Incidental Supervision from Question-Answering Signals
Interdependency between the Stock Market and Financial News
Approximating two value functions instead of one: towards characterizing a new family of Deep Reinforcement Learning algorithms
Employ Multimodal Machine Learning for Content quality analysis
Self-Attention with Structural Position Representations
DeepHealth: Deep Learning for Health Informatics
You Shall Know a User by the Company It Keeps: Dynamic Representations for Social Media Users in NLP
Assortment Auctions: A Myersonian Characterization for Markov Chain based Choice Models
Can A User Guess What Her Followers Want?
Topics to Avoid: Demoting Latent Confounds in Text Classification
Modeling and simulation of large-scale Systems: a systematic comparison of modeling paradigms
How Contextual are Contextualized Word Representations? Comparing the Geometry of BERT, ELMo, and GPT-2 Embeddings
Bayesian Neural Tree Models for Nonparametric Regression
Edge Intelligence: the Confluence of Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence
Recurrent Neural Networks for Time Series Forecasting: Current Status and Future Directions
DeepDB: Learn from Data, not from Queries!
Enriching Medcial Terminology Knowledge Bases via Pre-trained Language Model and Graph Convolutional Network
The formula for the largest minimal distance of binary LCD $[n,2]$ codes
Mapping Firms’ Locations in Technological Space: A Topological Analysis of Patent Statistics
Gated Graph Recursive Neural Networks for Molecular Property Prediction
Robust Hybrid Zero-Order Optimization Algorithms with Acceleration via Averaging in Continuous Time
Gland Segmentation in Histopathology Images Using Deep Networks and Handcrafted Features
Exploring Reproducibility and FAIR Principles in Data Science Using Ecological Niche Modeling as a Case Study
Fetal Ultrasound Image Segmentation for Measuring Biometric Parameters Using Multi-Task Deep Learning
Automatic Detection of Bowel Disease with Residual Networks
Cosmos QA: Machine Reading Comprehension with Contextual Commonsense Reasoning
Generating Classical Chinese Poems from Vernacular Chinese
Publishing Community-Preserving Attributed Social Graphs with a Differential Privacy Guarantee
SSSDET: Simple Short and Shallow Network for Resource Efficient Vehicle Detection in Aerial Scenes
Robust Inference about Conditional Tail Features: A Panel Data Approach
Second-order Non-local Attention Networks for Person Re-identification
WhiteNet: Phishing Website Detection by Visual Whitelists
Phrase Grounding by Soft-Label Chain Conditional Random Field
READ: Recursive Autoencoders for Document Layout Generation
Higher-order Comparisons of Sentence Encoder Representations
An efficient method for computing stationary states of phase field crystal models
Categorical Co-Frequency Analysis: Clustering Diagnosis Codes to Predict Hospital Readmissions
Bounds for sets with no polynomial progressions
Scalable Reinforcement-Learning-Based Neural Architecture Search for Cancer Deep Learning Research
Cyclotomic quiver Hecke algebras corresponding to minuscule representations
Machine Learning Based Image Calibration for a Twofold Time-Interleaved High Speed DAC
Multiple Object Tracking with Motion and Appearance Cues
Flow Guided Short-term Trackers with Cascade Detection for Long-term Tracking
Anti-MANOVA on Compact Manifolds with Applications to 3D Projective Shape Analysis
Deep Mesh Reconstruction from Single RGB Images via Topology Modification Networks
Round Complexity of Common Randomness Generation: The Amortized Setting
A Novel Aspect-Guided Deep Transition Model for Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis
Repurposing Decoder-Transformer Language Models for Abstractive Summarization
Towards Understanding Neural Machine Translation with Word Importance
Alcove paths and Gelfand-Tsetlin patterns
Over-the-Air Computation Systems: Optimization, Analysis and Scaling Laws
Deep Learning Algorithms to Isolate and Quantify the Structures of the Anterior Segment in Optical Coherence Tomography Images
Set of independencies and Tutte polynomial of matroids over a domain
Numerical Estimation of a Diffusion Coefficient in Subdiffusion
Neural Architecture Search for Joint Optimization of Predictive Power and Biological Knowledge
