Non-Cooperative Inverse Reinforcement Learning
Fair Meta-Learning: Learning How to Learn Fairly
Faster Least Squares Optimization
Modularity in Query-Based Concept Learning
Optimal Projections in the Distance-Based Statistical Methods
A Survey on Edge Computing Systems and Tools
Boosting LSTM Performance Through Dynamic Precision Selection
Change your singer: a transfer learning generative adversarial framework for song to song conversion
Adaptive Kernel Value Caching for SVM Training
A Human-in-the-loop Framework to Construct Context-dependent Mathematical Formulations of Fairness
Certified Data Removal from Machine Learning Models
An Experimental Comparison of Old and New Decision Tree Algorithms
Not Enough Data? Deep Learning to the Rescue!
Quality Aware Generative Adversarial Networks
Statistical Analysis of weather variables of Antofagasta
Untapped potential for software engineering in an emerging society: The case of Papua New Guinea
Machine Learning for high speed channel optimization
GRASS: Spectral Sparsification Leveraging Scalable Spectral Perturbation Analysis
Mittag-Leffler functions in superstatistics
IoTNetSim: A Modelling and Simulation Platform for End-to-End IoT Services and Networking
Approximate Uncertain Program
Cumulo: A Dataset for Learning Cloud Classes
Physics-guided Design and Learning of Neural Networks for Predicting Drag Force on Particle Suspensions in Moving Fluids
Deep Sequential Models for Suicidal Ideation from Multiple Source Data
A spanning bandwidth theorem in random graphs
A deep learning framework for morphologic detail beyond the diffraction limit in infrared spectroscopic imaging
Multi-Armed Bandits with Correlated Arms
Learning GENERAL Principles from Hundreds of Software Projects
On the density of critical graphs with no large cliques
On fixed-point, Krylov, and $2\times 2$ block preconditioners for nonsymmetric problems
Edge-maximal graphs on orientable and some non-orientable surfaces
Certain Answers to a SPARQL Query over a Knowledge Base (extended version)
Open Domain Web Keyphrase Extraction Beyond Language Modeling
A local epsilon version of Reed’s Conjecture
Towards the Use of Neural Networks for Influenza Prediction at Multiple Spatial Resolutions
A Domain-Specific Language for Verifying Software Requirement Constraints
Generalized Transformation-based Gradient
Physics-Guided Architecture (PGA) of Neural Networks for Quantifying Uncertainty in Lake Temperature Modeling
Shaping Visual Representations with Language for Few-shot Classification
To Populate is To Regulate
A Comprehensive Survey on Transfer Learning
Group Average Treatment Effects for Observational Studies
SIMMC: Situated Interactive Multi-Modal Conversational Data Collection And Evaluation Platform
Multi-Domain Neural Machine Translation with Word-Level Adaptive Layer-wise Domain Mixing
Towards An Angry-Birds-like Game System for Promoting Mental Well-being of Players Using Art-Therapy-embedded PCG
Efficient Computation of Positional Population Counts Using SIMD Instructions
Fuzzy Logic based Autonomous Parking Systems — Part II: A Hybrid Dual Controller System
Uncertainty relations and fluctuation theorems for Bayes nets
Fuzzy Logic based Autonomous Parking Systems — Part IV: A Multiple-Model Adaptive Neural-Fuzzy Controller
Conversation Generation with Concept Flow
Low-Resource Machine Translation using Interlinear Glosses
Deep Learning Models for Global Coordinate Transformations that Linearize PDEs
Exploring Hierarchical Interaction Between Review and Summary for Better Sentiment Analysis
Regulator Design for a Congested Continuum Traffic Model with App-Routing Instability
Fair Allocation through Selective Information Acquisition
Improved Truthful Mechanisms for Combinatorial Auctions with Submodular Bidders
Model Adaption Object Detection System for Robot
Does one-step replica symmetry breaking occur in p-spin Ising models outside mean-field theory?
