Graph Transformer Networks
Position Paper: Towards Transparent Machine Learning
Deep Clustering for Mars Rover image datasets
Radically Compositional Cognitive Concepts
Seq-U-Net: A One-Dimensional Causal U-Net for Efficient Sequence Modelling
Synthetic Event Time Series Health Data Generation
Thirteen Simple Steps for Creating An R Package with an External C++ Library
Human Annotations Improve GAN Performances
Self-supervised Adversarial Training
ASCAI: Adaptive Sampling for acquiring Compact AI
‘How do I fool you?’: Manipulating User Trust via Misleading Black Box Explanations
Using natural language processing to extract health-related causality from Twitter messages
Scalable and Reliable Multi-Dimensional Aggregation of Sensor Data Streams
LIBRE: Learning Interpretable Boolean Rule Ensembles
Controllability of the Voter Model: an information theoretic approach
Safe Interactive Model-Based Learning
Multi-Label Learning with Deep Forest
Learning Models over Relational Data: A Brief Tutorial
Learning To Characterize Adversarial Subspaces
Bootstrapping NLU Models with Multi-task Learning
Generative Models for Effective ML on Private, Decentralized Datasets
How bettering the best? Answers via blending models and cluster formulations in density-based clustering
Unsupervised Attributed Multiplex Network Embedding
Stagewise Knowledge Distillation
On the center of mass of the elephant random walk
On the Relativized Alon Second Eigenvalue Conjecture V: Proof of the Relativized Alon Conjecture for Regular Base Graphs
Long-range Prediction of Vital Signs Using Generative Boosting via LSTM Networks
Deep learning methods in speaker recognition: a review
Smart transformer Modelling in Optimal Power Flow Analysis
Performance evaluation of deep neural networks for forecasting time-series with multiple structural breaks and high volatility
Detecting cutaneous basal cell carcinomas in ultra-high resolution and weakly labelled histopathological images
In Search of the Fastest Concurrent Union-Find Algorithm
On the Time-Based Conclusion Stability of Software Defect Prediction Models
Extremes of Vector-Valued Gaussian Processes
Shape optimisation of stirring rods in mixing binary fluids
Question-Conditioned Counterfactual Image Generation for VQA
Capturing the Production of the Innovative Ideas: An Online Social Network Experiment and ‘Idea Geography’ Visualization
Predicting Drug-Drug Interactions from Molecular Structure Images
Give me (un)certainty — An exploration of parameters that affect segmentation uncertainty
Hardness of Learning DNFs using Halfspaces
Twitter Watch: Leveraging Social Media to Monitor and Predict Collective-Efficacy of Neighborhoods
Multiple Patients Behavior Detection in Real-time using mmWave Radar and Deep CNNs
MmWave Radar Point Cloud Segmentation using GMM in Multimodal Traffic Monitoring
Arguing Ecosystem Values with Paraconsistent Logics
Automotive Radar Interference Mitigation Using Adaptive Noise Canceller
Solving Inverse Problems by Joint Posterior Maximization with a VAE Prior
On Data Enriched Logistic Regression
Unlabeled Sensing With Local Permutations
Entanglement-assisted Quantum Codes from Cyclic Codes
Estimation of dynamic networks for high-dimensional nonstationary time series
The Eighth Dialog System Technology Challenge
Contrast Phase Classification with a Generative Adversarial Network
Does Face Recognition Accuracy Get Better With Age? Deep Face Matchers Say No
Strongly uncontrollable network topologies
New Bounds on $k$-Planar Crossing Numbers
Mining News Events from Comparable News Corpora: A Multi-Attribute Proximity Network Modeling Approach
Auto-encoding a Knowledge Graph Using a Deep Belief Network: A Random Fields Perspective
Modelling EHR timeseries by restricting feature interaction
Sparse associative memory based on contextual code learning for disambiguating word senses
Assessing the uncertainty in statistical evidence with the possibility of model misspecification using a non-parametric bootstrap
Localization for Random Walks in Random Environment in Dimension two and Higher
Weighted Triangle-free 2-matching Problem with Edge-disjoint Forbidden Triangles
Atypical exit events near a repelling equilibrium
Reversible Hardware for Acoustic Communications
Weak Monotone Comparative Statics
Gated Variational AutoEncoders: Incorporating Weak Supervision to Encourage Disentanglement
