Generating random Gaussian graphical models
Learning Physics from Data: a Thermodynamic Interpretation
Local Embeddings for Relational Data Integration
Continuous optimization
Allen’s Interval Algebra Makes the Difference
Towards automated feature engineering for credit card fraud detection using multi-perspective HMMs
Encode, Tag, Realize: High-Precision Text Editing
Incrementally Updated Spectral Embeddings
Online Analytical Processsing on Graph Data
Frameworks for Querying Databases Using Natural Language: A Literature Review
Neural Attentive Bag-of-Entities Model for Text Classification
Are Bitcoins price predictable? Evidence from machine learning techniques using technical indicators
Beyond Human-Level Accuracy: Computational Challenges in Deep Learning
Deep Graph Library: Towards Efficient and Scalable Deep Learning on Graphs
Dual Student: Breaking the Limits of the Teacher in Semi-supervised Learning
High-Fidelity Extraction of Neural Network Models
Generalization in Transfer Learning
Deep Equilibrium Models
Global Optima is not Limit Computable
Mixture Probabilistic Principal GeodesicAnalysis
Mining Insights from Weakly-Structured Event Data
Adversarial Robustness of Similarity-Based Link Prediction
LCA: Loss Change Allocation for Neural Network Training
CrossWeigh: Training Named Entity Tagger from Imperfect Annotations
Interpretable Word Embeddings via Informative Priors
A Note on An Abstract Model for Branching and its Application to Mixed Integer Programming
rlpyt: A Research Code Base for Deep Reinforcement Learning in PyTorch
A Smart Sliding Chinese Pinyin Input Method Editor on Touchscreen
Face-to-Parameter Translation for Game Character Auto-Creation
Modeling Named Entity Embedding Distribution into Hypersphere
Multimodal Deep Learning for Mental Disorders Prediction from Audio Speech Samples
CGC-Net: Cell Graph Convolutional Network for Grading of Colorectal Cancer Histology Images
Independence number and connectivity for fractional (a,b,k)-critical covered graphs
3DSiameseNet to Analyze Brain MRI
Statistical inference for block sparsity of complex signals
Multi-agent Learning for Neural Machine Translation
The Properties of Average Gradient in Local Region
ForkNet: Multi-branch Volumetric Semantic Completion from a Single Depth Image
Non-Parametric Class Completeness Estimators for Collaborative Knowledge Graphs — The Case of Wikidata
Many zeros of many characters of GL(n,q)
On the Notions of Equilibria for Time-Inconsistent Stopping Problems in Continuous Time
A primal dual variational formulation suitable for a large class of non-convex problems in optimization
Some lattice models with hyperbolic chaotic attractors
Fast and Efficient Model for Real-Time Tiger Detection In The Wild
Power Minimization for Wireless Backhaul Based Ultra-Dense Cache-enabled C-RAN
A generalization of rotation of binary sequences and its applications to toggle dynamical systems
Analysis of high order dimension independent RBF-FD solution of Poisson’s equation
MRI Reconstruction Using Deep Bayesian Inference
A Tool for Super-Resolving Multimodal Clinical MRI
CLT for Circular beta-Ensembles at High Temperature
Non-uniform recovery guarantees for binary measurements and infinite-dimensional compressed sensing
Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory (BLSTM) neural networks for reconstruction of top-quark pair decay kinematics
On the inequalities in Hermite’s theorem for a real polynomial to have real zeros
A Generic Sharding Scheme for Blockchain Protocols
Numerical valuation of Bermudan basket options via partial differential equations
Finding Salient Context based on Semantic Matching for Relevance Ranking
A weak solution theory for stochastic Volterra equations of convolution type
Demucs: Deep Extractor for Music Sources with extra unlabeled data remixed
Controlled Loosening-up (CLuP) — achieving exact MIMO ML in polynomial time
Combining Multi-Sequence and Synthetic Images for Improved Segmentation of Late Gadolinium Enhancement Cardiac MRI