Scalable Algorithms for Large Competing Risks Data
Fast Polynomial Approximation of Heat Diffusion on Manifolds and Its Application to Brain Sulcal and Gyral Graph Pattern Analysis
Option Compatible Reward Inverse Reinforcement Learning
Understanding Knowledge Distillation in Non-autoregressive Machine Translation
Auto-encoding graph-valued data with applications to brain connectomes
Dynamic Connectivity without Sliding Windows
Porous Lattice-based Transformer Encoder for Chinese NER
Analysis of CNN-based remote-PPG to understand limitations and sensitivities
SubCharacter Chinese-English Neural Machine Translation with Wubi encoding
Diversified Co-Attention towards Informative Live Video Commenting
Detecting Driveable Area for Autonomous Vehicles
Improving Power of 2-Sample Random Graph Tests with Applications in Connectomics
Accounting for Physics Uncertainty in Ultrasonic Wave Propagation using Deep Learning
PointDAN: A Multi-Scale 3D Domain Adaption Network for Point Cloud Representation
Query-bag Matching with Mutual Coverage for Information-seeking Conversations in E-commerce
Data transforming augmentation for heteroscedastic models
Sparse Coding on Cascaded Residuals
Incremental Text-to-Speech Synthesis with Prefix-to-Prefix Framework
Sequence-Aware Factorization Machines for Temporal Predictive Analytics
Automatic Tip Detection of Surgical Instruments in Biportal Endoscopic Spine Surgery
Note on repeated random averages
Investigations of the Influences of a CNN’s Receptive Field on Segmentation of Subnuclei of Bilateral Amygdalae
Performance Bounds and Estimates for Quantized LDPC Decoders
On a New Graph defined on the order of elements of a Finite Group
An Efficient Algorithm for Capacity-Approaching Noisy Adaptive Group Testing
Enabling Highly Efficient Capsule Networks Processing Through A PIM-Based Architecture Design
Physical Layer Security Enhancement Exploiting Intelligent Reflecting Surface
Robust inference of memory structure for efficient quantum modelling of stochastic processes
Safety-Critical Control Synthesis for network systems with Control Barrier Functions and Assume-Guarantee Contracts
Confidence Intervals for Policy Evaluation in Adaptive Experiments
Linear Constrained Rayleigh Quotient Optimization: Theory and Algorithms
Characterizing behavioral trends in a community driven discussion platform
Neural-network quantum states at finite temperature
Mining Bursting Communities in Temporal Graphs
GORC: A large contextual citation graph of academic papers
Trichotomy for the reconfiguration problem of integer linear systems
Efficient Spatial Nearest Neighbor Queries Based on Multi-layer Voronoi Diagrams
Active Multi-Label Crowd Consensus
Machine learning for molecular simulation
Solving Inverse Problems for Steady-State Equations using A Multiple Criteria Model with Collage Distance, Entropy, and Sparsity
A note on totally-omnitonal graphs
About an inverse electromagnetic coefficient problem: uniqueness with partial boundary data and quasi-reversibility method for data completion
Improving Human Annotation in Single Object Tracking
Transition-Based Deep Input Linearization
Uncertainty propagation in phaseless electric properties tomography
Adaptive Beamforming Design for mmWave RIS-Aided Joint Localization and Communication
Enhancing Pre-trained Chinese Character Representation with Word-aligned Attention
Quantum Algorithm for the Multicollision Problem
Improving Grammatical Error Correction with Machine Translation Pairs
Out-of-time-order correlators in bipartite nonintegrable systems
ViSTRA2: Video Coding using Spatial Resolution and Effective Bit Depth Adaptation
Post-mortem Iris Decomposition and its Dynamics in Morgue Conditions
Teacher-Student Training for Robust Tacotron-based TTS
Explicit Pairwise Word Interaction Modeling Improves Pretrained Transformers for English Semantic Similarity Tasks
CROWN: Conversational Passage Ranking by Reasoning over Word Networks
Dependency and Span, Cross-Style Semantic Role Labeling on PropBank and NomBank
Optimal PMU Placement for Outage Detection and Identification using Genetic Algorithm
Hybrid Beamforming for 5G and Beyond Millimeter-Wave Systems: A Holistic View
Perspectives on urban theories
Dice Loss for Data-imbalanced NLP Tasks
Towards Optimal System Scheduling with Synthetic Inertia Provision from Wind Turbines
Distributed Generalized Nash Equilibrium Seeking for Non-Monotone Energy Sharing Games
Fluctuations around a homogenised semilinear random PDE
Gaussian process with derivative information for the analysis of the sunlight adverse effects on color of rock art paintings
Beyond low-inertia systems: Massive integration of grid-forming power converters in transmission grids
No repulsion between critical points for planar Gaussian random fields
$H_\inf$ Model-free Reinforcement Learning with Robust Stability Guarantee
Safety benefit assessment of autonomous emergency braking and steering systems for the protection of cyclists and pedestrians based on a combination of computer simulation and real-world test results
Deep neural network Grad-Shafranov solver constrained with measured magnetic signals
Graph Domain Adaptation with Localized Graph Signal Representations
Parallel Data Distribution Management on Shared-Memory Multiprocessors
Hierarchical Finite State Controllers for Generalized Planning
This dataset does not exist: training models from generated images
