Coverage Testing of Deep Learning Models using Dataset Characterization
Dynamic Programming Principles for Learning MFCs
Constrained High Dimensional Statistical Inference
Any-Precision Deep Neural Networks
Rebalancing Learning on Evolving Data Streams
Learning Similarity Attention
Towards Visually Explaining Variational Autoencoders
Justification-Based Reliability in Machine Learning
Neural Forest Learning
Provable Filter Pruning for Efficient Neural Networks
Pairwise Interactive Graph Attention Network for Context-Aware Recommendation
NAIS: Neural Architecture and Implementation Search and its Applications in Autonomous Driving
Graph Transformer for Graph-to-Sequence Learning
Fine-Grained Neural Architecture Search
Modality To Modality Translation: An Adversarial Representation Learning and Graph Fusion Network for Multimodal Fusion
Change point localization in dependent dynamic nonparametric random dot product graphs
Inverse Cooperative and Non-Cooperative Dynamic Games Based on Maximum Entropy Inverse Reinforcement Learning
Benchmarking time series classification — Functional data vs machine learning approaches
Graph Neural Ordinary Differential Equations
Fast Machine Learning with Byzantine Workers and Servers
Detecting structural breaks in eigensystems of functional time series
Influence-aware Memory for Deep Reinforcement Learning
Hacking Neural Networks: A Short Introduction
Using Mapping Languages for Building Legal Knowledge Graphs from XML Files
Learning with Good Feature Representations in Bandits and in RL with a Generative Model
GLMNet: Graph Learning-Matching Networks for Feature Matching
A Multi-Task Gradient Descent Method for Multi-Label Learning
Feedback Control for Online Training of Neural Networks
SySCD: A System-Aware Parallel Coordinate Descent Algorithm
BFpack: Flexible Bayes Factor Testing of Scientific Theories in R
Independence in Mathematics — the key to a Gaussian law
Online Change-Point Detection in High-Dimensional Covariance Structure with Application to Dynamic Networks
MUSE: Parallel Multi-Scale Attention for Sequence to Sequence Learning
Matching marginals and sums
VCG Under Sybil (False-name) Attacks — a Bayesian Analysis
Anharmonic properties of vibrational excitations in amorphous solids
Projection decoding of some binary optimal linear codes of lengths 36 and 40
A preconditioned Forward-Backward method for partially separable SemiDefinite Programs
Iterative phase retrieval for digital holography
Self-organized novelty detection in driven spin glasses
Real-Time Semantic Segmentation via Multiply Spatial Fusion Network
The typical cell of a Voronoi tessellation on the sphere
Deep Learning versus Traditional Classifiers on Vietnamese Students’ Feedback Corpus
Concept-oriented model: Modeling and processing data using functions
Robust Sub-Meter Level Indoor Localization With a Single WiFi Access Point-Regression Versus Classification
Iterative Construction of Gaussian Process Surrogate Models for Bayesian Inference
Error Analysis for Vietnamese Named Entity Recognition on Deep Neural Network Models
Learning Query Inseparable ELH Ontologies
Oracle inequalities for image denoising with total variation regularization
Adaptive Learning Guidance System (ALGS)
5/4-Approximation of Minimum 2-Edge-Connected Spanning Subgraph
Enhancing Generic Segmentation with Learned Region Representations
Approximation of Steiner Forest via the Bidirected Cut Relaxation
Double Affine Bruhat Order
Exponential Stability of a Class of Infinite Dimensional Coupled Systems
Asymptotic structure of cosmological Burgers flows in one and two space dimensions: a numerical study
Web-sites password management (in)security: Evidence and remedies
SiamCAR: Siamese Fully Convolutional Classification and Regression for Visual Tracking
Encouraging an Appropriate Representation Simplifies Training of Neural Networks
IKEA Furniture Assembly Environment for Long-Horizon Complex Manipulation Tasks
Hebbian Synaptic Modifications in Spiking Neurons that Learn
A Permutation Test for Assessing the Presence of Individual Differences in Treatment Effects
The Proper Care and Feeding of CAMELS: How Limited Training Data Affects Streamflow Prediction
DualVD: An Adaptive Dual Encoding Model for Deep Visual Understanding in Visual Dialogue
Understanding the Teaching Styles by an Attention based Multi-task Cross-media Dimensional modelling
Deep geometric matrix completion: Are we doing it right?