Monitoring stance towards vaccination in Twitter messages
A Unified Statistical Model for Atmospheric Turbulence-Induced Fading in Orbital Angular Momentum Multiplexed FSO Systems
Video Affective Effects Prediction with Multi-modal Fusion and Shot-Long Temporal Context
A Unified Neural Coherence Model
Learning Visual Features Under Motion Invariance
Enhancing AMR-to-Text Generation with Dual Graph Representations
The Ambiguous World of Emotion Representation
Cross-Lingual Machine Reading Comprehension
Four Talagrand inequalities under the same umbrella
Beyond Göllnitz’ Theorem I: A Bijective Approach
Gaussian mixture model decomposition of multivariate signals
One Model to Learn Both: Zero Pronoun Prediction and Translation
Signified chromatic number of grids is at most 9
Deep Knowledge Tracing with Side Information
On large deviations of trajectories of random walks under the Cramer moment assumption
Integration of returns and decomposition of customer orders in e-commerce warehouses
3D Bounding Box Estimation for Autonomous Vehicles by Cascaded Geometric Constraints and Depurated 2D Detections Using 3D Results
SDM: Sequential Deep Matching Model for Online Large-scale Recommender System
Vector Autoregressive Moving Average Model with Scalar Moving Average
Subdifferentials of Value Functions in Nonconvex Dynamic Programming for Nonstationary Stochastic Processes
Improved Image Augmentation for Convolutional Neural Networks by Copyout and CopyPairing
Towards Robust Learning-Based Pose Estimation of Noncooperative Spacecraft
A Dataset of General-Purpose Rebuttal
Improving the Effective Utilization of Supercomputer Resources by Adding Low-Priority Containerized Jobs
An Open-Source Framework for Adaptive Traffic Signal Control
Misinformation spreading on correlated multiplex networks
An analysis of the superiorization method via the principle of concentration of measure
On $C$-Pareto dominance in decomposably $C$-antichain-convex sets
Private and Secure Distributed Matrix Multiplication with Flexible Communication Load
On-the-Fly Construction of Composite Events in Scenario-Based Modeling using Constraint Solvers
Big Data Analytics for Manufacturing Internet of Things: Opportunities, Challenges and Enabling Technologies
Leveraging Just a Few Keywords for Fine-Grained Aspect Detection Through Weakly Supervised Co-Training
Performance Analysis of Multiuser FSO/RF Network Under Non-Equal Priority with $P$-Persistence Protocol
What You See is What You Get: Visual Pronoun Coreference Resolution in Dialogues
Invariant measures for stochastic damped 2D Euler equations
Pre-training of Deep Contextualized Embeddings of Words and Entities for Named Entity Disambiguation
Refinement type contracts for verification of scientific investigative software
An Improved Neural Baseline for Temporal Relation Extraction
Transfer Learning Between Related Tasks Using Expected Label Proportions
Evaluating the Cross-Lingual Effectiveness of Massively Multilingual Neural Machine Translation
Learning Local Forward Models on Unforgiving Games
A Discriminative Neural Model for Cross-Lingual Word Alignment
Coloring hypergraphs with bounded cardinalities of edge intersections
Dynamic principal component regression for forecasting functional time series in a group structure
Equitable colorings of hypergraphs with few edges
Solutions to kinetic-type evolution equations: beyond the boundary case
Lost or found? Discovering data needed for research
Accelerating ADMM for Efficient Simulation and Optimization
Volume explored by a branching random walk on general graphs
Latent Space Representations of Hypergraphs
Central limit theorems for discretized occupation time functionals
Visual Deprojection: Probabilistic Recovery of Collapsed Dimensions
Efficient Resource Allocation for Relay-Assisted Computation Offloading in Mobile Edge Computing
A Semi-Automated Usability Evaluation Framework for Interactive Image Segmentation Systems
Stochastic Submodular Probing with State-Dependent Costs
An Efficient Convolutional Neural Network for Coronary Heart Disease Prediction
A least-squares Galerkin approach to gradient and Hessian recovery for nondivergence-form elliptic equations
An Empirical Study of Incorporating Pseudo Data into Grammatical Error Correction
