Artificial Intelligence Strategies for National Security and Safety Standards
Long-range Event-level Prediction and Response Simulation for Urban Crime and Global Terrorism with Granger Networks
Correlated Feature Selection for Tweet Spam Classification using Artificial Neural Networks
Neural Network Processing Neural Networks: An efficient way to learn higher order functions
Multi-MotifGAN (MMGAN): Motif-targeted Graph Generation and Prediction
RAPDARTS: Resource-Aware Progressive Differentiable Architecture Search
From Open Source Intelligence to Decision Making: a Hybrid Approach
Graph Representation Learning via Multi-task Knowledge Distillation
Learning From Brains How to Regularize Machines
Learning Representations in Reinforcement Learning:An Information Bottleneck Approach
Harmonic Mean Point Processes: Proportional Rate Error Minimization for Obtundation Prediction
Learning from Data-Rich Problems: A Case Study on Genetic Variant Calling
Improving Robustness of Task Oriented Dialog Systems
All It Takes is 20 Questions!: A Knowledge Graph Based Approach
Incentive Compatible Active Learning
Shadowing Properties of Optimization Algorithms
AMPL: A Data-Driven Modeling Pipeline for Drug Discovery
Adversarial Examples in Modern Machine Learning: A Review
Learning from a Teacher using Unlabeled Data
IRIS: Implicit Reinforcement without Interaction at Scale for Learning Control from Offline Robot Manipulation Data
SynSig2Vec: Learning Representations from Synthetic Dynamic Signatures for Real-world Verification
Fair Adversarial Gradient Tree Boosting
Self-labelling via simultaneous clustering and representation learning
Real-Time Anomaly Detection for Advanced Manufacturing: Improving on Twitter’s State of the Art
Learning to Communicate in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning : A Review
On the Shattering Coefficient of Supervised Learning Algorithms
HDDL — A Language to Describe Hierarchical Planning Problems
Anomaly Detection in Large Scale Networks with Latent Space Models
Learning Relationships between Text, Audio, and Video via Deep Canonical Correlation for Multimodal Language Analysis
Are We Ready for Service Robots? The OpenLORIS-Scene Datasets for Lifelong SLAM
Can a Gorilla Ride a Camel? Learning Semantic Plausibility from Text
Mark my Word: A Sequence-to-Sequence Approach to Definition Modeling
UrbanRhythm: Revealing Urban Dynamics Hidden in Mobility Data
Normal mode analysis of spectra of random networks
Reporting on Decision-Making Algorithms and some Related Ethical Questions
Mining urban lifestyles: urban computing, human behavior and recommender systems
Relation Learning on Social Networks with Multi-Modal Graph Edge Variational Autoencoders
The Industrial Internet of Things in the Industry 4.0 supply chains: literature review and future trends
A coupled autoencoder approach for multi-modal analysis of cell types
Federated Learning for Edge Networks: Resource Optimization and Incentive Mechanism
UNO: Uncertainty-aware Noisy-Or Multimodal Fusion for Unanticipated Input Degradation
Attentive Geo-Social Group Recommendation
ChebNet: Efficient and Stable Constructions of Deep Neural Networks with Rectified Power Units using Chebyshev Approximations
Communication Lower Bound in Convolution Accelerators
Coupled Systems of Differential-Algebraic and Kinetic Equations with Application to the Mathematical Modelling of Muscle Tissue
Atomic Services: sustainable ecosystem of smart city services through pan-European collaboration
Accurate Protein Structure Prediction by Embeddings and Deep Learning Representations
M3ER: Multiplicative Multimodal Emotion Recognition Using Facial, Textual, and Speech Cues
Early Predictions for Medical Crowdfunding: A Deep Learning Approach Using Diverse Inputs
A geometric based preprocessing for weighted ray transforms with applications in SPECT
Enhancing Programmability, Portability, and Performance with Rich Cross-Layer Abstractions
Deep Learning Decoding of Mental State in Non-invasive Brain Computer Interface
A Nonlinear Hyperbolic Model for Radiative Transfer Equation in Slab Geometry
Transfer Value Iteration Networks
Building Effective Large-Scale Traffic State Prediction System: Traffic4cast Challenge Solution
Generation and Classification of Activity Sequences for Spatiotemporal Modeling of Human Populations
A Study of Interference Distributions in Millimeter Wave Cellular Networks
Age-Delay Tradeoffs in Queueing Systems
