Periodic Spectral Ergodicity: A Complexity Measure for Deep Neural Networks and Neural Architecture Search
Fairness through Equality of Effort
Experiences with Improving the Transparency of AI Models and Services
WaveletKernelNet: An Interpretable Deep Neural Network for Industrial Intelligent Diagnosis
Information-Theoretic Perspective of Federated Learning
Dynamic Modeling and Equilibria in Fair Decision Making
A Bootstrap-based Inference Framework for Testing Similarity of Paired Networks
Explanatory Masks for Neural Network Interpretability
Inverse Reinforcement Learning with Missing Data
Inductive Relation Prediction on Knowledge Graphs
An ‘outside the box’ solution for imbalanced data classification
Pangolin: An Efficient and Flexible Graph Mining System on CPU and GPU
IDEALEM: Statistical Similarity Based Data Reduction
Understanding and Improving Layer Normalization
Taming Reasoning in Temporal Probabilistic Relational Models
Maintaining Discrimination and Fairness in Class Incremental Learning
Sensory Optimization: Neural Networks as a Model for Understanding and Creating Art
RSM-GAN: A Convolutional Recurrent GAN for Anomaly Detection in Contaminated Seasonal Multivariate Time Series
Robust Anomaly Detection and Backdoor Attack Detection Via Differential Privacy
Graph-Revised Convolutional Network
Comparison of Deep learning models on time series forecasting : a case study of Dissolved Oxygen Prediction
Neural Recurrent Structure Search for Knowledge Graph Embedding
Autonomics: In Search of a Foundation for Next Generation Autonomous Systems
Prototypical Networks for Multi-Label Learning
Reducing Honeypot Log Storage Capacity Consumption — Cron Job with Perl-Script Approach
Enhancing Cellular Communications for UAVs via Intelligent Reflective Surface
Exactly Sparse Gaussian Variational Inference with Application to Derivative-Free Batch Nonlinear State Estimation
Value-Added Chemical Discovery Using Reinforcement Learning
Python vs. R: A Text Mining Approach for analyzing the Research Trends in Scopus Database
How data, synapses and neurons interact with each other: a variational principle marrying gradient ascent and message passing
Cluster-wise Unsupervised Hashing for Cross-Modal Similarity Search
GMAN: A Graph Multi-Attention Network for Traffic Prediction
Logo-2K+: A Large-Scale Logo Dataset for Scalable Logo Classification
Dynamic Model for Network Selection in Next Generation HetNets with Memory-affecting Rational Users
VITON-GAN: Virtual Try-on Image Generator Trained with Adversarial Loss
Efficient Ridge Solutions for the Incremental Broad Learning System on Added Inputs by Updating the Inverse or the Inverse Cholesky Factor of the Hermitian matrix in the Ridge Inverse
Visual Dialogue State Tracking for Question Generation
Smoke Sky — Exploring New Frontiers of Unmanned Aerial Systems for Wildland Fire Science and Applications
A Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) Application Framework for Hearing Impairment Diagnosis
Bit-Interleaved Coded Multiple Beamforming in Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO Systems
Exact Byzantine Consensus on Arbitrary Directed Graphs under Local Broadcast Model
Dynamic Resource Allocation in Co-Located and Cell-Free Massive MIMO
A Smartphone-Based Skin Disease Classification Using MobileNet CNN
Haploid-Diploid Evolution: Nature’s Memetic Algorithm
Zoea — Composable Inductive Programming Without Limits
Periodic solutions of hybrid jump diffusion processes
Asymptotics of Reinforcement Learning with Neural Networks
On the upper embedding of Steiner triple systems and Latin squares
Deep Learning Captures More Accurate Diffusion Fiber Orientations Distributions than Constrained Spherical Deconvolution
BiNet: Degraded-Manuscript Binarization in Diverse Document Textures and Layouts using Deep Encoder-Decoder Networks
False Asymptotic Instability Behavior at Iterated Functions with Lyapunov Stability in Nonlinear Time Series
One-Bit Sigma-Delta modulation on the circle
CAGFuzz: Coverage-Guided Adversarial Generative Fuzzing Testing of Deep Learning Systems
Copy-Move Forgery Classification via Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
