FLIP:FLexible IoT Path Programming Framework for Large-scale IoT
Federated Learning with Unbiased Gradient Aggregation and Controllable Meta Updating
Point Process Flows
Multi-View Reinforcement Learning
Attentive Knowledge Graph Embedding for Personalized Recommendation
Theoretical Investigation of Composite Neural Network
Federated Generative Privacy
Implicit Context-aware Learning and Discovery for Streaming Data Analytics
Autonomous exploration for navigating in non-stationary CMPs
Adversarial Regression. Generative Adversarial Networks for Non-Linear Regression: Theory and Assessment
On the Difficulty of Warm-Starting Neural Network Training
Understanding Deep Networks via Extremal Perturbations and Smooth Masks
DLB: Deep Learning Based Load Balancing
Single and Cross-Dimensional Feature Detection and Description: An Evaluation
PyTorchPipe: a framework for rapid prototyping of pipelines combining language and vision
Efficient Discovery of Meaningful Outlier Relationships
Robust Distributed Accelerated Stochastic Gradient Methods for Multi-Agent Networks
Explainable AI: Deep Reinforcement Learning Agents for Residential Demand Side Cost Savings in Smart Grids
Neural Spectrum Alignment
Online Ranking with Concept Drifts in Streaming Data
Unsupervised Multi-Task Feature Learning on Point Clouds
RTFM: Generalising to Novel Environment Dynamics via Reading
Combinatorial Losses through Generalized Gradients of Integer Linear Programs
Error Lower Bounds of Constant Step-size Stochastic Gradient Descent
A Deep Learning-based Framework for the Detection of Schools of Herring in Echograms
A language processing algorithm for predicting tactical solutions to an operational planning problem under uncertainty
Supervised Machine Learning based Ensemble Model for Accurate Prediction of Type 2 Diabetes
JSCN: Joint Spectral Convolutional Network for Cross Domain Recommendation
On the Convergence of the Iterative Linear Exponential Quadratic Gaussian Algorithm to Stationary Points
Improving the convergence of SGD through adaptive batch sizes
Forecasting the Success of Television Series using Machine Learning
Toward 3D Object Reconstruction from Stereo Images
Overpartitions and Bressoud’s conjecture, I
Learning Continuous Occupancy Maps with the Ising Process Model
Evading Real-Time Person Detectors by Adversarial T-shirt
Separation of Chaotic Signals by Reservoir Computing
Cooperative Beamforming in Cognitive Radio Relay Networks Using Amplify-and-Forward Relaying Technique
Spatially-Aware Graph Neural Networks for Relational Behavior Forecasting from Sensor Data
A hierarchical structure in the motion representation of 2-state number-conserving cellular automata
Mirror Descent View for Neural Network Quantization
Flying Unicorn: Developing a Game for a Quantum Computer
Convergence of a first-order consensus-based global optimization algorithm
Investigating Task-driven Latent Feasibility for Nonconvex Image Modeling
Reflecting After Learning for Understanding
Detection of gravitational waves using topological data analysis and convolutional neural network: An improved approach
Benefits of Stabilization versus Rollback in Eventually Consistent Key-Value Stores
Relational Graph Representation Learning for Open-Domain Question Answering
AFO-TAD: Anchor-free One-Stage Detector for Temporal Action Detection
Warm Start of Mixed-Integer Programs for Model Predictive Control of Hybrid Systems
Entity Summarization: State of the Art and Future Challenges
Random Graphs from Random Matrices
Sufficient Conditions for Exact Semidefinite Relaxation of Optimal Power Flow in Unbalanced Multiphase Radial Networks
Eye in the Sky: Drone-Based Object Tracking and 3D Localization
Distributed Hypothesis Testing with Variable-Length Coding
BOBBY2: Buffer Based Robust High-Speed Object Tracking
Learning Compositional Koopman Operators for Model-Based Control
Infinite families of near MDS codes holding $t$-designs
Secure Coded Caching with Colluding Users
Learning to Answer Subjective, Specific Product-Related Queries using Customer Reviews by Neural Domain Adaptation
New examples of maximal curves with low genus
Large Dimensional Latent Factor Modeling with Missing Observations and Applications to Causal Inference
