Basic Principles of Clustering Methods
Temporal Knowledge Graph Embedding Model based on Additive Time Series Decomposition
Can 100 Machines Agree?
Adversarial Attacks on Grid Events Classification: An Adversarial Machine Learning Approach
A Bias Trick for Centered Robust Principal Component Analysis
Driver Identification Based on Vehicle Telematics Data using LSTM-Recurrent Neural Network
The Design and Implementation of a Scalable DL Benchmarking Platform
Outlier-Robust High-Dimensional Sparse Estimation via Iterative Filtering
Adaptive Routing Between Capsules
Distributed Generative Adversarial Net
Towards A Theory of Duality for Graph Signal Processing
Rethinking deep active learning: Using unlabeled data at model training
Information-Theoretic Local Minima Characterization and Regularization
Partially Distributed Outer Approximation
Neural Network based End-to-End Query by Example Spoken Term Detection
Knowledge Graph Entity Alignment with Graph Convolutional Networks: Lessons Learned
Anomaly and Novelty detection for robust semi-supervised learning
DeepPFCN: Deep Parallel Feature Consensus Network For Person Re-Identification
Long Cycles, Heavy Cycles and Cycle Decompositions in Digraphs
Feature-Interaction Aware Configuration Prioritization for Configurable Code
Combining Program Analysis and Statistical Language Model for Code Statement Completion
Zero-Knowledge for QMA from Locally Simulatable Proofs
AIM 2019 Challenge on Real-World Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
An Efficient Method for Multi-Parameter Mapping in Quantitative MRI using B-Spline Interpolation
A Simple Heuristic for Bayesian Optimization with A Low Budget
On the Complexity of 2-Player Packing Games
Gamma-Nets: Generalizing Value Estimation over Timescale
An Optimization Approach to Verifying and Synthesizing K-cooperative Systems
Hecke insertion and maximal increasing and decreasing sequences in fillings of stack polyominoes
A Hybrid Control Algorithm for Gradient-Free Optimization using Conjugate Directions
Action Anticipation with RBF KernelizedFeature Mapping RNN
Unsupervised Representation Learning by Discovering Reliable Image Relations
Emergence of criticality through a cascade of delocalization transitions in quasiperiodic chains
Existence of almost automorphic solution in distribution for a class of stochastic integro-differential equation driven by Levy noise
A First Look at References from the Dark to Surface Web World
Quantized Compressed Sensing by Rectified Linear Units
Skin Lesion Classification Using Deep Neural Network
Drug Repurposing for Cancer: An NLP Approach to Identify Low-Cost Therapies
Coordinate-wise Armijo’s condition
Optimal mechanisms for distributed resource-allocation
DRHotNet: An R package for detecting differential risk hotspots on a linear network
A new interface capturing method for Allen-Cahn type equations based on a flow dynamic approach in Lagrangian coordinates, I. One-dimensional case
Automorphism groups of homogeneous structures with stationary weak independence relations
A Note on Homogenization of Dynamics and Functionals of Generalized Langevin Systems
Spin transport in disordered long-range interacting spin chain
Enhancement in Entanglement Growth due to the Breaking of Translational Symmetry
Critical Switching in Globally Attractive Chimeras
Distributed Sequential Hypothesis Testing with Dependent Sensor Observations
RWNE: A Scalable Random-Walk based Network Embedding Framework with Personalized Higher-order Proximity Preserved
Attribute noise robust binary classification
Quasilocalized dynamics from confinement of quantum excitations
Properties at infinity of diffusion semigroups and stochastic flows via weak uniform covers
Can we study the many-body localisation transition?
