Improving Natural Language Inference with a Pretrained Parser
Performance of Recommender Systems: Based on Content Navigator and Collaborative Filtering
Epistemic Logic Programs: A Different World View
Value of Information in Probabilistic Logic Programs
Information Extraction Tool Text2ALM: From Narratives to Action Language System Descriptions
On the Strong Equivalences of LPMLN Programs
Strong Equivalence for LPMLN Programs
BigData Applications from Graph Analytics to Machine Learning by Aggregates in Recursion
A Temporal Module for Logical Frameworks
Induction of Non-monotonic Logic Programs To Explain Statistical Learning Models
Conversational AI : Open Domain Question Answering and Commonsense Reasoning
Distributed Machine Learning on Mobile Devices: A Survey
An Adaptive Parareal Algorithm
Distance Geometry and Data Science
Knowledge representation and diagnostic inference using Bayesian networks in the medical discourse
To Aid Statistical Inference, Emphasize Unconditional Descriptions of Statistics
Simultaneous Speech Recognition and Speaker Diarization for Monaural Dialogue Recordings with Target-Speaker Acoustic Models
Exploring Benefits of Linear Solver Parallelism on Modern Nonlinear Optimization Applications
Split Deep Q-Learning for Robust Object Singulation
Don’t cross that stop line: Characterizing Traffic Violations in Metropolitan Cities
Detecting Generalized Replay Attacks via Time-Varying Dynamic Watermarking
Spherical View Synthesis for Self-Supervised 360 Depth Estimation
The grid theorem for vertex-minors
Physics-guided Convolutional Neural Network (PhyCNN) for Data-driven Seismic Response Modeling
Spectral Extremal Results for Hypergraphs
First Steps Towards Full Model Based Motion Planning and Control of Quadrupeds: A Hybrid Zero Dynamics Approach
Localization driven superradiant instability
On the weights of dual codes arising from the GK curve
The Explanation Game: Explaining Machine Learning Models with Cooperative Game Theory
Identity-Aware Deep Face Hallucination via Adversarial Face Verification
How auto- and cross-correlations in link dynamics influence diffusion in non-Markovian temporal networks
Extracting evidence of supplement-drug interactions from literature
Thermalization of entangling power with arbitrarily weak interactions
Adjusted QMLE for the spatial autoregressive parameter
NEMO: Future Object Localization Using Noisy Ego Priors
CAMAL: Context-Aware Multi-scale Attention framework for Lightweight Visual Place Recognition
On the Closed Form Expression of Elementary Symmetric Polynomials and the Inverse of Vandermonde Matrix
Dynamics of Deep Neural Networks and Neural Tangent Hierarchy
Generation mechanism of cell assembly to store information about hand recognition
Decision-Directed Data Decomposition
Multimodal Continuation-style Architectures for Human-Robot Interaction
Finiteness of Record values and Alternative Asymptotic Theory of Records with Atom Endpoints
Dynamic Graph Attention for Referring Expression Comprehension
Recursive Graphical Neural Networks for Text Classification
Weighed Domain-Invariant Representation Learning for Cross-domain Sentiment Analysis
Analysis of the hospital records from AOK Plus
Multiple Human Tracking using Multi-Cues including Primitive Action Features
Automated Lane Change Decision Making using Deep Reinforcement Learning in Dynamic and Uncertain Highway Environment
Gate Decorator: Global Filter Pruning Method for Accelerating Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
3D $H^2$-nonconforming tetrahedral finite elements for the biharmonic equation
Renyi Differentially Private ADMM Based L1 Regularized Classification
Predicting Electricity Consumption using Deep Recurrent Neural Networks
Transfer Learning with Dynamic Adversarial Adaptation Network
Dual Adversarial Co-Learning for Multi-Domain Text Classification
Adaptive Graphical Model Network for 2D Handpose Estimation
The Generalized Bregman Distance
Quantifying Causation
Adversarial Representation Learning for Robust Patient-Independent Epileptic Seizure Detection
On a conjecture about a class of permutation quadrinomials
Data Mapping for Restricted Boltzmann Machine
Modeling Conversation Structure and Temporal Dynamics for Jointly Predicting Rumor Stance and Veracity
Sample-specific repetitive learning for photo aesthetic assessment and highlight region extraction
Computational multiscale methods for first-order wave equation using mixed CEM-GMsFEM
CrackGAN: A Labor-Light Crack Detection Approach Using Industrial Pavement Images Based on Generative Adversarial Learning
A Signal Separation Method for Exceeding the Channel Capacity of BPSK Input
An operational test for existence of a consistent increasing quasi-concave value function
Diversified Arbitrary Style Transfer via Deep Feature Perturbation
The Variant-Rule, Another Logically Universal Rule
IR-NAS: Neural Architecture Search for Image Restoration
Pre-trained Language Model for Biomedical Question Answering
Prolog Coding Guidelines: Status and Tool Support
Exploiting Partial Knowledge in Declarative Domain-Specific Heuristics for ASP
Diffusion-Based Molecular Communication Channel in Presence of a Probabilistic Absorber: Single Receptor Model and Congestion Analysis