Semi-supervised Learning using Adversarial Training with Good and Bad Samples
Functional Epsilon Entropy
Estimator Vectors: OOV Word Embeddings based on Subword and Context Clue Estimates
$b$-Bit Sketch Trie: Scalable Similarity Search on Integer Sketches
Robust modal regression with direct log-density derivative estimation
Unsupervised Context Rewriting for Open Domain Conversation
Weighted Edge Sampling for Static Graphs
Joint Beamforming for Intelligent Reflecting Surface-Assisted Millimeter Wave Communications
PointRNN: Point Recurrent Neural Network for Moving Point Cloud Processing
D2D-Enabled Mobile User Edge Caching: A Multi-Winner Auction Approach
Diversity in Fashion Recommendation using Semantic Parsing
Follow Alice into the Rabbit Hole: Giving Dialogue Agents Understanding of Human Level Attributes
Towards Computing Inferences from English News Headlines
Joint Computation and Communication Design for UAV-Assisted Mobile Edge Computing in IoT
Maximum Drawdown and Drawdown Duration of Spectrally Negative Levy Processes Decomposed at Extremes
The intrinsic hyperplane arrangement in an arbitrary irreducible representation of the symmetric group
Development of a hand pose recognition system on an embedded computer using CNNs
Enhancing Temporal Logic Falsification with Specification Transformation and Valued Booleans
Interpreting Basis Path Set in Neural Networks
A cooperative localization-aided tracking algorithm for THz wireless systems
Optimal Pointwise Error Estimate for the Numerical solutions of Two-dimensional Space Fractional Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation
Attention Mechanism Enhanced Kernel Prediction Networks for Denoising of Burst Images
Multimodal Image Super-resolution via Deep Unfolding with Side Information
Data-Driven Model-Free Adaptive Predictive Control and its Stability Analysis
Supervised Learning Approach to Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
Convolution identities for Tribonacci numbers via the diagonal of a bivariate generating function
OpenDenoising: an Extensible Benchmark for Building Comparative Studies of Image Denoisers
A solution for fractional PDE constrained optimization problems using reduced basis method
Signal-Based Properties: Taxonomy and Logic-based Characterization
KerCNNs: biologically inspired lateral connections for classification of corrupted images
The PFDL-Model-Free Adaptive Predictive Control for a Class of Discrete-Time Nonlinear Systems
Automatic Data Augmentation by Learning the Deterministic Policy
A Topological ‘Reading’ Lesson: Classification of MNIST using TDA
VariBAD: A Very Good Method for Bayes-Adaptive Deep RL via Meta-Learning
A Mutual Information Maximization Perspective of Language Representation Learning
Utilizing Dependencies to Obtain Subsets of Reachable Sets
Wideband Perfect Absorption Polarization Insensitive Reconfigurable Graphene Metasurface for THz Wireless Environment
Approximating Weighted Completion Time for Order Scheduling with Setup Times
SDCNet: Smoothed Dense-Convolution Network for Restoring Low-Dose Cerebral CT Perfusion
Graph Convolutional Policy for Solving Tree Decomposition via Reinforcement Learning Heuristics
Model Compression with Two-stage Multi-teacher Knowledge Distillation for Web Question Answering System
Image Deconvolution with Deep Image and Kernel Priors
Lagrange Interpolation Using Orthogonal Polynomials: Stenger’s Conjecture, Numerical Approach
Accelerated Variance Based Joint Sparsity Recovery of Images from Fourier Data
Fully Parallel Hyperparameter Search: Reshaped Space-Filling
CDAG: A Serialized blockDAG for Permissioned Blockchain
Identification of Model Uncertainty via Optimal Design of Experiments applied to a Mechanical Press
Inverse modeling of hydrologic parameters in CLM4 via generalized polynomial chaos in the Bayesian framework
Direct blockmodeling of valued and binary networks: a dichotomization-free approach
Optimal-rate Lagrange and Hermite finite elements for Dirichlet problems in curved domains with straight-edged triangles
On the Sample Complexity of Actor-Critic Method for Reinforcement Learning with Function Approximation
