Transfer Learning with Dynamic Distribution Adaptation
Conformal Prediction based Spectral Clustering
Learning to Generate Questions with Adaptive Copying Neural Networks
Measure Contribution of Participants in Federated Learning
K-BERT: Enabling Language Representation with Knowledge Graph
AdaFair: Cumulative Fairness Adaptive Boosting
K-TanH: Hardware Efficient Activations For Deep Learning
Multi Sense Embeddings from Topic Models
!MDP Playground: Meta-Features in Reinforcement Learning
Span-based Joint Entity and Relation Extraction with Transformer Pre-training
Global Optimal Path-Based Clustering Algorithm
Character-Centric Storytelling
sktime: A Unified Interface for Machine Learning with Time Series
Generating Black-Box Adversarial Examples for Text Classifiers Using a Deep Reinforced Model
Ludwig: a type-based declarative deep learning toolbox
Do NLP Models Know Numbers? Probing Numeracy in Embeddings
BLOCCS: Block Sparse Canonical Correlation Analysis With Application To Interpretable Omics Integration
ProtoGAN: Towards Few Shot Learning for Action Recognition
Sparse Canonical Correlation Analysis via Concave Minimization
Interpretable Principal Components Analysis for Multilevel Multivariate Functional Data, with Application to EEG Experiments
Heterogeneity-Aware Asynchronous Decentralized Training
Megatron-LM: Training Multi-Billion Parameter Language Models Using GPU Model Parallelism
Adversarial Attacks and Defenses in Images, Graphs and Text: A Review
Relaxed Softmax for learning from Positive and Unlabeled data
A Distributed Fair Machine Learning Framework with Private Demographic Data Protection
Ensemble Knowledge Distillation for Learning Improved and Efficient Networks
Inference on the change point with the jump size near the boundary of the region of detectability in high dimensional time series models
Gated Recurrent Units Learning for Optimal Deployment of Visible Light Communications Enabled UAVs
The rank of a complex unit gain graph in terms of the matching number
Object Reachability via Swaps under Strict and Weak Preferences
A Joint Learning and Communications Framework for Federated Learning over Wireless Networks
HAD-GAN: A Human-perception Auxiliary Defense GAN model to Defend Adversarial Examples
Variable selection with false discovery rate control in deep neural networks
Object-Centric Stereo Matching for 3D Object Detection
Specific bounds for a probabilistically interpretable solution of the Poisson equation for general state-space Markov chains with queueing applications
Nonnegative Canonical Polyadic Decomposition with Rank Deficient Factors
A Data-Center FPGA Acceleration Platform for Convolutional Neural Networks
Is That a Chair? Imagining Affordances Using Simulations of an Articulated Human Body
Bridging the Gap between Pre-Training and Fine-Tuning for End-to-End Speech Translation
On the Physical Interpretation of Proper Orthogonal Decomposition and Dynamic Mode Decomposition for Liquid Injection
Multi-FAN: Multi-Spectral Mosaic Super-Resolution Via Multi-Scale Feature Aggregation Network
Learned-SBL: A Deep Learning Architecture for Sparse Signal Recovery
Stacking Models for Nearly Optimal Link Prediction in Complex Networks
Design Theory and Some Non-simple Forbidden Configurations
Exploring Scholarly Data by Semantic Query on Knowledge Graph Embedding Space
Radiopathomics: Integration of radiographic and histologic characteristics for prognostication in glioblastoma
Inverse Visual Question Answering with Multi-Level Attentions
Grounding learning of modifier dynamics: An application to color naming
A Hybrid Deep Learning Approach for Diagnosis of the Erythemato-Squamous Disease
Communication-Efficient Distributed Learning via Lazily Aggregated Quantized Gradients
Real-time Multi-target Path Prediction and Planning for Autonomous Driving aided by FCN
Learning Explicit and Implicit Structures for Targeted Sentiment Analysis
ASSED — A Framework for Identifying Physical Events through Adaptive Social Sensor Data Filtering
Simple yet Effective Bridge Reasoning for Open-Domain Multi-Hop Question Answering
Multi-step Entity-centric Information Retrieval for Multi-Hop Question Answering
A Convergence Proof of Projected Fast Iterative Soft-thresholding Algorithm for Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Integration and Simulation of Bivariate Projective-Cauchy Distributions within Arbitrary Polygonal Domains
Improving the Learning of Multi-column Convolutional Neural Network for Crowd Counting
