An Exploratory Study of Live-Streamed Programming
Feature Toggle Driven Development: Practices usedby Practitioners
Improving the Projection of Global Structures in Data through Spanning Trees
Towards Optimal Moment Estimation in Streaming and Distributed Models
Augmenting Neural Nets with Symbolic Synthesis: Applications to Few-Shot Learning
Differentiable Bayesian Neural Network Inference for Data Streams
MIPaaL: Mixed Integer Program as a Layer
An Evolutionary Algorithm of Linear complexity: Application to Training of Deep Neural Networks
BeSense: Leveraging WiFi Channel Data and Computational Intelligence for Behavior
A Study and Analysis of a Feature Subset Selection Technique using Penguin Search Optimization Algorithm (FS-PeSOA)
Distributed Kalman Filtering under Model Uncertainty
k-hop Graph Neural Networks
Using dynamic routing to extract intermediate features for developing scalable capsule networks
Bringing Giant Neural Networks Down to Earth with Unlabeled Data
Relational Memory-based Knowledge Graph Embedding
Understanding Deep Learning Techniques for Image Segmentation
Continuous-Time Markov Decision Processes with Controlled Observations
Tackling Graphical NLP problems with Graph Recurrent Networks
Satellite System Graph: Towards the Efficiency Up-Boundary of Graph-Based Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
On substitutions closed under derivation: examples
Secrecy Analysis and Learning-based Optimization of Cooperative NOMA SWIPT Systems
Proceedings of FACTS-IR 2019
Automated Word Stress Detection in Russian
Curvature-dimension conditions for diffusions under time change
Learning to Handle Parameter Perturbations in Combinatorial Optimization: an Application to Facility Location
Equal bi-Vectorized (EBV) method to high performance on GPU
Deep Learning-powered Iterative Combinatorial Auctions
The Importance of Telescope Training in Data Interpretation
Exploration by Optimisation in Partial Monitoring
Structured inversion of the Bernstein mass matrix
Hello, It’s GPT-2 — How Can I Help You? Towards the Use of Pretrained Language Models for Task-Oriented Dialogue Systems
Path Weights in Concentration Graphs
Unsupervised Adversarial Attacks on Deep Feature-based Retrieval with GAN
ACTNET: end-to-end learning of feature activations and aggregation for effective instance image retrieval
Convergent discretisation schemes for transition path theory for diffusion processes
Asymptotics for Spherical Functional Autoregressions
Coulomb gases under constraint: some theoretical and numerical results
Relevance of topological disorder on the directed percolation phase transition
On the Correlation of Critical Points and Angular Trispectrum for Random Spherical Harmonics
Girls Create Games: Lessons Learned
Characterization of $k$-spectrally monomorphic Hermitian $l2$-structures
Self-supervised Learning with Geometric Constraints in Monocular Video: Connecting Flow, Depth, and Camera
Asynchronous Majority Dynamics in Preferential Attachment Trees
The Algebra of Schur Operators
Patterns in sets of positive density in trees and affine buildings
Signal Conditioning for Learning in the Wild
Dual Extrapolation for Sparse Generalized Linear Models
Concentration inequalities for random matrix products
Equiprobable mappings in weighted constraint grammars
Exponential convergence to equilibrium in supercritical kinetically constrained models at high temperature
Kingman’s coalescent with erosion
The University of Edinburgh’s Submissions to the WMT19 News Translation Task
On a Generalization of the Marriage Problem
Kinetics of thermal Mott transitions in the Hubbard model
Voice Pathology Detection Using Deep Learning: a Preliminary Study
Fast, higher-order direct/iterative hybrid solver for scattering by Inhomogeneous media — with application to high-frequency and discontinuous refractivity problems
Functional treatment of asymmetric copulas
Gesture-to-Gesture Translation in the Wild via Category-Independent Conditional Maps
Posit NPB: Assessing the Precision Improvement in HPC Scientific Applications
Estimating densities with nonlinear support using Fisher-Gaussian kernels
Dynamically orthogonal tensor methods for high-dimensional nonlinear PDEs
On the Price of Anarchy of Cost-Sharing in Real-Time Scheduling Systems
Predicting phenotypes from microarrays using amplified, initially marginal, eigenvector regression
A machine learning framework for computationally expensive transient models
Properties for the Frechet Mean in Billera-Holmes-Vogtmann Treespace
Planar Disjoint Paths in Linear Time
Multilevel models for continuous outcomes
The spectral matrices associated with the stochastic Darboux transformations of random walks on the integers
Online-Learning for min-max discrete problems
NH-TTC: A gradient-based framework for generalized anticipatory collision avoidance
On the residues vectors of a rational class of complex functions. Application to autoregressive processes
