Scheduling to Minimize Age of Information in Multi-State Time-Varying Networks with Power Constraints
Simultaneous Clustering and Optimization for Evolving Datasets
Learning to Transport with Neural Networks
Deep Neural Network for Semantic-based Text Recognition in Images
GraphBLAST: A High-Performance Linear Algebra-based Graph Framework on the GPU
Construction of Macro Actions for Deep Reinforcement Learning
Incorporating Structural Stigma into Network Analysis
Repair Pipelining for Erasure-Coded Storage: Algorithms and Evaluation
FLuID: A Meta Model to Flexibly Define Schema-level Indices for the Web of Data
Knowledge Isomorphism between Neural Networks
Solving high-dimensional optimal stopping problems using deep learning
Modeling Event Propagation via Graph Biased Temporal Point Process
Fair Division with Minimal Sharing
Imbalance-XGBoost: Leveraging Weighted and Focal Losses for Binary Label-Imbalanced Classification with XGBoost
Chatter Detection in Turning Using Machine Learning and Similarity Measures of Time Series via Dynamic Time Warping
Dimensionality Reduction Flows
Performance Evaluation of Supervised Machine Learning Techniques for Efficient Detection of Emotions from Online Content
StateSpaceModels.jl: a Julia Package for Time-Series Analysis in a State-Space Framework
ARGAN: Attentive Recurrent Generative Adversarial Network for Shadow Detection and Removal
Fast Nonoverlapping Block Jacobi Method for the Dual Rudin–Osher–Fatemi Model
Automatic Fact-Checking Using Context and Discourse Information
Leveraging Random Assignment in Multiple Imputation of Missing Covariates in Causal Studies
A Data Structure Perspective to the RDD-based Apriori Algorithm on Spark
Energy Efficiency Optimization for UAV-assisted Backscatter Communications
The minimum possible volume size of u-way (v, k, t) trades
SF-Net: Structured Feature Network for Continuous Sign Language Recognition
Semi-supervised representation learning via dual autoencoders for domain adaptation
Error Analysis of Approximate Array Multipliers
Improving IT Support by Enhancing Incident Management Process with Multi-modal Analysis
Gender and Racial Diversity in Commercial Brands’ Advertising Images on Social Media
Separating Argument Structure from Logical Structure in AMR
Exact BER Performance Analysis for Downlink NOMA Systems Over Nakagami-m Fading Channels
ASNets: Deep Learning for Generalised Planning
Unsupervised Learning of Depth and Deep Representation for Visual Odometry from Monocular Videos in a Metric Space
Nef-partitions arising from unimodular configurations
Random Additions in Urns of Integers
Unsupervised Microvascular Image Segmentation Using an Active Contours Mimicking Neural Network
Image-Guided Depth Sampling and Reconstruction
Permutations avoiding a certain pattern of length three under Mallows distributions
A Convergence Result for Dirichlet Semigroups on Tubular Neighbourhoods and the Marginals of Conditional Brownian Motion
A Sub-Gaussian estimate for Dirichlet Heat Kernels on Tubular Neighbourhoods and Tightness of Conditional Brownian Motion
Pairwise Multi-marginal Optimal Transport via Universal Poisson Coupling
Network Inference from Consensus Dynamics with Unknown Parameters
The distinct flavors of Zipf’s law in the rank-size and in the size-distribution representations, and its maximum-likelihood fitting
Sound Event Detection in Multichannel Audio using Convolutional Time-Frequency-Channel Squeeze and Excitation
Multi-block Bregman proximal alternating linearized minimization and its application to sparse orthogonal nonnegative matrix factorization
Optimistic planning for the near-optimal control of nonlinear switched discrete-time systems with stability guarantees
Detecting the Hot Hand: Tests of Randomness Against Streaky Alternatives in Bernoulli Sequences
Defence Against the Modern Arts: the Curse of Statistics — FRStat
Effect of Interim Adaptations in Group Sequential Designs
Toric ideals of Minkowski sums of unit simplices
Automatic Playtesting for Game Parameter Tuning via Active Learning
Automatic Game Design via Mechanic Generation
Explicit Characterization of Performance of a Class of Networked Linear Control Systems
Monte-Carlo Tree Search for Simulation-based Strategy Analysis
ChemBO: Bayesian Optimization of Small Organic Molecules with Synthesizable Recommendations