Efficient Computation of Probabilistic Dominance in Robust Multi-Objective Optimization
Anatomically informed Bayesian spatial priors for fMRI analysis
Controlling Utterance Length in NMT-based Word Segmentation with Attention
Markov Decision Processes For Multi-Objective Satellite Task Planning
Generalised Voltage Graphs
Efficient and Scalable Approach to Equilibrium Conditional Simulation of Gibbs Markov Random Fields
Science and Technology Advance through Surprise
Projected Newton Method for noise constrained Tikhonov regularization
Using Local Knowledge Graph Construction to Scale Seq2Seq Models to Multi-Document Inputs
Bipartite complements of circle graphs
A novel centroid update approach for clustering-based superpixel method and superpixel-based edge detection
Center-Outward R-Estimation for Semiparametric VARMA Models
Effects of Numerical Precision on Simulation of Massive Spatial Data on GPU Based on Modified Planar Rotator Model
Heterogeneously parameterized tube model predictive control for LPV systems
On predefined-time consensus protocols for dynamic networks
Convex graphon parameters and graph norms
On the perturbation series for eigenvalues and eigenprojections
First-Order Preconditioning via Hypergradient Descent
Exponential Filter Stability via Dobrushin’s Coefficien
Towards Learning Cross-Modal Perception-Trace Models
Sampling strategy and statistical analysis for radioactive waste characterization
Illumination-Based Data Augmentation for Robust Background Subtraction
On Connections between Constrained Optimization and Reinforcement Learning
Density estimation on an unknown submanifold
Personalized Treatment for Coronary Artery Disease Patients: A Machine Learning Approach
Concept Pointer Network for Abstractive Summarization
Privacy-preserving Federated Bayesian Learning of a Generative Model for Imbalanced Classification of Clinical Data
Spectral representations of weakly stationary processes valued in a separable Hilbert space : a survey with applications on functional time series
A Benchmark Set of Highly-efficient CUDA and OpenCL Kernels and its Dynamic Autotuning with Kernel Tuning Toolkit
Classification of spherical objects based on the form function of acoustic echoes
End-to-End Speech Recognition: A review for the French Language
Proof complexity of systems of (non-deterministic) decision trees and branching programs
Adaptive Partitioning for Template Functions on Persistence Diagrams
Analysis of Nakamoto Consensus, Revisited
Extreme eigenvalue statistics of $m$-dependent heavy-tailed matrices
Detecting multiple change-points in the time-varying Ising model
Movienet: A Movie Multilayer Network Model using Visual and Textual Semantic Cues
Cluster Editing parameterized above the size of a modification-disjoint $P_3$ packing is para-NP-hard
Texture Bias Of CNNs Limits Few-Shot Classification Performance
Optimization Hierarchy for Fair Statistical Decision Problems
Fast Local Planning and Mapping in Unknown Off-Road Terrain
Scheduling the Learning Rate via Hypergradients: New Insights and a New Algorithm
A flexible integer linear programming formulation for scheduling clinician on-call service in hospitals
Masked Gradient-Based Causal Structure Learning
Fixed-time disturbance suppression control for Euler-Lagrange systems: A time-varying approach
Deep Learning for Whole Slide Image Analysis: An Overview
A blinding solution for inference from astronomical data
Many Faces of Feature Importance: Comparing Built-in and Post-hoc Feature Importance in Text Classification
Non-perturbative dynamics of the operator size distribution in the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model
Modelling the emergence of phenotypic heterogeneity in vascularised tumours
An Open-Source Toolbox for Computer-Aided Investigation on the Fundamental Limits of Information Systems, Version 0.1
$\mathrm{P}$-Optimal Proof Systems for Each Set in $\mathrm{coNP}$ and no Complete Problems in $\mathrm{NP}\cap\mathrm{coNP}$ Relative to an Oracle
Coupling Oceanic Observation Systems to Study Mesoscale Ocean Dynamics
Modelling Online Comment Threads from their Start
Towards Interpretable Graph Modeling with Vertex Replacement Grammars
Towards Quantifying Intrinsic Generalization of Deep ReLU Networks
