Scalable Deep Neural Networks via Low-Rank Matrix Factorization
Differentially Private Bayesian Linear Regression
LeanConvNets: Low-cost Yet Effective Convolutional Neural Networks
Towards a Model for Spoken Conversational Search
Overcoming Catastrophic Interference in Online Reinforcement Learning with Dynamic Self-Organizing Maps
Symbolic Graph Embedding using Frequent Pattern Mining
Digital Twin: Enabling Technology, Challenges and Open Research
How Much Can We See? A Note on Quantifying Explainability of Machine Learning Models
Dynamics Learning with Cascaded Variational Inference for Multi-Step Manipulation
Distribution Density, Tails, and Outliers in Machine Learning: Metrics and Applications
Learning Without Loss
A Generalization of Principal Component Analysis
Dying Experts: Efficient Algorithms with Optimal Regret Bounds
Deep Integro-Difference Equation Models for Spatio-Temporal Forecasting
Convolutional Conditional Neural Processes
Weakly-supervised Deep Anomaly Detection with Pairwise Relation Learning
Decoupling Adaptation from Modeling with Meta-Optimizers for Meta Learning
Continuous Control with Contexts, Provably
Automatic Testing and Falsification with Dynamically Constrained Reinforcement Learning
Outliagnostics: Visualizing Temporal Discrepancy in Outlying Signatures of Data Entries
Graph Neural News Recommendation with Long-term and Short-term Interest Modeling
Safe Exploration for Interactive Machine Learning
Chasing Accuracy and Privacy, and Catching Both: A Literature Survey on Differentially Private Histogram Publication
Deep Learning vs. Traditional Computer Vision
Learning Deterministic Weighted Automata with Queries and Counterexamples
Concept Saliency Maps to Visualize Relevant Features in Deep Generative Models
Results from the Robocademy ITN: Autonomy, Disturbance Rejection and Perception for Advanced Marine Robotics
A Prior of a Googol Gaussians: a Tensor Ring Induced Prior for Generative Models
Spatial Spread Sampling Using Weakly Associated Vectors
Invasion and fixation of microbial dormancy traits under competitive pressure
An Efficient Model for Sentiment Analysis of Electronic Product Reviews in Vietnamese
Eigenstates of triangularisable open Heisenberg spin chains and closed-form solutions for the steady state of the open SSEP
A lower bound for Cusick’s conjecture on the binary digits of n+t
Search and Delivery Man Problems: When Are Depth-First Paths Optimal?
Nonlinear Correlations in Multifractals: Visibility Graphs of Magnitude and Sign Series
Bridging the ELBO and MMD
Learning from Label Proportions with Consistency Regularization
Macaulay, Lazard and the Syndrome Variety
Critical branching processes in random environment and Cauchy domain of attraction
Accounting for Information Freshness in Scheduling of Content Caching
User’s Centrality Analysis for Home Location Estimation
Deep Decentralized Reinforcement Learning for Cooperative Control
Gyro-Control of a Solar Sailing Satellite
Knowledge Tracing with Sequential Key-Value Memory Networks
Channel Impulse Analysis of Light Propagation for Poin-to-point Nano Communications through Cortical Neurons
Minimal Variance Sampling in Stochastic Gradient Boosting
Privacy Enhanced Multimodal Neural Representations for Emotion Recognition
Transformer-based Cascaded Multimodal Speech Translation
Meta Distribution of SIR in Ultra-Dense Networks with Bipartite Euclidean Matchings
Adversarial Example in Remote Sensing Image Recognition
Critical scaling limits of the random intersection graph
Understand customer reviews with less data and in short time: pretrained language representation and active learning
Region-based Convolution Neural Network Approach for Accurate Segmentation of Pelvic Radiograph
Detecting motorcycle helmet use with deep learning
Neural Density Estimation and Likelihood-free Inference
MAT: A simple yet strong baseline for identifying self-admitted technical debt
Optimal On-Off Transmission Schemes for Full Duplex Wireless Powered Communication Networks
Sign-Bit Shaping Using Polar Codes
Morse shellability, tilings and triangulations
Throughput Maximization for Full Duplex Wireless Powered Communication Networks
Channel Estimation for Spatially/Temporally Correlated Massive MIMO Systems with One-Bit ADCs
The Rank Enumeration of Certain Parabolic Non-Crossing Partitions
Navigation Agents for the Visually Impaired: A Sidewalk Simulator and Experiments
BPE-Dropout: Simple and Effective Subword Regularization
Estimating Skin Tone and Effects on Classification Performance in Dermatology Datasets
Feedback Linearization for Unknown Systems via Reinforcement Learning
$\varepsilon$-strong simulation of the convex minorants of stable processes and meanders
a novel cross-lingual voice cloning approach with a few text-free samples
