Fine-Gray Regression via Forward-Backward Scan (fastcmprsk)
In competing risks regression, the proportional subdistribution hazards (PSH) model is popular for its direct assessment of covariate effects on the cumulative incidence function. This package allows for both penalized and unpenalized PSH regression in linear time using a novel forward-backward scan. Penalties include Ridge, Lease Absolute Shrinkage and Selection Operator (LASSO), Smoothly Clipped Absolute Deviation (SCAD), Minimax Concave Plus (MCP), and elastic net.

Doubly Weighted Linear Model (dwlm)
This linear model solution is useful when both predictor and response have associated uncertainty. The doubly weights linear model solution is invariant on which quantity is used as predictor or response. Based on the results by Reed(1989) <doi:10.1119/1.15963> and Ripley & Thompson(1987) <doi:10.1039/AN9871200377>.

Gaussian Model-Based Clustering with Outliers (oclust)
Provides a function to detect and trim outliers in Gaussian mixture model-based clustering using methods described in Clark and McNicholas (2019) <arXiv:1907.01136>.

Multiple Pairwise Comparison Tests (pairwiseComparisons)
Multiple pairwise comparison tests for one-way analysis of variance for both between-subjects and within-subjects designs. Currently, it supports only the most common types of statistical analyses and tests: parametric (Welch’s and Student’s t-test), nonparametric (Durbin-Conover test and Dwass-Steel-Crichtlow-Fligner test), robust (Yuen’s trimmed means test).

A Supplement to the ‘DoseFinding’ Package for the General Case (MCPModGeneral)
Analyzes non-normal data via the Multiple Comparison Procedures and Modeling approach (MCP-Mod). Many functions rely on the ‘DoseFinding’ package. This package makes it so the user does not need to provide or calculate the mu vector and S matrix. Instead, the user typically supplies the data in its raw form, and this package will calculate the needed objects and passes them into the ‘DoseFinding’ functions. If the user wishes to primarily use the functions provided in the ‘DoseFinding’ package, a singular function (prepareGen()) will provide mu and S. The package currently handles power analysis and the MCP-Mod procedure for negative binomial, Poisson, and binomial data. The MCP-Mod procedure can also be applied to survival data, but power analysis is not available. Bretz, F., Pinheiro, J. C., and Branson, M. (2005) <doi:10.1111/j.1541-0420.2005.00344.x>. Buckland, S. T., Burnham, K. P. and Augustin, N. H. (1997) <doi:10.2307/2533961>. Pinheiro, J. C., Bornkamp, B., Glimm, E. and Bretz, F. (2014) <doi:10.1002/sim.6052>.