Rotate $\textit{King}$ to get $\textit{Queen}$: Word Relationships as Orthogonal Transformations in Embedding Space
Commonsense Knowledge Mining from Pretrained Models
A Two-Stage Market Mechanism for Electricity with Renewable Generation
A Geometrical Branch-and-Price (GEOM-BP) Algorithm for Big Bin Packing Problems
Causal Discovery by Kernel Intrinsic Invariance Measure
Progress towards Nash-Williams’ Conjecture on Triangle Decompositions
Beyond The Wall Street Journal: Anchoring and Comparing Discourse Signals across Genres
On the Knowledge Graph Completion Using Translation Based Embedding: The Loss Is as Important as the Score
Modeling Long-Range Context for Concurrent Dialogue Acts Recognition
All Roads Lead to UD: Converting Stanford and Penn Parses to English Universal Dependencies with Multilayer Annotations
Flexible Auto-weighted Local-coordinate Concept Factorization: A Robust Framework for Unsupervised Clustering
Low-Complexity Linear Equalizers for OTFS Exploiting Two-Dimensional Fast Fourier Transform
Active Collaborative Sensing for Energy Breakdown
Improving Context-aware Neural Machine Translation with Target-side Context
Semantic Segmentation of Panoramic Images Using a Synthetic Dataset
Randomized methods to characterize large-scale vortical flow network
Design, fabrication and 3-DOF control of legless capsule robot
Classification Betters Regression in Query-based Multi-document Summarisation Techniques for Question Answering: Macquarie University at BioASQ7b
On Privacy of Socially Contagious Attributes
Resource Optimized Neural Architecture Search for 3D Medical Image Segmentation
Multilevel Monte Carlo estimation of the expected value of sample information
Implicit Progressive-Iterative Approximation for Curve and Surface Reconstruction
On the inclusion of damping terms in the hyperbolic MBO algorithm
Touché: Towards Ideal and Efficient Cache Compression By Mitigating Tag Area Overheads
Analysis of Bias in Gathering Information Between User Attributes in News Application
Phrase-Level Class based Language Model for Mandarin Smart Speaker Query Recognition
Statistics of Gaussians on local fields and their tropicalizations
Hybrid Data-Model Parallel Training for Sequence-to-Sequence Recurrent Neural Network Machine Translation
Enhancing Context Modeling with a Query-Guided Capsule Network for Document-level Translation
Estimating linear covariance models with numerical nonlinear algebra
Sparse Noncommutative Polynomial Optimization
A Sketch-Based System for Semantic Parsing
Strong convergence of a full discretization for stochastic wave equation with polynomial nonlinearity and addditive noise
SumQE: a BERT-based Summary Quality Estimation Model
Asymptotic linear expansion of regularized M-estimators
Stochastic Methods for Neutron Transport Equation III: Generational many-to-one and $k_\texttt{eff}$
Secure Analysis of Dynamic Networks under Pinning Attacks against Synchronization
Self-Ensembling with GAN-based Data Augmentation for Domain Adaptation in Semantic Segmentation
Answering questions by learning to rank — Learning to rank by answering questions
Self-Training and Adversarial Background Regularization for Unsupervised Domain Adaptive One-Stage Object Detection
Subword Language Model for Query Auto-Completion
Multiplicative arithmetic functions and the Ewens measure
A Hessenberg determinant of Pascal’s triangle and Catalan numbers
Iterative Receiver for Non-Orthogonal Waveforms Based on the Sum-Product Algorithm
Macroscopic and edge behavior of a planar jellium
Recurrence of 2-dimensional queueing processes, and random walk exit times from the quadrant
Reinforcement Learning-based Automatic Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis in Abdominal CT
Design and Results of the Second International Competition on Computational Models of Argumentation
Nonparametric Bayesian estimation of a concave distribution function with mixed interval censored data
Secure Transmission Strategy for Intelligent Reflecting Surface Enhanced Wireless System
Design of Ambient Backscatter Training for Retrodirective Wireless Power Transfer
Towards Flops-constrained Face Recognition
Agreement testing theorems on layered set systems
Relationship-Aware Spatial Perception Fusion for Realistic Scene Layout Generation
Open-Source Projects and their Collaborative Development Workflows