Vision-Language Navigation with Self-Supervised Auxiliary Reasoning Tasks
Energetic Stable Discretization for Non-Isothermal Electrokinetics Model
Efficient function approximation on general bounded domains using splines on a cartesian grid
A Deep Learning Approach for Robust Corridor Following
Cooperative Multiple-Access Channels with Distributed State Information
Stochastic differential equations on noncompact manifolds: moment stability and its topological consequences
Common Growth Patterns for Regional Social Networks: a Point Process Approach
Self-Powered Solar Aerial Vehicles: Towards Infinite Endurance UAVs
Graph Universal Cycles of Combinatorial Objects
Configuration-dependent Fault Localization
Comments on the Du-Kakade-Wang-Yang Lower Bounds
On the Price of Satisficing in Network User Equilibria
Bayesian Learning of Occupancy Grids
Improving Document Classification with Multi-Sense Embeddings
Privacy Leakage Avoidance with Switching Ensembles
Dont Even Look Once: Synthesizing Features for Zero-Shot Detection
Concerning the geometry of stochastic differential equations and stochastic flows
Optimal Single-Choice Prophet Inequalities from Samples
A Distributed Algorithm for Polya-Gamma Data Augmentation
Improving Universal Sound Separation Using Sound Classification
Alternating Between Spectral and Spatial Estimation for Speech Separation and Enhancement
ISP4ML: Understanding the Role of Image Signal Processing in Efficient Deep Learning Vision Systems
Implicit Regularization of Normalization Methods
TracKlinic: Diagnosis of Challenge Factors in Visual Tracking
The αμ Search Algorithm for the Game of Bridge
Can You Really Backdoor Federated Learning?
Eigenvalue Normalized Recurrent Neural Networks for Short Term Memory
Universal and non-universal text statistics: Clustering coefficient for language identification
DLBricks: Composable Benchmark Generation toReduce Deep Learning Benchmarking Effort on CPUs
Improving the Robustness of Capsule Networks to Image Affine Transformations
A hypergraph Turán problem with no stability
Revealing Perceptible Backdoors, without the Training Set, via the Maximum Achievable Misclassification Fraction Statistic
vqSGD: Vector Quantized Stochastic Gradient Descent
Learning-Assisted Competitive Algorithms for Peak-Aware Energy Scheduling
Estimating Entropy of Distributions in Constant Space
Physical Layer Security in Vehicular Communication Networks in the Presence of Interference
ASAP: Adaptive Structure Aware Pooling for Learning Hierarchical Graph Representations
Simultaneous Mapping and Target Driven Navigation
New lower bounds for matrix multiplication and the 3×3 determinant
Unsupervised Domain Adaptation via Structured Prediction Based Selective Pseudo-Labeling
Learning Permutation Invariant Representations using Memory Networks
Improved clustering algorithms for the Bipartite Stochastic Block Model
Invariant Diffs
WITCHcraft: Efficient PGD attacks with random step size
Segmentation Guided Attention Network for Crowd Counting via Curriculum Learning
CD2 : Combined Distances of Contrast Distributions for the Assessment of Perceptual Quality of Image Processing
Normal and Equivolumetric Coordinate Systems for Cortical Areas
Universality for Langevin spin glass dynamics
Traveling wave solutions of some important Wick-type fractional stochastic nonlinear partial differential equations
Consistent recovery threshold of hidden nearest neighbor graphs
The AI Liability Puzzle and A Fund-Based Work-Around
The Complexity-Stability Debate, Chemical Organization Theory, and the Identi cation of Non-Classical Structures in Ecology
Streetify: Using Street View Imagery And Deep Learning For Urban Streets Development
Towards a complete 3D morphable model of the human head
Low Complexity Autoencoder based End-to-End Learning of Coded Communications Systems
Convolutional Neural Network and decision support in medical imaging: case study of the recognition of blood cell subtypes
Low-Rank Toeplitz Matrix Estimation via Random Ultra-Sparse Rulers
Optimal repairing schemes for Reed-Solomon codes with alphabet sizes linear in lengths under the rack-aware model
Implicit Generative Modeling for Efficient Exploration
Graph Learning for Spatiotemporal Signal with Long Short-Term Characterization
Online Learned Continual Compression with Stacked Quantization Module
DARB: A Density-Aware Regular-Block Pruning for Deep Neural Networks
