General Fragment Model for Information Artifacts
Reverse Transfer Learning: Can Word Embeddings Trained for Different NLP Tasks Improve Neural Language Models?
Super learning for daily streamflow forecasting: Large-scale demonstration and comparison with multiple machine learning algorithms
Self-Teaching Networks
Meta-learnt priors slow down catastrophic forgetting in neural networks
Learning to Learn and Predict: A Meta-Learning Approach for Multi-Label Classification
NormLime: A New Feature Importance Metric for Explaining Deep Neural Networks
PMD: A New User Distance for Recommender Systems
Mitigating Annotation Artifacts in Natural Language Inference Datasets to Improve Cross-dataset Generalization Ability
Transfer of Temporal Logic Formulas in Reinforcement Learning
Knowledge Transfer Graph for Deep Collaborative Learning
LSTM-MSNet: Leveraging Forecasts on Sets of Related Time Series with Multiple Seasonal Patterns
A Meta-Learning Framework for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning
An Overview of Open-Ended Evolution: Editorial Introduction to the Open-Ended Evolution II Special Issue
The Prevalence of Errors in Machine Learning Experiments
Distributed Equivalent Substitution Training for Large-Scale Recommender Systems
VACL: Variance-Aware Cross-Layer Regularization for Pruning Deep Residual Networks
Static Analysis for Probabilistic Programs
Adversarial Robustness Against the Union of Multiple Perturbation Models
Tilings of hexagons with a removed triad of bowties
A Classification Methodology based on Subspace Graphs Learning
Building Calibrated Deep Models via Uncertainty Matching with Auxiliary Interval Predictors
Edge-fault-tolerant strong Menger edge connectivity of bubble-sort star graphs
The Making Of A Theory Of The Vitreous Solid State: From 1 milli-K To 1 kilo-K
Privacy-Net: An Adversarial Approach For Identity-obfuscated Segmentation
Robust synchronization of electric power generators
Neural Naturalist: Generating Fine-Grained Image Comparisons
Rapid Motion-Planning for Dubins Vehicles under Environmental Drifts
A Study of Context Dependencies in Multi-page Product Search
Adversarial Policy Gradient for Deep Learning Image Augmentation
Poster Abstract: A Dynamic Data-Driven Prediction Model for Sparse Collaborative Sensing Applications
Estimating Fingertip Forces, Torques, and Local Curvatures from Fingernail Images
Gradient-Aware Model-based Policy Search
Span Selection Pre-training for Question Answering
Fractional Isomorphism of Graphons
High symmetric n-polygons
DeepObfuscator: Adversarial Training Framework for Privacy-Preserving Image Classification
Fast IMEX Time Integration of Nonlinear Stiff Fractional Differential Equations
Option Encoder: A Framework for Discovering a Policy Basis in Reinforcement Learning
On CDCL-based proof systems with the ordered decision strategy
A PMU Based Islanding Detection Scheme Immune to Additive Instrumentation Channel Errors
Detection and Classification of Breast Cancer Metastates Based on U-Net
DaTscan SPECT Image Classification for Parkinson’s Disease
Application of Machine Learning for Online Dynamic Security Assessment in Presence of System Variability and Additive Instrumentation Errors
Extended Mean Field Games with Singular Controls
Joint Learning of Saliency Detection and Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation
MLOD: A multi-view 3D object detection based on robust feature fusion method
Knowledge Enhanced Contextual Word Representations
Learning Semantic Parsers from Denotations with Latent Structured Alignments and Abstract Programs
OncoNetExplainer: Explainable Predictions of Cancer Types Based on Gene Expression Data
An Efficient Algorithm for Multiple-Pursuer-Multiple-Evader Pursuit/Evasion Game
A Filtering Approach for Resiliency of Distributed Observers against Smart Spoofers
Learning Object-specific Distance from a Monocular Image
Signal retrieval with measurement system knowledge using variational generative model
Follow the Leader: Documents on the Leading Edge of Semantic Change Get More Citations
Recommendation System-based Upper Confidence Bound for Online Advertising
Machine learning accelerates parameter optimization and uncertainty assessment of a land surface model
Augmenting Monte Carlo Dropout Classification Models with Unsupervised Learning Tasks for Detecting and Diagnosing Out-of-Distribution Faults
Novel diffusion-derived distance measures for graphs
Confidence Measure Guided Single Image De-raining