Sparse estimation via $\ell_q$ optimization method in high-dimensional linear regression
Predictive Multi-level Patient Representations from Electronic Health Records
Time-Dynamic Estimates of the Reliability of Deep Semantic Segmentation Networks
Probabilistic Connectivity of Random Graphs and Their Unions
Schedule Earth Observation satellites with Deep Reinforcement Learning
Constant Curvature Graph Convolutional Networks
On a seventh order convergent weakly $L$-stable Newton Cotes formula with application on Burger’s equation
Disconnection-aware Attack Detection in Networked Control Systems
Time-Aware Prospective Modeling of Users for Online Display Advertising
The effect of geographic sampling on extreme precipitation: from models to observations and back again
Second Order Threshold Dynamics Schemes for Two Phase Motion by Mean Curvature
Scattering in quantum dots via noncommutative rational functions
Semi-Supervised Multi-Organ Segmentation through Quality Assurance Supervision
Deep Multi-task Prediction of Lung Cancer and Cancer-free Progression from Censored Heterogenous Clinical Imaging
An Unethical Optimization Principle
On the generic family of Cayley graphs of a finite group
Numerical solutions for a class of singular boundary value problems arising in the theory of epitaxial growth
Detecting Patterns of Physiological Response to Hemodynamic Stress via Unsupervised Deep Learning
Imperfect bifurcations in opinion dynamics under external fields
Robust Fitting for Generalized Additive Models for Location, Scale and Shape
Distributed Online Convex Optimization with Improved Dynamic Regret
Managing access to primary care clinics using robust scheduling templates
Energy-Efficient Beamforming and Cooperative Jamming in IRS-Assisted MISO Networks
A note on nearly Platonic graphs with connectivity one
Fast Computation of Sep$_λ$ via Interpolation-based Globality Certificates
Causality-based tests to detect the influence of confounders on mobile health diagnostic applications: a comparison with restricted permutations
Unsupervised Medical Image Segmentation with Adversarial Networks: From Edge Diagrams to Segmentation Maps
Incentivized Exploration for Multi-Armed Bandits under Reward Drift
Deconstructing Stellar Consensus (Extended Version)
HyPar-Flow: Exploiting MPI and Keras for Scalable Hybrid-Parallel DNN Training using TensorFlow
The Strength of Connectivity of Random Graphs induced by Pairwise Key Predistribution Schemes: Implications on Security and Reliability of Heterogeneous Sensor Networks
Identifying predictive biomarkers of CIMAvaxEGF success in advanced Lung Cancer Patients
Hitting probabilities for Lévy processes on the real ling
A LASSO-Inspired Approach for Localizing Power System Infeasibility
A Circuit-Theoretic Approach to State Estimation
Coordination Group Formation for OnLine Coordinated Routing Mechanisms
Modeling Constrained Preemption Dynamics Of Transient Cloud Servers
Lightning Impulse Current Tests on Conductive Fabrics
Classifying Relevant Social Media Posts During Disasters Using Ensemble of Domain-agnostic and Domain-specific Word Embeddings
Negative sampling in semi-supervised learning
Nonconvex Stochastic Nested Optimization via Stochastic ADMM
Design and Implementation of a Three-Link Brachiation Robot with Optimal Control Based Trajectory Tracking Controller
New bounds on the spectral radius of graphs based on the moment problem
The Power of Two Choices for Random Walks
State Estimation for Legged Robots Using Contact-Centric Leg Odometry
92c/MFlops/s, Ultra-Large-Scale Neural-Network Training on a PIII Cluster
A Proof of Principle: Multi-Modality Radiotherapy Optimization
CHEETAH: An Ultra-Fast, Approximation-Free, and Privacy-Preserved Neural Network Framework based on Joint Obscure Linear and Nonlinear Computations
Pose estimation and bin picking for deformable products
Optical Proof of Work
Tutorial on Hybridizable Discontinuous Galerkin (HDG) Formulation for Incompressible Flow Problems
Coalition Formation Game for Delay Reduction in Instantly Decodable Network Coding Assisted D2D Communications
Creating Auxiliary Representations from Charge Definitions for Criminal Charge Prediction
Identificação de Sistemas Não Lineares Utilizando o Algoritmo Híbrido e Binário de Otimização por Enxame de Partículas e Busca Gravitacional
Uncertainty quantification of an empirical shell-model interaction using principal component analysis