A Self-Exciting Modelling Framework for Forward Prices in Power Markets
On Investigation of Unsupervised Speech Factorization Based on Normalization Flow
Optimal nonparametric multivariate change point detection and localization
Adaptive Causal Network Coding with Feedback for Multipath Multi-hop Communications
Sentence Embeddings for Russian NLU
Real-time Bidding campaigns optimization using attribute selection
Sine-skewed toroidal distributions and their application in protein bioinformatics
Rethinking Cooperative Rationalization: Introspective Extraction and Complement Control
Flexible Graph Connectivity: Approximating Network Design Problems Between 1- and 2-connectivity
Improving sequence-to-sequence speech recognition training with on-the-fly data augmentation
Findings of the Third Workshop on Neural Generation and Translation
Analyzing China’s Consumer Price Index Comparatively with that of United States
Weighted Boxes Fusion: ensembling boxes for object detection models
Pipe Roughness Identification of Water Distribution Networks: A Tensor Method
On inner calmness*, generalized calculus, and derivatives of the normal-cone map
DeepWiFi: Cognitive WiFi with Deep Learning
Jump Markov Chains and Rejection-Free Metropolis Algorithms
Distributed and Consistent Multi-Image Feature Matching via QuickMatch
Erdős-Szekeres theorem for multidimensional arrays
On the structure of asymptotic expanders
Semantic Object Accuracy for Generative Text-to-Image Synthesis
Resolution-independent meshes of super pixels
Divide, Conquer, and Combine: a New Inference Strategy for Probabilistic Programs with Stochastic Support
Machine Learning-Based Analysis of Sperm Videos and Participant Data for Male Fertility Prediction
Weakly Supervised Prostate TMA Classification via Graph Convolutional Networks
Scalable Evaluation and Improvement of Document Set Expansion via Neural Positive-Unlabeled Learning
On the Benefit of Adversarial Training for Monocular Depth Estimation
Sequential image processing methods for improving semantic video segmentation algorithms
A Richly Annotated Corpus for Different Tasks in Automated Fact-Checking
E2-Train: Energy-Efficient Deep Network Training with Data-, Model-, and Algorithm-Level Saving
Simultaneous Interference-Data Transmission for Secret Key Generation in Distributed IoT Sensor Networks
Roles of repertoire diversity in robustness of humoral immune response
On distance covariance in metric and Hilbert spaces
Invariant Galerkin Ansatz Spaces and Davison-Maki Methods for the Numerical Solution of Differential Riccati Equations
Derivation and Analysis of Fast Bilinear Algorithms for Convolution
A Hamilton-Jacobi Reachability-Based Framework for Predicting and Analyzing Human Motion for Safe Planning
Gait Event Detection in Tibial Acceleration Profiles: a Structured Learning Approach
Decomposing Collectives for Exploiting Multi-lane Communication
Random plane partitions and corner distributions
Learning Sparse Distributions using Iterative Hard Thresholding
Constrained Reinforcement Learning Has Zero Duality Gap
Stein’s Lemma for the Reparameterization Trick with Exponential Family Mixtures
Robust Model-free Reinforcement Learning with Multi-objective Bayesian Optimization
Model enhancement and personalization using weakly supervised learning for multi-modal mobile sensing
Generalization of Reinforcement Learners with Working and Episodic Memory
Deep Learning Emulation of Multi-Angle Implementation of Atmospheric Correction (MAIAC)
Feature relevance quantification in explainable AI: A causality problem
Wasserstein $F$-tests and Confidence Bands for the Frèchet Regression of Density Response Curves
On the reconstruction accuracy of multi-coil MRI with orthogonal projections
Weakly-Supervised Deep Learning for Domain Invariant Sentiment Classification
Minimal Radius Enclosing Polyellipsoids
zfit: scalable pythonic fitting
Thresholds versus fractional expectation-thresholds
An Empirical Study of Generation Order for Machine Translation
Learning to Manipulate Deformable Objects without Demonstrations
Vulnerability of Machine Learning Phases of Matter
BART: Denoising Sequence-to-Sequence Pre-training for Natural Language Generation, Translation, and Comprehension
On a Conjecture of Nagy on Extremal Densities
Ordered Memory
On the Count Probability of Many Correlated Symmetric Events
A hierarchical mean field model of interacting spins
Locally recoverable codes on surfaces
Improved spectral convergence rates for graph Laplacians on epsilon-graphs and k-NN graphs
Practical Repetition-Aware Grammar Compression
Parametric Interpolation Framework for Scalar Conservation Laws
Does Speech enhancement of publicly available data help build robust Speech Recognition Systems?