A Barrier Function Approach to Finite-Time Stochastic System Verification and Control
Garland Recurrences
Swapped Face Detection using Deep Learning and Subjective Assessment
The smallest singular value of inhomogeneous square random matrices
Multimodal Attention Branch Network for Perspective-Free Sentence Generation
Covariance Matrix Estimation under Total Positivity for Portfolio Selection
MAJoRCom: A Dual-Function Radar Communication System Using Index Modulation
Photometric light curves classification with machine learning
Signal Instructed Coordination in Team Competition
Improving the Interpretability of Neural Sentiment Classifiers via Data Augmentation
Quantum Unsupervised and Supervised Learning on Superconducting Processors
Golden games
Method of Moments Histograms
Partial observations and conservation laws: Grey-box modeling in biotechnology and optogenetics
Max-Plus Generalization of Conway’s Game of Life
Multi-Step Greedy and Approximate Real Time Dynamic Programming
LVMapper: A Large-variance Clone Detector Using Sequencing Alignment Approach
Contraction: a Unified Perspective of Correlation Decay and Zero-Freeness of 2-Spin Systems
Temporal Network Embedding with Micro- and Macro-dynamics
An Average Curvature Accelerated Composite Gradient Method for Nonconvex Smooth Composite Optimization Problems
Real-time Scalable Dense Surfel Mapping
A Benchmark Dataset for Learning to Intervene in Online Hate Speech
Lifelog Patterns Analyzation using Graph Embedding based on Deep Neural Network
Non-Bayesian Social Learning with Uncertain Models over Time-Varying Directed Graphs
Optimal Reference Signal Design for Phase Noise Compensation in Multi-carrier Massive MIMO Systems
Bayesian Network Based Risk and Sensitivity Analysis for Production Process Stability Control
Generalized List Decoding
Wasserstein Collaborative Filtering for Item Cold-start Recommendation
The Outer Limits of Contention Resolution on Matroids and Connections to the Secretary Problem
GlassLoc: Plenoptic Grasp Pose Detection in Transparent Clutter
Recurrent Neural Networks as Optimal Mesh Refinement Strategies
Combinatorial Algorithms for Edge-Disjoint $T$-Paths and Integer Free Multiflow
On parametrized families of numerical semigroups
A class of robust numerical methods for solving dynamical systems with multiple time scales
Symmetrical martingale solutions of backward doubly stochastic Volterra integral equations
A Multistep Lyapunov Approach for Finite-Time Analysis of Biased Stochastic Approximation
Frequency domain variant of Velvet noise and its application to acoustic measurements
Multimodal Embeddings from Language Models
Computer Assisted Composition in Continuous Time
Inverse Ising inference from high-temperature re-weighting of observations
Bayesian Relational Memory for Semantic Visual Navigation
Synthesis of Boolean Networks from Biological Dynamical Constraints using Answer-Set Programming
Learning to Disentangle Robust and Vulnerable Features for Adversarial Detection
Learning Actions from Human Demonstration Video for Robotic Manipulation
Robust data-driven state-feedback design
Fine-grained Knowledge Fusion for Sequence Labeling Domain Adaptation
Approximation Theorems For Reflected Stochastic Differential Equations
A Bayesian Approach to Direct and Inverse Abstract Argumentation Problems
On the design of an innovative solution for increasing hazardous materials transportation safety
Multi-objective Evolutionary Approach to Grey-Box Identification of Buck Converter
Investigating the completeness and omission roads of OpenStreetMap data in Hubei, China by comparing with Street Map and Street View
Towards Interpretable Image Synthesis by Learning Sparsely Connected AND-OR Networks
Robust Multivariate Estimation Based On Statistical Data Depth Filters
UPC: Learning Universal Physical Camouflage Attacks on Object Detectors
PARN: Position-Aware Relation Networks for Few-Shot Learning
Taming the Tail of Maximal Information Age in Wireless Industrial Networks
The New Purity and Capacity Models for the OAM-mmWave Communication Systems under Atmospheric Turbulence
TBT: Targeted Neural Network Attack with Bit Trojan
VLC-Based Networking: Feasibility and Challenges
Subgradient averaging for multi-agent optimisation with different constraint sets
Automatic Code Summarization: A Systematic Literature Review
Boltzmann machine learning and regularization methods for inferring evolutionary fields and couplings from a multiple sequence alignment
Minimization of Sum Inverse Energy Efficiency for Multiple Base Station Systems
