Contextualization of Big Data Quality: A framework for comparison
Localised pruning for data segmentation based on multiscale change point procedures
A Survey on Knowledge Graph Embeddings with Literals: Which model links better Literal-ly?
Human-AI Co-Learning for Data-Driven AI
A Comparison of Neural Network Training Methods for Text Classification
Layer Pruning for Accelerating Very Deep Neural Networks
Introduction to local certification
HIDRA: Head Initialization across Dynamic targets for Robust Architectures
Learning Data Manipulation for Augmentation and Weighting
Testing Equivalence of Clustering
Empirical Differential Privacy
Missing Value Imputation for Mixed Data Through Gaussian Copula
Hyperbolic Graph Neural Networks
Active Access: A Mechanism for High-Performance Distributed Data-Centric Computations
Hyperbolic Graph Convolutional Neural Networks
Harnessing the power of Topological Data Analysis to detect change points in time series
Shoestring: Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning with Severely Limited Labeled Data
Transformer-Transducer: End-to-End Speech Recognition with Self-Attention
Learning Transferable Graph Exploration
Neural Similarity Learning
Noiseless Privacy
Predicting Rainfall using Machine Learning Techniques
Learning to Predict Without Looking Ahead: World Models Without Forward Prediction
Disaggregation and the Application
Outlier detection and influence diagnostics in network meta-analysis
Bayesian Optimization with Unknown Search Space
Proactive Optimization with Unsupervised Learning
Data Preprocessing for Evaluation of Recommendation Models in E-Commerce
Using Arabic Tweets to Understand Drug Selling Behaviors
Spot Evasion Attacks: Adversarial Examples for License Plate Recognition Systems with Convolution Neural Networks
On product-one sequences over dihedral groups
Nonconforming Virtual Element Method for $2m$-th Order Partial Differential Equations in $\mathbb R^n$ with $m>n$
Is suicide mortality associated with neighbourhood social fragmentation and deprivation? A Dutch register-based case-control study using individualized neighbourhoods
Same-Cluster Querying for Overlapping Clusters
Suspension Regulation of Medium-low-speed Maglev Trains via Deep Reinforcement Learning
CTNN: Corticothalamic-inspired neural network
On the continuous time limit of Ensemble Square Root Filters
Construction of Many-Body-Localized Models where all the eigenstates are Matrix-Product-States
A 5D, polarised, Bethe-Heitler event generator for $γ\to μ^+μ^-$ conversion
Eigenvalues, Smith normal form and determinantal ideals
The Multi-level Bottleneck Assignment Problem: Complexity and Solution Methods
Chromatic $λ$-choosable and $λ$-paintable graphs
Adaptive Sampling for Stochastic Risk-Averse Learning
Greedy Sparse Signal Recovery Algorithm Based on Bit-wise MAP detection
Multi-sequence Cardiac MR Segmentation with Adversarial Domain Adaptation Network
Robust Contracting in General Contract Spaces
On the global shape of continuous convex functions on Banach spaces
On the Global Convergence of (Fast) Incremental Expectation Maximization Methods
A* with Perfect Potentials
RPM-Oriented Query Rewriting Framework for E-commerce Keyword-Based Sponsored Search
Modeling Inter-Speaker Relationship in XLNet for Contextual Spoken Language Understanding
Low-Complexity Leakage-based Secure Precise Wireless Transmission with Hybrid Beamforming
Quantum walks defined by digraphs and generalized Hermitian adjacency matrices
Virtual Piano using Computer Vision
Bivariate systems of polynomial equations with roots of high multiplicity
Testing Forecast Rationality for Measures of Central Tendency
PerceptNet: A Human Visual System Inspired Neural Network for Estimating Perceptual Distance
Accurate and Scalable Version Identification Using Musically-Motivated Embeddings
Exploring Kernel Functions in the Softmax Layer for Contextual Word Classification
A note on inhomogeneous percolation on ladder graphs
Bounding Mean First Passage Times in Population Continuous-Time Markov Chains
The spectral dimension of simplicial complexes: a renormalization group theory
Eigenvalues of zero-divisor graphs of finite commutative rings
Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Variable Stiffness Transradial Hand Prosthesis
