Precision disease networks (PDN)
Building an Application Independent Natural Language Interface
Dividing a Graphical Cake
Meta-Learning to Cluster
A Unified Framework for Data Poisoning Attack to Graph-based Semi-supervised Learning
Lexical Learning as an Online Optimal Experiment: Building Efficient Search Engines through Human-Machine Collaboration
Methodological Blind Spots in Machine Learning Fairness: Lessons from the Philosophy of Science and Computer Science
Multivariate Uncertainty in Deep Learning
Cascaded LSTMs based Deep Reinforcement Learning for Goal-driven Dialogue
Learning Disentangled Representations for Recommendation
The importance of evaluating the complete automated knowledge-based planning pipeline
RLINK: Deep Reinforcement Learning for User Identity Linkage
Hierarchical Expert Networks for Meta-Learning
Evaluation of Granger causality measures for constructing networks from multivariate time series
LIMIT-BERT : Linguistic Informed Multi-Task BERT
Change Point Detection for Nonparametric Regression under Strongly Mixing Process
VASE: Variational Assorted Surprise Exploration for Reinforcement Learning
Quantifying (Hyper) Parameter Leakage in Machine Learning
A study of data and label shift in the LIME framework
Continual Multi-task Gaussian Processes
Learning Fairness in Multi-Agent Systems
Continual Unsupervised Representation Learning
NAT: Neural Architecture Transformer for Accurate and Compact Architectures
Semi-supervisedly Co-embedding Attributed Networks
Transport Model for Feature Extraction
Gaussian-Spherical Restricted Boltzmann Machines
An Abstraction-Based Framework for Neural Network Verification
‘multiColl’: An R package to detect multicollinearity
Deep Learning for 2D and 3D Rotatable Data: An Overview of Methods
Probabilistic performance validation of deep learning-based robust NMPC controllers
Real-time Convolutional Networks for Depth-based Human Pose Estimation
Blowup Ramsey numbers
Toward Gender-Inclusive Coreference Resolution
Crop Height and Plot Estimation from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles using 3D LiDAR
On the spectral reconstruction problem for digraphs
Neural View-Interpolation for Sparse LightField Video
Lightweight and Efficient End-to-End Speech Recognition Using Low-Rank Transformer
The emergence of time
Privacy and Robustness Guarantees in Distributed Dynamics for Aggregative Games
Distilling Black-Box Travel Mode Choice Model for Behavioral Interpretation
Towards Scalable, Efficient and Accurate Deep Spiking Neural Networks with Backward Residual Connections, Stochastic Softmax and Hybridization
On Wellposedness and Convergence of UPML method for analyzing wave scattering in layered media
SMS-WSJ: Database, performance measures, and baseline recipe for multi-channel source separation and recognition
Nonembeddability of Persistence Diagrams with $p>2$ Wasserstein Metric
Fully Bayesian imputation model for non-random missing data in qPCR
Parallel computing in automation of decoupled fluid-thermostructural simulation approach
Motion-Nets: 6D Tracking of Unknown Objects in Unseen Environments using RGB
Identification of Dominant Subspaces for Linear Structured Parametric Systems and Model Reduction
Let’s FACE it. Finnish Poetry Generation with Aesthetics and Framing
Generalized Matrix Means for Semi-Supervised Learning with Multilayer Graphs
Model-Robust Inference for Clinical Trials that Improve Precision by Stratified Randomization and Adjustment for Additional Baseline Variables
LDLS: 3-D Object Segmentation Through Label Diffusion From 2-D Images
Critical value asymptotics for the contact process on random graphs
Find what you are looking for: A data-driven covariance matrix estimation
Understanding the Role of Momentum in Stochastic Gradient Methods
The Internet of Things: a Survey and Outlook
A Classifiers Voting Model for Exit Prediction of Privately Held Companies
GetDist: a Python package for analysing Monte Carlo samples
Superset Technique for Approximate Recovery in One-Bit Compressed Sensing
Balancing Gaussian vectors in high dimension
DADI: Dynamic Discovery of Fair Information with Adversarial Reinforcement Learning
Learning-Based Low-Rank Approximations
Learning Algorithmic Solutions to Symbolic Planning Tasks with a Neural Computer
Weighted matrix completion from non-random, non-uniform sampling patterns
Auto-Annotation Quality Prediction for Semi-Supervised Learning with Ensembles
Is Supervised Learning With Adversarial Features Provably Better Than Sole Supervision?
