Optimisation of Air-Ground Swarm Teaming for Target Search, using Differential Evolution
SANVis: Visual Analytics for Understanding Self-Attention Networks
Towards Open-Domain Named Entity Recognition via Neural Correction Models
Balance in Signed Bipartite Networks
A General Framework for Implicit and Explicit Debiasing of Distributional Word Vector Spaces
Deep Adversarial Belief Networks
Petri Net Machines for Human-Agent Interaction
IR2Vec: A Flow Analysis based Scalable Infrastructure for Program Encodings
AED: An Anytime Evolutionary DCOP Algorithm
Fault Trees from Data: Efficient Learning with an Evolutionary Algorithm
A Double Penalty Model for Interpretability
AITuning: Machine Learning-based Tuning Tool for Run-Time Communication Libraries
MACE: Multiscale Abrupt Change Estimation Under Complex Temporal Dynamics
Neural Oblivious Decision Ensembles for Deep Learning on Tabular Data
A Knowledge Transfer Framework for Differentially Private Sparse Learning
Explainable Machine Learning in Deployment
Slice-based Learning: A Programming Model for Residual Learning in Critical Data Slices
Addressing Semantic Drift in Question Generation for Semi-Supervised Question Answering
Adaptive Scheduling for Multi-Task Learning
Spatiotemporal Attention Networks for Wind Power Forecasting
Justifying the Norms of Inductive Inference
NeMo: a toolkit for building AI applications using Neural Modules
FfDL : A Flexible Multi-tenant Deep Learning Platform
Towards Effective Human-AI Teams: The Case of Human-Robot Packing
Torchmeta: A Meta-Learning library for PyTorch
d-blink: Distributed End-to-End Bayesian Entity Resolution
DL2: A Deep Learning-driven Scheduler for Deep Learning Clusters
LSTM-Based Anomaly Detection: Detection Rules from Extreme Value Theory
BPnP: Further Empowering End-to-End Learning with Back-Propagatable Geometric Optimization
Say What I Want: Towards the Dark Side of Neural Dialogue Models
A Collaborative Approach using Ridge-Valley Minutiae for More Accurate Contactless Fingerprint Identification
The Rising Sun Envelope Method: an automatic and accurate peak location technique for XANES measurements
Toward Efficient Evaluation of Logic Encryption Schemes: Models and Metrics
Performance Characterization and Modeling of Serverless and HPC Streaming Applications
Strategic Inference with a Single Private Sample
New Results on Higher-Order Changhee Numbers and Polynomials
Active learning for level set estimation under cost-dependent input uncertainty
Riemannian Proximal Gradient Methods
Symmetry-breaking and zero-one laws
Deep Joint Embeddings of Context and Content for Recommendation
Subspace Packings — Constructions and Bounds
Orlicz-space regularization for optimal transport and algorithms for quadratic regularization
Adversarial $α$-divergence Minimization for Bayesian Approximate Inference
Generalized Records for Functional Time Series with Application to Unit Root Tests
Supervised Learning for Physical Layer based Message Authentication in URLLC scenarios
Human Following for Wheeled Robot with Monocular Pan-tilt Camera
Neural Machine Translation with 4-Bit Precision and Beyond
Estimating Fisher Information Matrix in Latent Variable Models based on the Score Function
Collective dynamics of phase-repulsive oscillators solves graph coloring problem
Tasks Unlimited: Lightweight Task Offloading Exploiting MPI Wait Times for Parallel Adaptive Mesh Refinement
Two-sample tests for relevant differences in the eigenfunctions of covariance operators
A relaxed interior point method for low-rank semidefinite programming problems
Recommendations for time-to-failure tests on adhesive anchor systems
Convex decompositions of point sets in the plane
Controller Reduction via Weighted Interpolation
Shallow Self-Learning for Reject Inference in Credit Scoring
Generalised Bisimulations for Time Bounded Reachability of CTMCs and CTMDPs
On asymptotic relations between singular and constrained control problems of one-dimensional diffusions
CAESAR source finder: recent developments and testing
Weakly-Supervised 3D Pose Estimation from a Single Image using Multi-View Consistency
Bootstrapping the Operator Norm in High Dimensions: Error Estimation for Covariance Matrices and Sketching
Dual Graph Convolutional Network for Semantic Segmentation
FakeSpotter: A Simple Baseline for Spotting AI-Synthesized Fake Faces
On existence of optimal potentials on unbounded domains
Mr-moslo: vm consolidation using multiple regression multi-objective seven-spot ladybird optimization for host overload detection
