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Bayesian estimation of probabilistic sensitivity measures
On a conjecture by Ben-Akiva and Lerman about the nested logit model
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The Impact of Execution Delay on Kelly-Based Stock Trading: High-Frequency Versus Buy and Hold
The Moduli of Pentagonal Subdivision Tiling
Local Semicircle Law for Curie-Weiss Type Ensembles
Adaptive Susceptibility and Heterogeneity in Contagion Models on Networks
Discretization of the maximum for the derivatives of a random model of $\log|ζ|$ on the critical line
Treatise On Solidification: A Comprehensive View on the Formation of Solid States Beyond Perfect Crystals
Occupation densities of Ensembles of Branching Random Walks
McKean-Vlasov optimal control: the dynamic programming principle
Maximum of the integer-valued Gaussian free field
Sects, rooks, pyramids, partitions and paths for type DIII clans
Spectral Graph Matching and Regularized Quadratic Relaxations II: Erdős-Rényi Graphs and Universality
The Unbearable Weight of Generating Artificial Errors for Grammatical Error Correction
Online Constraint Satisfaction via Tolls in MDP Congestion Games
False-Name-Proof Facility Location on Discrete Structures
Strategyproof Mechanism for Two Heterogeneous Facilities with Constant Approximation Ratio
Maximum on a random time interval of a random walk with infinite mean
Using Word Embeddings to Examine Gender Bias in Dutch Newspapers, 1950-1990
Generalised Barred Preferential Arrangements
Security assessment and key management in a quantum network
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signADAM: Learning Confidences for Deep Neural Networks
Infinite systems of interacting chains with memory of variable length beyond the Dobrushin condition
A category for bijective combinatorics
ImageNet-trained deep neural network exhibits illusion-like response to the Scintillating Grid
TARN: Temporal Attentive Relation Network for Few-Shot and Zero-Shot Action Recognition
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Tropical optimization technique in bi-objective project scheduling under temporal constraints
On jump relations of anisotropic elliptic interface problems
Augmenting a BiLSTM tagger with a Morphological Lexicon and a Lexical Category Identification Step
Combining the Connection Scan Algorithm with Contraction Hierarchies
Evaluation of the performance of Euro-CORDEX RCMs for assessing hydrological climate change impacts in Great Britain: a comparison of different spatial resolutions and quantile mapping bias correction methods
P-flag spaces and incidence stratifications
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Hardware-In-the-Loop for Connected Automated Vehicles Testing in Real Traffic
Some New Results for Poisson Binomial Models
Semidefinite Programming Relaxations of the Traveling Salesman Problem and Their Integrality Gaps
Stochastic-Greedy++: Closing the Optimality Gap in Exact Weak Submodular Maximization
Accelerating Experimental Design by Incorporating Experimenter Hunches
Class-specific Anchoring Proposal for 3D Object Recognition in LIDAR and RGB Images
Convergence Rates of Posterior Distributions in Markov Decision Process
Relay-aided Random Access for Energy-Limited Devices in the IoT
Automatic Radiology Report Generation based on Multi-view Image Fusion and Medical Concept Enrichment
Expectation Propagation Line Spectral Estimation
Rate of propagation of chaos for diffusive stochastic particle systems via Girsanov transformation
Open Problems in a Logic of Gossips
Credible Information, Allowable Information and Belief Revision — Extended Abstract
When Do Introspection Axioms Matter for Multi-Agent Epistemic Reasoning?
A Unified Algebraic Framework for Non-Monotonicity
A Conceptually Well-Founded Characterization of Iterated Admissibility Using an ‘All I Know’ Operator
The Complexity of Online Bribery in Sequential Elections (Extended Abstract)
Strategic Voting Under Uncertainty About the Voting Method
Causality and Epistemic Reasoning in Byzantine Multi-Agent Systems
Aggregation in Value-Based Argumentation Frameworks
Exploiting Belief Bases for Building Rich Epistemic Structures
Realistic Channel Models Pre-training
Deterministic Sampling Decoding: Where Sphere Decoding Meets Lattice Gaussian Distribution
DetectFusion: Detecting and Segmenting Both Known and Unknown Dynamic Objects in Real-time SLAM
Real-time Background-aware 3D Textureless Object Pose Estimation
Capacitive Sensor Based 2D Subsurface Imaging Technology for Non Destructive Evaluation of Building Surfaces
Speeding Up Iterative Closest Point Using Stochastic Gradient Descent
Multi-scale Cell Instance Segmentation with Keypoint Graph based Bounding Boxes
Stochastic Variance Reduced Primal Dual Algorithms for Empirical Composition Optimization
Word-representability of Toeplitz graphs
Mapping TASEP back in time
Extended Local Binary Patterns for Efficient and Robust Spontaneous Facial Micro-Expression Recognition
Properties of the Stochastic Approximation EM Algorithm with Mini-batch Sampling
Hyperplanes in Configurations, decompositions, and Pascal Triangle of Configurations
Sensor Aware Lidar Odometry
Polyp Detection and Segmentation using Mask R-CNN: Does a Deeper Feature Extractor CNN Always Perform Better?