Adapting Multilingual Neural Machine Translation to Unseen Languages
A Distributed Model-Free Algorithm for Multi-hop Ride-sharing using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Finite Blocklength Allocation towards Robust Age-of-Information Optimization
Portfolio Optimization with Expectile and Omega Functions
Assessment of Multiple-Biomarker Classifiers: fundamental principles and a proposed strategy
Approximately Stable Committee Selection
Constrained Polynomial Likelihood
Stryker: Scaling Specification-Based Program Repair by Pruning Infeasible Mutants with SAT
A predator-prey two-sex branching process
Plan Arithmetic: Compositional Plan Vectors for Multi-Task Control
Are Out-of-Distribution Detection Methods Effective on Large-Scale Datasets?
Analytical representation of the $\mathcal{A}-\mathcal{T}$ plane
An N-Path Filter with Multiphase PWM Clocks for Harmonic Response Suppression
Policy Continuation with Hindsight Inverse Dynamics
Unsupervised Star Galaxy Classification with Cascade Variational Auto-Encoder
LaplacianNet: Learning on 3D Meshes with Laplacian Encoding and Pooling
Whittaker functions from motivic Chern classes
Spectral properties of kernel matrices in the flat limit
Comment on ‘Convergence towards asymptotic state in 1-D mappings: A scaling investigation’
Unsupervised inference approach to facial attractiveness
Voltage positioning using co-optimization of controllable grid assets
Primal-dual weak Galerkin finite element methods for linear convection equations in non-divergence form
Fill in the Blanks: Imputing Missing Sentences for Larger-Context Neural Machine Translation
A Neural Topic-Attention Model for Medical Term Abbreviation Disambiguation
Probabilistic Detection and Estimation of Conic Sections from Noisy Data
Implicit multirate GARK methods
Contextual Text Denoising with Masked Language Models
Duality and Stability in Complex Multiagent State-Dependent Network Dynamics
Statistics of TASEP with three merging characteristics
Towards Generalizable Neuro-Symbolic Systems for Commonsense Question Answering
Conditional Density Estimation, Latent Variable Discovery and Optimal Transport
Ensembling Strategies for Answering Natural Questions
Superconvergence of gradient recovery on deviated discretized manifolds
Explainable Prediction of Adverse Outcomes Using Clinical Notes
Robust and Computationally-Efficient Anomaly Detection using Powers-of-Two Networks
Bayesian nonstationary Gaussian process modeling: the BayesNSGP package for R
End-to-end Microphone Permutation and Number Invariant Multi-channel Speech Separation
Use of R-trees to improve reconstruction time in pixel trackers
Sample Complexity of Learning Mixtures of Sparse Linear Regressions
Investigating Resistance of Deep Learning-based IDS against Adversaries using min-max Optimization
Evaluating a Semi-Autonomous Brain-Computer Interface Based on Conformal Geometric Algebra and Artificial Vision
Spatially Coupled Generalized LDPC Codes: Asymptotic Analysis and Finite Length Scaling
Linear Response Based Parameter Estimation in the Presence of Model Error
Sparsely Activated Networks: A new method for decomposing and compressing data
Symplectic keys and Demazure atoms in type C
New weighted $L^2$-type tests for the inverse Gaussian distribution
What is Fair? Exploring Pareto-Efficiency for Fairness Constrained Classifiers
Bayesian causal inference via probabilistic program synthesis
A Self-Repairing Hardware Architecture for Safety-Critical Cyber-Physical-Systems
A Semiparametric Approach to Model-based Sensitivity Analysis in Observational Studies
Investigating Under and Overfitting in Wasserstein Generative Adversarial Networks
Belief revision and 3-valued logics: Characterization of 19,683 belief change operators
FutureMapping 2: Gaussian Belief Propagation for Spatial AI
Byzantine Lattice Agreement in Synchronous Systems
Discourse-Aware Neural Extractive Model for Text Summarization
Parameter elimination in particle Gibbs sampling
Backhaul-aware Uplink Communications in Full-Duplex DBS-aided HetNets
Improved Bounds for Track Numbers of Planar Graphs
Improved Local Computation Algorithm for Set Cover via Sparsification
How does Grammatical Gender Affect Noun Representations in Gender-Marking Languages?
