Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analyses Methods for Agent-Based Mathematical Models: An Introductory Review
Towards unstructured mortality prediction with free-text clinical notes
MANGA: Method Agnostic Neural-policy Generalization and Adaptation
Deep Unsupervised Clustering with Clustered Generator Model
Gromov-Wasserstein Factorization Models for Graph Clustering
Robust Learning of Discrete Distributions from Batches
Heterogeneous Deep Graph Infomax
Representation Learning with Multisets
Machine Learning Classification Informed by a Functional Biophysical System
Attention Guided Anomaly Detection and Localization in Images
Deep Anomaly Detection with Deviation Networks
Symbolic Formulae for Linear Mixed Models
Where is the Bottleneck of Adversarial Learning with Unlabeled Data?
Bayesian Curiosity for Efficient Exploration in Reinforcement Learning
Graph-Driven Generative Models for Heterogeneous Multi-Task Learning
Deep Minimax Probability Machine
Deep Reinforcement Learning with Explicitly Represented Knowledge and Variable State and Action Spaces
Understanding Top-k Sparsification in Distributed Deep Learning
Towards FAIR protocols and workflows: The OpenPREDICT case study
LionForests: Local Interpretation of Random Forests through Path Selection
Natural Language Generation Challenges for Explainable AI
On Node Features for Graph Neural Networks
Black-box Combinatorial Optimization using Models with Integer-valued Minima
Zero-Shot Semantic Parsing for Instructions
Statistical Inference on Partially Linear Panel Model under Unobserved Linearity
Streaming Frequent Items with Timestamps and Detecting Large Neighborhoods in Graph Streams
Towards a Theory of Parameterized Streaming Algorithms
Multi-group Multicast Beamforming: Optimal Structure and Efficient Algorithms
Rule-Guided Compositional Representation Learning on Knowledge Graphs
Fast and Deep Graph Neural Networks
Adaptive Wind Driven Optimization Trained Artificial Neural Networks
Transfer Learning Toolkit: Primers and Benchmarks
Exponential Family Graph Embeddings
Time-Accurate and highly-Stable Explicit operators for stiff differential equations
KISS: Keeping It Simple for Scene Text Recognition
A Boost Strategy to the Generative Error Based Video Anomaly Detection Algorithms
3D Scene Based Beam Selection for mmWave Communications
Mixed-curvature Variational Autoencoders
New entanglement-assisted quantum MDS codes with length $n=\frac{q^2+1}5$
Fictitious Play: Convergence, Smoothness, and Optimism
Critical behaviors of high-degree adaptive and collective-influence percolation
Guarantees for the Kronecker Fast Johnson-Lindenstrauss Transform Using a Coherence and Sampling Argument
Some Gradient-type Methods with Adaptation to Parameters of ($ δ, Δ, L$)-model of Objective
A Study on various state of the art of the Art Face Recognition System using Deep Learning Techniques
Defective Convolutional Layers Learn Robust CNNs
LNDb: A Lung Nodule Database on Computed Tomography
Principal Stratification for Advertising Experiments
Towards a computer-interpretable actionable formal model to encode data governance rules
Time-varying constrained proximal type dynamics in multi-agent network games
Generative Adversarial Networks For Graph Data Imputation From Signed Observations
On the spectral radius of graphs: nonregular distance-hereditary graphs with given edge-connectivity, graphs with tree-width $k$ and block graphs with prescribed independence number $α$
Regular Turán numbers and some Gan-Loh-Sudakov-type problems
Planning with Goal-Conditioned Policies
Vibration Suppression for Coupled Wave PDEs in Deep-sea Construction
End-to-end ASR: from Supervised to Semi-Supervised Learning with Modern Architectures
Photon-count fluctuations exhibit inverse-square spectral behavior that extends to $< 1\;μ$Hz
Discussion contribution ‘Functional models for time-varying random objects” by Dubey and Müller (to appear in JRSS-B)
Algebraic k-systems of curves
Examining the impact of data quality and completeness of electronic health records on predictions of patients risks of cardiovascular disease
