Scanning all new published packages on PyPI I know that the quality is often quite bad. I try to filter out the worst ones and list here the ones which might be worth a look, being followed or inspire you in some way.

GLAMbox: A toolbox to fit the Gaze-weighted Linear Accumulator Model. GLAMbox is a Python toolbox for investigating the association between gaze allocation and decision behaviour, and applying the Gaze-weighted Linear Accumulator Model ([Thomas, Molter et al., 2019](https://…/s41562-019-0584-8 )).

matviz: matrix data visualization

An implementation of the Normalized Advantage Function Reinforcement Learning Algorithm with Prioritized Experience Replay

discrete undirected probabilistic models

Python mathematics for deep reinforcement learning on graphs

Convenience wrapper around matplotlib. The scripting interface of matplotlib is stateful, therefore dangerous. The object oriented interface to the plotting library is polluted. This tiny library combines the two interfaces into one context manager.

computation for real neural networks.

Get Vocabulary for Sentiment Analysis.

Open source library for develping data science workflows on AWS Step Functions. The AWS Step Functions Data Science SDK is an open-source library that allows data scientists to easily create workflows that process and publish machine learning models using Amazon SageMaker and AWS Step Functions. You can create machine learning workflows in Python that orchestrate AWS infrastructure at scale, without having to provision and integrate the AWS services separately.

Implement machine learning algorithms with python without sklearn.