Lsh-sampling Breaks the Computation Chicken-and-egg Loop in Adaptive Stochastic Gradient Estimation
Automated Smart Wick System-Based Microfarm Using Internet of Things
Iterative Hessian Sketch in Input Sparsity Time
Phase Transitions for Detecting Latent Geometry in Random Graphs
Learn-By-Calibrating: Using Calibration as a Training Objective
Predicting Discourse Structure using Distant Supervision from Sentiment
Heteroscedastic Calibration of Uncertainty Estimators in Deep Learning
Delta-Sigma Modulator based Compact Sensor Signal Acquisition Front-end System
MmWave Amplify-and-Forward MIMO Relay Networks with Hybrid Precoding/Combining Design
Universal Adversarial Perturbations Against Person Re-Identification
Higher Criticism for Discriminating Word-Frequency Tables and Testing Authorship
Fast acoustic scattering using convolutional neural networks
Conical averagedness and convergence analysis of fixed point algorithms
On the Regularization Properties of Structured Dropout
Autonomous Vehicles Meet the Physical World: RSS, Variability, Uncertainty, and Proving Safety (Expanded Version)
Transferable End-to-End Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis with Selective Adversarial Learning
Evaluation of Surrogate Models for Multi-fin Flapping Propulsion Systems
Accounting for Location Measurement Error in Atomic Resolution Images of Crystalline Materials
Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Topology Optimization for Self-Organized Wireless Sensor Networks
Cops that surround a robber
Automatic Cobb Angle Detection using Vertebra Detector and Vertebra Corners Regression
Causal Inference via Conditional Kolmogorov Complexity using MDL Binning
Multi-defect microscopy image restoration under limited data conditions
Hidden State Guidance: Improving Image Captioning using An Image Conditioned Autoencoder
Connecting exciton diffusion with surface roughness via deep learning
Sobolev Independence Criterion
Distributed Fixed-Time Economic Dispatch under Time-Varying Topology and Uncertain Information
Generalizing Energy-based Generative ConvNets from Particle Evolution Perspective
Towards A Logical Account of Epistemic Causality
S4G: Amodal Single-view Single-Shot SE(3) Grasp Detection in Cluttered Scenes
Machine learning for design optimization of storage ring nonlinear dynamics
Distilling Pixel-Wise Feature Similarities for Semantic Segmentation
Combined parameter and state inference with automatically calibrated ABC
Rate Distortion Study for Time-Varying Autoregressive Gaussian Process
Connecting population-level AUC and latent scale-invariant $R^2$ via Semiparametric Gaussian Copula and rank correlations
Improved Blind Channel Estimation Performance by Nearby Channel Estimation
Land mobile satellite channel model for autonomous GPS positioning estimation
Low-Complexity Limited-Feedback Deep Hybrid Beamforming for Broadband Massive MIMO Communications
Dynamic Regularizer with an Informative Prior
DiaNet: BERT and Hierarchical Attention Multi-Task Learning of Fine-Grained Dialect
Cross-Domain Face Synthesis using a Controllable GAN
Harnessing the richness of the linguistic signal in predicting pragmatic inferences
A Review of methods for Textureless Object Recognition
Towards a Predictive Patent Analytics and Evaluation Platform
A Self Validation Network for Object-Level Human Attention Estimation
Pulse Height Estimation of Microcalorimeter Responses using PCA and PCA-assisted Optimal Filter
A 71-76 and 81-86GHz, Scaled 16-Element Transceiver Phased Array with Shared Image Selection Weaver Architecture, 25% EIRP to PDC, and Low EVM Variation
Energy-Inspired Models: Learning with Sampler-Induced Distributions
Robust and Undetectable White-Box Watermarks for Deep Neural Networks
Outsourcing Computation: the Minimal Refereed Mechanism
Parameter Sharing Decoder Pair for Auto Composing