Understanding Troll Writing as a Linguistic Phenomenon
When Coincidence has Meaning: Understanding Emergence Through Networks of Information Token Recurrence
Two-weight codes over the integers modulo a prime power
Cross-modal supervised learning for better acoustic representations
Face shape classification using Inception v3
The Similarity-Consensus Regularized Multi-view Learning for Dimension Reduction
Exploiting Token and Path-based Representations of Code for Identifying Security-Relevant Commits
DeepSat V2: Feature Augmented Convolutional Neural Nets for Satellite Image Classification
Experiments in Detecting Persuasion Techniques in the News
Linear rankwidth meets stability
Deep Discriminative Fine-Tuning for Cancer Type Classification
QC-Automator: Deep Learning-based Automated Quality Control for Diffusion MR Images
On the computation of counterfactual explanations — A survey
A Subword Level Language Model for Bangla Language
Selection-based Question Answering of an MOOC
Role-Oriented Code Generation in an Engine for Solving Hyperbolic PDE Systems
Binary Sine Cosine Algorithms for Feature Selection from Medical Data
Model Hierarchy for the Shape Optimization of a Microchannel Cooling System
Exploring the added value of blockchain technology for the healthcare domain
What is the Perfect Shuffle?
Ghost Units Yield Biologically Plausible Backprop in Deep Neural Networks
Neocortical plasticity: an unsupervised cake but no free lunch
PES: Proactive Event Scheduling for Responsive and Energy-Efficient Mobile Web Computing
ASV: Accelerated Stereo Vision System
A Molecular-MNIST Dataset for Machine Learning Study on Diffraction Imaging and Microscopy
Data-efficient Co-Adaptation of Morphology and Behaviour with Deep Reinforcement Learning
Improved Exploration through Latent Trajectory Optimization in Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient
Backward propagation of chaos
Robust Model Predictive Control via System Level Synthesis
Handwritten and Machine printed OCR for Geez Numbers Using Artificial Neural Network
A Sparse Bayesian Deep Learning Approach for Identification of Cascaded Tanks Benchmark
Assigning Medical Codes at the Encounter Level by Paying Attention to Documents
Curriculum Self-Paced Learning for Cross-Domain Object Detection
An Optimal Transport approach for the Schrödinger bridge problem and convergence of Sinkhorn algorithm
The weight distribution of irreducible cyclic codes associated with decomposable generalized Paley graphs
Empirical Study of Off-Policy Policy Evaluation for Reinforcement Learning
Semiparametric Estimation of Correlated Random Coefficient Models without Instrumental Variables
Deep Learning with Persistent Homology for Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) Decoding
NeuMMU: Architectural Support for Efficient Address Translations in Neural Processing Units
An Accuracy-Enhanced Stemming Algorithm for Arabic Information Retrieval
Large-Scale Parallel Matching of Social Network Profiles
Some remarks regarding finite bounded commutative BCK-algebras
Multi-attention Networks for Temporal Localization of Video-level Labels
Stochastic decompositions in bivariate risk and queueing models with mutual assistance
Causal inference with recurrent data via inverse probability treatment weighting method (IPTW)
Corrfunc: Blazing fast correlation functions with AVX512F SIMD Intrinsics
Expected difference of order statistics in terms of hazard rate
Generative Audio Synthesis with a Parametric Model
Innovation and Strategic Network Formation
Adaptive Leader-Follower Formation Control and Obstacle Avoidance via Deep Reinforcement Learning
The implications of Labour’s plan to scrap Key Stage 2 tests for Progress 8 and secondary school accountability in England
Variance partitioning in multilevel models for count data
New Query Lower Bounds for Submodular Function MInimization
Integrality of Linearizations of Polynomials over Binary Variables using Additional Monomials
Delta-stepping SSSP: from Vertices and Edges to GraphBLAS Implementations
Label-similarity Curriculum Learning
Query Complexity of Bayesian Private Learning