On the nonexistence of pseudo-generalized quadrangles
Alleviating Feature Confusion for Generative Zero-shot Learning
Coherence Statistics of Structured Random Ensembles and Support Detection Bounds for OMP
Cycle-consistent Conditional Adversarial Transfer Networks
Quantum algorithm for finding the negative curvature direction in non-convex optimization
Deep End-to-End Alignment and Refinement for Time-of-Flight RGB-D Module
Refined $α$-Divergence Variational Inference via Rejection Sampling
A Demonstration of Implication Logic Based on Volatile (Diffusive) Memristors
Towards Efficient and Secure Delivery of Data for Deep Learning with Privacy-Preserving
Communication-Efficient Weighted Sampling and Quantile Summary for GBDT
Ergodic Spectral Efficiency of Massive MIMO with Correlated Rician Channel and MRC Detection based on LS and MMSE Channel Estimation
Thanks for Nothing: Predicting Zero-Valued Activations with Lightweight Convolutional Neural Networks
The Impact of Technologies in Political Campaigns
DP-4-coloring of planar graphs with some restrictions on cycles
Proceedings 35th International Conference on Logic Programming (Technical Communications)
A heuristic use of dynamic programming to upperbound treewidth
Social Network Analysis of Corruption Structures: Adjacency Matrices Supporting the Visualization and Quantification of Layeredness
Multiple Birds with One Stone: Beating $1/2$ for EFX and GMMS via Envy Cycle Elimination
Reachability Games with Relaxed Energy Constraints
MetalGAN: a Cluster-based Adaptive Training for Few-Shot Adversarial Colorization
Resource-Aware Automata and Games for Optimal Synthesis
Controllable Length Control Neural Encoder-Decoder via Reinforcement Learning
Specification and Optimal Reactive Synthesis of Run-time Enforcement Shields
Novel Rigorous Multimode Equivalent Network Formulation for Boxed Planar Circuits with Arbitrarily Shaped Metallizations
Persistence B-Spline Grids: Stable Vector Representation of Persistence Diagrams Based on Data Fitting
Strong convergence order for slow-fast McKean-Vlasov stochastic differential equations
Progressive Fusion for Unsupervised Binocular Depth Estimation using Cycled Networks
Model-Based Real-Time Motion Tracking using Dynamical Inverse Kinematics
Efficient Transfer Bayesian Optimization with Auxiliary Information
Spatio-Semantic ConvNet-Based Visual Place Recognition
Network-Aware Container Scheduling in Multi-Tenant Data Center
Dynamics of balanced parentheses, lexicographic series and Dyck polynomials
Probability distribution of the boundary local time of reflected Brownian motion in Euclidean domains
Synchronous Maneuver Searching and Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Vehicles in Dynamic Traffic Environments
Multilevel Sequential Importance Sampling for Rare Event Estimation
Fiber Nonlinearity Mitigation via the Parzen Window Classifier for Dispersion Managed and Unmanaged Links
Characterizing and Predicting Repeat Food Consumption Behavior for Just-in-Time Interventions
Learning to Find Hydrological Corrections
A goodness-of-fit test for the functional linear model with functional response
Prediction of rare feature combinations in population synthesis: Application of deep generative modelling
Competing growth processes with random growth rates and random birth times
Network entity characterization and attack prediction
Multi-Task Learning for Automotive Foggy Scene Understanding via Domain Adaptation to an Illumination-Invariant Representation
Compositional uncertainty in deep Gaussian processes
OpenReq Issue Link Map: A Tool to Visualize Issue Links in Jira
Efficient, Fair and QoS-Aware Policies for Wirelessly Powered Communication Networks
Task-Aware Monocular Depth Estimation for 3D Object Detection
Using Latent Codes for Class Imbalance Problem in Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
Multi-robot persistent surveillance with connectivity constraints
re-OBJ: Jointly Learning the Foreground and Background for Object Instance Re-identification
Variational Bayesian Context-aware Representation for Grocery Recommendation
A Review of Tracking, Prediction and Decision Making Methods for Autonomous Driving
LMI-based robust stability and stabilization analysis of fractional-order interval systems with time-varying delay
An open-source, distributed workflow for band mapping data in multidimensional photoemission spectroscopy