The convex dimension of hypergraphs and the hypersimplicial Van Kampen-Flores Theorem
Can we trust deep learning models diagnosis? The impact of domain shift in chest radiograph classification
A Landauer Formula for Bioelectronic Applications
Into the Battlefield: Quantifying and Modeling Intra-community Conflicts in Online Discussion
Starting CLuP with polytope relaxation
Personalizing Smartwatch Based Activity Recognition Using Transfer Learning
Cross View Fusion for 3D Human Pose Estimation
Few-Shot Generalization for Single-Image 3D Reconstruction via Priors
Efficient Real-Time Camera Based Estimation of Heart Rate and Its Variability
A Low-Cost, Flexible and Portable Volumetric Capturing System
Discrete Mean Field Games: Existence of Equilibria and Convergence
Moment convergence of the generalized maximum composite likelihood estimators for determinantal point processes
Better Rewards Yield Better Summaries: Learning to Summarise Without References
Aggregating Privacy-Conscious Distributed Energy Resources for Grid Service Provision
Differentially Private Objective Perturbation: Beyond Smoothness and Convexity
Translating Visual Art into Music
A Note on the Probability of Rectangles for Correlated Binary Strings
Loop Homology of Bi-secondary Structures II
On the convergence of Krylov methods with low-rank truncations
Variations of Saffman’s robot: two mechanisms of locomotion
A CNN-based approach to classify cricket bowlers based on their bowling actions
Face posets of tropical polyhedra and monomial ideals
On the Liouville property for non-local Lévy generators
Stochastic quasi-Newton with line-search regularization
Threshold Greedy Based Task Allocation for Multiple Robot Operations
Large Scale Parallelization Using File-Based Communications
An $hp$ finite element method for a singularly perturbed reaction-convection-diffusion boundary value problem with two small parameters
Introducing RONEC — the Romanian Named Entity Corpus
Avoiding Resentment Via Monotonic Fairness
A survey of the Shi arrangement
Online Pedestrian Group Walking Event Detection Using Spectral Analysis of Motion Similarity Graph
List-Edge-Coloring Triangulations with Maximum Degree 5
On the Downstream Performance of Compressed Word Embeddings
Multiresolution analysis (discrete wavelet transform) through Daubechies family for emotion recognition in speech
On the two-step estimation of the cross–power spectrum for dynamical inverse problems
Evaluating proxy influence in assimilated paleoclimate reconstructions — Testing the exchangeability of two ensembles of spatial processes
Aspect Detection using Word and Char Embeddings with (Bi)LSTM and CRF
An Event-Driven Approach to Serverless Seismic Imaging in the Cloud
Improving Disentangled Representation Learning with the Beta Bernoulli Process
Cross-Platform Verification of Intermediate Scale Quantum Devices
Reevaluating the performance of the Double Exponential Smoothing filter and its Control Parameters
Gender-based homophily in collaborations across a heterogeneous scholarly landscape
Robust Invisible Video Watermarking with Attention
Irrelevance of linear controllability to nonlinear dynamical networks
Homogeneous Models of Nonlinear Circuits
Inverse problems for symmetric doubly stochastic matrices whose Suleĭmanova spectra are to be bounded below by 1/2
Pareto-Optima for a Generalized Ramsey Model
PolyResponse: A Rank-based Approach to Task-Oriented Dialogue with Application in Restaurant Search and Booking
State Drug Policy Effectiveness: Comparative Policy Analysis of Drug Overdose Mortality
Fast finite-difference convolution for 3D problems in layered media
The Oxford Radar RobotCar Dataset: A Radar Extension to the Oxford RobotCar Dataset
3D Morphable Face Models — Past, Present and Future
Detecting Compromised Implicit Association Test Results Using Supervised Learning
Heronian friezes
Learning without feedback: Direct random target projection as a feedback-alignment algorithm with layerwise feedforward training