On Robust Spectrum Sensing Using M-estimators of Covariance Matrix
Matrix Representations of Transversal Matroids
Dynamical properties of hierarchical networks of Van Der Pol oscillators
Pose Agnostic Cross-spectral Hallucination via Disentangling Independent Factors
Structured Modeling of Joint Deep Feature and Prediction Refinement for Salient Object Detection
Competing Topic Naming Conventions in Quora: Predicting Appropriate Topic Merges and Winning Topics from Millions of Topic Pairs
Automatic difficulty management and testing in games using a framework based on behavior trees and genetic algorithms
Generalized Score Distribution
GBDT-MO: Gradient Boosted Decision Trees for Multiple Outputs
RefineFace: Refinement Neural Network for High Performance Face Detection
The use of cloud technologies when studying geography by higher school students
Pedagogical techniques of Earth remote sensing data application into modern school practice
Controllability properties and invariance pressure for linear discrete-time systems
Mobility can drastically improve the heavy traffic performance from 1/(1-rho) to -log(1-rho)
FDA: Feature Disruptive Attack
Attesting Biases and Discrimination using Language Semantics
A Crowd-based Evaluation of Abuse Response Strategies in Conversational Agents
Cloud ArcGIS Online as an innovative tool for developing geoinformation competence with future geography teachers
Classifying the Valence of Autobiographical Memories from fMRI Data
JSI-GAN: GAN-Based Joint Super-Resolution and Inverse Tone-Mapping with Pixel-Wise Task-Specific Filters for UHD HDR Video
Extending the Service Composition Formalism with Relational Parameters
Hierarchical Planning in the IPC
Subspace clustering without knowing the number of clusters: A parameter free approach
U-net super-neural segmentation and similarity calculation to realize vegetation change assessment in satellite imagery
Cross-X Learning for Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
Spam filtering on forums: A synthetic oversampling based approach for imbalanced data classification
Transport Energy
Traffic Sign Detection and Classification around the World
Automatic detection of estuarine dolphin whistles in spectrogram images
Adaptive-Multilevel BDDC algorithm for three-dimensional plane wave Helmholtz systems
Novel tracking approach based on fully-unsupervised disentanglement of the geometrical factors of variation
Raiders of the Lost Art
Markov chains for error accumulation in quantum circuits
Voltage regulation in buck–boost coniverters feeding an unknown constant power load: an adaptive passivity-based control
Learning Priors for Adversarial Autoencoders
Optimality of the Subgradient Algorithm in the Stochastic Setting
On the phase diagram of the random bond $q$-state Potts model
A Corpus-free State2Seq User Simulator for Task-oriented Dialogue
Second order linear differential equations with analytic uncertainties: stochastic analysis via the computation of the probability density function
Select and Attend: Towards Controllable Content Selection in Text Generation
Adversarial Orthogonal Regression: Two non-Linear Regressions for Causal Inference
A Machine Learning Method for Prediction of Multipath Channels
Learning review representations from user and product level information for spam detection
Strict continuity of the transition semigroup for the solution of a well-posed martingale problem
Doubly Degenerate Diffuse Interface Models of Surface Diffusion
Higher Lie characters and cyclic descent extension on conjugacy classes
Uniqueness for nonlinear Fokker-Planck equations and weak uniqueness for McKean-Vlasov SDEs
Quantum games: a survey for mathematicians
Dropout Induced Noise for Co-Creative GAN Systems
Variable Length Markov Chains, Persistent Random Walks: a close encounter
GEN: Highly Efficient SMILES Explorer Using Autodidactic Generative Examination Networks
Well-behaved Online Load Balancing Against Strategic Jobs
Bounds on expected propagation time of probabilistic zero forcing
Countering Language Drift via Visual Grounding
Virtual organelle self-coding for fluorescence imaging via adversarial learning
De-biased Machine Learning for Compliers
Regression to the Mean’s Impact on the Synthetic Control Method: Bias and Sensitivity Analysis
Estimating the volatility of Bitcoin using GARCH models
Correcting Predictions for Approximate Bayesian Inference
AnimalWeb: A Large-Scale Hierarchical Dataset of Annotated Animal Faces