Geometric and spectral properties of directed graphs under a lower Ricci curvature bound
Low-Dimensional Dynamics for Higher Order Harmonic Globally Coupled Phase Oscillator Ensemble
Efficient and Robust Estimation of Linear Regression with Normal Errors
DS-PASS: Detail-Sensitive Panoramic Annular Semantic Segmentation through SwaftNet for Surrounding Sensing
Deep Point-wise Prediction for Action Temporal Proposal
Building Change Detection for Remote Sensing Images Using a Dual Task Constrained Deep Siamese Convolutional Network Model
Parallel Concatenation of Non-Binary Linear Random Fountain Codes with Maximum Distance Separable Codes
An Image Based Visual Servo Approach with Deep Learning for Robotic Manipulation
SocialNLP EmotionX 2019 Challenge Overview: Predicting Emotions in Spoken Dialogues and Chats
$\mathrm{RCD}(K,N)$ spaces and the geometry of multi-particle Schrödinger semigroups
Course Concept Expansion in MOOCs with External Knowledge and Interactive Game
ICDAR 2019 Competition on Large-scale Street View Text with Partial Labeling — RRC-LSVT
Control of criticality and computation in spiking neuromorphic networks with plasticity
Adversarial Feature Training for Generalizable Robotic Visuomotor Control
Hamiltonian regularisation of shallow water equations with uneven bottom
Autonomous Energy Management system achieving piezoelectric energy harvesting in Wireless Sensors
Defending against Machine Learning based Inference Attacks via Adversarial Examples: Opportunities and Challenges
Sampling, Marcinkiewicz-Zygmund Inequalities, Approximation, and Quadrature Rules
Impact of novel aggregation methods for flexible, time-sensitive EHR prediction without variable selection or cleaning
A machine vision meta-algorithm for automated recognition of underwater objects using sidescan sonar imagery
Single-shot 3D shape reconstruction using deep convolutional neural networks
A pseudo-spectra based characterisation of the robust strong H-infinity norm of time-delay systems with real-valued and structured uncertainties
Preprocessing and Cutting Planes with Conflict Graphs
First-order sensitivity of the optimal value in a Markov decision model with respect to deviations in the transition probability function
To Learn or Not to Learn: Deep Learning Assisted Wireless Modem Design
A condition for scattered linearized polynomials involving Dickson matrices
Extreme Value Based Estimation of Critical Single Event Failure Probability
Chinese Street View Text: Large-scale Chinese Text Reading with Partially Supervised Learning
Learn to Segment Organs with a Few Bounding Boxes
DeepDriveMD: Deep-Learning Driven Adaptive Molecular Simulations for Protein Folding
Learning Deformable Point Set Registration with Regularized Dynamic Graph CNNs for Large Lung Motion in COPD Patients
Toward Understanding Crowd Mobility in Smart Cities through the Internet of Things
A curvature notion for planar graphs stable under planar duality
Weak Edge Identification Nets for Ocean Front Detection
AdaptIS: Adaptive Instance Selection Network
Shared Control Between Pilots and Autopilots: Illustration of a Cyber-Physical Human System
Two-Sample Test Based on Classification Probability
Dynamic causal modelling of phase-amplitude interactions
Multimodal Multitask Representation Learning for Pathology Biobank Metadata Prediction
Convergence of the random Abelian sandpile
Adaptive Leader-Following Consensus for Multiple Euler-Lagrange Systems with an Uncertain Leader System
Dynamic coloring for Bipartite and General Graphs
Learning to Search for MIMO Detection
Steady-State Optimal Frequency Control for Lossy Power Grids with Distributed Communication
Markov Processes with Jumps on Manifolds and Lie Groups
Minimax Confidence Intervals for the Sliced Wasserstein Distance
Time scale design for network resilience
Mitigating Network Noise on Dragonfly Networks through Application-Aware Routing
Flag-transitive block designs and unitary groups
Walling up Backdoors in Intrusion Detection Systems
TruPercept: Trust Modelling for Autonomous Vehicle Cooperative Perception from Synthetic Data
Two Computational Models for Analyzing Political Attention in Social Media
Visualizing Movement Control Optimization Landscapes
Learning to Manipulate Object Collections Using Grounded State Representations
Multi-mapping Image-to-Image Translation via Learning Disentanglement
Fractional matching preclusion number of graphs
PixelHop: A Successive Subspace Learning (SSL) Method for Object Classification