Learning The MMSE Channel Predictor
Learning with Hierarchical Complement Objective
An Integral Equation Formulation of the $N$-body Dielectric Spheres Problem. Part II: Complexity Analysis
PriorityGraph: A Unified Programming Model for Optimizing Ordered Graph Algorithms
Leveraging Multi-view Image Sets for Unsupervised Intrinsic Image Decomposition and Highlight Separation
Prescribed Performance Distance-Based Formation Control of Multi-Agent Systems (Extended Version)
On the well-posedness of uncalibrated photometric stereo under general lighting
Reverting Processes
Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning with Increasing Object Shape Bias
Distribution Context Aware Loss for Person Re-identification
Finding the Exact Distribution of (Peak) Age of Information for Queues of PH/PH/1/1 and M/PH/1/2 Type
Detecting F-formations & Roles in Crowded Social Scenes with Wearables: Combining Proxemics & Dynamics using LSTMs
A hierarchical expected improvement method for Bayesian optimization
Application of Principal Component Analysis in Chinese Sovereign Bond Market and Principal Component-Based Fixed Income Immunization
Collaborative Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Medical Image Diagnosis
The Directed Edge Reinforced Random Walk: The Ant Mill Phenomenon
Quantum Speedup for Graph Sparsification, Cut Approximation and Laplacian Solving
Solving machine learning optimization problems using quantum computers
Counterfactual Vision-and-Language Navigation via Adversarial Path Sampling
An Analytical Strategy for Passive Harmonic Filter Placement in Transmission Systems with Stochastic Aggregate Load Models Considering Resonant Conditions
Channel Estimation in Massive MIMO under Hardware Non-Linearities: Bayesian Methods versus Deep Learning
Quels corpus d’entraînement pour l’expansion de requêtes par plongement de mots : application à la recherche de microblogs culturels
Towards Efficient Anytime Computation and Execution of Decoupled Robustness Envelopes for Temporal Plans
Sparse $\ell_1$ and $\ell_2$ Center Classifiers
Layer-Dependent Importance Sampling for Training Deep and Large Graph Convolutional Networks
Testing Properties of Multiple Distributions with Few Samples
On Extensions of Myers’ Theorem
The Potential of the Confluence of Theoretical and Algorithmic Modeling in Music Recommendation
Overcoming Practical Issues of Deep Active Learning and its Applications on Named Entity Recognition
Stochastic Gradient Annealed Importance Sampling for Efficient Online Marginal Likelihood Estimation
ELoPE: Fine-Grained Visual Classification with Efficient Localization, Pooling and Embedding
Strong p-completeness of stochastic differential equations and the existence of smooth flows on noncompact manifolds
Fast 3D Pose Refinement with RGB Images
Microsimulation of Energy and Flow Effects from Optimal Automated Driving in Mixed Traffic
Putting visual object recognition in context
Caching Techniques to Improve Latency in Serverless Architectures
Robust Algorithms for the Secretary Problem
Adaptive Mirror Descent for the Network Utility Maximization Problem
Identify Equivalent Frames
Random Restrictions of High-Dimensional Distributions and Uniformity Testing with Subcube Conditioning
A Simple and Efficient Tube-based Robust Output Feedback Model Predictive Control Scheme
Optimal Decentralized Distributed Algorithms for Stochastic Convex Optimization
Exploiting Human Social Cognition for the Detection of Fake and Fraudulent Faces via Memory Networks
