EntropyDB: A Probabilistic Approach to Approximate Query Processing
RAT-SQL: Relation-Aware Schema Encoding and Linking for Text-to-SQL Parsers
TENER: Adapting Transformer Encoder for Name Entity Recognition
A Computing Kernel for Network Binarization on PyTorch
Making Good on LSTMs Unfulfilled Promise
A Simple Differentiable Programming Language
Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) for 6G: Improving Trust between Human and Machine
Item Response Theory based Ensemble in Machine Learning
Multiple Power Quality Event Detection and Classification using Wavelet Transform and Random Forest Classifier
Text Mining using Nonnegative Matrix Factorization and Latent Semantic Analysis
FLO: Fast and Lightweight Hyperparameter Optimization for AutoML
Aplib: Tactical Programming of Intelligent Agents
A Capsule Network-based Model for Learning Node Embeddings
Anomaly Detection for Industrial Control Systems Using Sequence-to-Sequence Neural Networks
A Survey on Why-Type Question Answering Systems
Efficient Fair Principal Component Analysis
Deep Variational Semi-Supervised Novelty Detection
Kaolin: A PyTorch Library for Accelerating 3D Deep Learning Research
Challenging On Car Racing Problem from OpenAI gym
OntoScene, A Logic-based Scene Interpreter: Implementation and Application in the Rock Art Domain
An End-to-end Approach for Lexical Stress Detection based on Transformer
Can Neural Networks Learn Symbolic Rewriting?
Impact of Narrow Lanes on Arterial Road Vehicle Crashes: A Machine Learning Approach
White-Box Target Attack for EEG-Based BCI Regression Problems
Two-stage WECC Composite Load Modeling: A Double Deep Q-Learning Networks Approach
Measurement-Induced Boolean Dynamics for Open Quantum Networks
Niche Number of Linear Hypertrees
Disjoint Cross Intersecting Families
Independence and Connectivity of Connected Domination Critical Graphs
Bayesian Graph Convolutional Neural Networks using Node Copying
Variable-Scaling Rate Control for Collision-Free Teleoperation of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Recurrent Neural Network Transducer for Audio-Visual Speech Recognition
Impact of noise on parabolic equations
Orthogonal Relation Transforms with Graph Context Modeling for Knowledge Graph Embedding
Boundary-type Sets of Strong Product of Directed Graphs
Comparing Efficiency of Expert Data Aggregation Methods
Conductor Galloping Prediction on Imbalanced Datasets: SVM with Smart Sampling
Time-varying vector norm and lower and upper bounds on the solutions of uniformly asymptotically stable linear systems
Strategic Communication with Side Information at the Decoder
Hardware-aware Pruning of DNNs using LFSR-Generated Pseudo-Random Indices
A Machine to Machine framework for the charging of Electric Autonomous Vehicles
The Bias-Expressivity Trade-off
A Proposed Artificial intelligence Model for Real-Time Human Action Localization and Tracking
Optimizing Deep Learning Inference on Embedded Systems Through Adaptive Model Selection
Semi-Heterogeneous Three-Way Joint Embedding Network for Sketch-Based Image Retrieval
Non-Autoregressive Transformer Automatic Speech Recognition
iGLU 1.0: An Accurate Non-Invasive Near-Infrared Dual Short Wavelengths Spectroscopy based Glucometer for Smart Healthcare
A High order Conservative Flux Optimization Finite Element Method for Diffusion Equations
Maximizing performance with an eye on the finances: a chance-constrained model for football transfer market decisions
Deep RAN: A Scalable Data-driven platform to Detect Anomalies in Live Cellular Network Using Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network
CCMatrix: Mining Billions of High-Quality Parallel Sentences on the WEB
Combined analysis of coronary arteries and the left ventricular myocardium in cardiac CT angiography for detection of patients with functionally significant stenosis
On the Capacity of Channels with Deletions and States
Anderson localization and extreme values in chaotic climate dynamics
Observation of two-dimensional Anderson localisation of ultracold atoms
Paired Domination versus Domination and Packing Number in Graphs
Controllability analysis and optimal control of biomass drying with reduced order models
Constructing Gradient Controllable Recurrent Neural Networks Using Hamiltonian Dynamics
On the Computational Complexity of Multi-Agent Pathfinding on Directed Graphs
Optimizing short stabilizer codes for asymmetric channels