Joint Communication and Computation Optimization for Wireless Powered Mobile Edge Computing with D2D Offloading
Faster Energy Maximization for Faster Maximum Flow
Peak detection for MALDI mass spectrometry imaging data using sparse frame multipliers
SPARQ-SGD: Event-Triggered and Compressed Communication in Decentralized Stochastic Optimization
Markov Chain Approximation of One-Dimensional Sticky Diffusions
A Parameter Formula Connecting PID and ADRC
Jamming and replica symmetric braking of weakly disordered crystals
A neural document language modeling framework for spoken document retrieval
CN-CELEB: a challenging Chinese speaker recognition dataset
Semantic Conditioned Dynamic Modulation for Temporal Sentence Grounding in Videos
Formal Analysis of Hybrid-Dynamic Timing Behaviors in Cyber-Physical Systems
Channel Capacity Optimization Using Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces in Indoor mmWave Environments
Formal Verification of Dynamic and Stochastic Behaviors for Automotive Systems
BottleNet++: An End-to-End Approach for Feature Compression in Device-Edge Co-Inference Systems
Spherical Diffusion Model with Semi-Permeable Boundary: A Transfer Function Approach
Multi-resolution CSI Feedback with deep learning in Massive MIMO System
A Concise Survey of G4U
On the Proof of Fixed-Point Convergence for Plug-and-Play ADMM
Learning to Customize Language Model for Generation-based dialog systems
Fitted front tracking methods for two-phase incompressible Navier–Stokes flow: Eulerian and ALE finite element discretizations
Hybrid Beamforming for Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface based Multi-user Communications: Achievable Rates with Limited Discrete Phase Shifts
Weakly Supervised Tracklet Person Re-Identification by Deep Feature-wise Mutual Learning
Embedding information in physically generated random bit sequences while maintaining certified randomness
Differentially low uniform permutations from known 4-uniform functions
How parasites expand the computational landscape of life
Computing and Testing Small Connectivity in Near-Linear Time and Queries via Fast Local Cut Algorithms
Stability of Non-linear Filter for Deterministic Dynamics
Transfer Learning from Transformers to Fake News Challenge Stance Detection (FNC-1) Task
Recovering Bandits
Certifiable Robustness to Graph Perturbations
An Initial Access Optimization Algorithm for millimeter Wave 5G NR Networks
Object-oriented state editing for HRL
Index of seaweed algebras and integer partitions
Newton polytopes of rank 3 cluster variables
A comparative study of estimating articulatory movements from phoneme sequences and acoustic features
The second boundary value problem for a discrete Monge-Ampere equation with symmetrization
Image-Guided Depth Upsampling via Hessian and TV Priors
Randomized linear algebra for model reduction. Part II: minimal residual methods and dictionary-based approximation
A Decentralized Proximal Point-type Method for Saddle Point Problems
Intelligent Reflecting Surface Aided Network: Power Control for Physical-Layer Broadcasting
Efficient Synthesis of Weighted Marked Graphs with Circular Reachability Graph, and Beyond
Image-Conditioned Graph Generation for Road Network Extraction
Sharp Bounds for Genetic Drift in EDAs
Identification of spatial patterns in European territories based on the assessment of renewable energy potential to support the 2030 Energy Strategy
Great New Design: How Do We Talk about Media Architecture in Social Media
Geometric Sequence Decomposition with $k$-simplexes Transform
Blockchain and the Common Good Reimagined
An analysis of a linearly extrapolated BDF2 subgrid artificial viscosity method for incompressible flows
A machine-learning approach to Detect users’ suspicious behaviour through the Facebook wall
Robust Beamforming Design for OTFS-NOMA
Multi-Stage Document Ranking with BERT
On the Convergence of Local Descent Methods in Federated Learning