Estimating Glycemic Impact of Cooking Recipes via Online Crowdsourcing and Machine Learning
A Note on Explicit Milstein-Type Scheme for Stochastic Differential Equation with Markovian Switching
On Explicit Tamed Milstein-type scheme for Stochastic Differential Equation with Markovian Switching
Distributional conformal prediction
Vehicle routing by learning from historical solutions
On the Optimality of the Greedy Policy for Battery Limited Energy Harvesting Communications
Fast Search with Poor OCR
SNR Enhancement in Brillouin Microspectroscopy using Spectrum Reconstruction
Graph Nets for Partial Charge Prediction
Generative Dialog Policy for Task-oriented Dialog Systems
Pointer-based Fusion of Bilingual Lexicons into Neural Machine Translation
Algorithm for Training Neural Networks on Resistive Device Arrays
\lowercase{hm-toolbox}: Matlab software for HODLR and HSS matrices
Learning to Deceive with Attention-Based Explanations
On a sufficient condition for infinite horizon optimal control problems
Safety-Critical Adaptive Control with Nonlinear Reference Model Systems
Adaptive and Dynamically Constrained Process Noise Estimation for Orbit Determination
Distributed Function Minimization in Apache Spark
Ranking metrics on non-shuffled traffic
Say Anything: Automatic Semantic Infelicity Detection in L2 English Indefinite Pronouns
A Forensic Qualitative Analysis of Contributions to Wikipedia from Anonymity Seeking Users
Sums of random polynomials with independent roots
An Approximate Version of the Strong Nine Dragon Tree Conjecture
Semantic Relatedness Based Re-ranker for Text Spotting
Various Characterizations of Throttling Numbers
On $m$-ovoids of Symplectic Polar Spaces
An Internal Learning Approach to Video Inpainting
A new scalable algorithm for computational optimal control under uncertainty
Approximation of SDEs — a stochastic sewing approach
Two-scale coupling for preconditioned Hamiltonian Monte Carlo in infinite dimensions
Deep Learning based Precoding for the MIMO Gaussian Wiretap Channel
On clique immersions in line graphs
On sets with small sumset and m-sum-free sets in Z/pZ
Towards Object Detection from Motion
On an inverse Robin spectral problem
Achieving Phase Coherency and Gain Stability in Active Antenna Arrays for Sub-6 GHz FDD and TDD FD-MIMO: Challenges and Solutions
Leyenda: An Adaptive, Hybrid Sorting Algorithm for Large Scale Data with Limited Memory
Distributed Leader Following of an Active Leader in Formation for Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems
A Survey of Rate-optimal Power Domain NOMA Schemes for Enabling Technologies of Future Wireless Networks
A Note on a Simple and Practical Randomized Response Framework for Eliciting Sensitive Dichotomous & Quantitative Information
BSDAR: Beam Search Decoding with Attention Reward in Neural Keyphrase Generation
Strategic Formation and Reliability of Supply Chain Networks
Rotational Uniqueness Conditions Under Oblique Factor Correlation Metric
Cardiac MRI Image Segmentation for Left Ventricle and Right Ventricle using Deep Learning
Optimizing Through Learned Errors for Accurate Sports Field Registration
Robust statistical modeling of monthly rainfall: The minimum density power divergence approach
Masking Salient Object Detection, a Mask Region-based Convolutional Neural Network Analysis for Segmentation of Salient Objects
Revealing the Importance of Semantic Retrieval for Machine Reading at Scale
Masked-RPCA: Sparse and Low-rank Decomposition Under Overlaying Model and Application to Moving Object Detection
A scalable noisy speech dataset and online subjective test framework
Higher-order interactions in complex networks of phase oscillators promote abrupt synchronization switching
Learn to Estimate Labels Uncertainty for Quality Assurance
Construction of sequences with high Nonlinear Complexity from the Hermitian Function Field
Simultaneous Identification and Control Using Active Signal Injection for Series Hybrid Electric Vehicles based on Dynamic Programming
Deterministic algorithms for the Lovasz Local Lemma: simpler, more general, and more parallel
Surface alignment disorder and pseudo-Casimir forces in smectic-A liquid crystalline films
Properties of Laplacian Pyramids for Extension and Denoising
Extractive Summarization of Long Documents by Combining Global and Local Context
DOVER: A Method for Combining Diarization Outputs
Worst-case complexity bounds of directional direct-search methods for multiobjective derivative-free optimization