Frame Matroids, Toric Ideals, and a Conjecture of White
Decoupling feature propagation from the design of graph auto-encoders
Anderson Acceleration of Proximal Gradient Methods
Automatic Post-Editing for Machine Translation
Generative Adversarial Networks And Domain Adaptation For Training Data Independent Image Registration
Identifying the Most Explainable Classifier
Robust Learning Rate Selection for Stochastic Optimization via Splitting Diagnostic
Noncrossing structured additive multiple-output Bayesian quantile regression models
Digital Democracy: Episode IV — A New Hope, How a Corporation for Public Software Could Transform Digital Engagement for Government and Civil Society
Machine learning Calabi-Yau metrics
AI Safety for High Energy Physics
Trajectory Design for Energy Minimization in UAV-enabled Wireless Communications with Latency Constraints
Modeling and simulation for varying die gap fluid extrusion
Poisson CNN: Convolutional Neural Networks for the Solution of the Poisson Equation with Varying Meshes and Dirichlet Boundary Conditions
Fitting a Kalman Smoother to Data
An exactly mass conserving space-time embedded-hybridized discontinuous Galerkin method for the Navier-Stokes equations on moving domains
Automatic Identification of Epileptic Seizures from EEG Signals using Sparse Representation-based Classification
Surreal: Complex-Valued Deep Learning as Principled Transformations on a Rotational Lie Group
A Bid-Validity Mechanism for Sequential Heat and Electricity Market Clearing
A Saddle-Point Dynamical System Approach for Robust Deep Learning
28 GHz mmWave Channel Measurements and Modeling in a Library Environment
Tree-based Intelligent Intrusion Detection System in Internet of Vehicles
The TCGA Meta-Dataset Clinical Benchmark
OffWorld Gym: open-access physical robotics environment for real-world reinforcement learning benchmark and research
Are Perceptually-Aligned Gradients a General Property of Robust Classifiers?
Nonhedgeable risk and Credit Risk Pricing
Intracranial Hemorrhage Segmentation Using Deep Convolutional Model
Clustering by Optimizing the Average Silhouette Width
The Bitwise Hashing Trick for Personalized Search
Blameworthiness in Security Games
Toward Metrics for Differentiating Out-of-Distribution Sets
On the shift-invert Lanczos method for the buckling eigenvalue problem
Ensemble learning based linear power flow
Temporal Network Sampling
Viscous Transport in Eroding Porous Media
Short proofs of some extremal results III
Machine Learning Systems for Highly-Distributed and Rapidly-Growing Data
Latent Variable Model for Multivariate Data with Measure-specific Sample Weights and Its Application in Hospital Compare
Sensor fusion using EMG and vision for hand gesture classification in mobile applications
NASIB: Neural Architecture Search withIn Budget
Context-Driven Data Mining through Bias Removal and Data Incompleteness Mitigation
Label-efficient audio classification through multitask learning and self-supervision
The Gorin-Shkolnikov identity and its random tree generalization
Optimal Immunization Policy Using Dynamic Programming
Convolutional Neural Networks for Space-Time Block Coding Recognition
Improving Privacy in Graphs Through Node Addition
Spatial-aware Online Adversarial Perturbations Against Visual Object Tracking
ELSA: A Throughput-Optimized Design of an LSTM Accelerator for Energy-Constrained Devices
Sticking to the Facts: Confident Decoding for Faithful Data-to-Text Generation
Real-Time Lip Sync for Live 2D Animation
Robustifying multiple-set linear canonical analysis with S-estimator
An Improved Historical Embedding without Alignment
Online Pricing with Offline Data: Phase Transition and Inverse Square Law
Towards More Sample Efficiency inReinforcement Learning with Data Augmentation
Fast and Light-weight Portrait Segmentation
Dimensionality Increment of PMU Data for Anomaly Detection in Low Observability Power Systems
Gastroscopic Panoramic View: Application to Automatic Polyps Detection under Gastroscopy
Application of a new information priority accumulated grey model with time power to predict short-term wind turbine capacity
Community Microgrid Planning Considering Building Thermal Dynamics
