Recent Trends in Deep Learning Based Personality Detection
Behaviour Suite for Reinforcement Learning
Adaptive Ensemble of Classifiers with Regularization for Imbalanced Data Classification
Goodness-of-fit testing in high-dimensional generalized linear models
Emotionless: Privacy-Preserving Speech Analysis for Voice Assistants
Edge Computing for User-Centric Secure Search on Cloud-Based Encrypted Big Data
A Survey of Tuning Parameter Selection for High-dimensional Regression
Deep ensemble network with explicit complementary model for accuracy-balanced classification
Recent Advances in Deep Learning for Object Detection
Natural-Logarithm-Rectified Activation Function in Convolutional Neural Networks
A theory of incremental compression
A Critical Note on the Evaluation of Clustering Algorithms
Classical Information Theory of Networks
Supervised Negative Binomial Classifier for Probabilistic Record Linkage
AutoGAN: Neural Architecture Search for Generative Adversarial Networks
MobileFAN: Transferring Deep Hidden Representation for Face Alignment
LoRMIkA: Local Rule-based Model Interpretability with k-optimal Associations
Deep Structured Cross-Modal Anomaly Detection
SpecAE: Spectral AutoEncoder for Anomaly Detection in Attributed Networks
A new Granger causality measure for eliminating the confounding influence of latent common inputs
Temporal Knowledge Propagation for Image-to-Video Person Re-identification
Modeling Daily Pan Evaporation in Humid Climates Using Gaussian Process Regression
Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution with a Real Local Oscillator and without Auxiliary Signals
Topological Interpretation of Interactive Computation
Understanding Optical Music Recognition
Transferring knowledge from monitored to unmonitored areas for forecasting parking spaces
Vision-based Navigation Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
That which we call private
Crowdsourcing real-time viral disease and pest information. A case of nation-wide cassava disease surveillance in a developing country
Concepts and Applications of Conformal Prediction in Computational Drug Discovery
LSTM-based Flow Prediction
On Product Codes with Probabilistic Amplitude Shaping for High-Throughput Fiber-Optic Systems
Synthetic Elastography using B-mode Ultrasound through a Deep Fully-Convolutional Neural Network
Human Perceptual Evaluations for Image Compression
An elementary renormalization-group approach to the Generalized Central Limit Theorem and Extreme Value Distributions
An Empirical Guide to the Behavior and Use of Scalable Persistent Memory
On the Edge-Length Ratio of Planar Graphs
A Data-Driven and Model-Based Approach to Fault Detection and Isolation in Networked Systems
Generating Information Extraction Patterns from Overlapping and Variable Length Annotations using Sequence Alignment
Kernel for Kt-free edge deletion
RuDaCoP: The Dataset for Smartphone-based Intellectual Pedestrian Navigation
Learning physics-based reduced-order models for a single-injector combustion process
A Mask-RCNN Baseline for Probabilistic Object Detection
Learning morphological operators for skin detection
DSIC: Deep Stereo Image Compression
The Chen-Teboulle algorithm is the proximal point algorithm
Star-convex Polyhedra for 3D Object Detection and Segmentation in Microscopy
Physical Layer Secret Key Generation in Static Environments
Numerical analysis for a chemotaxis-Navier-Stokes system
Catching the Phish: Detecting Phishing Attacks using Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs)
Transactive Energy System: Market-Based Coordination of Distributed Energy Resources
Unique ergodicity of deterministic zero-sum differential games
A Generate-Validate Approach to Answering Questions about Qualitative Relationships
Analysis of regression discontinuity designs using censored data
An Extremal Problem for the Neighborhood Lights Out Game
TEQUILA: Temporal Question Answering over Knowledge Bases
A Distraction Score for Watermarks
Detecting Heterogeneous Treatment Effect with Instrumental Variables
Performance of Devito on HPC-Optimised ARM Processo
Estimation of the Number of Components of Non-Parametric Multivariate Finite Mixture Models
Perfect matchings and Hamilton cycles in uniform attachment graphs
Robust data-driven approach for predicting the configurational energy of high entropy alloys
Optimal charging guidance strategies for electric vehicles by considering dynamic charging requests in a time-varying road network
Unconstrained Foreground Object Search
Law of the Iterated Logarithm and Model Selection Consistency for Independent and Dependent GLMs
Interference Exploitation 1-Bit Massive MIMO Precoding: A Partial Branch-and-Bound Solution with Near-Optimal Performance
Distance Map Loss Penalty Term for Semantic Segmentation
An energy stable $C^0$ finite element scheme for a quasi-incompressible phase-field model of moving contact line with variable density
Bayesian Loss for Crowd Count Estimation with Point Supervision
A comparison between Caputo and Caputo-Fabrizio fractional derivatives for modelling Lotka-Volterra differential equations
Lagrangian Dynamic Mode Decomposition for Construction of Reduced-Order Models of Advection-Dominated Phenomena
Adaptive RBF Interpolation for Estimating Missing Values in Geographical Data
User independent Emotion Recognition with Residual Signal-Image Network
Semi-Supervised Multi-Task Learning With Chest X-Ray Images
High-girth near-Ramanujan graphs with localized eigenvectors
Boundary Effect-Aware Visual Tracking for UAV with Online Enhanced Background Learning and Multi-Frame Consensus Verification