Tractability properties of the discrepancy in Orlicz norms
Optimizing the Kreiss constant
A BERT-Based Transfer Learning Approach for Hate Speech Detection in Online Social Media
Correlated functional models with derivative information for modeling MFS data on rock art paintings
Machine learning on field data for hydraulic fracturing design optimization
On the moments of the moments of the characteristic polynomials of Haar distributed symplectic and orthogonal matrices
Addressing the Sim2Real Gap in Robotic 3D Object Classification
Isogeometric Analysis of the Gray-Scott Reaction-Diffusion Equations for Pattern Formation on Evolving Surfaces and Applications to Human Gyrification
Hamiltonicity of random graphs in the stochastic block model
The Alon-Tarsi number of planar graphs without cycles of lengths $4$ and $l$
Higher-order discontinuous Galerkin time discretizations the evolutionary Navier–Stokes equations
FontGAN: A Unified Generative Framework for Chinese Character Stylization and De-stylization
Min-Max-Min Robustness for Combinatorial Problems with Discrete Budgeted Uncertainty
Beyond the proton drip line: Bayesian analysis of proton-emitting nuclei
Evolutionary dynamics of cooperation in a population with probabilistic corrupt enforcers and violators
Internal stability enforcement for data-driven control in the frequency domain
Ready, set, Go! Data-race detection and the Go language
Beyond temperature scaling: Obtaining well-calibrated multiclass probabilities with Dirichlet calibration
Fractional stochastic heat equation with piecewise constant coefficients
A combined ocean and oil model for model-based adaptive monitoring
Super-resolved Localisation without Identifying LoS/NLoS Paths
The Waring’s number over finite fields through generalized Paley graphs
Image Morphing in Deep Feature Spaces: Theory and Applications
Quantum Synchronization on the IBM Q System
Massive Access for Future Wireless Communication Systems
FD-Net with Auxiliary Time Steps: Fast Prediction of PDEs using Hessian-Free Trust-Region Methods
Growing axons: greedy learning of neural networks with application to function approximation
AI Ethics in Industry: A Research Framework
Adaptive Ensembling: Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Political Document Analysis
Self-supervised learning of class embeddings from video
Limiting behavior of largest entry of random tensor constructed by high-dimensional data
Adversarial Multitask Learning for Joint Multi-Feature and Multi-Dialect Morphological Modeling
Deep Joint Source-Channel Coding for Wireless Image Retrieval
Multivariate mathematical morphology for DCE-MRI image analysis in angiogenesis studies
Validity of Harris criterion for two-dimensional quantum spin systems with quenched disorder
Interrupted and cascaded permutation invariant training for speech separation
Outlining where humans live — The World Settlement Footprint 2015
Evaluating Lottery Tickets Under Distributional Shifts
Population pharmacokinetics of levobupivacaine during a transversus abdominis plane block in children
A framework for second order eigenvector centralities and clustering coefficients
Efficient QP-ADMM Decoder for Binary LDPC Codes and Its Performance Analysis
Few-shot Video-to-Video Synthesis
Large-Scale Characterization and Segmentation of Internet Path Delays with Infinite HMMs
Dynamical Models for Random Simplicial Complexes
Full-Duplex Enabled Mobile Edge Caching: From Distributed to Cooperative Caching
Sampling of Bayesian posteriors with a non-Gaussian probabilistic learning on manifolds from a small dataset
Exponential methods for solving hyperbolic problems with application to kinetic equations
Prevalence of deficiency zero reaction networks in an Erdos-Renyi framework
Space-efficient, Fast and Exact Routing in Time-dependent Road Networks
Towards Unsupervised Speech Recognition and Synthesis with Quantized Speech Representation Learning
Constrained minimizers of the von Neumann entropy and their characterization
A Framework for Data-Driven Computational Mechanics Based on Nonlinear Optimization
Distinguishing numbers and distinguishing indices of oriented graphs
Sequence-to-sequence Automatic Speech Recognition with Word Embedding Regularization and Fused Decoding
A Gaussian process related to the mass spectrum of the near-critical planar Ising model
