIS-GAN: Explore Residual and Illumination with Generative Adversarial Networks for Shadow Removal
Scalable and Generalizable Social Bot Detection through Data Selection
A Direct- Conversion Digital Beamforming Array Receiver with 800 MHz Channel Bandwidth at 28 GHz using Xilinx RF SoC
Autoregressive Modeling of Forest Dynamics
Localized Compression: Applying Convolutional Neural Networks to Compressed Images
Information in Infinite Ensembles of Infinitely-Wide Neural Networks
Generating Interactive Worlds with Text
On the tightness of SDP relaxations of QCQPs with repeated eigenvalues
Object-Guided Instance Segmentation for Biological Images
Smoothed Nested Testing on Directed Acyclic Graphs
Testing Criteria for Mobile Apps Based on Callback Sequences
DR-KFD: A Differentiable Visual Metric for 3D Shape Reconstruction
Experimental validation of the theoretical prediction for the optical $S$ matrix
Game theoretical analysis of Kidney Exchange Programs
Permissioned Blockchain Through the Looking Glass: Architectural and Implementation Lessons Learned
Fast Non-Parametric Learning to Accelerate Mixed-Integer Programming for Online Hybrid Model Predictive Control
REVAMP$^2$T: Real-time Edge Video Analytics for Multi-camera Privacy-aware Pedestrian Tracking
Discovering Subdimensional Motifs of Different Lengths in Large-Scale Multivariate Time Series
Integrating Automated Play in Level Co-Creation
MFEM: a modular finite element methods library
A 2-approximation for the $k$-prize-collecting Steiner tree problem
FLNet: Landmark Driven Fetching and Learning Network for Faithful Talking Facial Animation Synthesis
Unsupervised Object Segmentation with Explicit Localization Module
Predictive Coding as Stimulus Avoidance in Spiking Neural Networks
On the Discretization of Robust Exact Filtering Differentiators
Robust Learning Model Predictive Control for Linear Systems
On comparison of estimators for proportional error nonlinear regression models in the limit of small measurement error
Recurrence Relations and Benford’s Law
Minimum Time Learning Model Predictive Control
Regularity for the planar optimal p-compliance problem
Assessing the Benchmarking Capacity of Machine Reading Comprehension Datasets
How Do You #relax When You’re #stressed? A Content Analysis and Infodemiology Study of Stress-Related Tweets
Multi-Label Classification with Label Graph Superimposing
Consensus-based Optimization for 3D Human Pose Estimation in Camera Coordinates
Global well-posedness for the two-dimensional stochastic complex Ginzburg-Landau equation
How to Ask Better Questions? A Large-Scale Multi-Domain Dataset for Rewriting Ill-Formed Questions
Regression Discontinuity Design under Self-selection
Semantic Segmentation of Thigh Muscle using 2.5D Deep Learning Network Trained with Limited Datasets
AutoShrink: A Topology-aware NAS for Discovering Efficient Neural Architecture
An extremal problem: How small scale-free graph can be
Spline Analysis of Biomarker Data Pooled From Multiple Matched/Nested Case-Control Studies
DeepLABNet: End-to-end Learning of Deep Radial Basis Networks with Fully Learnable Basis Functions
Gradient Method for Continuous Influence Maximization with Budget-Saving Considerations
Who Are the Phishers? Phishing Scam Detection on Ethereum via Network Embedding
A semiparametric instrumental variable approach to optimal treatment regimes under endogeneity
Semantic Hierarchy Emerges in Deep Generative Representations for Scene Synthesis
Cantonese Automatic Speech Recognition Using Transfer Learning from Mandarin
Robustness Certificates for Sparse Adversarial Attacks by Randomized Ablation
Attention-Informed Mixed-Language Training for Zero-shot Cross-lingual Task-oriented Dialogue Systems
Computer Model Emulation with High-Dimensional Functional Output in Large-Scale Observing System Uncertainty Experiments
Machine Learning-enhanced Realistic Framework for Real-time Seismic Monitoring — The Winning Solution of the 2017 International Aftershock Detection Contest
Doubling the near-infrared photocurrent in a solar cell via omni-resonant coherent perfect absorption
A Well-Balanced Central-Upwind Scheme for the Thermal Rotating Shallow Water Equations
NaMemo: Enhancing Lecturers’ Interpersonal Competence of Remembering Students’ Names
Event Detection in Noisy Streaming Data with Combination of Corroborative and Probabilistic Sources
Nonlinear Covariance Control via Differential Dynamic Programming
Controversial stimuli: pitting neural networks against each other as models of human recognition