Cutting Multiparticle Correlators Down to Size
Distinguishing localization from chaos: challenges in finite-size systems
Burgers equation in the adhesion model
Tool Substitution with Shape and Material Reasoning Using Dual Neural Networks
Understanding BERT performance in propaganda analysis
Note on sequences A123192, A137396 and A300453
Identification and inference in discrete choice models with imperfect information
A New Approach: Cognitive Multi-Level Authentication (CMLA) in Nuclear Command and Control
Bayesian Prediction of Volleyball Sets Using the Truncated Skellam and the Ordered Multinomial Models
Towards Gallai’s path decomposition conjecture
Surrogate Models in Bidirectional Optimization of Coupled Microgrids
Shorter Distances between Papers over Time are Due to More Cross-Field References and Increased Citation Rate to Higher Impact Papers
Towards Low-Latency High-Bandwidth Control of Quadrotors using Event Cameras
Privacy is What We Care About: Experimental Investigation of Federated Learning on Edge Devices
A Lattice and Random Intermediate Point Sampling Design for Animal Movement
Option prices in stochastic volatility models
Long-span language modeling for speech recognition
Reinforcement-Learning-Based Variational Quantum Circuits Optimization for Combinatorial Problems
Factorization length distribution for affine semigroups II: asymptotic behavior for numerical semigroups with arbitrarily many generators
Online Replanning in Belief Space for Partially Observable Task and Motion Problems
Supervised Initialization of LSTM Networks for Fundamental Frequency Detection in Noisy Speech Signals
Convergent numerical method for a linearized travel time tomography problem with incomplete data
ContamiNet: Detecting Contamination in Municipal Solid Waste
Regularization of Limited Memory Quasi-Newton Methods for Large-Scale Nonconvex Minimization
Chemical Reactions-based Detection Mechanism for Molecular Communications
Achieving Differential Privacy in Vertically Partitioned Multiparty Learning
Evaluating Combinatorial Generalization in Variational Autoencoders
Adaptive Probabilistic Vehicle Trajectory Prediction Through Physically Feasible Bayesian Recurrent Neural Network
Clustered Gaussian process model with an application to solar irradiance emulation
Matchings in 1-planar graphs with large minimum degree
Identifying Hidden Buyers in Darknet Markets via Dirichlet Hawkes Process
Constrained Sampling-based Trajectory Optimization using Stochastic Approximation
SimpleShot: Revisiting Nearest-Neighbor Classification for Few-Shot Learning
Weak Scaling of DSA Preconditioning of Transport Sweeps using HYPRE
Building the National Radio Recordings Database: A Big Data Approach to Documenting Audio Heritage
Mode-Multiplexed Full-Field Reconstruction Using Direct and Phase Retrieval Detection
Model-Augmented Nearest-Neighbor Estimation of Conditional Mutual Information for Feature Selection
Fast Stochastic Peer Selection in Proof-of-Stake Protocols
Machine learning dynamical phase transitions in complex networks
Interference and Efficient Transmission Range via V2V Communication at Roads Traffic Intersections
Robust Design of Deep Neural Networks against Adversarial Attacks based on Lyapunov Theory
A Syntax-aware Multi-task Learning Framework for Chinese Semantic Role Labeling
Framing Effects on Privacy Concerns about a Home Telepresence Robot
Connecting First and Second Order Recurrent Networks with Deterministic Finite Automata
LAC-Nav: Collision-Free Mutiagent Navigation Based on The Local Action Cells
Throughput Prediction of Asynchronous SGD in TensorFlow
A Probabilistic Approach for Predicting Landslides by Learning a Self-Aligned Deep Convolutional Model
Norm-Explicit Quantization: Improving Vector Quantization for Maximum Inner Product Search
Hyper-Sphere Quantization: Communication-Efficient SGD for Federated Learning
Novel Multi-Objectivization Approaches for the Sum-of-the-Parts Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Random Projections of Mel-Spectrograms as Low-Level Features for Automatic Music Genre Classification
A Unified Framework for Causal Inference with Multiple Imputation Using Martingale
A Framework of Transferring Structures Across Large-scale Information Networks
Segment Relevance Estimation for Audio Analysis and Weakly-Labelled Classification
How to Evaluate Word Representations of Informal Domain?