Graphs related to $2$-dimensional simplex codes
Exploiting temporal consistency for real-time video depth estimation
Mutation Testing for Ethereum Smart Contract
Derivative Formulas in Measure on Riemannian Manifolds
Differentially Private Aggregated Mobility Data Publication Using Moving Characteristics
SCAR: Spatial-/Channel-wise Attention Regression Networks for Crowd Counting
Separable nonlinear least-squares parameter estimation for complex dynamic systems
Introduction to the 35th International Conference on Logic Programming Special Issue
Slide Reduction, Revisited—Filling the Gaps in SVP Approximation
Generalized random matrix model with additional interactions
Yet the Game between Precommitted Policy and Time-Consistent Policy
Learning to Explore in Motion and Interaction Tasks
Subdivisions of digraphs in tournaments
Unsupervised Stemming based Language Model for Telugu Broadcast News Transcription
Automatic acute ischemic stroke lesion segmentation using semi-supervised learning
Fallback Strategies in Operation Control of Microgrids with Communication Failures
Deep Triplet Neural Networks with Cluster-CCA for Audio-Visual Cross-modal Retrieval
Personalized Music Recommendation with Triplet Network
Permutation Matrices, Their Discrete Derivatives and Extremal Properties
Congruences in character tables of symmetric groups
Audio-Visual Embedding for Cross-Modal MusicVideo Retrieval through Supervised Deep CCA
Intrinsic area near the origin for self-similar growth-fragmentations and related random surfaces
Estimation of Spectral Clustering Hyper Parameters
Show Me Your Account: Detecting MMORPG Game Bot Leveraging Financial Analysis with LSTM
Factoring Catalan numbers
Optimization-based Settingless Algorithm Combining Protection and Fault Identification
Generalised thresholding of hidden variable network models with scale-free property
Large-scale Traffic Signal Control Using a Novel Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
The moderate deviation of the density-dependent population process
Modeling Engagement Dynamics of Online Discussions using Relativistic Gravitational Theory
Approximation of the Lagrange and Markov spectra
Lightweight and Scalable Particle Tracking and Motion Clustering of 3D Cell Trajectories
Lifting methods for manifold-valued variational problems
On the quenched functional CLT in 2d random sceneries, examples
An approximate factorization method for inverse acoustic scattering with phaseless near-field data
Avoidable paths in graphs
Object-Aware Instance Labeling for Weakly Supervised Object Detection
A New Definition of the Dimension of Graphs
New Constructions of Subspace Codes Using Subsets of MRD codes in Several Blocks
Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks for Data Augmentation and Adaptation in Remotely Sensed Imagery
Attentive Deep Regression Networks for Real-Time Visual Face Tracking in Video Surveillance
The Impact of Informal Mentorship in Academic Collaborations
Properties of the full replica symmetry breaking free energy functional of the Ising spin glass on random regular graph
BISTRO: Berkeley Integrated System for Transportation Optimization
Numerical upscaling for heterogeneous materials in fractured domains
Frequency Observations and Statistic Analysis of Worldwide Main Power Grids Using FNET/GridEye
Exploring the Effect of an Item’s Neighborhood on its Sellability in eCommerce
DeblurGAN-v2: Deblurring (Orders-of-Magnitude) Faster and Better
Space-time error estimates for deep neural network approximations for differential equations
Distribution of Eigenvalues of Random Real Symmetric Block Matrices
Hypothesis Testing for Network Data with Power Enhancement
Modeling Graphs with Vertex Replacement Grammars
Transcriptional Response of SK-N-AS Cells to Methamidophos
Exploiting Temporal Relationships in Video Moment Localization with Natural Language
Semi-Supervised Self-Growing Generative Adversarial Networks for Image Recognition
IoU Loss for 2D/3D Object Detection
StructureFlow: Image Inpainting via Structure-aware Appearance Flow
An Asymptotically Compatible Approach For Neumann-Type Boundary Condition On Nonlocal Problems
Delving into Robust Object Detection from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: A Deep Nuisance Disentanglement Approach
Efficient Structurally-Strengthened Generative Adversarial Network for MRI Reconstruction
To Beta or Not To Beta: Information Bottleneck for DigitaL Image Forensics
Graph Motif Problems Parameterized by Dual
New scaling laws for self-avoiding walks: bridges and worms
Discontinuous Galerkin methods for the Ostrovsky-Vakhnenko equation
Edge Correlations in Multilayer Networks
Optimal Control for Chemotaxis Systems and Adjoint-Based Optimization with Multiple-Relaxation-Time Lattice Boltzmann Models
Bregman Forward-Backward Operator Splitting
Unsupervised Neural Quantization for Compressed-Domain Similarity Search
UM-Adapt: Unsupervised Multi-Task Adaptation Using Adversarial Cross-Task Distillation
Population rate coding in recurrent neuronal networks with undetermined-type neurons
HBONet: Harmonious Bottleneck on Two Orthogonal Dimensions
Data-Driven Randomized Learning of Feedforward Neural Networks
Bounds on the $α$-distance spectrum of graphs
Lectures on error analysis of interpolation on simplicial triangulations without the shape-regularity assumption and its applications to finite element methods, Part 1: two-dimensional Lagrange interpolation
Almost Surely Asymptotic Freeness for Jacobian Spectrum of Deep Network