S-DIGing: A Stochastic Gradient Tracking Algorithm for Distributed Optimization
Attention Guided Metal Artifact Correction in MRI using Deep Neural Networks
Introduction to Coresets: Accurate Coresets
Correlation Maximized Structural Similarity Loss for Semantic Segmentation
Microservices based Framework to Support Interoperable IoT Applications for Enhanced Data Analytics
Solving Phase Retrieval via Graph Projection Splitting
Adversarial Attacks on Spoofing Countermeasures of automatic speaker verification
Infinite-Horizon Optimal Control of Switched Boolean Control Networks with Average Cost: An Efficient Graph-Theoretical Approach
Dynamic Content Update for Wireless Edge Caching via Deep Reinforcement Learning
MixModule: Mixed CNN Kernel Module for Medical Image Segmentation
Coordinated Joint Multimodal Embeddings for Generalized Audio-Visual Zeroshot Classification and Retrieval of Videos
CreditPrint: Credit Investigation via Geographic Footprints by Deep Learning
Tracking-Assisted Segmentation of Biological Cells
On weighted sums of numbers of convex polygons in point sets
Utilising Low Complexity CNNs to Lift Non-Local Redundancies in Video Coding
Continuous Emotion Recognition during Music Listening Using EEG Signals: A Fuzzy Parallel Cascades Model
An approach to the distributionally robust shortest path problem
Locally Decodable Index Codes
Solving dynamic multi-objective optimization problems via support vector machine
Measuring Causality: The Science of Cause and Effect
Solving Dynamic Multi-objective Optimization Problems Using Incremental Support Vector Machine
Strengthening some complexity results on toughness of graphs
Evolutionary Dynamic Multi-objective Optimization Via Regression Transfer Learning
Rate Splitting for Multi-group Multicasting with a Common Message
Component Attention Guided Face Super-Resolution Network: CAGFace
Towards Empirically Validated Remedies for Scrum Retrospective Headaches
On the Energy Footprint of Mobile Testing Frameworks
Equivalence tests for binary efficacy-toxicity responses
On the Colluding Attack to Compromise Physical Layer Key Generation Through a Large-Scale Fading Estimation
Convex Reconstruction of Structured Matrix Signals from Random Linear Measurements (I): Theoretical Results
MonaLog: a Lightweight System for Natural Language Inference Based on Monotonicity
Automated Composition of Picture-Synched Music Soundtracks for Movies
Measurement Dependence Inducing Latent Causal Models
Reverse Experience Replay
Facial Emotion Recognition Using Deep Learning
Estimation of phase in EEG rhythms for real-time applications
SpatialFlow: Bridging All Tasks for Panoptic Segmentation
LEt-SNE: A Hybrid Approach To Data Embedding and Visualization of Hyperspectral Imagery
Sub-Nyquist Sampling of Sparse and Correlated Signals in Array Processing
Semantic Limits of Dense Combinatorial Objects
A simple approach to design quantum neural networks and its applications to kernel-learning methods
Kernels of Mallows Models under the Hamming Distance for solving the Quadratic Assignment Problem
Opinion shaping in social networks using reinforcement learning
On Adaptivity in Information-constrained Online Learning
A Structured Prediction Approach for Generalization in Cooperative Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
Active 6D Multi-Object Pose Estimation in Cluttered Scenarios with Deep Reinforcement Learning
Deep Parametric Indoor Lighting Estimation
Simultaneous hollowisation, joint numerical range, and stabilization by noise
Rationality is Self-Defeating in Permissionless Systems
NormGrad: Finding the Pixels that Matter for Training
Monotonicity of the Poincaré and Log-Sobolev Constants of One-Dimensional Gibbs Measures
Dictionary Learning with Almost Sure Error Constraints
Natural Question Generation with Reinforcement Learning Based Graph-to-Sequence Model
Keyphrase Extraction from Scholarly Articles as Sequence Labeling using Contextualized Embeddings
Resilient Distributed Recovery of Large Fields
Machine Learning for AC Optimal Power Flow
String C-group representations of almost simple groups: a survey
UW-SVC: Scalable Video Coding Transmission for In-network Underwater Imagery Analysis