On approximating $\nabla f$ with neural networks
A Lyapunov-based small-gain theorem for infinite networks
The Study of Machine Learning Models in Predicting the Intention of Adolescents to Smoke Cigarettes
BV functions and fractional Laplacians on Dirichlet spaces
Analytical classical density functionals from an equation learning network
Fast classification rates without standard margin assumptions
A framework for deep energy-based reinforcement learning with quantum speed-up
Latency and timeliness in multi-hop satellite networks
The Müller matrix cone and its application to filtering
Skip-Clip: Self-Supervised Spatiotemporal Representation Learning by Future Clip Order Ranking
Extension Technique for Functions of Diffusion Operators: a stochastic approach
Missing Not at Random in Matrix Completion: The Effectiveness of Estimating Missingness Probabilities Under a Low Nuclear Norm Assumption
The conditional censored graphical lasso estimator
A First-Order Algorithmic Framework for Wasserstein Distributionally Robust Logistic Regression
Recurrent Autoencoder with Skip Connections and Exogenous Variables for Traffic Forecasting
Non-Centralized Navigation for Source Localization by Cooperative UAVs
Empirical Analysis of Session-Based Recommendation Algorithms
Zeta functions with respect to general coined quantum walk of periodic graphs
Distributed Estimation via Network Regularization
Permutations encoding the local shape of level curves of real polynomials via generic projections
A Merge-Split Proposal for Reversible Monte Carlo Markov Chain Sampling of Redistricting Plans
Almost sure invariance principle for time dependent non-uniformly expanding dynamical systems
Bounded degree complexes of forests
Stein Variational Gradient Descent With Matrix-Valued Kernels
Recurrence of a Weighted Random Walk on a Circle Packing with Parabolic Carrier
Deep learning is adaptive to intrinsic dimensionality of model smoothness in anisotropic Besov space
Attenuating Random Noise in Seismic Data by a Deep Learning Approach
Model-Free Mean-Field Reinforcement Learning: Mean-Field MDP and Mean-Field Q-Learning
Homotopy Types of Random Cubical Complexes
Joint Indoor Localization and Navigation of UAVs for Network Formation Control
An Ensemble Approach toward Automated Variable Selection for Network Anomaly Detection
Better Exploration with Optimistic Actor-Critic
Minimax Weight and Q-Function Learning for Off-Policy Evaluation
Automatic Mapping of the Indoor World with Personal Radars
Dynamic Radar Networks of UAVs
Approximate Bayesian Computation with the Sliced-Wasserstein Distance
Technical Debt: Identify, Measure and Monitor
Enumerating Permutations and Rim Hooks Characterized by Double Descent Sets
Semi-Implicit Stochastic Recurrent Neural Networks
Spectral theory for one-dimensional (non-symmetric) stable processes killed upon hitting the origin
Neural Architecture Evolution in Deep Reinforcement Learning for Continuous Control
Entity Abstraction in Visual Model-Based Reinforcement Learning
Finite Sample-Size Regime of Testing Against Independence with Communication Constraints
Differentially Private Distributed Data Summarization under Covariate Shift
The unavoidable rotation systems
Deviation probabilities for arithmetic progressions and other regular discrete structures
Online Stochastic Gradient Descent with Arbitrary Initialization Solves Non-smooth, Non-convex Phase Retrieval
Evaluating the Factual Consistency of Abstractive Text Summarization
On the Dependence of the Component Counting Process of a Discrete Uniform Random Variable
Bounded Degree Group Steiner Tree Problems
A Game Theoretic Approach to Class-wise Selective Rationalization
Learning Fair and Interpretable Representations via Linear Orthogonalization
Penalized quasi likelihood estimation for variable selection
Added Value of Intraoperative Data for Predicting Postoperative Complications: Development and Validation of a MySurgeryRisk Extension
Waypoint Optimization Using Bayesian Optimization: A Case Study in Airborne Wind Energy Systems
Adaptive Compliance Shaping with Human Impedance Estimation
RCRnorm: An integrated system of random-coefficient hierarchical regression models for normalizing NanoString nCounter data
IPGuard: Protecting the Intellectual Property of Deep Neural Networks via Fingerprinting the Classification Boundary
