Uncheatable Machine Learning Inference
Using Semantic Role Knowledge for Relevance Ranking of Key Phrases inDocuments: An Unsupervised Approach
Science needs to rethink how it interacts with big data: Five principles for effective scientific big data systems
Decision Making with Argumentation Graphs
Multivariate Convolutional Sparse Coding with Low Rank Tensor
Gradient Boosting Survival Tree with Applications in Credit Scoring
No Need of Data Pre-processing: A General Framework for Radio-Based Device-Free Context Awareness
TEASER: Early and Accurate Time Series Classification
Probabilistic Models with Deep Neural Networks
RCE: An Integration Environment for Engineering and Science
Bayesian Inference for Large Scale Image Classification
Making GDPR Usable: A Model to Support Usability Evaluations of Privacy
A Benchmark of Visual Storytelling in Social Media
Deep Kernel Learning for Clustering
BERT-based Ranking for Biomedical Entity Normalization
VisualBERT: A Simple and Performant Baseline for Vision and Language
On the Adversarial Robustness of Neural Networks without Weight Transport
Learn to Allocate Resources in Vehicular Networks
Improved GM(1,1) model based on Simpson formula and its applications
One-shot Face Reenactment
Spatial Flow-Field Approximation Using Few Thermodynamic Measurements Part I: Formulation and Area Averaging
Learning to Grasp from 2.5D images: a Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach
A Simple Recommender Engine for Matching Final-Year Project Student with Supervisor
Some homogeneous $q$-difference operators and the associated generalized Hahn polynomials
Dragging the roots of a polynomial to the unit circle
Morphisms of tautological control systems
Chemical Reactions-Based Microfluidic Transmitter and Receiver for Molecular Communication
Two-type annihilating systems on the complete and star graph
Sparse Coding of Shape Trajectories for Facial Expression and Action Recognition
Image-based marker tracking and registration for intraoperative 3D image-guided interventions using augmented reality
WhiteNNer-Blind Image Denoising via Noise Whiteness Priors
Hamming and simplex codes for the sum-rank metric
GridDehazeNet: Attention-Based Multi-Scale Network for Image Dehazing
Random Sum-Product Forests with Residual Links
On Symbolic Approaches for Computing the Matrix Permanent
Trajectory-wise Control Variates for Variance Reduction in Policy Gradient Methods
Identification of Effective Connectivity Subregions
On the Variance of the Adaptive Learning Rate and Beyond
Efficient Inference of CNNs via Channel Pruning
Managing the Complexity of Processing Financial Data at Scale — an Experience Report
Reflections in the Sky: Millimeter Wave Communication with UAV-Carried Intelligent Reflectors
Deep Learning for Visual Recognition of Environmental Enteropathy and Celiac Disease
Exploiting Sparse Semantic HD Maps for Self-Driving Vehicle Localization
Monitor-Based Runtime Assurance for Temporal Logic Specifications
A 354Mb/s 0.37mm^2 151mW 32-User 256-QAM Near-MAP Soft-Input Soft-Output Massive MU-MIMO Data Detector in 28nm CMOS
Question-Agnostic Attention for Visual Question Answering
Out of Time Order Correlations in the Quasi-Periodic Aubry-André model
Nonexistence of certain binary and ternary linear complementary dual codes
PosNeg-Balanced Anchors with Aligned Features for Single-Shot Object Detection
On the Fundamental Limits of MIMO Massive Access Communication
ToyADMOS: A Dataset of Miniature-Machine Operating Sounds for Anomalous Sound Detection
Efficient Simulation of Fluid Flow and Transport in Heterogeneous Media Using Graphics Processing Units (GPUs)
Disordered Quantum Transport in Quantum Anomalous Hall Insulator-Superconductor Junctions
High-dimensional central limit theorems for eigenvalue distributions of generalized Wishart processes
An Independence Test Based on Recurrence Rates
Automatic Calibration of Dynamic and Heterogeneous Parameters in Agent-based Model
Deep Density-aware Count Regressor
Invariant systems of representatives, or The cost of symmetry
The general Nature of Saturated Designs
Bayesian inference of network structure from information cascades
Convex hull algorithms based on some variational models
Galerkin Approximation In Banach and Hilbert Spaces
A localized version of the basic triangle theorem
Linear regression in the Bayesian framework
Deterministic mean field games with control on the acceleration
Recognizing Part Attributes with Insufficient Data
Fitting in or odd one out? Pulls vs residual responses in $b\to s \ell^+\ell^-$