Feeling Anxious? Perceiving Anxiety in Tweets using Machine Learning
Defending Against Adversarial Attacks by Suppressing the Largest Eigenvalue of Fisher Information Matrix
Relative Generalized Hamming weights of affine Cartesian codes
Efficient Multi-Year Security Constrained AC Transmission Network Expansion Planning
PubMedQA: A Dataset for Biomedical Research Question Answering
Video Rain/Snow Removal by Transformed Online Multiscale Convolutional Sparse Coding
HJB Optimal Feedback Control with Deep Differential Value Functions and Action Constraints
A Swash Mass Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: Design, Modeling and Control
Estimating drift parameters in a non-ergodic Gaussian Vasicek-type model
The spectrum of a random operator is a random set
A Stochastic Proximal Point Algorithm for Saddle-Point Problems
Brain-Like Object Recognition with High-Performing Shallow Recurrent ANNs
Neural Architectures for Fine-Grained Propaganda Detection in News
Uniform convergence rate of nonparametric maximum likelihood estimator for the current status data with competing risks
A Particle Swarm Based Algorithm for Functional Distributed Constraint Optimization Problems
$L^p$-Solutions and Comparison Results for Lévy Driven BSDEs in a Monotonic, General Growth Setting
Solving Ergodic Markov Decision Processes and Perfect Information Zero-sum Stochastic Games by Variance Reduced Deflated Value Iteration
Split-and-Merge in Stationary Random Stirring on Lattice Torus
A simple Fourier analytic proof of the AKT optimal matching theorem
FPGA based Implementation of Frequency and Phase Matching Technique for Grid Tied Applications
Testing Hypotheses about Covariance Matrices in General MANOVA Designs
Hierarchical Joint Scene Coordinate Classification and Regression for Visual Localization
Codebook-Based Max-Min Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation for Uplink mmWave MIMO-NOMA Systems
Stability Analysis of Newton-MR Under Hessian Perturbations
The Edwards Model for fBm Loops and Starbursts
Branch-and-cut and iterated local search for the weighted $k$-traveling repairman problem: an application to the maintenance of speed cameras
Distributed representation of patients and its use for medical cost prediction
Divergence-free tangential finite element methods for incompressible flows on surfaces
Characterising circular-arc contact $B_0$-VPG graphs
$ρ$-VAE: Autoregressive parametrization of the VAE encoder
Classifying Topological Charge in SU(3) Yang-Mills Theory with Machine Learning
Modelling Stopping Criteria for Search Results using Poisson Processes
Modifiers of mutation rate in selectively fluctuating environments
End-to-End Neural Speaker Diarization with Self-attention
V2: Fast Detection of Configuration Drift in Python
Inverting weak random operators
A superpixel-driven deep learning approach for the analysis of dermatological wounds
Towards an Adaptive Robot for Sports and Rehabilitation Coaching
Skorohod and rough integration with respect to the non-commutative fractional Brownian motion
White-Box Adversarial Defense via Self-Supervised Data Estimation
Scene Graph Parsing by Attention Graph
Parameterized Convolutional Neural Networks for Aspect Level Sentiment Classification
Exponential ergodicity for general continuous-state nonlinear branching processes
An Efficient Interval Uncertainty Optimization Approach Based on Quasi-sparse Response Surface
High Resolution Forecasting of Heat Waves impacts on Leaf Area Index by Multiscale Multitemporal Deep Learning
Toward Automated Quest Generation in Text-Adventure Games
A density for the local time of the Brox diffusion
Convergence of solutions of SDEs to Harris flows
Enumerating Isolated Cliques in Temporal Networks
ISL: Optimal Policy Learning With Optimal Exploration-Exploitation Trade-Off
Fast Low-rank Metric Learning for Large-scale and High-dimensional Data
Asymptotic gain results for attractors of semilinear systems
A Comparative Study on Transformer vs RNN in Speech Applications
Flow Models for Arbitrary Conditional Likelihoods
simple but effective techniques to reduce biases
Measuring the Effects of Non-Identical Data Distribution for Federated Visual Classification
Lozenge Tilings Of the Equilateral Triangle
MRI Brain Tumor Segmentation using Random Forests and Fully Convolutional Networks
HERALD: Optimizing Heterogeneous DNN Accelerators for Edge Devices
Alpaca: Intermittent Execution without Checkpoints
Probing the Information Encoded in x-vectors
That’s C, baby. C!