Parametric Sparse Bayesian Dictionary Learning for Multiple Sources Localization with Propagation Parameters Uncertainty and Nonuniform Noise
Measuring spatiotemporal disease clustering with the tau statistic
Simultaneous Region Localization and Hash Coding for Fine-grained Image Retrieval
A mixed finite element method with piecewise linear elements for the biharmonic equation on surfaces
Super-Nyquist Rateless Coding for Intersymbol Interference Channels
Lossless Convexification of Optimal Control Problems with Semi-continuous Inputs
Reliability Does Matter: An End-to-End Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation Approach
Poison as a Cure: Detecting & Neutralizing Variable-Sized Backdoor Attacks in Deep Neural Networks
Machine Learning-powered Iterative Combinatorial Auctions
Adversarial Inverse Reinforcement Learning for Decision Making in Autonomous Driving
The k-Power Domination Number in Some Self-Similar Graphs
Gradient-based Sparse Principal Component Analysis with Extensions to Online Learning
Modal-aware Features for Multimodal Hashing
Carpe Diem, Seize the Samples Uncertain ‘At the Moment’ for Adaptive Batch Selection
SimVAE: Simulator-Assisted Training forInterpretable Generative Models
A special case of the existential version of the NCK inequality
A novel method for identifying the deep neural network model with the Serial Number
Fair Learning-to-Rank from Implicit Feedback
Modelling pressure-Hessian from local velocity gradients information in an incompressible turbulent flow field using deep neural networks
The Gradient descent method from the perspective of fractional calculus
Prestopping: How Does Early Stopping Help Generalization against Label Noise?
Sparse recovery via nonconvex regularized $M$-estimators over $\ell_q$-balls
Minimax rates of $\ell_p$-losses for high-dimensional linear regression models with additive measurement errors over $\ell_q$-balls
Adaptive Activation Network and Functional Regularization for Efficient and Flexible Deep Multi-Task Learning
Sets in $\mathbb{R}^d$ determining $k$ taxicab distances
Deep Tile Coder: an Efficient Sparse Representation Learning Approach with applications in Reinforcement Learning
SHRY:a $\underline{\rm S}$uite for $\underline{\rm H}$igh-th$\underline{\rm r}$oughput generation of models with atomic substitutions implemented by p$\underline{\rm y}$thon
Optimal V2G and Route Scheduling of Mobile Energy Storage Devices Using a Linear Transit Model to Reduce Electricity and Transportation Energy Losses
Thick-Net: Parallel Network Structure for Sequential Modeling
IFQ-Net: Integrated Fixed-point Quantization Networks for Embedded Vision
Partial AUC optimization based deep speaker embeddings with class-center learning for text-independent speaker verification
Delay-Aware Wireless Network Coding in Adversarial Traffic
Two-Stream FCNs to Balance Content and Style for Style Transfer
DebFace: De-biasing Face Recognition
Low rank tensor completion with sparse regularization in a transformed domain
Positive semigroups and generalized Frobenius numbers over totally real number fields
‘The Human Body is a Black Box’: Supporting Clinical Decision-Making with Deep Learning
Deep Detector Health Management under Adversarial Campaigns
Strongly Budget Balanced Auctions for Multi-Sided Markets
Invariance and attraction properties of Galton-Watson trees
AddNet: Deep Neural Networks Using FPGA-Optimized Multipliers
HighEr-Resolution Network for Image Demosaicing and Enhancing
On critical points of Gaussian random fields under diffeomorphic transformations
Two-message verification of quantum computation
Channels, Billiards, and Perfect Matching 2-Divisibility
A Normal Approximation Method for Statistics in Knockouts
Extended target Poisson multi-Bernoulli mixture trackers based on sets of trajectories
Three-dimensional Generative Adversarial Nets for Unsupervised Metal Artifact Reduction
Large-Scale Spatiotemporal Density Smoothing with the Graph-fused Elastic Net: Application to Ride-sourcing Driver Productivity Analysis
2D Eigenvalue Problems I: Existence and Number of Solutions
Placement Optimization of Aerial Base Stations with Deep Reinforcement Learning
Extended Answer and Uncertainty Aware Neural Question Generation
Hunting for Troll Comments in News Community Forums
Neural Network Pruning with Residual-Connections and Limited-Data
A Hybrid Morpheme-Word Representation for Machine Translation of Morphologically Rich Languages