Improving Graph Neural Network Representations of Logical Formulae with Subgraph Pooling
Coupling Matrix Manifolds and Their Applications in Optimal Transport
Strategy-Stealing is Non-Constructive
Prediction Focused Topic Models for Electronic Health Records
CNN-based Dual-Chain Models for Knowledge Graph Learning
The quadratic Wasserstein metric for inverse data matching
Fixed-horizon Active Hypothesis Testing
Granular Motor State Monitoring of Free Living Parkinson’s Disease Patients via Deep Learning
Evaluating robustness of language models for chief complaint extraction from patient-generated text
Towards Design Methodology of Efficient Fast Algorithms for Accelerating Generative Adversarial Networks on FPGAs
Six Degree-of-Freedom Hovering using LIDAR Altimetry via Reinforcement Meta-Learning
Improved Document Modelling with a Neural Discourse Parser
A Fully Stochastic Second-Order Trust Region Method
Benanza: Automatic uBenchmark Generation to Compute ‘Lower-bound’ Latency and Inform Optimizations of Deep Learning Models on GPUs
Approximating the Distance to Monotonicity of Boolean Functions
Generalized Maximum Causal Entropy for Inverse Reinforcement Learning
3D Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks to enable large-scale seismic image enhancement
The Creation and Validation of Load Time Series for Synthetic Electric Power Systems
Fairness With Minimal Harm: A Pareto-Optimal Approach For Healthcare
Classification as Decoder: Trading Flexibility for Control in Medical Dialogue
Unsupervised Representation Learning for Gaze Estimation
Utterance-to-Utterance Interactive Matching Network for Multi-Turn Response Selection in Retrieval-Based Chatbots
The Overlap Gap Property and Approximate Message Passing Algorithms for $p$-spin models
$DC^2$: A Divide-and-conquer Algorithm for Large-scale Kernel Learning with Application to Clustering
Robust Reading Comprehension with Linguistic Constraints via Posterior Regularization
Distributed Machine Learning through Heterogeneous Edge Systems
Memory-Efficient Performance Monitoring on Programmable Switches with Lean Algorithms
Dynamic Instance Normalization for Arbitrary Style Transfer
Exploiting Oxide Based Resistive RAM Variability for Probabilistic AI Hardware Design
Marginal and Interactive Feature Screening of Ultra-high Dimensional Feature Spaces with Multivariate Response
On Space-spectrum Uncertainty Analysis for Coded Aperture Systems
An Induced Multi-Relational Framework for Answer Selection in Community Question Answer Platforms
Regularized Weighted Low Rank Approximation
Towards Reducing Bias in Gender Classification
Learning Behavioral Representations from Wearable Sensors
A linearly implicit structure-preserving scheme for the fractional sine-Gordon equation based on the IEQ approach
Towards Automated Sexual Violence Report Tracking
Optimal Storage Control for Dynamic Pricing
Learning Autocomplete Systems as a Communication Game
Defensive Few-shot Adversarial Learning
Off-Policy Policy Gradient Algorithms by Constraining the State Distribution Shift
BSP-Net: Generating Compact Meshes via Binary Space Partitioning
Lightweight Residual Network for The Classification of Thyroid Nodules
On q-ary Bent and Plateaued Functions
The Directed Dominating Set problem studied by cavity method: Warning propagation and population dynamics
Long Range 3D with Quadocular Thermal (LWIR) Camera
Transfer Learning of fMRI Dynamics
Grounding Human-to-Vehicle Advice for Self-driving Vehicles
Parametric Graph-based Separable Transforms for Video Coding
VLUC: An Empirical Benchmark for Video-Like Urban Computing on Citywide Crowd and Traffic Prediction
Capacitorless Model of a VO2 Oscillator
Constructing the Bijective BWT
Faster AutoAugment: Learning Augmentation Strategies using Backpropagation
Learning Efficient Multi-agent Communication: An Information Bottleneck Approach
Optimized CNN for PolSAR Image Classification via Differentiable Neural Architecture Search
Ground and Non-Ground Separation Filter for UAV Lidar Point Cloud
Demand-Private Coded Caching and the Exact Trade-off for N=K=2
Selective sampling for accelerating training of deep neural networks