Parameters Estimation for the Cosmic Microwave Background with Bayesian Neural Networks
Optimal Complexity and Certification of Bregman First-Order Methods
Action Recognition Using Volumetric Motion Representations
Sieving Fake News From Genuine: A Synopsis
Generalizable Resource Allocation in Stream Processing via Deep Reinforcement Learning
Supported-BinaryNet: Bitcell Array-based Weight Supports for Dynamic Accuracy-Latency Trade-offs in SRAM-based Binarized Neural Network
Synthetic Controls with Imperfect Pre-Treatment Fit
Aging Memories Generate More Fluent Dialogue Responses with Memory Networks
The nonsmooth landscape of blind deconvolution
Projected Gradient Method for Decentralized Optimization over Time-Varying Networks
Euclidean Bottleneck Bounded-Degree Spanning Tree Ratios
A Framework for Challenge Design: Insight and Deployment Challenges to Address Medical Image Analysis Problems
Stability of logarithmic Sobolev inequalities under a noncommutative change of measure
A family of permutation trinomials in $\mathbb{F}_{q^2}$
Turán-type problems for long cycles in random and pseudo-random graphs
Deep Motion Blur Removal Using Noisy/Blurry Image Pairs
Learning to Control Latent Representations for Few-Shot Learning of Named Entities
Superpixel Soup: Monocular Dense 3D Reconstruction of a Complex Dynamic Scene
Cross-Class Relevance Learning for Temporal Concept Localization
On the Number of Edges in Maximally Linkless Graphs
Joint Super-Resolution and Alignment of Tiny Faces
Power-law decay of weights and recurrence of the two-dimensional VRJP
Mini Lesions Detection on Diabetic Retinopathy Images via Large Scale CNN Features
Learning Stylized Character Expressions from Humans
Multi-criteria community detection in International Trade Network
Probabilistic Properties of GIG Digraphs
Steepest ascent can be exponential in bounded treewidth problems
Forbidden knowledge in machine learning — Reflections on the limits of research and publication
Reduction of SISO H-infinity Output Feedback Control Problem
Joints tightened
CoopNet: Cooperative Convolutional Neural Network for Low-Power MCUs
Robust Adaptive Model Predictive Control with Worst-Case Cost
Seq2Seq RNN based Gait Anomaly Detection from Smartphone Acquired Multimodal Motion Data
An inductive construction of minimal codes
Hybrid Composition with IdleBlock: More Efficient Networks for Image Recognition
Efficient decorrelation of features using Gramian in Reinforcement Learning
Majority dynamics and the median process: connections, convergence and some new conjectures
PDBMine: A Reformulation of the Protein Data Bank to Facilitate Structural Data Mining
Explanation vs Attention: A Two-Player Game to Obtain Attention for VQA
Open Cross-Domain Visual Search
Intermittent Connectivity for Exploration in Communication-Constrained Multi-Agent Systems
CUP: Cluster Pruning for Compressing Deep Neural Networks
Adaptive Non-Uniform Compressive Sensing using SOT-MRAM Multibit Crossbar Arrays
Logic-inspired Deep Neural Networks
An implementation of steepest-descent augmentation for linear programs
Sibling Neural Estimators: Improving Iterative Image Decoding with Gradient Communication
Structural stability of infinite-order regression
Performance Monitoring for Live Systems with Soft FEC and Multilevel Modulation
Scalable Decision-Theoretic Planning in Open and Typed Multiagent Systems
Generate (non-software) Bugs to Fool Classifiers
Co-Attention Hierarchical Network: Generating Coherent Long Distractors for Reading Comprehension
Genetic Programming Hyper-Heuristics with Vehicle Collaboration for Uncertain Capacitated Arc Routing Problems
Unified Multifaceted Feature Learning for Person Re-Identification
The score sequences with unique tournament that has minimum number of upsets
Towards Physics-informed Deep Learning for Turbulent Flow Prediction
Adversarial Robustness of Flow-Based Generative Models
W-Net: Two-stage U-Net with misaligned data for raw-to-RGB mapping
Predictive properties of forecast combination, ensemble methods, and Bayesian predictive synthesis
