Learning to Sample: an Active Learning Framework
What Matters for Neural Cross-Lingual Named Entity Recognition: An Empirical Analysis
Relevance Matrix Factorization
Event Representation Learning Enhanced with External Commonsense Knowledge
Neural Architecture Search in Embedding Space
Unrolling Ternary Neural Networks
Theory of Optimal Bayesian Feature Filtering
Solving Continual Combinatorial Selection via Deep Reinforcement Learning
Open Data Chatbot
The Future of Misinformation Detection: New Perspectives and Trends
Outlier Detection in High Dimensional Data
Efficient Continual Learning in Neural Networks with Embedding Regularization
Differential equations as models of deep neural networks
Data Science in Biomedicine
Distance-Preserving Graph Embeddings from Random Neural Features
Composing Knowledge Graph Embeddings via Word Embeddings
Subjectivity Learning Theory towards Artificial General Intelligence
HoughNet: neural network architecture for vanishing points detection
INTEREST: INteractive Tool for Exploring REsults from Simulation sTudies
Multi-Objective Mixed Integer Programming: An Objective Space Algorithm
A Complete Transient Analysis for the Incremental LMS Algorithm
Out-of-domain Detection for Natural Language Understanding in Dialog Systems
Nearly-Unsupervised Hashcode Representations for Relation Extraction
A new Monte Carlo-based fitting method
Deep Metric Learning with Density Adaptivity
Scheduling optimization of parallel linear algebra algorithms using Supervised Learning
Combining Learned Representations for Combinatorial Optimization
Policy Space Identification in Configurable Environments
MEBF: a fast and efficient Boolean matrix factorization method
A Flexible Framework for Anomaly Detection via Dimensionality Reduction
Exploratory Combinatorial Optimization with Reinforcement Learning
A New Analysis of Differential Privacy’s Generalization Guarantees
Boosting Item-based Collaborative Filtering via Nearly Uncoupled Random Walks
Extreme Low Resolution Activity Recognition with Spatial-Temporal Attention Transfer
Clickbait? Sensational Headline Generation with Auto-tuned Reinforcement Learning
Unified Underwater Structure-from-Motion
Curve Fitting from Probabilistic Emissions and Applications to Dynamic Item Response Theory
Statistical Modelling of the Clipping Noise in OFDM-based Visible Light Communication System
Does Order Matter? An Empirical Study on Generating Multiple Keyphrases as a Sequence
Strongly chordal digraphs and $Γ$-free matrices
Cost-aware Multi-objective Bayesian optimisation
Adaptive Sketch-and-Project Methods for Solving Linear Systems
An Acceleration Framework for High Resolution Image Synthesis
Bias-Variance Games
An Adaptive Stochastic Nesterov Accelerated Quasi Newton Method for Training RNNs
A Stochastic Quasi-Newton Method with Nesterov’s Accelerated Gradient
Transfer Reward Learning for Policy Gradient-Based Text Generation
CBNet: A Novel Composite Backbone Network Architecture for Object Detection
Vehicular LTE Connectivity Analysis in Urban and Rural Environments using USRP Measurements
$C$-differentials, multiplicative uniformity and (almost) perfect $c$-nonlinearity
Dynamic channel selection in wireless communications via a multi-armed bandit algorithm using laser chaos time series
MBWU: Benefit Quantification for Data Access Function Offloading
Communication-Censored Distributed Stochastic Gradient Descent
Improving the scalabiliy of neutron cross-section lookup codes on multicore NUMA system
PowerNet: Efficient Representations of Polynomials and Smooth Functions by Deep Neural Networks with Rectified Power Units
Information Gathering in Ad-Hoc Radio Networks
Joint Long-Term Admission Control and Beamforming in Green Downlink Networks: Offline and Online Approaches
A Comprehensive Benchmark for Single Image Compression Artifacts Reduction
Real-time and interactive tools for vocal training based on an analytic signal with a cosine series envelope
The Alpha-Beta-Skew-Logistic Distribution And Its Applications
Is culture a contributing factor of strong science?