Self-supervised GAN: Analysis and Improvement with Multi-class Minimax Game
Revisiting Shadow Detection: A New Benchmark Dataset for Complex World
A spatio-temporal multi-scale model for Geyer saturation point process: application to forest fire occurrences
AETv2: AutoEncoding Transformations for Self-Supervised Representation Learning by Minimizing Geodesic Distances in Lie Groups
Spatiotemporal large-scale networks shaped by air mass movements
Large $N$ behaviour of the two-dimensional Yang-Mills partition function
Bollobás type theorems for hemi-bundled two families
What Will Your Child Look Like? DNA-Net: Age and Gender Aware Kin Face Synthesizer
Suspicion-Free Adversarial Attacks on Clustering Algorithms
Backward Stochastic Differential Equations with Non-Markovian Singular Terminal Conditions with General Driver and Filtration
Secure Communication for Spatially Sparse Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO Channels via Hybrid Precoding
Counting solutions to random CNF formulas
Effectively Unbiased FID and Inception Score and where to find them
Numerical solution of a bending-torsion model for elastic rods
Mixing time trichotomy in regenerating dynamic digraphs
Cooperative Pathfinding based on high-scalability Multi-agent RRT*
On Value Discrepancy of Imitation Learning
On the Age of Information in Multi-Source Queueing Models
Contribution au Niveau de l’Approche Indirecte à Base de Transfert dans la Traduction Automatique
S2DNAS: Transforming Static CNN Model for Dynamic Inference via Neural Architecture Search
Instance Shadow Detection
Quality Assessment of DIBR-synthesized views: An Overview
Music theme recognition using CNN and self-attention
Automatic Annotation of Hip Anatomy in Fluoroscopy for Robust and Efficient 2D/3D Registration
SA-Text: Simple but Accurate Detector for Text of Arbitrary Shapes
Fair Division of Mixed Divisible and Indivisible Goods
Wavelet-Based Moment-Matching Techniques for Inertial Sensor Calibration
All-In-One: Facial Expression Transfer, Editing and Recognition Using A Single Network
Galerkin finite element approximation for semilinear stochastic time-tempered fractional wave equations with multiplicative white noise and fractional Gaussian noise
The Longest $(s, t)$-paths of $O$-shaped Supergrid Graphs
AttaCut: A Fast and Accurate Neural Thai Word Segmenter
Tigris: Architecture and Algorithms for 3D Perception in Point Clouds
Signals Featuring Harmonics with Random Frequencies — Spectral, Distributional and Ergodic Properties
Halpern iteration for a finite family of quasinonexpansive mappings on a complete geodesic space with curvature bounded above by one
New Polynomial Preconditioned GMRES
ResUNet++: An Advanced Architecture for Medical Image Segmentation
Kvasir-SEG: A Segmented Polyp Dataset
Unsupervised Deep Metric Learning via Auxiliary Rotation Loss
iGateLink: A Gateway Library for Linking IoT, Edge, Fog and Cloud Computing Environments
Integration of stationary wavelet transform on a dynamic partial reconfiguration: case study separating preictal gamma oscillations from transitory activities for early build up epileptic seizure
Duality and sensitivity analysis of multistage linear stochastic programs
Evaluation of techniques for predicting seizure Build up
Non-trivial higher Massey products in moment-angle complexes
Missingness as Stability: Understanding the Structure of Missingness in Longitudinal EHR data and its Impact on Reinforcement Learning in Healthcare
Causal Inference Under Approximate Neighborhood Interference
Signed Input Regularization
Maximum Approximate Likelihood Estimation in Accelerated Failure Time Model for Interval-Censored Data
Liver Steatosis Segmentation with Deep Learning Methods
Bayesian Ordinal Quantile Regression with a Partially Collapsed Gibbs Sampler
Defending Against Model Stealing Attacks with Adaptive Misinformation
Glyph: Fast and Accurately Training Deep Neural Networks on Encrypted Data
Simulation and Optimization of Mean First Passage Time Problems in 2-D using Numerical Embedded Methods and Perturbation Theory
Inference in Models of Discrete Choice with Social Interactions Using Network Data