Large-scale Multi-view Subspace Clustering in Linear Time
Machine Learning based detection of multiple Wi-Fi BSSs for LTE-U CSAT
Multi-level scalar structure in complex system analyses
xBD: A Dataset for Assessing Building Damage from Satellite Imagery
Robust Conditional GAN from Uncertainty-Aware Pairwise Comparisons
Furnishing Your Room by What You See: An End-to-End Furniture Set Retrieval Framework with Rich Annotated Benchmark Dataset
Image Aesthetics Assessment using Multi Channel Convolutional Neural Networks
Irreducible representation of the symmetric groups from slash homologies of p-complexes
Automatic Text-based Personality Recognition on Monologues and Multiparty Dialogues Using Attentive Networks and Contextual Embeddings
Patch-level Neighborhood Interpolation: A General and Effective Graph-based Regularization Strategy
Decoding Spiking Mechanism with Dynamic Learning on Neuron Population
Improving Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Variational Information Bottleneck
Density Propagation with Characteristics-based Deep Learning
A Pre-Allocation Design for Cost Minimization and Delay Constraint in Vehicular Offloading System
Relation Network for Person Re-identification
An Empirical Study of Sections in Classifying Disease Outbreak Reports
Minimizing the Bag-of-Ngrams Difference for Non-Autoregressive Neural Machine Translation
Simultaneous Implementation Features Extraction and Recognition Using C3D Network for WiFi-based Human Activity Recognition
LCD: Learned Cross-Domain Descriptors for 2D-3D Matching
Heart Segmentation From MRI Scans Using Convolutional Neural Network
Generating Diverse Translation by Manipulating Multi-Head Attention
Incorporating Textual Evidence in Visual Storytelling
Extreme events in stochastic transport on networks
Multi-objective Neural Architecture Search via Predictive Network Performance Optimization
Voice-Face Cross-modal Matching and Retrieval: A Benchmark
Emotion Recognition for Vietnamese Social Media Text
Hybrid quantile estimation for asymmetric power GARCH models
Convolutional Mixture Density Recurrent Neural Network for Predicting User Location with WiFi Fingerprints
Empirical Autopsy of Deep Video Captioning Frameworks
An End-to-End Audio Classification System based on Raw Waveforms and Mix-Training Strategy
$\mathbb{Z}_2\mathbb{Z}_4$-Additive Cyclic Codes Are Asymptotically Good
Comment on ‘Quantum Games and Quantum Strategies’
A Probabilistic Approach for Discovering Daily Human Mobility Patterns with Mobile Data
Schemaless Queries over Document Tables with Dependencies
Controlling Interactions with Libraries in Android Apps Through Runtime Enforcement
Gliding vertex on the horizontal bounding box for multi-oriented object detection
Multi-Scale RCNN Model for Financial Time-series Classification
On the separation of shape and temporal patterns in time series — Application to signature authentication
Generalized Planning with Positive and Negative Examples
A construction of pairs of non-commutative rank 8 association schemes from non-symmetric rank 3 association schemes
Energy consumption in compact integer vectors: A study case
Unlimited Dynamic Range Analog-to-Digital Conversion
ChartNet: Visual Reasoning over Statistical Charts using MAC-Networks
The asymptotics of the clustering transition for random constraint satisfaction problems
Parameterized Complexity of Stable Roommates with Ties and Incomplete Lists Through the Lens of Graph Parameters
The Power and Pitfalls of Transparent Privacy Policies in Social Networking Service Platforms
FILO: FIx-LOcus Recommendation for Problems Caused by Android Framework Upgrade
Classification-driven Single Image Dehazing
Accelerating Reinforcement Learning with Suboptimal Guidance
Segmenting Medical MRI via Recurrent Decoding Cell
Max-Min Fair Precoder Design for Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access
Assessing Cyber-Physical Security in Industrial Control Systems
Statistical Analysis of Item Preknowledge in Educational Tests: Latent Variable Modelling and Statistical Decision Theory
An integral Nash equilibrium control scheme for a class of multi-agent linear systems
Decomposition of arrow type positive semidefinite matrices with application to topology optimization
MSD: Multi-Self-Distillation Learning via Multi-classifiers within Deep Neural Networks
Learning Hierarchy-Aware Knowledge Graph Embeddings for Link Prediction
SolidityCheck : Quickly Detecting Smart Contract Problems Through Regular Expressions