Clustering by Directly Disentangling Latent Space
Comments on Thermometer Effect — Origin of the Mixed Alkali Effect in Glass Relaxation by Y.Yu et al. [Phys.Rev.Lett. 119, 095501 (2017)]
Jungerman ladders and index 2 constructions for genus embeddings of dense regular graphs
On the Constructions of MDS Self-dual Codes via Cyclotomy
Adaptive Basis Construction and Improved Error Estimation for Parametric Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
Twice epi-differentiability of extended-real-valued functions with applications in composite optimization
Benchmarking results for the Newton-Anderson method
Oblivious Permutations on the Plane
DNN Approximation of Nonlinear Finite Element Equations
Robustness to Capitalization Errors in Named Entity Recognition
Fast Approximate Time-Delay Estimation in Ultrasound Elastography Using Principal Component Analysis
Automatic Frame Selection Using MLP Neural Network in Ultrasound Elastography
Selective Brain Damage: Measuring the Disparate Impact of Model Pruning
Location-aware Upsampling for Semantic Segmentation
Learning Motion Priors for Efficient Video Object Detection
A Hierarchy of Graph Neural Networks Based on Learnable Local Features
LexiPers: An ontology based sentiment lexicon for Persian
Higher order Turán inequalities for $k$-regular partitions
Learning Non-Parametric Invariances from Data with Permanent Random Connectomes
Mean and Variance of Brownian Motion with Given Final Value, Maximum and ArgMax: Extended Version
Collaborative Distillation for Top-N Recommendation
Exploiting Local and Global Structure for Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation with Contextual Point Representations
The Value of the High, Low and Close in the Estimation of Brownian Motion: Extended Version
Buffer-aware Wireless Scheduling based on Deep Reinforcement Learning
Getting recommendation is not always better
The Deep Learning Revolution and Its Implications for Computer Architecture and Chip Design
Mitigation of tipping point transitions by time-delay feedback control
An improved asymptotic formula for the distribution of irreducible polynomials in arithmetic progressions over Fq
The geometry connectivity of hypergraphs
Randomization tests of copula symmetry
Impulse Control with Discontinuous Setup Costs: Discounted Cost Criterion
Context-aware Dynamic Assets Selection for Online Portfolio Selection based on Contextual Bandit
Topological Stability: Guided Determination of the Nearest Neighbors in Non-Linear Dimensionality Reduction Techniques
A Graph Auto-Encoder for Haplotype Assembly and Viral Quasispecies Reconstruction
Wireless Communications with Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface: Path Loss Modeling and Experimental Measurement
Image Differential Invariants
Improving the Space-Time Efficiency of Processor-Oblivious Matrix Multiplication Algorithms
Knowledge Representing: Efficient, Sparse Representation of Prior Knowledge for Knowledge Distillation
Coarse-Proxy Reduced Basis Methods for Integral Equations
Finding Social Media Trolls: Dynamic Keyword Selection Methods for Rapidly-Evolving Online Debates
Nested Dataflow Algorithms for Dynamic Programming Recurrences with more than O(1) Dependency
Depth penetration and scope extension of failures in the cascading of multilayer networks
DupNet: Towards Very Tiny Quantized CNN with Improved Accuracy for Face Detection
A Stable Variational Autoencoder for Text Modelling
ZiMM: a deep learning model for long term adverse events with non-clinical claims data
High Reliability Downlink MU-MIMO: New OSTBC Approach and Superposition Modulated Side Information
Exponential Convergence Rates of Classification Errors on Learning with SGD and Random Features
Real or Fake? Spoofing State-Of-The-Art Face Synthesis Detection Systems
Mixed martingale Hardy spaces
Stress-Energy in Liouville Conformal Field Theory
On Synchronized Fleming-Viot Particle Systems
SAVEHR: Self Attention Vector Representations for EHR based Personalized Chronic Disease Onset Prediction and Interpretability
Oscillatory behavior in a model of non-Markovian mean field interacting spins
Utilization of e-Nose Sensory Modality as Add-On Feature for Advanced Driver Assistance System
CSPN++: Learning Context and Resource Aware Convolutional Spatial Propagation Networks for Depth Completion
Searching for Anomalies over Composite Hypotheses
Self-organized bistability: is it relevant for brain dynamics?