Evaluating task-agnostic exploration for fixed-batch learning of arbitrary future tasks
Individual-Based Stability in Hedonic Diversity Games
MMTM: Multimodal Transfer Module for CNN Fusion
Global Greedy Dependency Parsing
Toward a Wired Ad Hoc Nanonetwork
Robust Triple-Matrix-Recovery-Based Auto-Weighted Label Propagation for Classification
Discriminative Local Sparse Representation by Robust Adaptive Dictionary Pair Learning
Ensuring Reliable Monte Carlo Estimates of Network Properties
Angular-Domain Selective Channel Tracking and Doppler Compensation for High-Mobility mmWave Massive MIMO
TITAN: A Spatiotemporal Feature Learning Framework for Traffic Incident Duration Prediction
On Degree Sum Conditions and Vertex-Disjoint Chorded Cycles
SSAH: Semi-supervised Adversarial Deep Hashing with Self-paced Hard Sample Generation
Corruption Robust Exploration in Episodic Reinforcement Learning
DRNet: Dissect and Reconstruct the Convolutional Neural Network via Interpretable Manners
Residual-based a posteriori error estimates of mixed methods in Biot’s consolidation model
EmpGAN: Multi-resolution Interactive Empathetic Dialogue Generation
Tightness of the semidefinite relaxation for orthogonal trace-sum maximization
Harmonic Partitions of Positive Integers and Bosonic Extension of Euler’s Pentagonal Number Theorem
Bayesian sparse convex clustering via global-local shrinkage priors
Node Max-Cut and Computing Equilibria in Linear Weighted Congestion Games
Computer-Aided Clinical Skin Disease Diagnosis Using CNN and Object Detection Models
Controlling Neural Machine Translation Formality with Synthetic Supervision
Iterative classical superadiabatic algorithm for combinatorial optimization
Take an Emotion Walk: Perceiving Emotions from Gaits Using Hierarchical Attention Pooling and Affective Mapping
Phase retrieval for sub-Gaussian measurements
Dual Reconstruction with Densely Connected Residual Network for Single Image Super-Resolution
Instance-Invariant Adaptive Object Detection via Progressive Disentanglement
A Decomposition Method for Distributionally-Robust Two-stage Stochastic Mixed-integer Cone Programs
An Inception Inspired Deep Network to Analyse Fundus Images
DermGAN: Synthetic Generation of Clinical Skin Images with Pathology
Fine-Tuning by Curriculum Learning for Non-Autoregressive Neural Machine Translation
Towards Ghost-free Shadow Removal via Dual Hierarchical Aggregation Network and Shadow Matting GAN
A Geometric Branch and Bound Method for a Class of Robust Maximization Problems of Convex Functions
Generalized F-signatures of Hibi rings
Fast and Flexible Image Blind Denoising via Competition of Experts
Assessment and adjustment of approximate inference algorithms using the law of total variance
Layer-wise Adaptive Gradient Sparsification for Distributed Deep Learning with Convergence Guarantees
A Locking-Free $P_0$ Finite Element Method for Linear Elasticity Equations on Polytopal Partitions
Response Transformation and Profit Decomposition for Revenue Uplift Modeling
Event-based Object Detection and Tracking for Space Situational Awareness
Distributionally Robust Neural Networks for Group Shifts: On the Importance of Regularization for Worst-Case Generalization
A crystal on decreasing factorizations in the $0$-Hecke monoid
Pan-Cancer Diagnostic Consensus Through Searching Archival Histopathology Images Using Artificial Intelligence
Vision: A Deep Learning Approach to provide walking assistance to the visually impaired
SemanticZ at SemEval-2016 Task 3: Ranking Relevant Answers in Community Question Answering Using Semantic Similarity Based on Fine-tuned Word Embeddings
Log Message Anomaly Detection and Classification Using Auto-B/LSTM and Auto-GRU
Learning to Localize Sound Sources in Visual Scenes: Analysis and Applications
CAT: CRF-based ASR Toolkit
Yottixel — An Image Search Engine for Large Archives of Histopathology Whole Slide Images
Unsupervised Domain Adaptation by Optical Flow Augmentation in Semantic Segmentation
Extended Dynamic Mode Decomposition with Learned Koopman Eigenfunctions for Prediction and Control
