Probabilistic Similarity Networks
Towards Hierarchical Importance Attribution: Explaining Compositional Semantics for Neural Sequence Models
Instance-based Transfer Learning for Multilingual Deep Retrieval
Interactive Attention for Semantic Text Matching
KEPLER: A Unified Model for Knowledge Embedding and Pre-trained Language Representation
What do you mean, BERT? Assessing BERT as a Distributional Semantics Model
Learning internal representations
Coarse-Refinement Dilemma: On Generalization Bounds for Data Clustering
All-Spin Bayesian Neural Networks
A Reduction from Reinforcement Learning to No-Regret Online Learning
Adversarial Margin Maximization Networks
FAQ-based Question Answering via Knowledge Anchors
An Efficient Hardware-Oriented Dropout Algorithm
Hiding in Multilayer Networks
HUSE: Hierarchical Universal Semantic Embeddings
A Recurrent Probabilistic Neural Network with Dimensionality Reduction Based on Time-series Discriminant Component Analysis
Robust Parameter-Free Season Length Detection in Time Series
Semantic Granularity Metric Learning for Visual Search
A Bayesian/Information Theoretic Model of Bias Learning
Learning Model Bias
Unreliable Multi-Armed Bandits: A Novel Approach to Recommendation Systems
Understanding Graph Neural Networks with Asymmetric Geometric Scattering Transforms
Sato: Contextual Semantic Type Detection in Tables
Real-time Anomaly Detection and Classification in Streaming PMU Data
Backtracking activation impacts the criticality of excitable networks
Response to NITRD, NCO, NSF Request for Information on ‘Update to the 2016 National Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Strategic Plan’
Diversity of dynamical behaviors due to initial conditions: exact results with extended Ott–Antonsen ansatz for identical Kuramoto–Sakaguchi phase oscillators
MML: Maximal Multiverse Learning for Robust Fine-Tuning of Language Models
Microsoft Research Asia’s Systems for WMT19
Multi-domain Dialogue State Tracking as Dynamic Knowledge Graph Enhanced Question Answering
Predicting Indian stock market using the psycho-linguistic features of financial news
Econophysics deserves a revamping
Towards automatic extractive text summarization of A-133 Single Audit reports with machine learning
An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Solutions to the Problems of Algorithmic Discrimination
A Massive Collection of Cross-Lingual Web-Document Pairs
Syntax-Infused Transformer and BERT models for Machine Translation and Natural Language Understanding
RNN-Test: Adversarial Testing Framework for Recurrent Neural Network Systems
Antithetic integral feedback for the robust control of monostable and oscillatory biomolecular circuits
Emotional Voice Conversion using multitask learning with Text-to-speech
t-SS3: a text classifier with dynamic n-grams for early risk detection over text streams
Few-Features Attack to Fool Machine Learning Models through Mask-Based GAN
Learning Multi-Sense Word Distributions using Approximate Kullback-Leibler Divergence
Scientific Image Restoration Anywhere
Some properties of ergodicity coefficients with applications in spectral graph theory
Deep Encoder-decoder Adversarial Reconstruction (DEAR) Network for 3D CT from Few-view Data
Unsupervised Domain Adaptation on Reading Comprehension
Federated Learning for Healthcare Informatics
Image-Based Feature Representation for Insider Threat Classification
The phonetic bases of vocal expressed emotion: natural versus acted
Radio Resource Allocation in 5G New Radio: A Neural Networks Based Approach)
On global mechanisms of synchronization in networks of coupled chaotic circuits and the role of the voltage-type coupling
Existence of local minima of a minimal 2D pose-graph SLAM problem
A classification of flag-transitive block designs
Adversarial Transformations for Semi-Supervised Learning
Condition monitoring and early diagnostics methodologies for hydropower plants
Word-level Lexical Normalisation using Context-Dependent Embeddings
Towards Supervised Extractive Text Summarization via RNN-based Sequence Classification
Unsupervised Pre-training for Natural Language Generation: A Literature Review
Quantum percolation of monopole paths and the response of quantum spin ice
Convergence analysis for autonomous adaptive learning applied to quantum architectures
Maximizing the Partial Decode-and-Forward Rate in the Gaussian MIMO Relay Channel
Constrained Bayesian ICA for Brain Connectome Inference