Inference of visual field test performance from OCT volumes using deep learning
Restricted Linearized Augmented Lagrangian Method for Euler’s Elastica Model
Notes on k-rainbow independent domination in graphs
Hoffman’s bound for hypergraphs
Co-degrees resilience for perfect matchings in random hypergraphs
Graph Drawing with Morphing Partial Edges
Learning Compact Target-Oriented Feature Representations for Visual Tracking
Sensitivity Analysis of Treatment Effect to Unmeasured Confounding in Observational Studies with Survival and Competing Risks Outcomes
Forecasting age distribution of death counts: An application to annuity pricing
Image to Video Domain Adaptation Using Web Supervision
TopoTag: A Robust and Scalable Topological Fiducial Marker System
Fractional Newton’s Method and Some Variants for the Solution of Nonlinear Systems
V2S attack: building DNN-based voice conversion from automatic speaker verification
The fault-tolerant cluster-sending problem
A Deep Learning Approach for Tweet Classification and Rescue Scheduling for Effective Disaster Management
Learning to Generalize to Unseen Tasks with Bilevel Optimization
Revisiting consensus protocols through wait-free parallelization
3-uniform hypergraphs with few Berge paths of length three between any two vertices
Downlink Analysis of NOMA-enabled Cellular Networks with 3GPP-inspired User Ranking
Quantum-enhanced least-square support vector machine: simplified quantum algorithm and sparse solutions
Minimum Energy for Gaussian Joint source-channel Coding with a Square-law Distortion-Noise Profile
Automated Detection System for Adversarial Examples with High-Frequency Noises Sieve
Constructive asymptotic bounds of locally repairable codes via function fields
Integral representation of probabilities in Kingman coalescent
Testability First!
GDRQ: Group-based Distribution Reshaping for Quantization
Imaging with highly incomplete and corrupted data
CameraNet: A Two-Stage Framework for Effective Camera ISP Learning
Walking with MIND: Mental Imagery eNhanceD Embodied QA
Characterizing the mesh size of polymer solutions via the pore size distribution
Robust UOWC systems against bubble-induced impairments via transmit/receive diversities
Antioxidant capacity is repeatable across years but does not consistently correlate with a marker of peroxidation in a free-living passerine bird
The Impact of Developer Experience in Using Java Cryptography
Pixel2Mesh++: Multi-View 3D Mesh Generation via Deformation
GAN Path Finder: Preliminary results
On the Relationship Between Coupling and Refactoring: An Empirical Viewpoint
An Empirical Study on Technical Debt in a Finnish SME
Optimal Scheduling for Discounted Age Penalty Minimization in Multi-Loop Networked Control
Part Segmentation for Highly Accurate Deformable Tracking in Occlusions via Fully Convolutional Neural Networks
A Fast Content-Based Image Retrieval Method Using Deep Visual Features
Observation of the algebraic localization-delocalization transition in a 1D disordered potential with a bias force
The Pantelides algorithm for delay differential-algebraic equations
A note on the maximum of a lattice generalization of the logarithm and a deformation of the Dedekind eta function
Adversarial Self-Defense for Cycle-Consistent GANs
Beyond English-only Reading Comprehension: Experiments in Zero-Shot Multilingual Transfer for Bulgarian
Long time dynamics for interacting oscillators on dense graphs
3D Reconstruction of Deformable Revolving Object under Heavy Hand Interaction
Recognizing and realizing cactus metrics
EdgeMORE: Improving Resource Allocation with Multiple Options from Tenants
Hybrid deep fault detection and isolation: Combining deep neural networks and system performance models
A Tensor Decomposition Approach for High-Dimensional Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equations
Modular Construction of Free Hyperplane Arrangements
Discriminating Spatial and Temporal Relevance in Deep Taylor Decompositions for Explainable Activity Recognition
Mull it over: mutation testing based on LLVM
Angle rigidity and its usage to stabilize planar formations
Precise Estimation of Renal Vascular Dominant Regions Using Spatially Aware Fully Convolutional Networks, Tensor-Cut and Voronoi Diagrams
Robust Over-the-Air Adversarial Examples Against Automatic Speech Recognition Systems
Fixed points with finite mean of the smoothing transform in random environments