Global Convergence of Policy Gradient for Sequential Zero-Sum Linear Quadratic Dynamic Games
Prediction of Bottleneck Points for Manipulation Planning in Cluttered Environment using a 3D Convolutional Neural Network
Uniform Partition in Population Protocol Model under Weak Fairness
Object-Centric Task and Motion Planning in Dynamic Environments
On Robustness to Adversarial Examples and Polynomial Optimization
Online Stochastic Matching with Edge Arrivals
MCPA: Program Analysis as Machine Learning
FLEN: Leveraging Field for Scalable CTR Prediction
Equalization Loss for Large Vocabulary Instance Segmentation
On the Capacity of Massive MIMO With 1-Bit ADCs and DACs at the Receiver and at the Transmitter
Learning from the Past: Continual Meta-Learning via Bayesian Graph Modeling
Extended MinP Tests of Multiple Hypotheses
Scalable BFT Consensus Mechanism Through Aggregated Signature Gossip
Deep Generative Models Strike Back! Improving Understanding and Evaluation in Light of Unmet Expectations for OoD Data
A Pre-training Based Personalized Dialogue Generation Model with Persona-sparse Data
Stationary determinantal processes: $ψ$-mixing property and $L^q$-dimensions
Channel Estimation and Transmission for Intelligent Reflecting Surface Assisted THz Communications
An Algorithmic Approach to the $q$-Summability Problem of Bivariate Rational Functions
A Simple Estimator for Quantile Panel Data Models Using Smoothed Quantile Regressions
Data-Free Point Cloud Network for 3D Face Recognition
Sumcheck-based delegation of quantum computing to rational server
SMILES Transformer: Pre-trained Molecular Fingerprint for Low Data Drug Discovery
Network Creation Games with Local Information and Edge Swaps
Exact Amplitude Distributions of Sums of Stochastic Sinusoidals and their Application in Bit Error Rate Analysis
On uniform boundedness of sequential social learning
Partitions into parts simultaneously regular, distinct, and/or flat
Gathering on Rings for Myopic Asynchronous Robots with Lights
Inducing strong convergence of trajectories in dynamical systems associated to monotone inclusions with composite structure
Prediction of Missing Semantic Relations in Lexical-Semantic Network using Random Forest Classifier
Merging-ISP: Multi-Exposure High Dynamic Range Image Signal Processing
Investigating Constraint Programming and Hybrid Methods for Real World Industrial Test Laboratory Scheduling
Debugging Crashes using Continuous Contrast Set Mining
Systematic Analysis of Cluster Similarity Indices: Towards Bias-free Cluster Validation
Effects of data ambiguity and cognitive biases on the interpretability of machine learning models in humanitarian decision making
A study on the fixed points of the $γ$ function
MRI denoising using Deep Learning and Non-local averaging
MSDF: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Framework for Service Function Chain Migration
Detection of speech events and speaker characteristics through photo-plethysmographic signal neural processing
No exceptional words for Bernoulli percolation
On Policy Gradients
Emergence of simple patterns in many-body systems: from macroscopic objects to the atomic nucleus
Grouping Capsules Based Different Types
Convex analysis on polyhedral spaces
Music Auto-tagging Using CNNs and Mel-spectrograms With Reduced Frequency and Time Resolution
Artist and style exposure bias in collaborative filtering based music recommendations
Semi-supervised Wrapper Feature Selection with Imperfect Labels
Further equidistribution of set-valued statistics on permutations
Target Tracking with Electrical Impedance Tomography
Recognizing Facial Expressions of Occluded Faces using Convolutional Neural Networks
Spatial Characterization of Holographic MIMO Channels
Sequential subspace optimization for recovering stored energy functions in hyperelastic materials from time-dependent data
Efficient Inverse-Free Algorithms for Extreme Learning Machine Based on the Recursive Matrix Inverse and the Inverse LDL’ Factorization
Efficient Ridge Solution for the Incremental Broad Learning System on Added Nodes by Inverse Cholesky Factorization of a Partitioned Matrix
Spectrally accurate Ewald summation for the Yukawa potential in two dimensions
Observability analysis and observer design for biomass drying with reduced order models
Lipschitz Continuity of Convex Functions
Faces and Support Functions for the Values of Maximal Monotone Operators
Communication in Plants: Comparison of Multiple Action Potential and Mechanosensitive Signals with Experiments
Generating an Explainable ECG Beat Space With Variational Auto-Encoders
Novel Homotopy Method via Theory of Functional Connections
Wi-Fi Passive Person Re-Identification based on Channel State Information
Model-based assessment of the impact of driver-assist vehicles using kinetic theory
Privacy-Preserving Adversarial Representation Learning in ASR: Reality or Illusion?