Machine Learning Based Network Vulnerability Analysis of Industrial Internet of Things
Factor Group-Sparse Regularization for Efficient Low-Rank Matrix Recovery
On the Relativized Alon Second Eigenvalue Conjecture VI: Sharp Bounds for Ramanujan Base Graphs
Optimization Models for Estimating Transit Network Origin-Destination Flows with AVL/APC Data
The Number of Threshold Words on $n$ Letters Grows Exponentially for Every $n\geq 27$
Pricing Multi-Interval Dispatch under Uncertainty Part I: Dispatch-Following Incentives
Visual-Inertial Localization for Skid-Steering Robots with Kinematic Constraints
Computing Equilibria in Binary Networked Public Goods Games
On the Mean Subtree Order of Graphs Under Edge Addition
AI-optimized detector design for the future Electron-Ion Collider: the dual-radiator RICH case
By the user, for the user: A user-centric approach to quantifying the privacy of websites
Revisiting IRKA: Connections with pole placement and backward stability
A new preconditioner for elliptic PDE-constrained optimization problems
Triply Robust Off-Policy Evaluation
Kinematic State Abstraction and Provably Efficient Rich-Observation Reinforcement Learning
Haar wavelets collocation on a class of Emden-Fowler equation via Newton’s quasilinearization and Newton-Raphson techniques
A Model of Double Descent for High-dimensional Binary Linear Classification
Trustworthy Misinformation Mitigation with Soft Information Nudging
A Least-Squares Finite Element Method Based on the Helmholtz Decomposition for Hyperbolic Balance Laws
Compile-time Parallelization of Subscripted Subscript Patterns
On the Age of Information in Erasure Channels with Feedback
TASTE: Temporal and Static Tensor Factorization for Phenotyping Electronic Health Records
Accelerating cardiac cine MRI beyond compressed sensing using DL-ESPIRiT
Optimization of noisy blackboxes with adaptive precision
SpiralNet++: A Fast and Highly Efficient Mesh Convolution Operator
Graph-Induced Rank Structures and their Representations
Optimal Computation-Communication Trade-offs in Processing Networks
Federated and Differentially Private Learning for Electronic Health Records
Motion Reasoning for Goal-Based Imitation Learning
Kriging: Beyond Matérn
Attraction to and repulsion from a subset of the unit sphere for isotropic stable Lévy processes
A Kolmogorov type theorem for stochastic fields
Character Keypoint-based Homography Estimation in Scanned Documents for Efficient Information Extraction
LiDAR ICPS-net: Indoor Camera Positioning based-on Generative Adversarial Network for RGB to Point-Cloud Translation
Partial-Order, Partially-Seen Observations of Fluents or Actions for Plan Recognition as Planning
Projecting Flood-Inducing Precipitation with a Bayesian Analogue Model
A ratio of many gamma functions and its properties with applications
Deception through Half-Truths
Revenue Maximization of Airbnb Marketplace using Search Results
Fast multigrid solution of high-order accurate multi-phase Stokes problems
Generating Persona Consistent Dialogues by Exploiting Natural Language Inference
Reinforcement Learning for Market Making in a Multi-agent Dealer Market
Coincidence, Categorization, and Consolidation: Learning to Recognize Sounds with Minimal Supervision
Linear Time Subgraph Counting, Graph Degeneracy, and the Chasm at Size Six
Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Software Foundations for Data Interoperability (SFDI2019+), October 28, 2019, Fukuoka, Japan
Multi-Antenna Aided Secrecy Beamforming Optimization for Wirelessly Powered HetNets
There is Limited Correlation between Coverage and Robustness for Deep Neural Networks
Majorization-Minimization Aided Hybrid Transceivers for MIMO Interference Channels
A Dynamic Preference Logic for reasoning about Agent Programming
Tractable reasoning about Agent Programming in Dynamic Preference Logic
Explainable Ordinal Factorization Model: Deciphering the Effects of Attributes by Piece-wise Linear Approximation
Univoque bases of real numbers: local dimension, Devil’s staircase and isolated points
Recent Advances in Algorithmic High-Dimensional Robust Statistics
Latin squares with maximal partial transversals of many lengths
RWF-2000: An Open Large Scale Video Database for Violence Detection
The convex hull of random points on the boundary of a simple polytope
Optimal Server Selection for Straggler Mitigation
Understanding the Disharmony between Weight Normalization Family and Weight Decay: $ε-$shifted $L_2$ Regularizer
Programmable View Update Strategies on Relations