Mutex Graphs and Multicliques: Reducing Grounding Size for Planning
Generating Local Search Neighborhood with Synthesized Logic Programs
A Human-Centered Data-Driven Planner-Actor-Critic Architecture via Logic Programming
Quantified Constraint Handling Rules
Entanglement Sustainability in Quantum Radar
Towards Shape Biased Unsupervised Representation Learning for Domain Generalization
Extended Magic for Negation: Efficient Demand-Driven Evaluation of Stratified Datalog with Precise Complexity Guarantees
Google vs IBM: A Constraint Solving Challenge on the Job-Shop Scheduling Problem
A Rule-Based System for Explainable Donor-Patient Matching in Liver Transplantation
Natural Language Generation for Non-Expert Users
An ASP-based Approach for Attractor Enumeration in Synchronous and Asynchronous Boolean Networks
Encoding Selection for Solving Hamiltonian Cycle Problems with ASP
Advances in Big Data Bio Analytics
Class Feature Pyramids for Video Explanation
Towards Ethical Machines Via Logic Programming
Reasoning about Qualitative Direction and Distance between Extended Objects using Answer Set Programming
Design of a Solver for Multi-Agent Epistemic Planning
Reasoning in Highly Reactive Environments
Research Report on Automatic Synthesis of Local Search Neighborhood Operators
Distributed Answer Set Coloring: Stable Models Computation via Graph Coloring
Memory Management in Resource-Bounded Agents
A Cloud-Native Globally Distributed Financial Exchange Simulator for Studying Real-World Trading-Latency Issues at Planetary Scale
An NMPC Approach using Convex Inner Approximations for Online Motion Planning with Guaranteed Collision Freedom
Exploring Reciprocal Attention for Salient Object Detection by Cooperative Learning
Rates of convergence in invariance principles for random walks on linear groups via martingale methods
Layer-adapted meshes: Milestones in 50 years of history
Voting with Random Classifiers (VORACE)
SINR Analysis of Different Multicarrier Waveforms over Doubly Dispersive Channels
On the packing coloring of base-3 Sierpiński and $H$ graphs
Global Temporal Representation based CNNs for Infrared Action Recognition
NatCSNN: A Convolutional Spiking Neural Network for recognition of objects extracted from natural images
SPARCAS: A Decentralized, Truthful Multi-Agent Collision-free Path Finding Mechanism
SalsaNet: Fast Road and Vehicle Segmentation in LiDAR Point Clouds for Autonomous Driving
Galerkin Finite Element Method for Nonlinear Riemann-Liouville and Caputo Fractional Equations
Transferable Feature Representation for Visible-to-Infrared Cross-Dataset Human Action Recognition
Evaluating Effects of Tuition Fees: Lasso for the Case of Germany
LoRa Physical Layer Evaluation for Point-to-Point Links and Coverage Measurements in Diverse Environments
Extremal Principle: Nonlinear Characterizations of Non-Intersection Properties
Long-Term Progress and Behavior Complexification in Competitive Co-Evolution
Text Length Adaptation in Sentiment Classification
Hypergraph partitions
Large e-retailer image dataset for visual search and product classification
An Empirical Study on Arrival Rates of Limit Orders and Order Cancellation Rates in Borsa Istanbul
Scalable Deep Unsupervised Clustering with Concrete GMVAEs
Beyond polarization: the asymmetry of vaccine controversies in France
An Unpaired Sketch-to-Photo Translation Model
Memory-Augmented Neural Networks for Machine Translation
Bayesian Strategies for Likelihood Ratio Computation in Forensic Voice Comparison with Automatic Systems
Quantitative Impact of Label Noise on the Quality of Segmentation of Brain Tumors on MRI scans
On infinitesimal generators of sublinear Markov semigroups
A Survey on Rain Removal from Video and Single Image
Higher order Trace Finite Element Methods for the Surface Stokes Equation
Corporate IT-support Help-Desk Process Hybrid-Automation Solution with Machine Learning Approach
Probabilistic Atlases to Enforce Topological Constraints
A Hierarchical Two-tier Approach to Hyper-parameter Optimization in Reinforcement Learning
Modeling the occurrence of events subject to a reporting delay via an EM algorithm
Nonquenched rotators ease flocking and memorise it
Singular optimal control of stochastic Volterra integral equations
Bifurcation Spiking Neural Network
The Generalized Fractional Benjamin-Bona-Mahony Equation: Analytical and Numerical Results
Limited-budget output consensus for descriptor multiagent systems with energy constraints
Data-driven model of the power-grid frequency dynamics
Stopping Criteria for Value and Strategy Iteration on Concurrent Stochastic Reachability Games
A Lexical, Syntactic, and Semantic Perspective for Understanding Style in Text
Sensor Fusion for Magneto-Inductive Navigation
Subword ELMo
Using BERT for Word Sense Disambiguation
Conditional Information and Inference in Response-Adaptive Allocation Designs
Design and Realization of a Reflectarray Compact Antenna Test Range
Message Reduction in the Local Model is a Free Lunch
On the Infinite Lucchesi-Younger Conjecture I
Advancing subgroup fairness via sleeping experts
Anomaly Detection As-a-Service
Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equation for Control Systems with Friction
