Translate ‘SQL’ Queries into ‘R’ Expressions (queryparser)
Translate ‘SQL’ ‘SELECT’ statements into lists of ‘R’ expressions.

Generalized Weighted Quantile Sum Regression Random Subset (gWQSRS)
Fits Weighted Quantile Sum Random Subset (WQSRS) regressions for continuous, binomial, multinomial and count outcomes. Paul Curtin, Joshua Kellogg, Nadja Cech, Chris Gennings (2019) <doi:10.1080/03610918.2019.1577971>.

A Client for the ‘MTurk’ Requester API (pyMTurkR)
Provides access to the latest ‘Amazon Mechanical Turk’ (‘MTurk’) <> Requester API (version ‘2017-01-17’), replacing the now deprecated ‘MTurkR’ package.

Calculate Total Points and Probabilities for Nomogram (nomogramFormula)
A nomogram, which can be carried out in ‘rms’ package, provides a graphical explanation of a prediction process. However, it is not very easy to draw straight lines, read points and probabilities accurately. Even, it is hard for users to calculate total points and probabilities for all subjects. This package provides formula_rd() and formula_lp() functions to fit the formula of total points with raw data and linear predictors respectively by polynomial regression. Function points_cal() will help you calculate the total points. formula_prob() and prob_cal() can be used to fit the formula of probabilities and total points and calculate the probabilities.

Two-Stage Adaptive Dose-Finding Clinical Trial Design (iAdapt)
Simulate and implement early phase two-stage adaptive dose-finding design developed by Chiuzan et al. (2018) <DOI:10.1080/19466315.2018.1462727>.