Atari-fying the Vehicle Routing Problem with Stochastic Service Requests
Compact-Range RCS Measurements and Modeling of Small Drones at 15 GHz and 25 GHz
Enabling Efficient Privacy-Assured Outlier Detection over Encrypted Incremental Datasets
VisionISP: Repurposing the Image Signal Processor for Computer Vision Applications
GIFT: Learning Transformation-Invariant Dense Visual Descriptors via Group CNNs
Bayesian Optimization with Uncertain Preferences over Attributes
Small Latin arrays have a near transversal
SimVODIS: Simultaneous Visual Odometry, Object Detection, and Instance Segmentation
Distributional Clustering: A distribution-preserving clustering method
Progressive Feature Polishing Network for Salient Object Detection
2L-3W: 2-Level 3-Way Hardware-Software Co-Verification for the Mapping of Deep Learning Architecture (DLA) onto FPGA Boards
A Scalable Approach for Facial Action Unit Classifier Training UsingNoisy Data for Pre-Training
Online Second Price Auction with Semi-bandit Feedback Under the Non-Stationary Setting
Resistance distance in directed cactus graphs
Change-point Analysis in Financial Networks
Ethanos: Lightweight Bootstrapping for Ethereum
Hierarchical Graph Pooling with Structure Learning
Contextual Bandits Evolving Over Finite Time
Performance of Two-Way Relaying over $α$-$μ$ Fading Channels in Hybrid RF/FSO Wireless Networks
Contextual Recurrent Units for Cloze-style Reading Comprehension
Quasiparabolic sets and Stanley symmetric functions for affine fixed-point-free involutions
Empirical Bayes mean estimation with nonparametric errors via order statistic regression
A Machine-Learning Approach for Earthquake Magnitude Estimation
Towards an $O(\frac{1}{t})$ convergence rate for distributed dual averaging
Attention on Abstract Visual Reasoning
Graph Spanners in the Message-Passing Model
Privacy and Utility Preserving Sensor-Data Transformations
Cycles of many lengths in digraphs with Meyniel-like condition
An Application of Multiple-Instance Learning to Estimate Generalization Risk
Training a code-switching language model with monolingual data
An Invariant Test for Equality of Two Large Scale Covariance Matrices
ReCoDe: A Data Reduction and Compression Description for High Throughput Time-Resolved Electron Microscopy
Linear convergence of dual coordinate descent on non-polyhedral convex problems
High order linearly implicit methods for evolution equations: How to solve an ODE by inverting only linear systems
An Accelerated Nonlinear Contrast Source Inversion Scheme For Sparse Electromagnetic Imaging
SDGM: Sparse Bayesian Classifier Based on a Discriminative Gaussian Mixture Model
Guidelines for estimating causal effects in pragmatic randomized trials
A note on second order linear functional equations in random normed spaces
Self-Supervised Learning For Few-Shot Image Classification
Conjugate Gradients for Kernel Machines
Supplementary material for Uncorrected least-squares temporal difference with lambda-return
A zeta function related to the transition matrix of the discrete-time quantum walk on a graph
Algebraic Fault Detection and Identification for Rigid Robots
Space-time multilevel Monte Carlo methods and their application to cardiac electrophysiology
The Controller Generated from Noise Can Be Lyapunuov Stable: A Controller Stabilized Method
A Generalized Worst-Case Complexity Analysis for Non-Monotone Line Searches
Efficient ConvNet-based Object Detection for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles by Selective Tile Processing
A shape optimization approach for electrical impedance tomography with point measurements
The Boolean intervals of Chevalley type are strongly non group-complemented
Mean-field reflected backward stochastic differential equations
CMSN: Continuous Multi-stage Network and Variable Margin Cosine Loss for Temporal Action Proposal Generation
Coarse-graining of non-reversible stochastic differential equations: quantitative results and connections to averaging
PI-RCNN: An Efficient Multi-sensor 3D Object Detector with Point-based Attentive Cont-conv Fusion Module
EdgeNet: Balancing Accuracy and Performance for Edge-based Convolutional Neural Network Object Detectors
Towards Pose-invariant Lip-Reading
CartoonRenderer: An Instance-based Multi-Style Cartoon Image Translator
Localization Error Bounds For 5G mmWave Systems Under I/Q Imbalance: An Extended Version
Unveil stock correlation via a new tensor-based decomposition method