Hyper Vision Net: Kidney Tumor Segmentation Using Coordinate Convolutional Layer and Attention Unit
Shorter Labeling Schemes for Planar Graphs
Fully Convolutional Search Heuristic Learning for Rapid Path Planners
Viscoelastic flows with conservation laws
Coordinated Hybrid Precoding for Interference Exploitation in Heterogeneous Networks
Deep Learning based Downlink Channel Prediction for FDD Massive MIMO System
Enhancing Flood Impact Analysis using Interactive Retrieval of Social Media Images
Trade-offs in Distributed Interactive Proofs
Deep Learning based Wearable Assistive System for Visually Impaired People
The microscopic derivation of the stochastic Keller-Segel equation
Video Face Clustering with Unknown Number of Clusters
On existence and uniqueness properties for solutions of stochastic fixed point equations
Parameterized Algorithms for Maximum Cut with Connectivity Constraints
Combined Tail Estimation Using Censored Data and Expert Information
Distinguishing Individual Red Pandas from Their Faces
A posteriori error estimates for the mortar staggered DG method
Entropic curvature and convergence to equilibrium for mean-field dynamics on discrete spaces
UdS Submission for the WMT 19 Automatic Post-Editing Task
Optimizing spreading dynamics in interconnected networks
On the Compound Beta-Binomial Risk Model with Delayed Claims and Randomized Dividends
Transferable Representation Learning in Vision-and-Language Navigation
Full-Duplex OFDM Radar With LTE and 5G NR Waveforms: Challenges, Solutions, and Measurements
Perfect matroids over hyperfields
On the exponential growth rates of lattice animals and interfaces, and new bounds on $p_c$
Two further probabilistic applications of Bessel functions
Effective mass of the polaron — revisited
Mixed-transform based codec for 2D compression of ECG signals
Discovering a Regularity: the Case of An 800-year Law of Advances in Small-Arms Technologies
A Fast and Precise Method for Large-Scale Land-Use Mapping Based on Deep Learning
Tracking Temporal Evolution of Network Activity for Botnet Detection
Privacy-Aware Distributed Mobility Choice Modelling over Blockchain
Relation-Aware Pyramid Network (RapNet) for temporal action proposal
Interactive Variance Attention based Online Spoiler Detection for Time-Sync Comments
Bias and variance reduction and denoising for CTF Estimation
Challenging the Boundaries of Speech Recognition: The MALACH Corpus
On the smallest eigenvalue of finite element equations with meshes without regularity assumptions
Extending the Davis-Kahan theorem for comparing eigenvectors of two symmetric matrices I: Theory
Group Pruning using a Bounded-Lp norm for Group Gating and Regularization
Zero-shot Feature Selection via Exploiting Semantic Knowledge
Extending the Davis-Kahan theorem for comparing eigenvectors of two symmetric matrices II: Computation and Applications
Unsupervised detection of topological quantum state equivalences
A Linear Time Algorithm for Finding Minimum Spanning Tree Replacement Edges
Fine-Grained Action Retrieval Through Multiple Parts-of-Speech Embeddings
A Preliminary Study on A Physical Model Oriented Learning Algorithm with Application to UAVs
Artificially Evolved Chunks for Morphosyntactic Analysis
Comparing the stochastic nonlinear wave and heat equations: a case study
Improved Network Decompositions using Small Messages with Applications on MIS, Neighborhood Covers, and Beyond
EXPSPACE-Completeness of the Logics K4xS5 and S4xS5 and the Logic of Subset Spaces, Part 1: ESPACE-Algorithms
EXPSPACE-Completeness of the Logics K4xS5 and S4xS5 and the Logic of Subset Spaces, Part 2: EXPSPACE-Hardness
Reconstructing commuters network using machine learning and urban indicators
Isodual and Self-dual Codes from Graphs
Fixed-Time Stable Proximal Dynamical System for Solving Mixed Variational Inequality Problems
Optimizing Consistent Merging and Pruning of Subgraphs in Network Tomography
On $2$-parent-identifying set systems of block size $4$
Minimax Crossover Designs
One-time learning and reverse salience signal with a salience affected neural network (SANN)
Strong external difference families in abelian and non-abelian groups
Exploiting Cross-Lingual Speaker and Phonetic Diversity for Unsupervised Subword Modeling
Random attractors for locally monotone stochastic partial differential equations
Extension of Limit Theory with Deleting Items Partial Sum of Random Variable Sequence
Slepian-Bangs formula and Cramer Rao bound for circular and non-circular complex elliptical symmetric distributions
An Adaptive ALE Scheme for Non-Ideal Compressible-Fluid Dynamics over Dynamic Unstructured Meshes