Towards Better Compressed Representations
Improving Joint Training of Inference Networks and Structured Prediction Energy Networks
Fitness Optimization and Evolution of Permanent Replicator Systems
Beacon-referenced Pursuit for Collective Motions in Three Dimensions
Contextualized Sparse Representation with Rectified N-Gram Attention for Open-Domain Question Answering
Efficacy of Pixel-Level OOD Detection for Semantic Segmentation
The LIG system for the English-Czech Text Translation Task of IWSLT 2019
A robust adaptive model predictive control framework for nonlinear uncertain systems
How implicit regularization of Neural Networks affects the learned function — Part I
Error Correction for Partially Stuck Memory Cells
The homotopy type of elliptic arrangements
Triangulation sensing: how cells recover a source from diffusing particles in three dimensions
Extended Formulation Lower Bounds for Refuting Random CSPs
Transformation of Dense and Sparse Text Representations
A Statistically Identifiable Model for Tensor-Valued Gaussian Random Variables
Polaritonic neuromorphic computing outperforms linear classifiers
Graph Convolutional Networks Meet with High Dimensionality Reduction
Using Dynamic Embeddings to Improve Static Embeddings
Nonlinear system identification in Sobolev spaces
Deriving pairwise transfer entropy from network structure and motifs
QPALM: A Newton-type Proximal Augmented Lagrangian Method for Quadratic Programs
Second order splitting of a class of fourth order PDEs with point constraints
Almost all trees have quantum symmetry
Active Learning for Black-Box Adversarial Attacks in EEG-Based Brain-Computer Interfaces
MERIT: Tensor Transform for Memory-Efficient Vision Processing on Parallel Architectures
Weierstrass Semigroups From a Tower of Function Fields Attaining the Drinfeld-Vladut Bound
Improved Visual Localization via Graph Smoothing
An automated approach for task evaluation using EEG signals
BERTs of a feather do not generalize together: Large variability in generalization across models with similar test set performance
SENSE: Semantically Enhanced Node Sequence Embedding
Probing Contextualized Sentence Representations with Visual Awareness
Blockwise Self-Attention for Long Document Understanding
Random Cayley Graphs I: Cutoff and Geometry for Heisenberg Groups
Random Cayley Graphs II: Cutoff and Geometry for Abelian Groups
A multiple testing framework for diagnostic accuracy studies with co-primary endpoints
The TechQA Dataset
Beyond Adaptive Submodularity: Adaptive Influence Maximization with Intermediary Constraints
The Pitfall of Evaluating Performance on Emerging AI Accelerators
Cross-Lingual Relevance Transfer for Document Retrieval
Semi-Supervised Method using Gaussian Random Fields for Boilerplate Removal in Web Browsers
Quantifying Market Efficiency Impacts of Aggregated Distributed Energy Resources
Collapse Resistant Deep Convolutional GAN for Multi-Object Image Generation
Dynamic Influence on Replicator Evolution for the Propagation of Competing Technologies
CFS: A Distributed File System for Large Scale Container Platforms
Teaching a university course on the mathematics of gambling
Regularized Deep Networks in Intelligent Transportation Systems: A Taxonomy and a Case Study
Counting extensions revisited
Resurrecting Submodularity in Neural Abstractive Summarization
Surrogate Modeling of Dynamics From Sparse Data Using Maximum Entropy Basis Functions
Normal variance mixtures: Distribution, density and parameter estimation
Learning-Accelerated ADMM for Distributed Optimal Power Flow
Transfer Learning in 4D for Breast Cancer Diagnosis using Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Why Do Masked Neural Language Models Still Need Common Sense Knowledge?
Secure State Estimation and Attack Reconstruction in Cyber-Physical Systems: Sliding Mode Observer Approach
Reconfiguring k-path vertex covers
Transmission Switching under Uncertain Wind using Linear Decision Rules
Lock-Free Hopscotch Hashing
RoIMix: Proposal-Fusion among Multiple Images for Underwater Object Detection
Frequency-domain computation of quadratic-exponential cost functionals for linear quantum stochastic systems
Interaction Hard Thresholding: Consistent Sparse Quadratic Regression in Sub-quadratic Time and Space
On the Complexity of BWT-runs Minimization via Alphabet Reordering
Quantum Bridge Analytics II: Combinatorial Chaining for Asset Exchange
Phase transitions for degenerate random environments
Turbo Autoencoder: Deep learning based channel codes for point-to-point communication channels
Neural Graph Embedding methods for Natural Language Processing
Estimating Normalizing Constants for Log-Concave Distributions: Algorithms and Lower Bounds
AITom: Open-source AI platform for cryo-electron Tomography data analysis
On approximating the shape of one dimensional functions
Unsupervised Common Question Generation from Multiple Documents using Reinforced Contrastive Coordinator
Quality of Service (QoS) Modelling in Federated Cloud Computing
A Novel Approach for Partial Fingerprint Identification to Mitigate MasterPrint Generation
AI-Based Autonomous Line Flow Control via Topology Adjustment for Maximizing Time-Series ATCs
Electric Analog Circuit Design with Hypernetworks and a Differential Simulator
Ruminating Word Representations with Random Noised Masker
Should All Cross-Lingual Embeddings Speak English?