Double Circulant Self-Dual Codes From Generalized Cyclotomic Classes Modulo 2p
$\{-1,0,1\}$-APSP and (min,max)-Product Problems
Delta-Bose gas on a half-line and the KPZ equation: boundary bound states and unbinding transitions
Proper Jordan schemes exist. First examples, computer search, patterns of reasoning. An essay
Enhanced Meta-Learning for Cross-lingual Named Entity Recognition with Minimal Resources
Deep Learning for Over-the-Air Non-Orthogonal Signal Classification
Uncertainty Quantification in Ensembles of Honest Regression Trees using Generalized Fiducial Inference
Convolutional Neural Network for Convective Storm Nowcasting Using 3D Doppler Weather Radar Data
Concordance probability in a big data setting: application in non-life insurance
SiamFC++: Towards Robust and Accurate Visual Tracking with Target Estimation Guidelines
An Improved Tobit Kalman Filter with Adaptive Censoring Limits
Election Control in Social Networks via Edge Addition or Removal
Facets, weak facets, and extreme functions of the Gomory-Johnson infinite group problem
Estimating differential entropy using recursive copula splitting
Bayesian state-space modeling for analyzing heterogeneous network effects of US monetary policy
Analysis of the fiber laydown quality in spunbond processes with simulation experiments evaluated by blocked neural networks
Sparse Density Estimation with Measurement Errors
Dectecting Invasive Ductal Carcinoma with Semi-Supervised Conditional GANs
On Network Embedding for Machine Learning on Road Networks: A Case Study on the Danish Road Network
Thouless time analysis of Anderson and many-body localization transitions
Location estimation for symmetric log-concave densities
Beyond Pairwise Comparisons in Social Choice: A Setwise Kemeny Aggregation Problem
Convergence to scale-invariant Poisson processes and applications in Dickman approximation
On (Excessive) Transverse Coordinates for Orbital Stabilization of Periodic Motions
Coarse-graining via EDP-convergence for linear fast-slow reaction systems
Robust Beamforming Design for Intelligent Reflecting Surface Aided MISO Communication Systems
Disorder-induced two-body localised state in interacting quantum walks
Millimeter Wave Base Stations with Cameras: Vision Aided Beam and Blockage Prediction
A Comparative Study between Bayesian and Frequentist Neural Networks for Remaining Useful Life Estimation in Condition-Based Maintenance
ViWi: A Deep Learning Dataset Framework for Vision-Aided Wireless Communications
Iterative Answer Prediction with Pointer-Augmented Multimodal Transformers for TextVQA
Restricted Boltzmann Machines for galaxy morphology classification with a quantum annealer
Flexibility and movability in Cayley graphs
Multiplicative functions that are close to their mean
Speaker independence of neural vocoders and their effect on parametric resynthesis speech enhancement
A regression algorithm for accelerated lattice QCD that exploits sparse inference on the D-Wave quantum annealer
High-Fidelity Large-Signal Order Reduction Approach for Composite Load Model
RLC Circuits based Distributed Mirror Descent Method
Colourings of star systems
LGN-CNN: a biologically inspired CNN architecture
Harnessing spatial MRI normalization: patch individual filter layers for CNNs
Self-Supervised Learning of State Estimation for Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects
Primal-dual block-proximal splitting for a class of non-convex problems
DomainGAN: Generating Adversarial Examples to Attack Domain Generation Algorithm Classifiers
Importance sampling for a robust and efficient multilevel Monte Carlo estimator for stochastic reaction networks
Scalable Exact Inference in Multi-Output Gaussian Processes
Refining Tournament Solutions via Margin of Victory
On Ehrhart positivity of Tesler polytopes and their deformations
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Traffic Signal Control
Exponential Runge Kutta time semidiscetizations with low regularity initial data
Fetal Head and Abdomen Measurement Using Convolutional Neural Network, Hough Transform, and Difference of Gaussian Revolved along Elliptical Path (Dogell) Algorithm
rFIA: An R package for space-time estimation of forest attributes with the Forest Inventory and Analysis Database
Random walks on finite nilpotent groups driven by long-jump measures
Predicting sparse circle maps from their dynamics
Gradientless Descent: High-Dimensional Zeroth-Order Optimization
The Canonical Distortion Measure for Vector Quantization and Function Approximation