Data Aggregation In The Astroparticle Physics Distributed Data Storage
Interpretable brain age prediction using linear latent variable models of functional connectivity
Immersed boundary simulations of fluid shear-induced deformation of a cantilever beam
Heuristic Algorithm for Generalized Function Matching
Selection of Sparse Sets of Influence for Meshless Finite Difference Methods
Revisiting Feature Alignment for One-stage Object Detection
The HSIC Bottleneck: Deep Learning without Back-Propagation
Performance of variable and function selection methods for estimating the non-linear health effects of correlated chemical mixtures: a simulation study
Knee menisci segmentation and relaxometry of 3D ultrashort echo time (UTE) cones MR imaging using attention U-Net with transfer learning
A Unifying Analysis of Shift Operators on a Graph
Stochastic Cahn-Hilliard equation in higher space dimensions: The motion of bubbles
Model Decay in Long-Term Tracking
Accuracy of approximate projection to the semidefinite cone
Protograph LDPC Code Design for Asynchronous Random Access
Blind SAR Image Despeckling Using Self-Supervised Dense Dilated Convolutional Neural Network
The Role of Multiplicative Complexity in Compiling Low T-count Oracle Circuits
Multi-Contrast Super-Resolution MRI Through a Progressive Network
Convergence Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms for the Numerical Solution of Mean Field Control and Games: II — The Finite Horizon Case
Speech Driven Backchannel Generation using Deep Q-Network for Enhancing Engagement in Human-Robot Interaction
Learned Clause Minimization in Parallel SAT Solvers
Regression-adjusted average treatment effect estimates in stratified and sequentially randomized experiments
Payoffs-Beliefs Duality and the Value of Information
Average preserving variation processes in view of optimization
Review of Algorithms for Compressive Sensing of Images
Atomistic and mean-field estimates of effective stiffness tensor of nanocrystalline materials of cubic symmetry
Minimal linear codes from characteristic functions
Optimal Lower Bound on the Least Singular Value of the Shifted Ginibre Ensemble
Analysis of Two-Dimensional Feedback Systems over Networks Using Dissipativity
On the cyclic regularities of strings
Predicting Actions to Help Predict Translations
A principled approach for generating adversarial images under non-smooth dissimilarity metrics
Processamento de linguagem natural em Português e aprendizagem profunda para o domínio de Óleo e Gás
Bounding Radon’s number via Betti numbers
Monodisperse gas-solid mixturesin with intense interphase interaction two-fluid Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
Spatially and Temporally Efficient Non-local Attention Network for Video-based Person Re-Identification
Characterising complex healthcare systems using network science: The small world of emergency surgery
Corrigibility with Utility Preservation
Elements of Generalized Tsallis Relative Entropy in Classical Information Theory
Thoth: Improved Rapid Serial Visual Presentation using Natural Language Processing
SESF-Fuse: An Unsupervised Deep Model for Multi-Focus Image Fusion
The smallest art gallery not guarded by every third vertex
Learning a Unified Embedding for Visual Search at Pinterest
Strategic Payments in Financial Networks
Discovery of Bias and Strategic Behavior in Crowdsourced Performance Assessment
Sample size calculations for the experimental comparison of multiple algorithms on multiple problem instances
Innovative ranking strategy for IPL team formation
On the Energy and Data Storage Management in Energy Harvesting Wireless Communications
Scalable Byzantine Reliable Broadcast (Extended Version)
Visual-Relation Conscious Image Generation from Structured-Text
A Merge/Split Algorithm for Multitarget Tracking Using Generalized Labeled Multi-Bernoulli Filters
On $L$-close Sperner systems
Dynamic programming principle and Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations for fractional-order systems
SqueezeNAS: Fast neural architecture search for faster semantic segmentation
Extending the step-size restriction for gradient descent to avoid strict saddle points
A study in Rashomon curves and volumes: A new perspective on generalization and model simplicity in machine learning
The Myths of Our Time: Fake News