Optimal Causal Rate-Constrained Sampling of the Wiener Process
Universal Force Correlations in an RNA-DNA Unzipping Experiment
DeepObfusCode: Source Code Obfuscation Through Sequence-to-Sequence Networks
CMU GetGoing: An Understandable and Memorable Dialog System for Seniors
The Woman Worked as a Babysitter: On Biases in Language Generation
Bias and Consistency in Three-way Gravity Models
High order discretization methods for spatial dependent SIR models
Lower Deviations in $β$-ensembles and Law of Iterated Logarithm in Last Passage Percolation
Lund jet images from generative and cycle-consistent adversarial networks
Trouble on the Horizon: Forecasting the Derailment of Online Conversations as they Develop
The Bottom-up Evolution of Representations in the Transformer: A Study with Machine Translation and Language Modeling Objectives
Context-Aware Monolingual Repair for Neural Machine Translation
Making Efficient Use of Demonstrations to Solve Hard Exploration Problems
How to Build User Simulators to Train RL-based Dialog Systems
Towards Models for Availability and Security Evaluation of Cloud Computing with Moving Target Defense
A Novel Loss Function Incorporating Imaging Acquisition Physics for PET Attenuation Map Generation using Deep Learning
Brain2Char: A Deep Architecture for Decoding Text from Brain Recordings
Impact of Social Influence on Adoption Behavior: An Online Controlled Experimental Evaluation
Oblivious Sketching of High-Degree Polynomial Kernels
Reliable Communications Over Dependent Fading Wireless Channels
Thing/Machine-s (Thimacs) Applied to Structural Description in Software Engineering
Multi-level Attention network using text, audio and video for Depression Prediction
A categorification of the Malvenuto–Reutenauer algebra via a tower of groups
Efficient Identification of Linear Evolutions in Nonlinear Vector Fields: Koopman Invariant Subspaces
Optimization with Equality and Inequality Constraints Using Parameter Continuation
Discriminative Topic Modeling with Logistic LDA
Small-worldness favours network inference
Self-consistent approach to the description of relaxation processes in classical multiparticle systems
Zero-sum Stochastic Games with Asymmetric Information
Topologically-Guided Color Image Enhancement
A note on Pseudorandom Ramsey graphs
Predicting Specificity in Classroom Discussion
Prospect Theory Based Crowdsourcing for Classification in the Presence of Spammers
Rates of Convergence for Large-scale Nearest Neighbor Classification
L-Sweeps: A scalable, parallel preconditioner for the high-frequency Helmholtz equation
Generalized chi-squared detector for LTI systems with non-Gaussian noise
Asynchronous Time-Parallel Method based on Laplace Transform
Effective Strategies for Using Hashtags in Online Communication
How much research shared on Facebook is hidden from public view? A comparison of public and private online activity around PLOS ONE papers
Filtering Approaches for Dealing with Noise in Anomaly Detection
Fast Gradient Methods with Alignment for Symmetric Linear Systems without Using Cauchy Step
Symmetric Triangle Quadrature Rules for Arbitrary Functions
Parameter Estimation in the Hermitian and Skew-Hermitian Splitting Method Using Gradient Iterations
Target Language-Aware Constrained Inference for Cross-lingual Dependency Parsing
Minimizing the Societal Cost of Credit Card Fraud with Limited and Imbalanced Data
Achieving Verified Robustness to Symbol Substitutions via Interval Bound Propagation
Cross-Cutting Political Awareness through Diverse News Recommendations
Neural Linguistic Steganography
Iterative Clustering with Game-Theoretic Matching for Robust Multi-consistency Correspondence
Demystifying Brain Tumour Segmentation Networks: Interpretability and Uncertainty Analysis
Privacy Accounting and Quality Control in the Sage Differentially Private ML Platform
Group Inference in High Dimensions with Applications to Hierarchical Testing
Censored Semi-Bandits: A Framework for Resource Allocation with Censored Feedback