Centrosymmetric Stochastic Matrices
Efficient Identification in Linear Structural Causal Models with Instrumental Cutsets
Asymptotically Unbiased Generative Neural Sampling
Quantifying the Semantic Core of Gender Systems
The Tradeoff Between Coverage and Computation in Wireless Networks
Weight of Evidence as a Basis for Human-Oriented Explanations
Deep convolutional neural network application on rooftop detection for aerial image
Adaptive Sampling Quasi-Newton Methods for Derivative-Free Stochastic Optimization
Transience of conditioned walks on the plane: encounters and speed of escape
Computer Assisted Access to Justice via Formal Jurisprudence Modeling
Stochastic Galerkin Methods for the Boltzmann-Poisson system
Learning a Safety Verifiable Adaptive Cruise Controller from Human Driving Data
Balancing Multi-level Interactions for Session-based Recommendation
Kernel-Guided Training of Implicit Generative Models with Stability Guarantees
Achieving Optimal Backlog in the Vanilla Multi-Processor Cup Game
Microscopic Derivation of Mean Field Game Models
Machine-Learning Beam Tracking and Weight Optimization for mmWave Multi-UAV Links
A Structured Table of Graphs with Special Properties
Small-GAN: Speeding Up GAN Training Using Core-sets
An Adaptive Step Toward the Multiphase Conjecture
A Bruhat Atlas on the Wonderful Compactification of PSO(2n)/SO(2n-1)
A Ramsey variant of the Brown-Erdős-Sós conjecture
Modelling and testing timed data-flow reactive systems in Coq from controlled natural-language requirements
DBCSR: A Blocked Sparse Tensor Algebra Library
On Privacy of Dynamical Systems: An Optimal Probabilistic Mapping Approach
A Heuristically Modified FP-Tree for Ontology Learning with Applications in Education
Cauchy-Born Rule from Microscopic Models with Non-convex Potentials
Function-Space Distributions over Kernels
Cutoff for the Square Plaquette Model on a Critical Length Scale
Large deviations for extreme eigenvalues of deformed Wigner random matrices
Cell Association via Boundary Detection: A Scalable Approach Based on Data-Driven Random Features
Irrational Exuberance: Correcting Bias in Probability Estimates
A novel fuzzy logic-based metric for audio quality assessment: Objective audio quality assessment
Semi-Supervised Natural Language Approach for Fine-Grained Classification of Medical Reports
Hybrid Machine Learning Model of Extreme Learning Machine Radial basis function for Breast Cancer Detection and Diagnosis; a Multilayer Fuzzy Expert System
Domain Generalization via Model-Agnostic Learning of Semantic Features
All 4-variable functions can be perfectly quadratized with only 1 auxiliary variable
Scheduling Low Latency Traffic for Wireless Control Systems in 5G Networks
Use Case Evolution Analysis based on Graph Transformation with Negative Application Conditions
Generalization in multitask deep neural classifiers: a statistical physics approach
Uplink NOMA for Cellular-Connected UAV: Impact of UAV Trajectories and Altitude
Local SGD with Periodic Averaging: Tighter Analysis and Adaptive Synchronization
Pathological subgradient dynamics
Mathematical decisions and non-causal elements of explainable AI
Interactive Gibson: A Benchmark for Interactive Navigation in Cluttered Environments
Bounding Data-driven Model Errors in Power Grid Analysis
Asymptotic Divergences and Strong Dichotomy
Multimodal Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning via Task-Aware Modulation
Optimal Analysis of Subset-Selection Based L_p Low Rank Approximation
Algorithmic Randomness in Continuous-Time Markov Chains
Remarks on the distribution of colors in Gallai colorings
Spectral Subsampling MCMC for Stationary Time Series
UAV-enabled IoT Systems: NOMA or OMA?