SMART: Skeletal Motion Action Recognition aTtack
System-size-dependent avalanche statistics in the limit of high disorder
Reinforcement Learning from Imperfect Demonstrations under Soft Expert Guidance
Training DNA Perceptrons via Fractional Coding
Partial Least Squares for Functional Joint Models
Particle Swarm and EDAs
A Thermodynamically Consistent Fractional Visco-Elasto-Plastic Model with Memory-Dependent Damage for Anomalous Materials
General Regression Neural Networks, Radial Basis Function Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines, and Feedforward Neural Networks
Weather event severity prediction using buoy data and machine learning
Graph Topological Aspects of Granger Causal Network Learning
Faster Integer Multiplication Using Preprocessing
Opportunities for artificial intelligence in advancing precision medicine
Inferring the particle-wise dynamics of amorphous solids from the local structure at the jamming point
An Empirical and Comparative Analysis of Data Valuation with Scalable Algorithms
The Secret Revealer: Generative Model-Inversion Attacks Against Deep Neural Networks
Study of Non-Uniform Channel Polarization and Design of Polar Codes with Arbitrary Rates
Black-Box Adversarial Attack with Transferable Model-based Embedding
Working Memory Graphs
Bayesian Model Selection for Ultrahigh-Dimensional Doubly-Intractable Distributions with an Application to Network Psychometrics
Extra Proximal-Gradient Inspired Non-local Network
Causality-based Feature Selection: Methods and Evaluations
Finding Modular Functions for Ramanujan-Type Identities
Subcarrier Assignment Schemes Based on Q-Learning in Wideband Cognitive Radio Networks
A one-phase tree-based algorithm for mining high-utility itemsets from a transaction database
Bases for Quotients of Symmetric Polynomials
Stochastic Magnetoelectric Neuron for Temporal Information Encoding
Sparse Hopsets in Congested Clique
Mining Unfollow Behavior in Large-Scale Online Social Networks via Spatial-Temporal Interaction
Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Object Detection via Cross-Domain Semi-Supervised Learning
Weakly Supervised Object Localization with Inter-Intra Regulated CAMs
An Analysis Framework for Metric Voting based on LP Duality
Dense Color Constancy with Effective Edge Augmentation
Meta-Reinforced Synthetic Data for One-Shot Fine-Grained Visual Recognition
Practical computation of the diffusion MRI signal of realistic neurons based on Laplace eigenfunctions
Low-Weight and Learnable Image Denoising
2nd Place Solution in Google AI Open Images Object Detection Track 2019
State Space Emulation and Annealed Sequential Monte Carlo for High Dimensional Optimization
Quick and (not so) Dirty: Unsupervised Selection of Justification Sentences for Multi-hop Question Answering
Fast Color Constancy with Patch-wise Bright Pixels
NeckSense: A Multi-Sensor Necklace for Detecting Eating Activities in Free-Living Conditions
Multiple-Source Ellipsoidal Localization Using Acoustic Energy Measurements
Scale- and Context-Aware Convolutional Non-intrusive Load Monitoring
Multi-Zone Unit for Recurrent Neural Networks
Towards the Automation of Deep Image Prior
Partitionable sets, almost partitionable sets and their applications
Loss Aware Post-training Quantization
Predicting Device-to-Device Channels from Cellular Channel Measurements: A Learning Approach
Transductive Zero-Shot Hashing for Multi-Label Image Retrieval
Compatibility degree of cluster complexes
Testing for Stochastic Order in Interval-Valued Data
Smoothed Inference for Adversarially-Trained Models
Rumor Detection on Social Media: Datasets, Methods and Opportunities
Common Artist Music Assistance
Countering Inconsistent Labelling by Google’s Vision API for Rotated Images
Compressed Channel Estimation and Joint Beamforming for Intelligent Reflecting Surface-Assisted Millimeter Wave Systems
REFIT: a Unified Watermark Removal Framework for Deep Learning Systems with Limited Data
RadioUNet: Fast Radio Map Estimation with Convolutional Neural Networks
A Configuration-Space Decomposition Scheme for Learning-based Collision Checking