Bounds to the Normal Approximation for Linear Recursions with Two Effects
CASTER: Predicting Drug Interactions with Chemical Substructure Representation
Quadratic addition rules for three $q$-integers
Structural Controllability of Networked Relative Coupling Systems under Fixed and Switching Topologies
Measurement Error Correction in Particle Tracking Microrheology
Estimating adaptive cruise control model parameters from on-board radar units
Distributed Nash equilibrium seeking for aggregative games via a small-gain approach
Optimal Mini-Batch Size Selection for Fast Gradient Descent
Resource-Competitive Sybil Defenses
Flexible Functional Split and Power Control for Energy Harvesting Cloud Radio Access Networks
Multiple Style-Transfer in Real-Time
Fourier Spectrum Discrepancies in Deep Network Generated Images
$\ell_{\infty}$ Vector Contraction for Rademacher Complexity
Explicit-Blurred Memory Network for Analyzing Patient Electronic Health Records
Interpreting chest X-rays via CNNs that exploit disease dependencies and uncertainty labels
Sequential Recommendation with Relation-Aware Kernelized Self-Attention
On Model Robustness Against Adversarial Examples
Automated Augmentation with Reinforcement Learning and GANs for Robust Identification of Traffic Signs using Front Camera Images
OpenLORIS-Object: A Dataset and Benchmark towards Lifelong Object Recognition
DNNRE: A Dynamic Neural Network for Distant Supervised Relation Extraction
What is the gradient of a scalar function of a symmetric matrix ?
Some results on the Ryser design conjecture-III
A Survey of Algorithms for Distributed Charging Control of Electric Vehicles in Smart Grid
Situation Coverage Testing for a Simulated Autonomous Car — an Initial Case Study
Simple iterative method for generating targeted universal adversarial perturbations
The TAZRP speed process
Single View Distortion Correction using Semantic Guidance
Improved algorithm for neuronal ensemble inference by Monte Carlo method
Graph Iso/Auto-morphism: A Divide-&-Conquer Approach
A Neural Network Assisted Greedy Algorithm For Sparse Electromagnetic Imaging
Likelihood Assignment for Out-of-Distribution Inputs in Deep Generative Models is Sensitive to Prior Distribution Choice
Improving PHY-Security of UAV-Enabled Transmission with Wireless Energy Harvesting: Robust Trajectory Design and Power Allocation
A Novel Content Caching and Delivery Scheme for Millimeter Wave Device-to-Device Communications
Safe Coverage of Compact Domains For Second Order Dynamical Systems
Random walks on hypergraphs
An Energy Efficient D2D Model with Guaranteed Quality of Service for Cloud Radio Access Networks
A3GAN: An Attribute-aware Attentive Generative Adversarial Network for Face Aging
Fine-grained Qualitative Spatial Reasoning about Point Positions
Optimal Sequential Tests for Detection of Changes under Finite measure space for Finite Sequences of Networks
A meshfree formulation for large deformation analysis of flexoelectric structures accounting for the surface effects
Codes Correcting All Patterns of Tandem-Duplication Errors of Maximum Length 3
Akaike’s Bayesian information criterion (ABIC) or not ABIC for geophysical inversion
Feedback Linearization based on Gaussian Processes with event-triggered Online Learning
Putting Privacy into Perspective — Comparing Technical, Legal, and Users’ View of Data Sensitivity
Independent and automatic evaluation of acoustic-to-articulatory inversion models
GET: Global envelopes in R
AdvKnn: Adversarial Attacks On K-Nearest Neighbor Classifiers With Approximate Gradients
Integrating Threat Modeling and Automated Test Case Generation into Industrialized Software Security Testing
Overcoming slowly decaying Kolmogorov n-width by transport maps: application to model order reduction of fluid dynamics and fluid–structure interaction problems
GraphX-Convolution for Point Cloud Deformation in 2D-to-3D Conversion
Data Preparation in Agriculture Through Automated Semantic Annotation — Basis for a Wide Range of Smart Services
Regularization with Metric Double Integrals for Vector Tomography
HealthFog: An Ensemble Deep Learning based Smart Healthcare System for Automatic Diagnosis of Heart Diseases in Integrated IoT and Fog Computing Environments
Single Image Reflection Removal through Cascaded Refinement
Reusable neural skill embeddings for vision-guided whole body movement and object manipulation