Comparison of Machine Learning Based Methods Used in Bengali Question Classification
Digital Blood in Massively Parallel CPU/GPU Systems for the Study of Platelet Transport
A Binary Regression Adaptive Goodness-of-fit Test (BAGofT)
Reducing Sentiment Bias in Language Models via Counterfactual Evaluation
Enhanced Electronic Transport in Disordered Hyperuniform Two-Dimensional Amorphous Silica
Problems and results on 1-cross intersecting set pair systems
Towards local testability for quantum coding
Interactive Refinement of Cross-Lingual Word Embeddings
Balancing covariates in randomized experiments using the Gram-Schmidt walk
Learning Connectivity and Higher-order Interactions in Radial Distribution Grids
Adversarial Attacks on GMM i-vector based Speaker Verification Systems
Maximum Likelihood Decoding of Convolutionally Coded Noncoherent ASK Signals in AWGN Channels
Deep geometric knowledge distillation with graphs
Composition-based Multi-Relational Graph Convolutional Networks
Are we asking the right questions in MovieQA?
Channel Estimation for Intelligent Reflecting Surface Assisted Multiuser Communications
Stacked dense optical flows and dropout layers to predict sperm motility and morphology
Absence of $1$-Nearly Platonic Graphs
Constacyclic codes of length $4p^s$ over the Galois ring $GR(p^a,m)$
What Would Elsa Do? Freezing Layers During Transformer Fine-Tuning
Relation Adversarial Network for Low Resource KnowledgeGraph Completion
Non-parametric Probabilistic Load Flow using Gaussian Process Learning
Revisiting Semantics of Interactions for Trace Validity Analysis
Voice Activity Detection in presence of background noise using EEG
Extracting temporal features into a spatial domain using autoencoders for sperm video analysis
On permutations sorted by $k$ passes through a deterministic pop stack
Unified Sample-Optimal Property Estimation in Near-Linear Time
Domain Robustness in Neural Machine Translation
Pretrained Language Models for Document-Level Neural Machine Translation
Accurate Vision-based Manipulation through Contact Reasoning
Hyper-positive definite functions I: scalar case, branching-type stationary stochastic processes
AIM 2019 Challenge on Image Demoireing: Methods and Results
Knowledge Distillation for Incremental Learning in Semantic Segmentation
Ground Metric Learning on Graphs
Recurrence versus Transience for Weight-Dependent Random Connection Models
Pattern distributions in Dyck paths with a first return decomposition constrained by height
iSarcasm: A Dataset of Intended Sarcasm
A Cooperative Coordination Solver for Travelling Thief Problems
AI Aided Noise Processing of Spintronic Based IoT Sensor for Magnetocardiography Application
Low-cost sensor networks and land-use regression: interpolating nitrogen dioxide concentration at high temporal and spatial resolution in Southern California
Distributed Algorithms for Computing a Fixed Point of Multi-Agent Nonexpansive Operators
The size of $t$-cores and hook lengths of random cells in random partitions
Hierarchical network design for nitrogen dioxide measurement in urban environments, part 2: network-based sensor calibration
Hierarchical network design for nitrogen dioxide measurement in urban environments, part 1: proxy selection
Time-Dependent Hybrid-State A* and Optimal Control for Autonomous Vehicles in Arbitrary and Dynamic Environment
Reflection matrix approach for quantitative imaging of scattering media
Global solutions to stochastic wave equations with superlinear coefficients
Off-the-Grid Compressed Sensing MRI Reconstruction via Data Driven Tight Frame Regularization
How to Do Simultaneous Translation Better with Consecutive Neural Machine Translation?
Analogues of Kahan’s method for higher order equations of higher degree
Building Segmentation through a Gated Graph Convolutional Neural Network with Deep Structured Feature Embedding
Europarl-ST: A Multilingual Corpus For Speech Translation Of Parliamentary Debates
Exponential functionals of Markov additive processes
On the Convexity of Independent Set Games
The right-generators descendant of a numerical semigroup
Why Deep Transformers are Difficult to Converge? From Computation Order to Lipschitz Restricted Parameter Initialization
Privacy-Preserving Generalized Linear Models using Distributed Block Coordinate Descent
Image Super-Resolution via Residual Blended Attention Generative Adversarial Network with Dual Discriminators
Sharp Tunneling Estimates for a Double-Well Model in Infinite Dimension
Generalised multilevel Picard approximations
Transfer Learning in Spatial-Temporal Forecasting of the Solar Magnetic Field
On dynamic succinct graph representations
Wind Turbines Partial Load Power Regulation Using a Fast MPC Approach
Low Latency Decoder for Short Blocklength Polar Codes
Treewidth-Pliability and PTAS for Max-CSPs