On skew-Hamiltonian Matrices and their Krylov-Lagrangian Subspaces
Deep Reinforcement Learning with Enhanced Safety for Autonomous Highway Driving
STEP: Spatial Temporal Graph Convolutional Networks for Emotion Perception from Gaits
Certified Adversarial Robustness for Deep Reinforcement Learning
Generalization in Reinforcement Learning with Selective Noise Injection and Information Bottleneck
Improved Differentially Private Decentralized Source Separation for fMRI Data
Strong positivity for quantum theta bases of quantum cluster algebras
Comparing domain wall synapse with other Non Volatile Memory devices for on-chip learning in Analog Hardware Neural Network
Ensemble Kalman Sampling: mean-field limit and convergence analysis
Minimum Detectable Effect Size Computations for Cluster-Level Regression Discontinuity: Quadratic Functional Form and Beyond
Reply to: Large-scale quantitative profiling of the Old English verse tradition
Reconstruction of current densities from magnetic images by Bayesian Inference
Extreme Classification in Log Memory using Count-Min Sketch: A Case Study of Amazon Search with 50M Products
Tropical planar networks
A Hierarchical Location Prediction Neural Network for Twitter User Geolocation
Moving Towards Open Set Incremental Learning: Readily Discovering New Authors
Literature Review: Human Segmentation with Static Camera
On Generalization Bounds of a Family of Recurrent Neural Networks
The Power of Graph Convolutional Networks to Distinguish Random Graph Models
Cross-Domain Ambiguity Detection using Linear Transformation of Word Embedding Spaces
Sinkhorn Divergences for Unbalanced Optimal Transport
Convergence of an adaptive $C^0$-interior penalty Galerkin method for the biharmonic problem
Ensemble Quantile Classifier
Local Limit Theorems for Random Walks in a Random Environment on a Strip
Measuring Similarity of Interactive Driving Behaviors Using Matrix Profile
Asymptotic Distributions of High-Dimensional Nonparametric Inference with Distance Correlation
Reliability-Constrained Power System Expansion Planning: A Stochastic Risk-Averse Optimization Approach
Optimization of Wireless Sensor Network Deployment for Spatiotemporal Reconstruction and Prediction
Conjugate Phase Retrieval in Paley-Wiener Space
Effects of Social Cues on Biosecurity Compliance in Livestock Facilities: Evidence from Experimental Simulations
The generalized Boltzmann equation for magnetotransport in the Lorentz gas: rigorous validity
Poisson-Randomized Gamma Dynamical Systems
Characterizing Distribution Equivalence for Cyclic and Acyclic Directed Graphs
An Efficient Iterative Algorithm for Convex Hull Pricing Problems on MISO Case Studies
A Simple but Effective BERT Model for Dialog State Tracking on Resource-Limited Systems
Multi-layer Interference Alignment and GDoF of the K-User Asymmetric Interference Channel
Decentralized Parallel Algorithm for Training Generative Adversarial Nets
Sketch-Fill-A-R: A Persona-Grounded Chit-Chat Generation Framework
Shifting Opinions in a Social Network Through Leader Selection
Poincaré Recurrence, Cycles and Spurious Equilibria in Gradient-Descent-Ascent for Non-Convex Non-Concave Zero-Sum Games
A Survey on Subgraph Counting: Concepts, Algorithms and Applications to Network Motifs and Graphlets
Multiplayer AlphaZero
Accelerating System Adequacy Assessment using the Multilevel Monte Carlo Approach
Reduced Order Model Approach to Inverse Scattering
bLIMEy: Surrogate Prediction Explanations Beyond LIME
Predicting Louisiana Public High School Dropout through Imbalanced Learning Techniques
Detection and Isolation of Adversaries in Decentralized Optimization for Non-Strongly Convex Objectives
Efficiently avoiding saddle points with zero order methods: No gradients required
Active Subspace of Neural Networks: Structural Analysis and Universal Attacks
Best Practices for Convolutional Neural Networks Applied to Object Recognition in Images
A study on Vandermonde-like polynomial matrices
Big Bidirectional Insertion Representations for Documents
Detect Toxic Content to Improve Online Conversations
Characterizing Power Consumption of Dual-Frequency GNSS of a Smartphone
Deep Multi-Magnification Networks for Multi-Class Breast Cancer Image Segmentation