Estimation of Orientation and Camera Parameters from Cryo-Electron Microscopy Images with Variational Autoencoders and Generative Adversarial Networks
In Search of Credible News
Communication, Distortion, and Randomness in Metric Voting
Topological computing of arrangements with (co)chains
Low-Complexity Linear Equalization for OTFS Systems with Rectangular Waveforms
Enhancing the Extraction of Interpretable Information for Ischemic Stroke Imaging from Deep Neural Networks
A regularized hidden Markov model for analyzing the ‘hot shoe’ in football
MarioNETte: Few-shot Face Reenactment Preserving Identity of Unseen Targets
Tell Me What They’re Holding: Weakly-supervised Object Detection with Transferable Knowledge from Human-object Interaction
GraphTER: Unsupervised Learning of Graph Transformation Equivariant Representations via Auto-Encoding Node-wise Transformations
Limit shapes of evacuation and jeu de taquin paths in random square tableaux
Learning Weighted Submanifolds with Variational Autoencoders and Riemannian Variational Autoencoders
Denial of Service Attacks on Control Systems with Packet Loss
Differentiating Features for Scene Segmentation Based on Dedicated Attention Mechanisms
Two-Way Physical Layer Security Protocol for Gaussian Channels
Retrospective and Prospective Mixture-of-Generators for Task-oriented Dialogue Response Generation
Distributed Microphone Speech Enhancement based on Deep Learning
The maximum number of maximum dissociation sets in trees
Fast isogeometric solvers for hyperbolic wave propagation problems
Deep interval prediction model with gradient descend optimization method for short-term wind power prediction
A Game-Theoretic Approach for Enhancing Security and Data Trustworthiness in IoT Applications
Projection-to-Projection Translation for Hybrid X-ray and Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Adaptive Greedy versus Non-adaptive Greedy for Influence Maximization
Joint Unicast and Multi-group Multicast Transmission in Massive MIMO Systems
Path Planning Problems with Side Observations-When Colonels Play Hide-and-Seek
Finite element methods based on two families of novel second-order numerical formulas for the fractional Cable model
Dense Fusion Classmate Network for Land Cover Classification
Optimal tests for elliptical symmetry: specified and unspecified location
ROSETLineBot: One-Wheel-Drive Low-Cost Power Line Inspection Robot Design and Control
Weak Supervision for Generating Pixel-Level Annotations in Scene Text Segmentation
Decentralization in Open Quorum Systems
Nonlinear Model Predictive Control with Actuator Constraints for Multi-Rotor Aerial Vehicles
Numerical simulation of inextensible elastic ribbons
Regularity and Gorenstein property of the $L$-convex Polyominoes
A Low-rank Approach for Nonlinear Parameter-dependent Fluid-structure Interaction Problems
Defending with Shared Resources on a Network
Sequential Mode Estimation with Oracle Queries
Weakly-Supervised Video Moment Retrieval via Semantic Completion Network
On Performance Estimation in Automatic Algorithm Configuration
Survival and Neural Models for Private Equity Exit Prediction
Mimic The Raw Domain: Accelerating Action Recognition in the Compressed Domain
Results on bivariate Szasz-Mirakyan type operators in polynomial weight spaces
Towards Inconsistency Measurement in Business Rule Bases
Deep Poetry: A Chinese Classical Poetry Generation System
On the Impact of Object and Sub-component Level Segmentation Strategies for Supervised Anomaly Detection within X-ray Security Imagery
Constrained R-CNN: A general image manipulation detection model
Equivariant diffusions on Principal bundles
Multimedia Search and Temporal Reasoning
Young walls and equivariant Hilbert schemes of points in type D
Anomalous Temperature Dependence of Quantum Correction to the Conductivity of Magnetic Topological Insulators
Dual affine moment invariants
Some family of q-vector fields on path spaces
Hierarchical Distribution Matching: a Versatile Tool for Probabilistic Shaping
Eigenvalues outside the bulk of inhomogeneous Erdős-Rënyi random graphs
A Multicriteria Macroeconomic Model with Intertemporal Equity and Spatial Spillovers
On the Discrepancy between the Theoretical Analysis and Practical Implementations of Compressed Communication for Distributed Deep Learning
General $E(2)$-Equivariant Steerable CNNs
Inter-layer Collision Networks
The gift of the gab: Are rental scammers skilled at the art of persuasion?
