Scanning all new published packages on PyPI I know that the quality is often quite bad. I try to filter out the worst ones and list here the ones which might be worth a look, being followed or inspire you in some way.

Side Channel Attack Assisted with Machine Learning

Use Scikit Learn models in Flutter. Easily transpile scikit-learn models to native Dart code aimed at Flutter. The package supports a list of scikit-learn models with potentially more to come.

Slalom GGP libary for DataOps automation

Watson TTS Implementation. This Module is designed to convert Text to Speech format. It will generate Wav file for any Text-String passed to the module.


ML classifier package

Enterprise Machine-Learning and Predictive Analytics. Vivid Code is a pioneering software framework for next generation data analysis applications, that interconnects collaborative data science with automated machine learning. Based on the **Cloud-Assisted Meta programming** (CAMP) paradigm, the framework allows the usage of Currently Best Fitting (CBF) algorithms. Before code interpretation / compilation the concrete algorithms, that implement the CBF specifications, are automatically chosen from local and public catalog servers, that host and deploy the concrete algorithms. Thereby the specification is constituted by a unique algorithm category, a data domain and a metric, which substantiates the meaning of *Best Fitting* within the respective algorithm- and data context. An example is the average prediction accuracy within a fixed set of gold standard samples of the data domain (e.g. latin handwriting samples, spoken word samples, TCGA gene expression data, etc.).

Alyeska /al-ee-EHS-kah/ n. A Data Pipeline Toolkit

中文语义理解服务 Python SDK

Python package to explore the color of language. compsyn is a package which provides a novel methodlogy to explore relationships between words and abstract concepts through color. The work rose through a collaboration between the contributors at the Santa Fe Institute’s Complex System Summer School 2019.

deep learning framework from zero

Kubeflow Fairing Python SDK. Python SDK for Kubeflow Fairing components.

Markdown to Jupyter Notebook converter.

Python client for ML Pipelines. Python client for the BitGN Machine Learning Pipelines project.

Memory-efficient probabilistic counter namely Morris Counter