Global Thread-Level Inference for Comment Classification in Community Question Answering
Determinant-based Fast Greedy Sensor Selection Algorithm
A new staggered DG method for the Brinkman problem robust in the Darcy and Stokes limits
Network Flows that Solve Sylvester Matrix Equations
Paraphrasing Verbs for Noun Compound Interpretation
Decoding Polar Codes via Weighted-Window Soft Cancellation for Slowly-Varying Channel
Learning mappings onto regularized latent spaces for biometric authentication
Inspect Transfer Learning Architecture with Dilated Convolution
Reinforcement Learning for a Cellular Internet of UAVs: Protocol Design, Trajectory Control, and Resource Management
Joint Embedding Learning of Educational Knowledge Graphs
Hierarchical Attention Networks for Medical Image Segmentation
Characterizing Scalability of Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplications on Phytium FT-2000+ Many-cores
Joint Emotion Label Space Modelling for Affect Lexica
Deep-seismic-prior-based reconstruction of seismic data using convolutional neural networks
Robustness and efficiency of leaderless probabilistic consensus protocols within Byzantine infrastructures
Analysis of Deep Networks for Monocular Depth Estimation Through Adversarial Attacks with Proposal of a Defense Method
Bayesian Hierarchical Models for the Prediction of Volleyball Results
The Tutte Polynomial of Complex Reflection Groups
A Framework for End-to-End Deep Learning-Based Anomaly Detection in Transportation Networks
You Are Here: Geolocation by Embedding Maps and Images
Balanced truncation model reduction for 3D linear magneto-quasistatic field problems
Solving Online Threat Screening Games using Constrained Action Space Reinforcement Learning
Online Spectral Approximation in Random Order Streams
Ray Effect Mitigation for the Discrete Ordinates Method Using Artificial Scattering
How to profit from payments channels
Segmentation of Defective Skulls from CT Data for Tissue Modelling
Strategy-Proof and Non-Wasteful Multi-Unit Auction via Social Network
Object-based multi-temporal and multi-source land cover mapping leveraging hierarchical class relationships
The Evolution of Code Review Research: A Systematic Mapping Study
A Fast Sampling Gradient Tree Boosting Framework
Empirical model of campus air temperature and urban morphology parameters based on field measurement and machine learning in Singapore
Hierarchical Average Reward Policy Gradient Algorithms
Almost supplementary difference sets and quaternary sequences
Casting a Wide Net: Robust Extraction of Potentially Idiomatic Expressions
A Conditional Perspective for Iterated Belief Contraction
Table-Of-Contents generation on contemporary documents
Online Power Allocation at Energy Harvesting Transmitter for Multiple Receivers with and without Individual Rate Constraints for OMA and NOMA Transmissions
Sufficient conditions for the uniqueness of solution of the weighted norm minimization problem
Neural Approximate Dynamic Programming for On-Demand Ride-Pooling
Incentive-Compatible Classification
Self-supervised Learning of 3D Objects from Natural Images
The dynamics of the stomatognathic system from 4D multimodal data
RefineDetLite: A Lightweight One-stage Object Detection Framework for CPU-only Devices
Learning Generalized Quasi-Geostrophic Models Using Deep Neural Numerical Models
Efficient Derivative Computation for Cumulative B-Splines on Lie Groups
D3S — A Discriminative Single Shot Segmentation Tracker
Partially Permuted Multi-Trellis Belief Propagation for Polar Codes
A Comparative Study on End-to-end Speech to Text Translation
CNAK : Cluster Number Assisted K-means
Avoiding Jammers: A Reinforcement Learning Approach
On Using SpecAugment for End-to-End Speech Translation
Improving Semantic Segmentation of Aerial Images Using Patch-based Attention
Counting tight Hamilton cycles and perfect matchings in Dirac hypergraphs
On using 2D sequence-to-sequence models for speech recognition
Z-domination game
Discovering New Intents via Constrained Deep Adaptive Clustering with Cluster Refinement
Demystifying TasNet: A Dissecting Approach