On the choice of graph neural network architectures
A Novel MDP Based Decision Support Framework to Restore Earthquake Damaged Distribution Systems
Development of a Secure and Private Electronic Procurement System based on Blockchain Implementation
Allowing for equal opportunities for artists in music recommendation
On the Convergence of Primal-Dual Proximal Incremental Aggregated Gradient Algorithms
A finite element error analysis for axisymmetric mean curvature flow
Blockchain-based System Evaluation: The Effectiveness of Blockchain on E-Procurements
Implicit Higher-Order Moment Matching Technique for Model Reduction of Quadratic-bilinear Systems
Tropical Optimal Transport and Wasserstein Distances in Phylogenetic Tree Space
Quadratic number of nodes is sufficient to learn a dataset via gradient descent
Reinforcement Learning-Driven Test Generation for Android GUI Applications using Formal Specifications
Identification of Rhetorical Roles of Sentences in Indian Legal Judgments
Adaptive $C^0$ interior penalty methods for Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations with Cordes coefficients
Single-Error Detection and Correction for Duplication and Substitution Channels
Note on the (non-)smoothness of discrete time value functions
Contiguous Cake Cutting: Hardness Results and Approximation Algorithms
Self-supervised representation learning from electroencephalography signals
Mean-Field Transmission Power Control in Dense Networks, Part I — Characterization of the Equilibrium Strategy
Estimation after selection from bivariate normal population using LINEX loss function
Human Immunodeficiency Virus(HIV) Cases in the Philippines: Analysis and Forecasting
Optimal parametric interpolants of circular arcs
Mean-Field Transmission Power Control in Dense Networks, Part II — Social Welfare Evaluation
A phase diagram for bacterial swarming
Statistical Deformation Reconstruction Using Multi-organ Shape Features for Pancreatic Cancer Localization
Regression via Arbitrary Quantile Modeling
Dynamic Connected Neural Decision Classifier and Regressor with Dynamic Softing Pruning
Proofs of conservation inequalities for Levin’s notion of mutual information of 1974
Crowd Video Captioning
Quantization-based Bermudan option pricing in the $FX$ world
Asynchronous Distributed Learning from Constraints
Deep Reinforcement Learning Attitude Control of Fixed-Wing UAVs Using Proximal Policy Optimization
Flexible Production Systems: Automated Generation of Operations Plans Based on ISA-95 and PDDL
Topology of nerves and formal concepts
Superiorization vs. Accelerated Convex Optimization: The Superiorized/Regularized Least-Squares Case
Path and cycle decompositions of dense graphs
An exponential inequality for $U$-statistics of i.i.d. data
Uncertainty on Asynchronous Time Event Prediction
3-D Feature and Acoustic Modeling for Far-Field Speech Recognition
Compressive Transformers for Long-Range Sequence Modelling
A Polynomial Kernel for Funnel Arc Deletion Set
Real-time ultra-low power ECG anomaly detection using an event-driven neuromorphic processor
Multi-domain CT metal artifacts reduction using partial convolution based inpainting
On the Degrees of Freedom of the MISO Interference Broadcast Channel with Delayed CSIT
Optimality regions for designs in multiple linear regression models with correlated random coefficients
Vehicle Re-identification: exploring feature fusion using multi-stream convolutional networks
IStego100K: Large-scale Image Steganalysis Dataset
Rounding Dynamic Matchings Against an Adaptive Adversary
Avoiding hashing and encouraging visual semantics in referential emergent language games
Cost-efficient segmentation of electron microscopy images using active learning