Saliency based Semi-supervised Learning for Orbiting Satellite Tracking
Verification of infinite-step and K-step opacity Using Petri Nets
Sindarin: A Versatile Scripting API for the Pharo Debugger
Extracting physical power plant parameters from historical behaviour
Learning How to Dynamically Route Autonomous Vehicles on Shared Roads
Traces of powers of matrices over finite fields
DensePoint: Learning Densely Contextual Representation for Efficient Point Cloud Processing
Generating infinite digraphs by derangements
Joint, Partially-joint, and Individual Independent Component Analysis in Multi-Subject fMRI Data
Learning Task-Specific Generalized Convolutions in the Permutohedral Lattice
Estimating the potential for shared autonomous scooters
Machine Learning Approach for Air Shower Recognition in EUSO-SPB Data
Don’t Take the Easy Way Out: Ensemble Based Methods for Avoiding Known Dataset Biases
Multitype branching process with nonhomogeneous Poisson and generalized Polya immigration
Spatial heterogeneities in structural temperature cause Kovacs expansion gap paradox in aging of glasses
Mode II fracture of an elastic-plastic sandwich layer
The Cook-Reckhow definition
Dynamic Time-Frequency Division Duplex
On a Theorem of Lovász that $\hom(\cdot, H)$ Determines the Isomorhphism Type of $H$
A graph-theoretic approach to Wilf’s conjecture
Estimating Granger Causality with Unobserved Confounders via Deep Latent-Variable Recurrent Neural Network
Sparse linear regression with compressed and low-precision data via concave quadratic programming
Calibration of a Fluid-Structure Problem with Keras
A Fast Chebyshev Spectral Method for Nonlinear Fourier Transform
Latent Multi-view Semi-Supervised Classification
Self-supervised Scale Equivariant Network for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation
On Domination Coloring in Graphs
Counting finite-dimensional algebras over finite fields
Machine learning for automatic construction of pseudo-realistic pediatric abdominal phantoms
Isotonic Distributional Regression
On the Fluctuation-Dissipation Relation in non-equilibrium and non-Hamiltonian systems
Toward a Knowledge-based Personalised Recommender System for Mobile App Development
Off-Policy Evaluation in Partially Observable Environments
A note on stochastic dominance and compactness
Análise de Segurança Baseada em Roles para Fábricas de Software
Deep Super-Resolution Network for Single Image Super-Resolution with Realistic Degradations
Combining SMT and NMT Back-Translated Data for Efficient NMT
Adaptive Unimodal Cost Volume Filtering for Deep Stereo Matching
Discussing the Feasibility of Acoustic Sensors for Side Channel-aided Industrial Intrusion Detection: An Essay
Neural Conversational QA: Learning to Reason v.s. Exploiting Patterns
Convergence of least squares estimators in the adaptive Wynn algorithm for a class of nonlinear regression models
OCR4all — An Open-Source Tool Providing a (Semi-)Automatic OCR Workflow for Historical Printings
Impact of Grid Tariffs Design on the Zero Emission Neighborhoods Energy System Investments
Balancing Reconstruction Quality and Regularisation in ELBO for VAEs
Correlation for permutations
Picture What you Read
Expert-Level Atari Imitation Learning from Demonstrations Only
Predicting intelligence based on cortical WM/GM contrast, cortical thickness and volumetry
Sample average approximation of CVaR-based Wardrop equilibrium in routing under uncertain costs
A new approach of chain sampling inspection plan
Language learning using Speech to Image retrieval
Robust testing in generalized linear models by sign-flipping score contributions
Large Time Behaviour and the Second Eigenvalue Problem for Finite State Mean-Field Interacting Particle Systems
Graph-Based Reasoning over Heterogeneous External Knowledge for Commonsense Question Answering
Parameter Tuning for Self-optimizing Software at Scale
Learning Concepts Definable in First-Order Logic with Counting
SRIM and SCRIM Factors of $x^n+1$ over Finite Fields and Their Applications
Recognizing Human Internal States: A Conceptor-Based Approach
On the solutions of linear Volterra equations of the second kind with sum kernels
Crowd Counting on Images with Scale Variation and Isolated Clusters
Probing the large deviations of the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation at short time with an importance sampling of directed polymers in random media
A Mixed Anti-preferential and Preferential Attachment Model of Graph Evolution