Spectral data analysis methods for the two-dimensional imaging diagnostics
ELI5: Long Form Question Answering
A novel regularized approach for functional data clustering: An application to milking kinetics in dairy goats
FD-FCN: 3D Fully Dense and Fully Convolutional Network for Semantic Segmentation of Brain Anatomy
Today Me, Tomorrow Thee: Efficient Resource Allocation in Competitive Settings using Karma Games
Image-and-Spatial Transformer Networks for Structure-Guided Image Registration
Fully Unsupervised Feature Alignment for Critical System Health Monitoring with Varied Operating Conditions
X-model: further development and possible modifications
Automatic Calibration of Artificial Neural Networks for Zebrafish Collective Behaviours using a Quality Diversity Algorithm
Incremental Answer Set Programming with Overgrounding
Numerical analysis of a projection-based stabilized POD-ROM for incompressible flows
A Single Image based Head Pose Estimation Method with Spherical Parameterization
Generalized statistical arbitrage concepts and related gain strategies
Deep Learning Assisted Sum-Product Detection Algorithm for Faster-than-Nyquist Signaling
A bundle framework for observer design on smooth manifolds with symmetry
RGB-D image-based Object Detection: from Traditional Methods to Deep Learning Techniques
Orometric Methods in Bounded Metric Data
Robust Approach to Restricted Items Selection Problem
Fast rates for empirical risk minimization with cadlag losses with bounded sectional variation norm
Quadruplet Selection Methods for Deep Embedding Learning
Founded (Auto)Epistemic Equilibrium Logic Satisfies Epistemic Splitting
Complex order control for improved loop-shaping in precision positioning
Probabilistic Point Cloud Reconstructions for Vertebral Shape Analysis
Extending the ARC Information Providers to report information on GPU resources
Simultaneous Registration of Image Sequences — a novel singular value based images similarity measure
Optimal In-place Algorithms for Basic Graph Problems
EnSyth: A Pruning Approach to Synthesis of Deep Learning Ensembles
Properties of Decentralized Consensus Technology — Why not every Blockchain is a Blockchain
Reverse-order law for core inverse of tensors
The Dangers of Post-hoc Interpretability: Unjustified Counterfactual Explanations
VRLS: A Unified Reinforcement Learning Scheduler for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications
An Efficient Method of Detection and Recognition in Remote Sensing Image Based on multi-angle Region of Interests
On diameter bounds for planar integral point sets in semi-general position
A Simple Sinuosity-Based Method using GPS data to Support Mitigation Policies for Public Buses GHG Emissions
VIFIDEL: Evaluating the Visual Fidelity of Image Descriptions
Decentralized Deep Learning with Arbitrary Communication Compression
Emotion Detection in Text: Focusing on Latent Representation
DeepIris: Iris Recognition Using A Deep Learning Approach
Visualizing the Invisible: Occluded Vehicle Segmentation and Recovery
Markerless Augmented Advertising for Sports Videos
Abstract Solvers for Computing Cautious Consequences of ASP programs
Deep Learning Approaches for Image Retrieval and Pattern Spotting in Ancient Documents
Trusses and Trapezes: Easily-Interpreted Communities in Social Networks
Satellite-Net: Automatic Extraction of Land Cover Indicators from Satellite Imagery by Deep Learning
k-t NEXT: Dynamic MR Image Reconstruction Exploiting Spatio-temporal Correlations
Paracoherent Answer Set Semantics meets Argumentation Frameworks
Trend detection in GEV models
Parking on the integers
Multi-Class Lane Semantic Segmentation using Efficient Convolutional Networks
Model-Driven Deep Learning for Joint MIMO Channel Estimation and Signal Detection
Maya: Falsifying Power Sidechannels with Operating System Support
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