Loglikelihood Adjustment for Extreme Value Models (lax)
Performs adjusted inferences based on model objects fitted, using maximum likelihood estimation, by the extreme value analysis packages ‘evd’ <https://…/package=evd>, ‘evir’ <https://…/package=evir>, ‘extRemes’ <https://…/package=extRemes>, ‘fExtremes’ <https://…/package=fExtremes>, ‘ismev’ <https://…/package=ismev>, ‘POT’ <https://…/package=POT> and ‘texmex’ <https://…/package=texmex>. Adjusted standard errors and an adjusted loglikelihood are provided, using the ‘chandwich’ package <https://…/package=chandwich> and the object-oriented features of the ‘sandwich’ package <https://…/package=sandwich>. The adjustment is based on a robust sandwich estimator of the parameter covariance matrix, based on the methodology in Chandler and Bate (2007) <doi:10.1093/biomet/asm015>. This can be used for cluster correlated data when interest lies in the parameters of the marginal distributions, or for performing inferences that are robust to certain types of model misspecification. Univariate extreme value models, including regression models, are supported.

Simulates SPSO and Efftox Phase 12 Trials with Correlated Outcomes (Phase12Compare)
Simulating and conducting four phase 12 clinical trials with correlated binary bivariate outcomes described. Uses the ‘Efftox’ (efficacy and toxicity tradeoff, <https://…/2> ) and SPSO (Semi-Parametric Stochastic Ordering) models with Utility and Desirability based objective functions for dose finding.

Client for the Open Citations Corpus (citecorp)
Client for the Open Citations Corpus (<http://…/> ). Includes a set of functions for getting one identifier type from another, as well as getting references and citations for a given identifier.

Stochastic Limited Memory Quasi-Newton Optimizers (stochQN)
Implementations of stochastic, limited-memory quasi-Newton optimizers, similar in spirit to the LBFGS (Limited-memory Broyden-Fletcher-Goldfarb-Shanno) algorithm, for smooth stochastic optimization. Implements the following methods: oLBFGS (online LBFGS) (Schraudolph, N.N., Yu, J. and Guenter, S., 2007 <http://…/schraudolph07a.html> ), SQN (stochastic quasi-Newton) (Byrd, R.H., Hansen, S.L., Nocedal, J. and Singer, Y., 2016 <arXiv:1401.7020>), adaQN (adaptive quasi-Newton) (Keskar, N.S., Berahas, A.S., 2016, <arXiv:1511.01169>). Provides functions for easily creating R objects with partial_fit/predict methods from some given objective/gradient/predict functions. Includes an example stochastic logistic regression using these optimizers. Provides header files and registered C routines for using it directly from C/C++.

Interface to USDA QuickStats Data with Mapping Capabilities (tidyUSDA)
Provides a consistent API to pull United States Department of Agriculture census and survey data from the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) QuickStats service <https://quickstats.nass.usda.gov>.