Quantum Computing based Hybrid Solution Strategies for Large-scale Discrete-Continuous Optimization Problems
Converged Deep Framework Assembling Principled Modules for CS-MRI
Efficient Computation for Centered Linear Regression with Sparse Inputs
Category Anchor-Guided Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation
POIRot: A rotation invariant omni-directional pointnet
ROCKET: Exceptionally fast and accurate time series classification using random convolutional kernels
Scalable Inference for Nonparametric Hawkes Process Using Pólya-Gamma Augmentation
PT-ResNet: Perspective Transformation-Based Residual Network for Semantic Road Image Segmentation
A Note About: Critical Review of BugSwarm for Fault Localization and Program Repair
High order approximation of Hodge Laplace problems with local coderivatives on cubical meshes
Disentangling the Spatial Structure and Style in Conditional VAE
MaskedNet: A Pathway for Secure Inference against Power Side-Channel Attacks
On a scattering length for additive functionals and spectrum of fractional Laplacians with non-local perturbations
A Survey on Map-Matching Algorithms
SID4VAM: A Benchmark Dataset with Synthetic Images for Visual Attention Modeling
Federated Learning over Wireless Networks: Convergence Analysis and Resource Allocation
Highly-scalable, physics-informed GANs for learning solutions of stochastic PDEs
Efficient Approximation Algorithms for Adaptive Target Profit Maximization
Multi-level Thresholding Test for High Dimensional Covariance Matrices
The Six Fronts of the Generative Adversarial Networks
Learning Rich Image Region Representation for Visual Question Answering
Classification Calibration for Long-tail Instance Segmentation
Utilization of Pulse Rate Variability between Post-sleep and Wake Cycles to increase Alarm Clock Efficiency using Arduino-based Non-invasive Pulse Detector
Sensitivity integrals and inequalities for chemical control systems
Resource Allocation Using Gradient Boosting Aided Deep Q-Network for IoT in C-RANs
Toward Underground Localization: Lidar Inertial Odometry Enabled Aerial Robot Navigation
Estimating the Density of States of Boolean Satisfiability Problems on Classical and Quantum Computing Platforms
GLIMPS: A Greedy Mixed Integer Approach for Super Robust Matched Subspace Detection
Hyperbolic Node Embedding for Signed Networks
Style Mixer: Semantic-aware Multi-Style Transfer Network
A Game-theoretical Approach to Analyze Film Release Time
Adversarial Fisher Vectors for Unsupervised Representation Learning
A Robust Pavement Mapping System Based on Normal-Constrained Stereo Visual Odometry
Support Recovery for Sparse Signals with Non-stationary Modulation
RAKA:Co-training of Relationships and Attributes for Cross-lingual Knowledge Alignment
Weak convergence of Monge-Ampere measures for discrete convex mesh functions
Incorporating Interlocutor-Aware Context into Response Generation on Multi-Party Chatbots
Generating Questions for Knowledge Bases via Incorporating Diversified Contexts and Answer-Aware Loss
Unsupervised Deep Basis Pursuit: Learning inverse problems without ground-truth data
Shielding Collaborative Learning: Mitigating Poisoning Attacks through Client-Side Detection
Discriminant analysis based on projection onto generalized difference subspace
Contrastive Attention Mechanism for Abstractive Sentence Summarization
Weekly idiosyncratic risk metrics and idiosyncratic momentum: Evidence from the Chinese stock market
Joint Quantile Regression for Spatial Data
G2SAT: Learning to Generate SAT Formulas
Algorithmic decision-making in AVs: Understanding ethical and technical concerns for smart cities
Reconstruction of time-consistent species trees
Multitask Learning On Graph Neural Networks Applied To Molecular Property Predictions
Knowledge and skills requirements for the software design and testing of automotive applications
Flip motion of solitary wave in an Ising-type Vicsek model
Self-orthogonal codes constructed from weakly self-orthogonal designs invariant under an action of $M_{11}$
Essential Self-Adjointness of Liouville Operator for 2D Euler Point Vortices
An α-Matte Boundary Defocus Model Based Cascaded Network for Multi-focus Image Fusion
Closed-Form Whittle’s Index-Enabled Random Access for Timely Status Update
Estimating Centrality Blindly from Low-pass Filtered Graph Signals