Optimal Demand Response and Supply Schedule Under Market-Driven Price: A Stackelberg Dynamic Game Approach
Predicting colorectal polyp recurrence using time-to-event analysis of medical records
Multi-domain Conversation Quality Evaluation via User Satisfaction Estimation
Structure of principal one-sided ideals
Top-down induction of decision trees: rigorous guarantees and inherent limitations
Finding Skewed Subcubes Under a Distribution
A structure-preserving algorithm for the fractional nonlinear Schrödinger equation based on the SAV approach
Developing a Scenario-Based Video Game Generation Framework: Preliminary Results
Unsteady aerodynamics of porous aerofoils
Towards Robust RGB-D Human Mesh Recovery
Distributed Low Precision Training Without Mixed Precision
On the stochastic flocking of the Cucker-Smale flock with randomly switching topologies
Rebuttal to Berger et al., TOPLAS 2019
Nonconvex Nonsmooth Low-Rank Minimization for Generalized Image Compressed Sensing via Group Sparse Representation
NeuronInspect: Detecting Backdoors in Neural Networks via Output Explanations
TSRNet: Scalable 3D Surface Reconstruction Network for Point Clouds using Tangent Convolution
FFDNet-Based Channel Estimation for Massive MIMO Visible Light Communication Systems
Multi-task Sentence Encoding Model for Semantic Retrieval in Question Answering Systems
Online Learning and Matching for Resource Allocation Problems
Multi-Temporal Recurrent Neural Networks For Progressive Non-Uniform Single Image Deblurring With Incremental Temporal Training
learning product graphs from multidomain signals
Potential Field: Interpretable and Unified Representation for Trajectory Prediction
Algorithmic Discrepancy Minimization
Grassmannian Packings in Neural Networks: Learning with Maximal Subspace Packings for Diversity and Anti-Sparsity
A Graph Autoencoder Approach to Causal Structure Learning
Deep Verifier Networks: Verification of Deep Discriminative Models with Deep Generative Models
Multiple Face Analyses through Adversarial Learning
Formulation and properties of a divergence used to compare probability measures without absolute continuity
Learning to Predict More Accurate Text Instances for Scene Text Detection
Capturing Hand Articulations using Recurrent Neural Network for 3D Hand Pose Estimation
Efficient Hardware Implementation of Incremental Learning and Inference on Chip
On random stable matchings: cyclic matchings with strict preferences and two-side matchings with partially ordered preferences
RotationOut as a Regularization Method for Neural Network
RIP constants for deterministic compressed sensing matrices-beyond Gershgorin
Near perfect matchings in uniform hypergraphs
Quantifying the unextendibility of entanglement
Fast MUSIC Algorithm for mm-Wave Massive-MIMO Radar
Large Scale Open-Set Deep Logo Detection
Sizing and Allocation of Distributed Energy Resources for Loss Reduction using Heuristic Algorithms
A Code injection Method for Rapid Docker Image Building
Temperature-induced nanostructural evolution of hydrogen-rich voids in amorphous silicon: A first-principles study
Accurate Trajectory Prediction for Autonomous Vehicles
Weak Control Approach to Consumer-Preferred Energy Management
Understanding Open Source Serverless Platforms: Design Considerations and Performance
Unsupervised Reinforcement Learning of Transferable Meta-Skills for Embodied Navigation
DirectPose: Direct End-to-End Multi-Person Pose Estimation
Vulnerability Analysis for Data Driven Pricing Schemes