Robust Multi-Modality Multi-Object Tracking
Do you really follow them? Automatic detection of credulous Twitter users
Limit Theorem for sub-ballistic random walks in Dirichlet environment in dimension $d\geq 3$
Robust pricing and hedging of options on multiple assets and its numerics
Secure Radar-Communication Systems with Malicious Targets: Integrating Radar, Communications and Jamming Functionalities
Coefficients of Wronskian Hermite polynomials
Reliability and Error Burst Length Analysis of Wireless Multi-Connectivity
Gaussian Temporal Awareness Networks for Action Localization
A Generalised Construction of Multiple Complete Complementary Codes and Asymptotically Optimal Aperiodic Quasi-Complementary Sequence Sets
TDAPNet: Prototype Network with Recurrent Top-Down Attention for Robust Object Classification under Partial Occlusion
A Wide and Deep Neural Network for Survival Analysis from Anatomical Shape and Tabular Clinical Data
Estimation of Personalized Heterogeneous Treatment Effects Using Concatenation and Augmentation of Feature Vectors
Sequential Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks for Fast Automatic Modulation Classification
Real Time Trajectory Prediction Using Deep Conditional Generative Models
Maximum Bipartite Subgraph of Geometric Intersection Graphs
Measurement, Characterization and Modeling of LoRa Technology in Multi-floor Buildings
Analyzing the Trade-offs in Using Millimeter Wave Directional Links for High Data Rate Tactile Internet Applications
Divisibility of the central binomial coefficient $\binom{2n}{n}$
Fixed-Horizon Temporal Difference Methods for Stable Reinforcement Learning
Cascade Size Distributions and Why They Matter
Community Detection via Katz and Eigenvector Centrality
SE-SLAM: Semi-Dense Structured Edge-Based Monocular SLAM
Collision Avoidance in V2X Communication Networks
Recommendation as a Communication Game: Self-Supervised Bot-Play for Goal-oriented Dialogue
A Convex Approach to Frisch-Kalman Problem
Double-oracle sampling method for Stackelberg Equilibrium approximation in general-sum extensive-form games
GAN-Leaks: A Taxonomy of Membership Inference Attacks against GANs
Network Utility Maximization based on Incentive Mechanism for Truthful Reporting of Local Information
Deterministic Value-Policy Gradients
Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Depth Prediction from Images
hIPPYlib: An Extensible Software Framework for Large-Scale Inverse Problems Governed by PDEs; Part I: Deterministic Inversion and Linearized Bayesian Inference
Diffusion in crowded colloids of particles cyclically changing their shapes: A model for bacterial cytoplasm
On the Non-Adaptive Zero-Error Capacity of the Discrete Memoryless Two-Way Channel
Differentially Private Algorithms for Learning Mixtures of Separated Gaussians
Driver Identification via the Steering Wheel
Evaluating Long-form Text-to-Speech: Comparing the Ratings of Sentences and Paragraphs
Tree-based Control Methods: Consequences of Moving the US Embassy
Learning Fair Rule Lists
Incremental learning of environment interactive structures from trajectories of individuals
Lattice-Based Fuzzy Medical Expert System for Low Back Pain Management
Addressing Design Issues in Medical Expert System for Low Back Pain Management: Knowledge Representation, Inference Mechanism, and Conflict Resolution Using Bayesian Network
Perimeter-defense Game on Arbitrary Convex Shapes
Revisiting EZBFT: A Decentralized Byzantine Fault Tolerant Protocol with Speculation
Deep Context-Aware Recommender System Utilizing Sequential Latent Context
The Trumpiest Trump? Identifying a Subject’s Most Characteristic Tweets
Static force field representation of environments based on agents nonlinear motions
Deep Learning-based Radiomic Features for Improving Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation Response Prediction in Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer
Training Deep Neural Networks by optimizing over nonlocal paths in hyperparameter space
Contention Intensity based Distributed Coordination for V2V Safety Message Broadcast
Understanding the Effects of Pre-Training for Object Detectors via Eigenspectrum
A Quantum Search Decoder for Natural Language Processing
Pretrained Language Models for Sequential Sentence Classification
A comparison between pre-Newton and post-Newton approaches for solving a physical singular second-order boundary problem in the semi-infinite interval
Cooperation-Aware Lane Change Control in Dense Traffic