Parameterization of Retrofit Controllers
Morphological Segmentation Inside-Out
Localization landscape for Dirac fermions
Machine Intelligence at the Edge with Learning Centric Power Allocation
MM-PCA: Integrative Analysis of Multi-group and Multi-view Data
Fairness-Aware Neural Réyni Minimization for Continuous Features
Short-term forecasting of solar irradiance without local telemetry: a generalized model using satellite data
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Net: Selective Forgetting in Deep Neural Networks
Predictive Sets
Combinatorial Optimization by Graph Pointer Networks and Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
Accelerating Training in Pommerman with Imitation and Reinforcement Learning
Iteratively Training Look-Up Tables for Network Quantization
‘Warriors of the Word’ — Deciphering Lyrical Topics in Music and Their Connection to Audio Feature Dimensions Based on a Corpus of Over 100,000 Metal Songs
Convective transport in nanofluids: the stationary problem
Large time behavior of nonlinear finite volume schemes for convection-diffusion equations
Exploiting Clinically Available Delineations for CNN-based Segmentation in Radiotherapy Treatment Planning
Deep-Aligned Convolutional Neural Network for Skeleton-based Action Recognition and Segmentation
Robust and Fast Automatic Modulation Classification with CNN under Multipath Fading Channels
Multi-Step Chord Sequence Prediction Based on Aggregated Multi-Scale Encoder-Decoder Network
Using musical relationships between chord labels in automatic chord extraction tasks
Purifying Interaction Effects with the Functional ANOVA: An Efficient Algorithm for Recovering Identifiable Additive Models
word2ket: Space-efficient Word Embeddings inspired by Quantum Entanglement
Multi-hop Convolutions on Weighted Graphs
Existence and nonexistence results of radial solutions to singular BVPs arising in epitaxial growth theory
Scaling limits of permutations avoiding long decreasing sequences
Permutations in two dimensions that maximally separate neighbors
Automatic Online Quality Control of Synthetic CTs
Recursive Filter for Space-Variant Variance Reduction
Time-Inconsistent Stochastic Optimal Control Problems and Backward Stochastic Volterra Integral Equations
Character-based NMT with Transformer
An accurate integral equation method for Stokes flow with piecewise smooth boundaries
Efficient Planning under Partial Observability with Unnormalized Q Functions and Spectral Learning
Terrain Visibility Graphs and Cyclic Polytope Triangulations
EDUQA: Educational Domain Question Answering System using Conceptual Network Mapping
Generative adversarial networks (GAN) based efficient sampling of chemical space for inverse design of inorganic materials
First exit times from a bounded interval for Lévy processes
Pose Guided Attention for Multi-label Fashion Image Classification
0-1 phase transitions in sparse spiked matrix estimation
FPT Algorithms for Diverse Collections of Hitting Sets
Visual cryptography in single-pixel imaging
Learning Sparse Sharing Architectures for Multiple Tasks
Multi-Fidelity modeling of Probabilistic Aerodynamic Databases for Use in Aerospace Engineering
Some Considerations and a Benchmark Related to the CNF Property of the Koczy-Hirota Fuzzy Rule Interpolation
Combinatorial Models of Cross-Country Dual Meets: What is a Big Victory?
Trainable Spectrally Initializable Matrix Transformations in Convolutional Neural Networks
Nonsmooth Optimization over Stiefel Manifold: Riemannian Subgradient Methods
Transitioning between tableaux and spider bases for Specht modules
A Distributed Online Convex Optimization Algorithm with Improved Dynamic Regret
Comparing pattern sensitivity of a convolutional neural network with an ideal observer and support vector machine
Tight Sample Complexity of Learning One-hidden-layer Convolutional Neural Networks
Fully-Dynamic Space-Efficient Dictionaries and Filters with Constant Number of Memory Accesses
Popularity of patterns over $d$-equivalence classes of words and permutations
Experience-Embedded Visual Foresight