Steady-State Control and Machine Learning of Large-Scale Deformable Mirror Models
Trees and Faà di Bruno’s formula
Walking the Tightrope: An Investigation of the Convolutional Autoencoder Bottleneck
Optimal deployments of UAVs with directional antennas for a power-efficient coverage
Implicit Enumeration of Topological-Minor-Embeddings and Its Application to Planar Subgraph Enumeration
A Message Passing Approach for Multiple Maneuvering Target Tracking
Generalized Fitch Relations II: Sets of Binary Relations that are explained by Edge-labeled Trees
Preparing Lessons: Improve Knowledge Distillation with Better Supervision
Learning to Synthesize Fashion Textures
Dense and Deep Sarcasm Detection
On switching properties of time optimal controls for linear ODEs
On the small time asymptotics of quasilinear parabolic stochastic partial differential equations
Cooperative Vision-based Localization Networks with Communication Constraints
Locally recoverable $J$-affine variety codes
On a modular form of Zaremba’s conjecture
Entropy stable discontinuous Galerkin approximation for the Relativistic Hydrodynamic Equations
Towards Making Deep Transfer Learning Never Hurt
Uniform mixing on abelian Cayley graphs
A Methodology for Obtaining Objective Measurements of Population Obesogenic Behaviors in Relation to the Environment
Deterministic partial binary circulant compressed sensing matrices
Online Adaptive Asymmetric Active Learning with Limited Budgets
Throughput Maximization with an Average Age of Information Constraint in Fading Channels
Control Limitations due to Zero Dynamics in a Single-Machine Infinite Bus Network
Interior and H$^\infty$ feedback stabilization for sabra Shell model of turbulence
Safe squeezing for antisparse coding
AI-based Pilgrim Detection using Convolutional Neural Networks
Automated Human Claustrum Segmentation using Deep Learning Technologies
Degrees of Freedom of Holographic MIMO Channels
Constructing Multiple Tasks for Augmentation: Improving Neural Image Classification With K-means Features
Fast Vibrational Modes and Slow Heterogeneous Dynamics in Polymers and Viscous Liquids
Goodness-of-fit Testing in Linear Regression Models
Fine-Grained Static Detection of Obfuscation Transforms Using Ensemble-Learning and Semantic Reasoning
The Devil is in the Details: Delving into Unbiased Data Processing for Human Pose Estimation
On one-stage recovery for $ΣΔ$-quantized compressed sensing
SOGNet: Scene Overlap Graph Network for Panoptic Segmentation
Ladder Loss for Coherent Visual-Semantic Embedding
Ulam’s Random Adding Process
Semi-Automatic Task Graph Construction for $\mathcal{H}$-Matrix Arithmetic
Learning Model Predictive Control for Periodic Repetitive Tasks
Time-inconsistent Planning: Simple Motivation Is Hard to Find
Aging Deep Face Features: Finding Missing Children
On the Hamming distances of repeated-root cyclic codes of length $5p^s$
Multi-Task Learning of Height and Semantics from Aerial Images
Optimal Control over Multiple Input Lossy Channels
A projection approach for multiple monotone regression
Short Text Language Identification for Under Resourced Languages
Does Regression Approximate the Influence of the Covariates or Just Measurement Errors? A Model Validity Test
FFA-Net: Feature Fusion Attention Network for Single Image Dehazing
Effects of Visualizing Technical Debts on a Software Maintenance Project
Automated fetal brain extraction from clinical Ultrasound volumes using 3D Convolutional Neural Networks
What are the Actual Flaws in Important Smart Contracts (and How Can We Find Them)?