Shift Convolution Network for Stereo Matching
Systematic literature review protocol. Learning-outcomes and teaching-learning process: a Bloom’s taxonomy perspective
AssemblyNet: A large ensemble of CNNs for 3D Whole Brain MRI Segmentation
Auto-Precision Scaling for Distributed Deep Learning
Deep Learning based HEp-2 Image Classification: A Comprehensive Review
A family of orthogonal rational functions and other orthogonal systems with a skew-Hermitian differentiation matrix
Geometric Planar Networks on Bichromatic Points
An adaptive surrogate modeling based on deep neural networks for large-scale Bayesian inverse problems
On Policy Learning Robust to Irreversible Events: An Application to Robotic In-Hand Manipulation
A Human Action Descriptor Based on Motion Coordination
On the behaviour of large empirical autocovariance matrices between the past and the future
Joint DNN-Based Multichannel Reduction of Acoustic Echo, Reverberation and Noise
Knowledge Graph Alignment Network with Gated Multi-hop Neighborhood Aggregation
A simple and efficient dichotomic search algorithm for multi-objective mixed integer linear programs
Issues with SZZ: An empirical assessment of the state of practice of defect prediction data collection
Putting the SC in SCORE: Solar Car Optimized Route Estimation and Smart Cities
Fluctuation Distributions of Energy Minima in Complex Landscapes
Competition of noise and collectivity in global cryptocurrency trading: route to a self-contained market
A Lyapunov framework for nested dynamical systems on multiple time scales with application to converter-based power systems
Real-time Scene Text Detection with Differentiable Binarization
Video Segment Copy Detection Using Memory Constrained Hierarchical Batch-Normalized LSTM Autoencoder
MetH: A family of high-resolution and variable-shape image challenges
Basic Ideas and Tools for Projection-Based Model Reduction of Parametric Partial Differential Equations
Mixtures of multivariate generalized linear models with overlapping clusters
Exact and approximation algorithms for the expanding search problem
CAIL2019-SCM: A Dataset of Similar Case Matching in Legal Domain
Parallel Implementations for Computing the Minimum Distance of a Random Linear Code on Multicomputers
New Algorithms for Mixed Dominating Set
Evaluating the Transferability and Adversarial Discrimination of Convolutional Neural Networks for Threat Object Detection and Classification within X-Ray Security Imagery
On the Induction of p-Cells
Reynolds algebras and their free objects from bracketed words and rooted trees
Faster Dynamic Compressed d-ary Relations
Product Innovation through Internal Startup in Large Software Companies: a Case Study
SINet: Extreme Lightweight Portrait Segmentation Networks with Spatial Squeeze Modules and Information Blocking Decoder
Dictionary Learning Using Rank-One Projection (ROP)
Red Dragon AI at TextGraphs 2019 Shared Task: Language Model Assisted Explanation Generation
Modeling the Temporal Population Distribution of Ae. aegypti Mosquito using Big Earth Observation Data
The Hodge Laplacian on Axisymmetric Domains
Alternating Minimization Methods for Strongly Convex Optimization
A Random Dynamical Systems Perspective on Isochronicity for Stochastic Oscillations
Unsupervised Monocular Depth Prediction for Indoor Continuous Video Streams
Hard Choices in Artificial Intelligence: Addressing Normative Uncertainty through Sociotechnical Commitments
Additive Bayesian Network Modelling with the R Package abn
Learning Embeddings from Cancer Mutation Sets for Classification Tasks
Experimental Exploration of Compact Convolutional Neural Network Architectures for Non-temporal Real-time Fire Detection
Uniform error estimates for artificial neural network approximations for heat equations
Bayesian interpretation of SGD as Ito process
Parsimonious Mixtures of Matrix Variate Bilinear Factor Analyzers
Multi-Source Spatial Entity Linkage
Towards a Unified Evaluation of Explanation Methods without Ground Truth
Joints formed by lines and a $k$-plane, and a discrete estimate of Kakeya type