CARL: Aggregated Search with Context-Aware Module Embedding Learning
Viterbi Extraction tutorial with Hidden Markov Toolkit
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to LDA
Flood Prediction Using Machine Learning Models: Literature Review
Investigating Decision Boundaries of Trained Neural Networks
Self-Organizing Maps with Variable Input Length for Motif Discovery and Word Segmentation
Visualizing the PHATE of Neural Networks
HyperStream: a Workflow Engine for Streaming Data
Self-supervised Attention Model for Weakly Labeled Audio Event Classification
Unsupervised Feature Learning in Remote Sensing
Benchmarking Surrogate-Assisted Genetic Recommender Systems
Que será será? The uncertainty estimation of feature-based time series forecasts
How much data is sufficient to learn high-performing algorithms?
Do Neural Language Representations Learn Physical Commonsense?
Contributed Discussion of ‘A Bayesian Conjugate Gradient Method’
Incremental Reinforcement Learning — a New Continuous Reinforcement Learning Frame Based on Stochastic Differential Equation methods
Local Differential Privacy for Deep Learning
Feature selection of neural networks is skewed towards the less abstract cue
One Model To Rule Them All
TensorDIMM: A Practical Near-Memory Processing Architecture for Embeddings and Tensor Operations in Deep Learning
Variational Bayes on Manifolds
‘Conservatives Overfit, Liberals Underfit’: The Social-Psychological Control of Affect and Uncertainty
FAIRY: A Framework for Understanding Relationships between Users’ Actions and their Social Feeds
Optimal multiclass overfitting by sequence reconstruction from Hamming queries
Completing and Debugging Ontologies: state of the art and challenges
Rigid Graph Alignment
Users’ traffic on two-sided Internet platforms. Qualitative study
Motivating Workers in Federated Learning: A Stackelberg Game Perspective
A stochastic game theory approach for the prediction of interfacial parameters in two-phase flow systems
Oscillatory evolution of collective behavior in evolutionary games played with reinforcement learning
A Privacy-preserving Method to Optimize Distributed Resource Allocation
Comparison of Bounds for Optimal PMU Placement for State Estimation in Distribution Grids
Pitch-Synchronous Single Frequency Filtering Spectrogram for Speech Emotion Recognition
A Data Efficient and Feasible Level Set Method for Stochastic Convex Optimization with Expectation Constraints
On maximal multiplicities for Hamiltonians with separable variables
Domain-Driven Solver (DDS): a MATLAB-based Software Package for Convex Optimization Problems in Domain-Driven Form
Disorder in Twisted Bilayer Graphene
Scale Invariant Entanglement Negativity at the Many-Body Localization Transition
Universality and Quantum Criticality in Quasiperiodic Spin Chains
Multi-client Secure Encrypted Search Using Searching Adversarial Networks
Hierarchy-of-Visual-Words: a Learning-based Approach for Trademark Image Retrieval
The Power Grid Library for Benchmarking AC Optimal Power Flow Algorithms
Control of Cooperative Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Review of Applications, Challenges, and Algorithms
Attend To Count: Crowd Counting with Adaptive Capacity Multi-scale CNNs
Extreme coverage in 5G Narrowband IoT: a LUT-based strategy to optimize shared channels
Exploring the Intersections of Web Science and Accessibility
Fast multi-agent temporal-difference learning via homotopy stochastic primal-dual optimization
The utility of a Bayesian Markov model with Pólya-Gamma sampling for estimating individual behavior transition probabilities from accelerometer classifications
GP2C: Geometric Projection Parameter Consensus for Joint 3D Pose and Focal Length Estimation in the Wild
Debiasing Embeddings for Reduced Gender Bias in Text Classification
Short Non-Binary Low-Density Parity-Check Codes for Phase Noise Channels
Making Recommendations from Web Archives for ‘Lost’ Web Pages
Optoacoustic Model-Based Inversion Using Anisotropic Adaptive Total-Variation Regularization
Loss Minimization with Optimal Power Dispatch in Multi-Frequency HVac Power Systems
Principal Cross-Border Flow Patterns in the European Electricity Markets
Location Field Descriptors: Single Image 3D Model Retrieval in the Wild
Maximal Spectral Efficiency of OFDM with Index Modulation under Polynomial Space Complexity
An explicit numerical algorithm to the solution of Volterra integral equation of the second kind
Improving Channel Charting with Representation-Constrained Autoencoders
Learning Model Predictive Control for Connected Autonomous Vehicles
A Note on Colourings of Connected Oriented Cubic Graphs
BEACHES: Beamspace Channel Estimation for Multi-Antenna mmWave Systems and Beyond
Harnack and Super Poincaré Inequalities for Generalized Cox-Ingersoll-Ross Model
EdgeNet: Semantic Scene Completion from RGB-D images
Neural Network based Deep Transfer Learning for Cross-domain Dependency Parsing
Wall-to-wall optimal transport
Cutoff for random lifts of weighted graphs
iCassava 2019Fine-Grained Visual Categorization Challenge
Proof of the Caccetta-Haggkvist conjecture for certain cases by independence number
Finite determination of accessibility and geometric structure of singular points for nonlinear systems
Mini-batch Metropolis-Hastings MCMC with Reversible SGLD Proposal
Mitigating Noisy Inputs for Question Answering
Stochastic and Simulation-based Models for Setting Flow Rates in Collaborative Trajectory Options Program (CTOP)
Interface fluctuations in non equilibrium stationary states: the SOS approximation
Robust Causal Inference for Incremental Return on Ad Spend with Randomized Geo Experiments