When does Diversity Help Generalization in Classification Ensembles?
An Augmented Transformer Architecture for Natural Language Generation Tasks
Blockchain Based Secured E-voting by Using the Assistance of Smart Contract
Exploiting Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces in Multi-Antenna Aided NOMA Systems
A framework for verifying deadlock and nondeterminism in UML activity diagrams based on CSP
On the $l_p$ stability estimates for stochastic and deterministic difference equations and their application to SPDEs and PDEs
Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Formal Reasoning about Causation, Responsibility, and Explanations in Science and Technology
C3DVQA: Full-Reference Video Quality Assessment with 3D Convolutional Neural Network
Bundle method for dual atomic pursuit
Positive Covert Capacity of the MIMO AWGN Channels
Effect of Mixed Precision Computing on H-Matrix Vector Multiplication in BEM Analysis
Temporal Feedback Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks for Keyword Spotting
Optimal Scheduling Control in Fluid Models of General $n\times n$ Input-Queued Switches
Efficient Privacy-Preserving Nonconvex Optimization
Phenotyping of Clinical Notes with Improved Document Classification Models Using Contextualized Neural Language Models
Random concave functions
Facial Image Deformation Based on Landmark Detection
Input-Output Equivalence of Unitary and Contractive RNNs
Thompson Sampling via Local Uncertainty
Efficient Robust Parameter Identification in Generalized Kalman Smoothing Models
Form2Fit: Learning Shape Priors for Generalizable Assembly from Disassembly
Multi Modal Semantic Segmentation using Synthetic Data
Discovering New Runge-Kutta Methods Using Unstructured Numerical Search
Non-conventional Estimation Theorems Concerning a Ubiquitous Bilinear Stochastic Differential System: a Control Perspective
The Domain Shift Problem of Medical Image Segmentation and Vendor-Adaptation by Unet-GAN
Moiré pattern of spin liquid and Neel magnet in a Kitaev chain
Scalable High Performance SDN Switch Architecture on FPGA for Core Networks
Penerapan Knowledge Management System Sales and Customer Care pada PT Satria Medikantara Palembang
Dual Illumination Estimation for Robust Exposure Correction
ON-TRAC Consortium End-to-End Speech Translation Systems for the IWSLT 2019 Shared Task
EnergyStar++: Towards more accurate and explanatory building energy benchmarking
DeepOPF: A Deep Neural Network Approach for Security-Constrained DC Optimal Power Flow
Mass and energy conservative high order diagonally implicit Runge–Kutta schemes for nonlinear Schrödinger equation in one and two dimensions
RBED: Reward Based Epsilon Decay
Polarimetric Radar Cross-Sections of Pedestrians at Automotive Radar Frequencies
Jointly optimal dereverberation and beamforming
Neural networks trained with WiFi traces to predict airport passenger behavior
MonSter: Awakening the Mono in Stereo
On interweaving relations
RSK superinsertion and super Frobenius formulae
Distributional Valued Ricci Bounds for Metric Measure Spaces, Singular Time Changes, and Gradient Estimates for Neumann Heat Flows
Software defect prediction with zero-inflated Poisson models
Tree-Structured Scale Effects in Binary and Ordinal Regression
On the maximum order complexity of the Thue-Morse and Rudin-Shapiro sequence
Mixture factorized auto-encoder for unsupervised hierarchical deep factorization of speech signal
Metric Learning with Background Noise Class for Few-shot Detection of Rare Sound Events
Structure of Deep Neural Networks with a Priori Information in Wireless Tasks
Time-dependent lead-lag relationships between the VIX and VIX futures markets
LSTM Easy-first Dependency Parsing with Pre-trained Word Embeddings and Character-level Word Embeddings in Vietnamese