Energy-Efficient UAV Backscatter Communication with Joint Trajectory Design and Resource Optimization
Stochastic Lagrangian Flows for SDEs with rough coefficients
The Infinite Limit of Separable Permutations
DARTS: DenseUnet-based Automatic Rapid Tool for brain Segmentation
Kriging prediction with isotropic Matérn correlations: robustness and experimental design
Angle distribution of two random chords in the disc: A sine law
Reachability and safety objectives in Markov decision processes on long but finite horizons
Chen–Stein method for the uncovered set of random walk on $\mathbb{Z}_{n}^{d}$ for $d \geq 3$
Optimal Algorithms for Ranked Enumeration of Answers to Full Conjunctive Queries
Fast Computation of Orthogonal Systems with a Skew-symmetric Differentiation Matrix
Predicting microRNA-disease associations from knowledge graph using tensor decomposition with relational constraints
Structured Sparsification of Gated Recurrent Neural Networks
Approximation by Exponential Type Neural Network Operators
MOTH- Mobility-induced Outages in THz: A Beyond 5G (B5G) application
A Bayesian hierarchical model for bridging across patient subgroups in phase I clinical trials with animal data
Neural Duplicate Question Detection without Labeled Training Data
Thin Posets, CW Posets, and Categorification
Adapting and evaluating a deep learning language model for clinical why-question answering
A clique graph based merging strategy for decomposable SDPs
Neural networks for option pricing and hedging: a literature review
Multi-Purpose Aerial Drones for Network Coverage and Package Delivery
Flexible placements of periodic graphs in the plane
Prevalence of code mixing in semi-formal patient communication in low resource languages of South Africa
Design of a Ballistically-Launched Foldable Multirotor
Sparse Linear Discriminant Analysis for Multi-view Structured Data
Euclidean Matchings in Ultra-Dense Networks
Using symbolic networks to analyse dynamical properties of disease outbreaks
2-nearly Platonic graphs are unique
Extracting 2D weak labels from volume labels using multiple instance learning in CT hemorrhage detection
Characterizing rational Ramnujan-type series for $1/π$ via congruences
Semigroup identities of supertropical matrices
Strong Self-Concordance and Sampling
Error bounds for some approximate posterior measures in Bayesian inference
Enumerative Data Compression with Non-Uniquely Decodable Codes
Modeling patterns of smartphone usage and their relationship to cognitive health
A Simulation-free Group Sequential Design with Max-combo Tests in the Presence of Non-proportional Hazards
The Quantum Strong Exponential-Time Hypothesis
On the Relativized Alon Second Eigenvalue Conjecture I: Main Theorems, Examples, and Outline of Proof
A Convergent Off-Policy Temporal Difference Algorithm
False positives using social cognitive mapping to identify childrens’ peer groups
On the Relativized Alon Eigenvalue Conjecture II: Asymptotic Expansion Theorems for Walks
A Generic Metaheuristic Approach to Sequential Security Games
On the Relativized Alon Second Eigenvalue Conjecture III: Asymptotic Expansions for Tangle-Free Hashimoto Traces
Streaming Bayesian Inference for Crowdsourced Classification
Finite-Memory Elephant Random Walk and the Central Limit Theorem for Additive Functionals
Deep learning velocity signals allows to quantify turbulence intensity
Improved Concentration Bounds for Gaussian Quadratic Forms
A Relativized Alon Second Eigenvalue Conjecture for Regular Base Graphs IV: An Improved Sidestepping Theorem
Momentum Contrast for Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning
Balanced Policy Evaluation and Learning for Right Censored Data