Computation Offloading in the Untrusted MEC-aided Mobile Blockchain IoT System
Bidding in Smart Grid PDAs: Theory, Analysis and Strategy (Extended Version)
Unsupervised AER Object Recognition Based on Multiscale Spatio-Temporal Features and Spiking Neurons
Visualization approach to assess the robustness of neural networks for medical image classification
Mastering Atari, Go, Chess and Shogi by Planning with a Learned Model
A topological dynamical system with two different positive sofic entropies
Distance-IoU Loss: Faster and Better Learning for Bounding Box Regression
Beyond Natural Proofs: Hardness Magnification and Locality
Learning Modulated Loss for Rotated Object Detection
Automatic Brain Tumour Segmentation and Biophysics-Guided Survival Prediction
Adaptive Sparse Polynomial Chaos Expansions via Leja Interpolation
Property Testing of LP-Type Problems
Single-Stage 6D Object Pose Estimation
Eliminating artefacts in Polarimetric Images using Deep Learning
On the Upper Bound of the Kullback-Leibler Divergence and Cross Entropy
A new Lagrange Multiplier approach for gradient flows
The Power of Factorization Mechanisms in Local and Central Differential Privacy
Unsupervised Natural Question Answering with a Small Model
FollowMeUp Sports: New Benchmark for 2D Human Keypoint Recognition
Live Face De-Identification in Video
Optimization of Adaptive Cruise Control system Controller: using Linear Quadratic Gaussian based on Genetic Algorithm
Solar Event Tracking with Deep Regression Networks: A Proof of Concept Evaluation
Energy Usage Reports: Environmental awareness as part of algorithmic accountability
Stream Semantic Registers: A Lightweight RISC-V ISA Extension Achieving Full Compute Utilization in Single-Issue Cores
All-Pay Bidding Games on Graphs
Predicting overweight and obesity in later life from childhood data: A review of predictive modeling approaches
Variance Reduced Advantage Estimation with $δ$ Hindsight Credit Assignment
Attention Privileged Reinforcement Learning For Domain Transfer
Approval-Based Apportionment
Large-Scale Traffic Signal Offset Optimization
Event detection in Colombian security Twitter news using fine-grained latent topic analysis
Modern Antennas and Microwave Circuits — A complete master-level course
Improved Compressed String Dictionaries
Deep Spiking Neural Networks for Large Vocabulary Automatic Speech Recognition
Concurrent Expandable AMQs on the Basis of Quotient Filters
Extending General Compact Querieable Representations to GIS Applications
Homogenization of a stochastically forced Hamilton-Jacobi equation
PRINCE: Provider-side Interpretability with Counterfactual Explanations in Recommender Systems
Adaptive Gradient Descent for Convex and Non-Convex Stochastic Optimization
A model for predicting price polarity of real estate properties using information of real estate market websites
Multi-Resolution 3D CNN for MRI Brain Tumor Segmentation and Survival Prediction
Bogoliubov excitations in the quasiperiodic kicked rotor: stability of a kicked condensate and the quasi-insulator-metal transition
Evaluation of performance portability frameworks for the implementation of a particle-in-cell code
Towards non-toxic landscapes: Automatic toxic comment detection using DNN
On the path partition number of 6-regular graphs
Coexistence, extinction, and optimal harvesting in discrete-time stochastic population models