Image Captioning using Facial Expression and Attention
Bayesian Feature Pyramid Networks for Automatic Multi-Label Segmentation of Chest X-rays and Assessment of Cardio-Thoratic Ratio
Theoretical Analysis for Extended Target Recovery in Randomized Stepped Frequency Radars
Spatial Flow-Field Approximation Using Few Thermodynamic Measurements Part II: Uncertainty Assessments
Neural Document Expansion with User Feedback
Towards Generating Stylized Image Captions via Adversarial Training
An invariance principle for biased voter model interfaces
Bootstrapping a stable computation token
Graph Node Embeddings using Domain-Aware Biased Random Walks
Progressive Relation Learning for Group Activity Recognition
Semi Supervised Phrase Localization in a Bidirectional Caption-Image Retrieval Framework
Research Leadership Flow Determinants and the Role of Proximity in Research Collaborations Networks
A nonparametric Bayesian approach to the rare type match problem
From Two Graphs to N Questions: A VQA Dataset for Compositional Reasoning on Vision and Commonsense
Centrality measures in simplicial complexes: applications of TDA to Network Science
Subgroups of an abelian group, related ideals of the group ring, and quotients by those ideals
On Antenna Array Out-of-Band Emissions
Pseudo-Labeling and Confirmation Bias in Deep Semi-Supervised Learning
Continual Learning by Asymmetric Loss Approximation with Single-Side Overestimation
Obvious Manipulations in Cake-Cutting
Fast Point R-CNN
Ramsey games near the critical threshold
A phase field approach for damage propagation in periodic microstructured materials
Manifold Modeling in Embedded Space: A Perspective for Interpreting ‘Deep Image Prior’
Constrained domain adaptation for segmentation
Learning Vision-based Flight in Drone Swarms by Imitation
Sparse $\ell^q$-regularization of inverse problems with deep learning
A Multimodal Deep Network for the Reconstruction of T2W MR Images
A conjugate-gradient-type rational Krylov subspace method for ill-posed problems
Hiddenly Hermitian quantum models: The concept of perturbations
Measurable Counterfactual Local Explanations for Any Classifier
Small Cuts and Connectivity Certificates: A Fault Tolerant Approach
Semantic Estimation of 3D Body Shape and Pose using Minimal Cameras
On the Trade-off Between Consistency and Coverage in Multi-label Rule Learning Heuristics
Zero Forcing sets and Power Dominating sets of cardinality at most 2
Efficient Generation of Different Topological Representations of Graphs Beyond-Planarity
A Test Suite and Manual Evaluation of Document-Level NMT at WMT19
Standard monomials and extremal point sets
Editing Text in the Wild
Quantum percolation in quasicrystals using continuous-time quantum walk
What goes around comes around: Cycle-Consistency-based Short-Term Motion Prediction for Anomaly Detection using Generative Adversarial Networks
Sim-to-Real Learning for Casualty Detection from Ground Projected Point Cloud Data
3D Compton scattering imaging: study of the spectrum and contour reconstruction
Key Fact as Pivot: A Two-Stage Model for Low Resource Table-to-Text Generation
Optimal p-ary cyclic codes with two zeros
A second-order face-centred finite volume method for elliptic problems
Preferences for efficiency, rather than preferences for morality, drive cooperation in the one-shot Stag-Hunt Game
ExtremeC3Net: Extreme Lightweight Portrait Segmentation Networks using Advanced C3-modules
Boundary sampled-data feedback stabilization for parabolic equations
Combinatorial index formulas for Lie algebras of seaweed type
Climate extreme event attribution using multivariate peaks-over-thresholds modeling and counterfactual theory
Regularity of Edge Ideals Via Suspension
Scalable Cell-Free Massive MIMO Systems
From Piz Daint to the Stars: Simulation of Stellar Mergers using High-Level Abstractions
Enhancing self-supervised monocular depth estimationwith traditional visual odometry
DeepClean — self-supervised artefact rejection for intensive care waveform data using generative deep learning
Demystifying the Power Scaling Law of Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces and Metasurfaces
Fast Pricing of Energy Derivatives with Mean-reverting Jump Processes
Your Stance is Exposed! Analysing Possible Factors for Stance Detection on Social Media
Analysis of Networks via the Sparse $β$-Model
Mixed linear fractional boundary value problems
Utility-Scale Energy Storage in an Imperfectly Competitive Power Sector
The repetition threshold for binary rich words
Planar graphs with girth at least 5 are (3,4)-colorable
Universal Adversarial Audio Perturbations
Rethinking Secure Precoding via Interference Exploitation: A Smart Eavesdropper Perspective
Defending Against Adversarial Iris Examples Using Wavelet Decomposition
Privatization-Safe Transactional Memories (Extended Version)
Moviescope: Large-scale Analysis of Movies using Multiple Modalities
Assessing Sentiment of the Expressed Stance on Social Media
Dynamic Scale Inference by Entropy Minimization
Stochastic Differential Equations with Discontinuous Diffusions
Optimizing quantum heuristics with meta-learning
On Max-Min SINR with MMSE Processing for Uplink Cell-Free Massive MIMO
Bipartite Turán problems for ordered graphs
NeuPDE: Neural Network Based Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations for Modeling Time-Dependent Data
LVIS: A Dataset for Large Vocabulary Instance Segmentation
Received Signal Strength Based Wireless Source Localization with Inexact Anchor Position
Multi Scale Supervised 3D U-Net for Kidney and Tumor Segmentation