Pseudo-linear Convergence of an Additive Schwarz Method for Dual Total Variation Minimization
CatGAN: Category-aware Generative Adversarial Networks with Hierarchical Evolutionary Learning for Category Text Generation
Generalized rainbow Turán problems
Forgetting to learn logic programs
You Only Watch Once: A Unified CNN Architecture for Real-Time Spatiotemporal Action Localization
Imputing missing values with unsupervised random trees
Optimal adaptive group testing
Long cycle of random permutations with polynomially growing cycle weights
A Policy Editor for Semantic Sensor Networks
MMGAN: Generative Adversarial Networks for Multi-Modal Distributions
Automated Derivation of Parametric Data Movement Lower Bounds for Affine Programs
A System Theoretical Perspective to Gradient-Tracking Algorithms for Distributed Quadratic Optimization
CenterMask : Real-Time Anchor-Free Instance Segmentation
General Criteria for Successor Rules to Efficiently Generate Binary de Bruijn Sequences
Enforcing Deterministic Constraints on Generative Adversarial Networks for Emulating Physical Systems
A nonparametric estimator of the extremal index
Use of Power Flow Controllers to Enhance Transmission Network Utilisation on the Irish Transmission Network
Enforcing Boundary Conditions on Physical Fields in Bayesian Inversion
Fair Data Adaptation with Quantile Preservation
Deep radiomic features from MRI scans predict survival outcome of recurrent glioblastoma
Asymptotics and statistics on Fishburn matrices and their generalizations
Failed zero forcing and critical sets on directed graphs
New practical advances in polynomial root clustering
Asymptotics of Quasi-Stationary Distributions of Small Noise Stochastic Dynamical Systems in Unbounded Domains
Batch correction of high-dimensional data
Two-level Dynamic Load Balancing for High Performance Scientific Applications
On Polynomial Stability of Coupled Partial Differential Equations in 1D
A Generalized Markov Chain Model to Capture Dynamic Preferences and Choice Overload
Combinatorial Description Of The Principal Congruence Subgroup $Γ$(2) In Sl(2, Z)
In-domain representation learning for remote sensing
Causal inference using Bayesian non-parametric quasi-experimental design
A nonparametric framework for inferring orders of categorical data from category-real ordered pairs
Estimation via length-constrained generalized empirical principal curves under small noise
A positive combinatorial formula for symplectic Kostka-Foulkes polynomials I: Rows
An incremental scenario approach for building energy management with uncertain occupancy
On self-Mullineux and self-conjugate partitions
Actuation attacks on constrained linear systems: a set-theoretic analysis
On a Centrality Maximization Game
Semi-Algebraic Proofs, IPS Lower Bounds and the $τ$-Conjecture: Can a Natural Number be Negative?
Penalized k-means algorithms for finding the correct number of clusters in a dataset
Weak approximate unitary designs and applications to quantum encryption
Asymptotically Exact Variational Bayes for High-Dimensional Binary Regression Models
Towards Personalized Dialog Policies for Conversational Skill Discovery
Loss Minimization through the Allocation of DGs Considering the Stochastic Nature of Units
Local large deviation principle for Wiener process with random resetting
Clustering of solutions in the symmetric binary perceptron
Graphical One-Sided Markets
Partially normal 5-edge-colorings of cubic graphs
Stability and error analysis of a splitting method using Robin-Robin coupling applied to a fluid-structure interaction problem
Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access for Visible Light Communications with Ambient Light and User Mobility
Large deviations in a population dynamics with catastrophes
Probabilistic Foundations of the Staver-Levin Model
TinyCNN: A Tiny Modular CNN Accelerator for Embedded FPGA
Limit theorems for chains with unbounded variable length memory which satisfy Cramer condition
A Turing Test for Crowds
Learning an Optimally Reduced Formulation of OPF through Meta-optimization
Computationally Data-Independent Memory Hard Functions
Non-Monotone Submodular Maximization with Multiple Knapsacks in Static and Dynamic Settings
On differentiable local bounds preserving stabilization for Euler equations
Testing linear-invariant properties