KPZ statistics of second class particles in ASEP via mixing
Accurate Hydrologic Modeling Using Less Information
Single Image Super Resolution based on a Modified U-net with Mixed Gradient Loss
Effects of weak disorder on two-dimensional bilayered dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates
Visual Tactile Fusion Object Clustering
System Identification with Time-Aware Neural Sequence Models
Time Varying Channel Tracking for Multi-UAV Wideband Communications with Beam Squint
TEINet: Towards an Efficient Architecture for Video Recognition
Controlling the FDR in variable selection via multiple knockoffs
Quantum Observables for continuous control of the Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm via Reinforcement Learning
Beyond Max-SNR: Joint Encoding for Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces
On the equivalence between a conjecture of Babai-Godsil and a conjecture of Xu concerning the enumeration of Cayley graphs
Approximated Orthonormal Normalisation in Training Neural Networks
Heuristic Black-box Adversarial Attacks on Video Recognition Models
Few Shot Network Compression via Cross Distillation
Customized Graph Embedding: Tailoring the Embedding Vector to a Specific Application
Observe Before Play: Multi-armed Bandit with Pre-observations
JANOS: An Integrated Predictive and Prescriptive Modeling Framework
Event-triggered Add-on Safety for Connected and Automated Vehicles Using Road-side Network Infrastructure
TrueLearn: A Family of Bayesian Algorithms to Match Lifelong Learners to Open Educational Resources
Incremental Learning of Motion Primitives for Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction at Intersections
What Do You Mean `Why?’: Resolving Sluices in Conversations
Analysing Time-Stamped Co-Editing Networks in Software Development Teams using git2net
Chemical-protein Interaction Extraction via Gaussian Probability Distribution and External Biomedical Knowledge
Proof of some hypergeometric congruences via the WZ method
Implementing the Topological Model Succinctly
Approximating regions of attraction of a sparse polynomial differential system *
Safe Linear Stochastic Bandits
Deep Representations for Cross-spectral Ocular Biometrics
A Practical Introduction to Regression Discontinuity Designs: Foundations
An analysis of observation length requirements in spoken language for machine understanding of human behaviors
Learning Spatial Fusion for Single-Shot Object Detection
A Cluster Ranking Model for Full Anaphora Resolution
Uniform chain decompositions and applications
Active Re-identification Attacks on Periodically Released Dynamic Social Graphs
Agent Probing Interaction Policies
Collective Dynamics of Dark Web Marketplaces
Neural Large Neighborhood Search for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
Weak convergence rates for an explicit full-discretization of stochastic Allen-Cahn equation with additive noise
The Chromatic Polynomial of a Digraph
A parallel space-time multigrid method for the eddy-current equation
All You Need Is Boundary: Toward Arbitrary-Shaped Text Spotting
Kooplex: collaborative data analytics portal for advancing sciences
Discrete and Continuous Deep Residual Learning Over Graphs
Generalizing Information to the Evolution of Rational Belief
Memory-Efficient Episodic Control Reinforcement Learning with Dynamic Online k-means
Predicting Failures in Multi-Tier Distributed Systems
Monotonicity of escape probabilities for branching random walks on $\Z^{d}$
Parameter-Free Locally Differentially Private Stochastic Subgradient Descent
Rate of convergence for traditional Pólya urns
Automatically Generating Macro Research Reports from a Piece of News
Insider threats in Cyber Security: The enemy within the gates
Volume-preserving Neural Networks: A Solution to the Vanishing Gradient Problem
Knowledge Graph Transfer Network for Few-Shot Recognition
Distributional Robustness and Uncertainty Quantification for Rare Events
The Performance of Machine and Deep Learning Classifiers in Detecting Zero-Day Vulnerabilities
Vouw: Geometric Pattern Mining using the MDL Principle
mm-Pose: Real-Time Human Skeletal Posture Estimation using mmWave Radars and CNNs
A note on the rank of a sparse random matrix
Deep Learning Based Joint Resource Scheduling Algorithms for Hybrid MEC Networks
Synthesizing Visual Illusions Using Generative Adversarial Networks
Learning Hierarchical Discrete Linguistic Units from Visually-Grounded Speech
Trotter Kato Theorem for Bi Continuous Semigroups and Approximation of PDEs