Discrepant transport characteristics under Anderson localization at the two limits of disorder
The missing link between the output and the $\mathcal H_2$-norm of bilinear systems
An efficient approach to global sensitivity analysis and parameter estimation for line gratings
Multi-scale Octave Convolutions for Robust Speech Recognition
Optical Thouless conductance and level-spacing statistics in two-dimensional Anderson localizing systems
LiDAR-Flow: Dense Scene Flow Estimation from Sparse LiDAR and Stereo Images
Orthogonal Colourings of Cayley Graphs
Rate of convergence for geometric inference based on the empirical Christoffel function
On the possibility of a continuous phase transition in the random anisotropy magnets with a generic random axis distribution
A hybrid differential game with switching thermostatic-type dynamics and cost
What Question Answering can Learn from Trivia Nerds
Recurrent averaging inequalities, opinion formation and distributed algorithms
Structured Channel Covariance Estimation from Limited Samples in Massive MIMO
Strictly linear light cones in long-range interacting systems of arbitrary dimensions
In-Place Zero-Space Memory Protection for CNN
Extending the Parisi formula along a Hamilton-Jacobi equation
Structured exploration in the finite horizon linear quadratic dual control problem
Probabilistic Bias Mitigation in Word Embeddings
Order Determination for Spiked Models
Percolation Of The Excursion Sets Of Planar Symmetric Shot Noise Fields
ALLSAT compressed with wildcards: Frequent Set Mining
Backward Nonlinear Smoothing Diffusions
Anisotropic compressed sensing for non-Cartesian MRI acquisitions
Data-driven Analysis of Regional Capacity Factors in a Large-Scale Power Market: A Perspective from Market Participants
A remark on the enumeration of rooted labeled trees
Do Multi-hop Readers Dream of Reasoning Chains?
A Nonisothermal Thermodynamical Model Of Liquid-vapor Interaction With Metastability
Towards vision-based robotic skins: a data-driven, multi-camera tactile sensor
Document-level Neural Machine Translation with Inter-Sentence Attention
$p$-adic supercongruences conjectured by Sun
Controllability properties from the exterior under positivity constraints for a 1-D fractional heat equation
AQUALOC: An Underwater Dataset for Visual-Inertial-Pressure Localization
On the experimental determination of the repulsive component of the potential from high pressure measurements: what is special about twelve?
Attention Is All You Need for Chinese Word Segmentation
Naver Labs Europe’s Systems for the Document-Level Generation and Translation Task at WNGT 2019
Run-time Parameter Sensitivity Analysis Optimizations
Positional Attention-based Frame Identification with BERT: A Deep Learning Approach to Target Disambiguation and Semantic Frame Selection
On the Interaction Between Deep Detectors and Siamese Trackers in Video Surveillance
Agent-based and continuous models of hopper bands for the Australian plague locust: How resource consumption mediates pulse formation and geometry
Almost conservation laws for stochastic nonlinear Schrödinger equations
Legendre Equivalences of Spherical Boltzmann Machines
Carleman estimates for a stochastic degenerate parabolic equation and applications to null controllability and an inverse random source problem
Improving the robustness of online social networks: A simulation approach of network interventions
Visual Appearance Based Person Retrieval in Unconstrained Environment Videos
Conditional Denoising of Remote Sensing Imagery Using Cycle-Consistent Deep Generative Models
Barycenters for the Hellinger–Kantorovich distance over $\mathbb{R}^d$
Solving NMF with smoothness and sparsity constraints using PALM
Very high resolution Airborne PolSAR Image Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks
Machine Translation of Restaurant Reviews: New Corpus for Domain Adaptation and Robustness