A Gated Self-attention Memory Network for Answer Selection
New lower bounds on the size-Ramsey number of a path
Multifractality and its role in anomalous transport in the disordered XXZ spin-chain
Spectral Analysis Of Weighted Laplacians Arising In Data Clustering
Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting Reconstruction Using Recurrent Neural Networks
Horizontal Flows and Manifold Stochastics in Geometric Deep Learning
Degeneracy locus formulas for amenable Weyl group elements
Image inpainting: A review
Fluctuations for Spatially Extended Hawkes Processes
Order statistics on the spacings between order statistics for the uniform distribution
Scalar $q$-subresultants and Dickson matrices
Dynamic Graph Algorithms and Graph Sparsification: New Techniques and Connections
Learning Household Task Knowledge from WikiHow Descriptions
Enabling Intuitive Human-Robot Teaming Using Augmented Reality and Gesture Control
Controlling a Random Population is EXPTIME-hard
Degenerate elastic networks
Zero-Shot Action Recognition in Videos: A Survey
Responsive Planning and Recognition for Closed-Loop Interaction
Recommendation or Discrimination?: Quantifying Distribution Parity in Information Retrieval Systems
LDPC Codes Achieve List Decoding Capacity
Bayesian analysis of longitudinal studies with treatment by indication
A Random Network Model for the Analysis of Blockchain Designs with Communication Delay
Coupling Rendering and Generative Adversarial Networks for Artificial SAS Image Generation
The Computational Complexity of Finding Temporal Paths under Waiting Time Constraints
SuRF: a New Method for Sparse Variable Selection, with Application in Microbiome Data Analysis
MinneApple: A Benchmark Dataset for Apple Detection and Segmentation
Co-Attentive Cross-Modal Deep Learning for Medical Evidence Synthesis and Decision Making
Local Decode and Update for Big Data Compression
Spatio-spectral networks for color-texture analysis
Direct transformation from Cartesian into geodetic coordinates on a triaxial ellipsoid
Interpolation-Prediction Networks for Irregularly Sampled Time Series
F-Cooper: Feature based Cooperative Perception for Autonomous Vehicle Edge Computing System Using 3D Point Clouds
Reduced order models for spectral domain inversion: Embedding into the continuous problem and generation of internal data
Spoken Speech Enhancement using EEG
Optimization on the Surface of the (Hyper)-Sphere
Continuous Abstraction of Nonlinear Systems using Sum-of-Squares Programming
Fuzzy Logic Control for Mixed conventional/braking Actuation Mobile Robots
Learned imaging with constraints and uncertainty quantification
Occam’s Razor in Opinion Dynamics: The Weighted-Median Influence Process
Good sequencings for small Mendelsohn triple systems
Combating Conservativeness in Data-Driven Optimization under Uncertainty: A Solution Path Approach
Sliding Mode Control for Mixed Conventional/Braking Actuation Mobile Robots
Decentralized Proximal Gradient Algorithms with Linear Convergence Rates
An Alert-Generation Framework for Improving Resiliency in Human-Supervised, Multi-Agent Teams
Ptychographic phase-retrieval by proximal algorithms
Multi-Perspective, Simultaneous Embedding
Selfie Drone Stick: A Natural Interface for Quadcopter Photography
Learning to Communicate and Energize: Modulation, Coding and Multiple Access Designs for Wireless Information-Power Transmission