Sparse Bayesian Multi-Task Learning of Time-Varying Massive MIMO Channels with Dynamic Filtering
Casimir effect with machine learning
Bayesian Recurrent Framework for Missing Data Imputation and Prediction with Clinical Time Series
Bias-Aware Heapified Policy for Active Learning
On optimal matching of Gaussian samples III
Absorbing phase transitions in a non-conserving sandpile model
Business Process Variant Analysis: Survey and Classification
Pattern-based design applied to cultural heritage knowledge graphs
Algebraic entropy of sign-stable mutation loops
Co-Attentive Equivariant Neural Networks: Focusing Equivariance On Transformations Co-Occurring In Data
An Annotated Corpus of Reference Resolution for Interpreting Common Grounding
Signal Clustering with Class-independent Segmentation
Dynamic exploration of multi-agent systems with timed periodic tasks
Sublinear preferential attachment combined with the growing number of choices
Dynamic Output Feedback Stabilization of Non-uniformly Observable Dissipative Systems
Convergence Analysis of a Momentum Algorithm with Adaptive Step Size for Non Convex Optimization
Resilient Unit Commitment for Day-ahead Market Considering Probabilistic Impacts of Hurricanes
A Note on Sampled-Data Observers
The inD Dataset: A Drone Dataset of Naturalistic Road User Trajectories at German Intersections
Two New Identities Involving the Catalan Numbers: A classical approach
patch2vec: Distributed Representation of Code Changes
An Application of Random Walk on Fake Account Detection Problem: A Hybrid Approach
A structure preserving numerical scheme for Fokker-Planck equations of neuron networks: numerical analysis and exploration
Convex Formulation of Overparameterized Deep Neural Networks
Asymptotic Freeness of Unitary Matrices in Tensor Product Spaces for Invariant States
Localizing Occluders with Compositional Convolutional Networks
A Unified Divergence Analysis on Projection Method for Symm’s Integral Equation of the First Kind
The Parameters of Minimal Linear Codes
Lattice Points in the Newton Polytopes of Key Polynomials
Domain Generalization Using a Mixture of Multiple Latent Domains
GraLSP: Graph Neural Networks with Local Structural Patterns
Towards Quantification of Bias in Machine Learning for Healthcare: A Case Study of Renal Failure Prediction
On barycenters of probability measures
A New Ensemble Adversarial Attack Powered by Long-term Gradient Memories
Radar Emitter Classification with Attribute-specific Recurrent Neural Networks
Automatic Image Co-Segmentation: A Survey
Energy-Efficient MIMO Multiuser Systems: Nash Equilibrium Analysis
emcee v3: A Python ensemble sampling toolkit for affine-invariant MCMC
Leveraging Decentralized Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Resilience of Energy Networks
Graph estimation for Gaussian data zero-inflated by double truncation
A Troubling Analysis of Reproducibility and Progress in Recommender Systems Research
An explanation method for Siamese neural networks
Affine Self Convolution
Mechanism Design with Predicted Task Revenue for Bike Sharing Systems
Building Fast Fuzzers
Inducing Cooperation via Team Regret Minimization based Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning
The Effectiveness of Variational Autoencoders for Active Learning
The Laplace transform of the integrated Volterra Wishart process
Program synthesis performance constrained by non-linear spatial relations in Synthetic Visual Reasoning Test
The geopolitics behind the routes data travels: a case study of Iran
ImmuNeCS: Neural Committee Search by an Artificial Immune System
Revisiting John Lamperti’s maximal branching process
Multi-modal Deep Guided Filtering for Comprehensible Medical Image Processing
Oriented Boxes for Accurate Instance Segmentation
Modeling Gestalt Visual Reasoning on the Raven’s Progressive Matrices Intelligence Test Using Generative Image Inpainting Techniques
Profile-based Resource Allocation for Virtualized Network Functions
Infinitesimal generators for two-dimensional Lévy process-driven hypothesis testing
Beyond the Grounding Bottleneck: Datalog Techniques for Inference in Probabilistic Logic Programs (Technical Report)
Universal superposition codes: capacity regions of compound quantum broadcast channel with confidential messages
Learning Probably Approximately Correct Maximin Strategies in Simulation-Based Games with Infinite Strategy Spaces
Satellite Image Time Series Classification with Pixel-Set Encoders and Temporal Self-Attention
Inexact Primal-Dual Gradient Projection Methods for Nonlinear Optimization on Convex Set
An Affine Analogue of Fulton’s Ideals for Matrix Schubert Variety
FeCaffe: FPGA-enabled Caffe with OpenCL for Deep Learning Training and Inference on Intel Stratix 10
Data-driven Linear Quadratic Regulation via Semidefinite Programming
Frequency Separation for Real-World Super-Resolution
MaskedFusion: Mask-based 6D Object Pose Detection
Mapping NP-hard and NP-complete optimisation problems to Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimisation problems