Probabilistic Inference for Camera Calibration in Light Microscopy under Circular Motion
Unifying mirror descent and dual averaging
Wireless communication for safe UAVs: From Long-Range Deconfliction to short-range collision avoidance
Dynamic cut aggregation in L-shaped algorithms
acados: a modular open-source framework for fast embedded optimal control
A CNN-based methodology for breast cancer diagnosis using thermal images
On the maximum order complexity of subsequences of the Thue-Morse and Rudin-Shapiro sequence along squares
Software Framework for Tribotronic Systems
Solving Parity Games Using An Automata-Based Algorithm
Revisiting delayed strong detectability of discrete-event systems
On the Concept of Dynamical Reduction : The Case of Coupled Oscillators
Forgotten @ Scale: A Practical Solution for Implementing the Right To Be Forgotten in Large-Scale Systems
Multigrid methods for block-Toeplitz linear systems: convergence analysis and applications
Time to Take Emoji Seriously: They Vastly Improve Casual Conversational Models
Let Me Know What to Ask: Interrogative-Word-Aware Question Generation
Machine Learning for Geometrically-Consistent Angular Spread Function Estimation in Massive MIMO
Ordering Matters: Word Ordering Aware Unsupervised NMT
Matrix Poincaré inequalities and concentration
An adaptive discretization method solving semi-infinite optimization problems with quadratic rate of convergence
Quantum Optical Experiments Modeled by Long Short-Term Memory
Crossings over permutations avoiding some pairs of three length-patterns
A Matrix-Less Method to Approximate the Spectrum and the Spectral Function of Toeplitz Matrices with Complex Eigenvalues
Off-the-grid Recovery of Time and Frequency Shifts with Multiple Measurement Vectors
A Framework for Building Closed-Domain Chat Dialogue Systems
Learning pairwise Markov network structures using correlation neighborhoods
Erratum to ‘The integer cohomology algebra of toric arrangements’
Flash X-ray diffraction imaging in 3D: a proposed analysis pipeline
An extended class of RC association models: definition and estimation
Uplink-Downlink Tradeoff in Secure Distributed Matrix Multiplication
Training DNN IoT Applications for Deployment On Analog NVM Crossbars
Linear Speedup in Saddle-Point Escape for Decentralized Non-Convex Optimization
Reconstructibility of unrooted level-$k$ phylogenetic networks from distances
A priori bounds for the $Φ^4$ equation in the full sub-critical regime
Admission Control in 5G Networks for the Coexistence of eMBB-URLLC Users
UniXGrad: A Universal, Adaptive Algorithm with Optimal Guarantees for Constrained Optimization
The Best Uniform Rational Approximation: Applications to Solving Equations Involving Fractional powers of Elliptic Operators
Rate Analysis of Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications in Random Wireless Networks
Group Centrality Maximization for Large-scale Graphs
Fault Tolerance of Neural Networks in Adversarial Settings
Block Error Performance of NOMA with HARQ-CC in Finite Blocklength
Path Planning Games
Normal limit laws for vertex degrees in randomly grown hooking networks and bipolar networks
Matching Capabilities of Prediction to Communication and Computing for Proactive VR Video Streaming
Simultaneous Stabilization of Traffic Flow on Two Connected Roads
Risk bounds for reservoir computing
Comprehensive Video Understanding: Video summarization with content-based video recommender design
Social Learning with Partial Information Sharing
A Latent Morphology Model for Open-Vocabulary Neural Machine Translation
On a Decentralized $(Δ{+}1)$-Graph Coloring Algorithm
Distributed forward-backward (half) forward algorithms for generalized Nash equilibrium seeking
Hidden Markov Models for sepsis detection in preterm infants
Interplay between Topology and Social Learning over Weak Graphs