Flight Controller Synthesis Via Deep Reinforcement Learning
Transactional Smart Contracts in Blockchain Systems
Active Learning for Risk-Sensitive Inverse Reinforcement Learning
PUFchain: Hardware-Assisted Blockchain for Sustainable Simultaneous Device and Data Security in the Internet of Everything (IoE)
HyEdge: Optimal Request Scheduling in Hybrid Edge Computing Environment
Adversarial Attack on Skeleton-based Human Action Recognition
Multi-class Multilingual Classification of Wikipedia Articles Using Extended Named Entity Tag Set
Community Detection for Hypergraph Networks via Regularized Tensor Power Iteration
Network Effects on Robustness of Dynamic Systems
Performance Analysis of Spatial and Transform Filters for Efficient Image Noise Reduction
Building Second-Order Mental Models for Human-Robot Interaction
Developing Computational Models of Social Assistance to Guide Socially Assistive Robots
A highly likely clusterable data model with no clusters
Leveraging Out-of-Task Data for End-to-End Automatic Speech Translation
A Universal Parent Model for Low-Resource Neural Machine Translation Transfer
Slow Recurrences
Counting Threshold Graphs with Eulerian Numbers
A Bayesian Approach for De-duplication in the Presence of Relational Data
Multilingual ASR with Massive Data Augmentation
A Generalized Randomized Rank-Revealing Factorization
Solving Service Robot Tasks: UT Austin Villa@Home 2019 Team Report
Bootstrapping non-parallel voice conversion from speaker-adaptive text-to-speech
Neuromodulated Patience for Robot and Self-Driving Vehicle Navigation
Semiparametric Imputation Using Conditional Gaussian Mixture Models under Item Nonresponse
Private and Atomic Exchange of Assets over Zero Knowledge Based Payment Ledger
Optimized Routing and Spectrum Assignment for Video Communication over an Elastic Optical Network
Speeding Up Distributed Pseudo-tree Optimization Procedure with Cross Edge Consistency to Solve DCOPs
Machine learning in healthcare — a system’s perspective
Rapid Bayesian inference for expensive stochastic models
Scalable Gaussian Process Classification with Additive Noise for Various Likelihoods
Node Injection Attacks on Graphs via Reinforcement Learning
Topological constructions for tight surface graphs
Fuzzy Knowledge-Based Architecture for Learning and Interaction in Social Robots
Design of Task-Specific Optical Systems Using Broadband Diffractive Neural Networks
Uniformly positive correlations in the dimer model and phase transition in lattice permutations on $\mathbb{Z}^d$, $d > 2$, via reflection positivity
ALTER: Auxiliary Text Rewriting Tool for Natural Language Generation
Semi-analytical calculation of the singular and hypersingular integrals for discrete Helmholtz operators in 2D BEM
Color image recovery using low-rank quaternion matrix completion algorithm
Probabilistic Zero Forcing on Random Graphs
Data-driven approach for synchrotron X-ray Laue microdiffraction scan analysis
Extreme sensitivity of the vortex state in a-MoGe films to radio-frequency electromagnetic perturbation
The Laplacian eigenvalue 2 of bicyclic graphs
Street Crossing Aid Using Light-weight CNNs for the Visually Impaired
Genetic Algorithm for More Efficient Multi-layer Thickness Optimization in Solar Cell
Confidence Tubes for Curves on SO(3) and Identification of Subject-Specific Gait Change after Kneeling