Laplacian Matrix for Dimensionality Reduction and Clustering
Continual learning: A comparative study on how to defy forgetting in classification tasks
RUN-CSP: Unsupervised Learning of Message Passing Networks for Binary Constraint Satisfaction Problems
DeepGait: Planning and Control of Quadrupedal Gaits using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Quantum process tomography with unknown single-preparation input states
Enriching BERT with Knowledge Graph Embeddings for Document Classification
When Maximum Stable Set can be solved in FPT time
Nonparametric Estimation of the Random Coefficients Model: An Elastic Net Approach
A polynomial time approximation schema for maximum k-vertex cover in bipartite graphs
Nonparametric estimation of conditional cure models for heavy-tailed distributions and under insufficient follow-up
Semantically Interpretable Activation Maps: what-where-how explanations within CNNs
On compatibility/incompatibility of two discrete probability distributions in the presence of incomplete specification
Generalized permutahedra: Minkowski linear functionals and Ehrhart positivity
Optimization of the Belief-Propagation Algorithm for Distributed Detection by Linear Data-Fusion Techniques
Hybrid Precoding for mmWave Massive MIMO with One-Bit DAC
Pose-aware Multi-level Feature Network for Human Object Interaction Detection
Bibliothèque de la communauté assomptionniste : saisie informatique et classement Dewey
On-Device User Intent Prediction for Context and Sequence Aware Recommendation
Introduction to the Tezos Blockchain
Line-of-Sight Deep-Space Autonomous Navigation
Protection of helical transport in Quantum Spin Hall samples: the role of symmetries on edges
Look-Ahead SCOPF (LASCOPF) for Tracking Demand Variation via Auxiliary Proximal Message Passing (APMP) Algorithm
Learning from Bandit Feedback: An Overview of the State-of-the-art
Unsupervised Writer Adaptation for Synthetic-to-Real Handwritten Word Recognition
Simple, Scalable Adaptation for Neural Machine Translation
Grid Anchor based Image Cropping: A New Benchmark and An Efficient Model
Environmental Hotspot Identification in Limited Time with a UAV Equipped with a Downward-Facing Camera
Collective sampling through a Metropolis-Hastings like method: kinetic theory and numerical experiments
Visual Tracking by means of Deep Reinforcement Learning and an Expert Demonstrator
Bounding Radon’s number via Betti numbers in the plane
Word Recognition, Competition, and Activation in a Model of Visually Grounded Speech
The Impact of Operating Environment on Efficiency of Public Libraries
Cutting Music Source Separation Some Slakh: A Dataset to Study the Impact of Training Data Quality and Quantity
Exploring Bit-Slice Sparsity in Deep Neural Networks for Efficient ReRAM-Based Deployment
Regularization in Generalized Semiparametric Mixed-Effects Model for Longitudinal Data
Hierarchical Meta-Embeddings for Code-Switching Named Entity Recognition
Near Coverings and Cosystolic Expansion — an example of topological property testing
Student Engagement Detection Using Emotion Analysis, Eye Tracking and Head Movement with Machine Learning
Asymptotic preserving $P_N$ methods for haptotaxis equations
Bias In, Bias Out? Evaluating the Folk Wisdom
AI Modelling and Time-series Forecasting Systems for Trading Energy Flexibility in Distribution Grids
Efficient Computation of Multi-Modal Public Transit Traffic Assignments using ULTRA
k-Relevance Vectors for Pattern Classification
Visual Measurement Integrity Monitoring for UAV Localization
Regular matroids have polynomial extension complexity
No-Regret Learning in Unknown Games with Correlated Payoffs
Extremely Weak Supervised Image-to-Image Translation for Semantic Segmentation
An Automated Engineering Assistant: Learning Parsers for Technical Drawings
A note on alternating direction method of multipliers with generalized augmented terms for constrained sparse least absolute deviation
From Bipedal Walking to Quadrupedal Locomotion: Full-Body Dynamics Decomposition for Rapid Gait Generation
Construction of Machine Learned Force Fields with Quantum Chemical Accuracy: Applications and Chemical Insights
From Farey fractions to the Klein quartic and beyond
Statistical and machine learning ensemble modelling to forecast sea surface temperature
Learning Discrepancy Models From Experimental Data
Dynamical systems on chain complexes and canonical minimal resolutions
Estimating maternal mortality using data from national civil registration vital statistics systems: A Bayesian hierarchical bivariate random walk model to estimate sensitivity and specificity of reporting
Semantic and Cognitive Tools to Aid Statistical Inference: Replace Confidence and Significance by Compatibility and Surprise
Re-ID Driven Localization Refinement for Person Search
Code-Switched Language Models Using Neural Based Synthetic Data from Parallel Sentences
Decoupling stochastic optimal control problems for efficient solution: insights from experiments across a wide range of noise regimes
Random concave functions on an equilateral lattice with periodic hessians
Unsupervised Segmentation of Fire and Smoke from Infra-Red Videos
The dimension of the boundary of a Liouville quantum gravity metric ball