Pykaldi2: Yet another speech toolkit based on Kaldi and Pytorch
Characterising random partitions by random colouring
Efficient average-case population recovery in the presence of insertions and deletions
Random Khatri-Rao-Product Codes for Numerically-Stable Distributed Matrix Multiplication
Upper bounds for inverse domination in graphs
Multi-Hop Wireless Optical Backhauling for LiFi Attocell Networks: Bandwidth Scheduling and Power Control
Linear programming bounds for cliques in Paley graphs
The integration of variable generation and storage into electricity capacity markets
Resolvability of Hamming Graphs
Entropy-stable discontinuous Galerkin approximation with summation-by-parts for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations with variable density and artificial compressibility
Convergence Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms for the Numerical Solution of Mean Field Control and Games: I — The Ergodic Case
Coloring invariants of knots and links are often intractable
Learning Complex Basis Functions for Invariant Representations of Audio
Distributed Black-Box Optimization via Error Correcting Codes
On the Differential Linear Connectivity Table of Vectorial Boolean Functions
ND-Wavelets Derived from Anti-symmetric Systems of Isolated Particles using the Determinant of Slater
Local Distribution Obfuscation via Probability Coupling
The Two-Sided Game of Googol and Sample-Based Prophet Inequalities
Intelligent Reflecting Surface: Practical Phase Shift Model and Beamforming Optimization
Fisher-Rao Geometry and Jeffreys Prior for Pareto Distribution
SynthText3D: Synthesizing Scene Text Images from 3D Virtual Worlds
The automorphism groups of some token graphs
The Futility of Bias-Free Learning and Search
Extracting Interpretable Physical Parameters from Spatiotemporal Systems using Unsupervised Learning
Efficient methods to determine the reversibility of general 1D linear cellular automata in polynomial complexity
Motion Planning Networks: Bridging the Gap Between Learning-based and Classical Motion Planners
A Conditional Wasserstein Generative Adversarial Network for Pixel-level Crack Detection using Video Extracted Images
Learn Spelling from Teachers: Transferring Knowledge from Language Models to Sequence-to-Sequence Speech Recognition
Combinatorics in the exterior algebra and the Bollobás Two Families Theorem
Shape optimization for composite materials and scaffolds
Multiscale Principle of Relevant Information for Hyperspectral Image Classification
Structure-Aware Residual Pyramid Network for Monocular Depth Estimation
Gait Generation using Intrinsically Stable MPC in the Presence of Persistent Disturbances
On the convergence rate of some nonlocal energies
Minimal Sample Subspace Learning: Theory and Algorithms
Perfect sampling from spatial mixing
Towards Characterizing and Limiting Information Exposure in DNN Layers
M3D-RPN: Monocular 3D Region Proposal Network for Object Detection
Energy-Efficient Radio Resource Allocation for Federated Edge Learning
Cross-Lingual Transfer Learning for Question Answering
Multi-Element Long Distance Dependencies: Using SPk Languages to Explore the Characteristics of Long-Distance Dependencies
Learning better generative models for dexterous, single-view grasping of novel objects
Lower Bound for RIP Constants and Concentration of Sum of Top Order Statistics
On the two-dimensional hyperbolic stochastic sine-Gordon equation
Aggregate-Eliminate-Predict: Detecting Adverse Drug Events from Heterogeneous Electronic Health Records
One-dimensional number-conserving cellular automata
Image Evolution Trajectory Prediction and Classification from Baseline using Learning-based Patch Atlas Selection for Early Diagnosis
The Use of Gaussian Processes in System Identification
ALFA: Agglomerative Late Fusion Algorithm for Object Detection
Efficient self-stabilizing leader election in population protocols
S&CNet: A Enhanced Coarse-to-fine Framework For Monocular Depth Completion
A new approach to Poissonian two-armed bandit problem
Changing Views: Persuasion Modeling and Argument Extraction from Online Discussions
Evolvability ES: Scalable and Direct Optimization of Evolvability
Adaptive Context Encoding Module for Semantic Segmentation
On a degeneracy ratio for bounded convex polytopes
Skew Generalized Cyclic Code over $ R[x_1;σ_1,δ_1][x_2;σ_2,δ_2]$
On Discrete-Time/Frequency-Periodic End-to-End Fiber-Optical Channel Models
Parameterized Exploration
Motion Segmentation Using Locally Affine Atom Voting
Dogfooding: use IBM Cloud services to monitor IBM Cloud infrastructure
Automated Gaming Pommerman: FFA
Seeker based Adaptive Guidance via Reinforcement Meta-Learning Applied to Asteroid Close Proximity Operations
Multi-Task Recurrent Convolutional Network with Correlation Loss for Surgical Video Analysis
Supporting Security Sensitive Tenants in a Bare-Metal Cloud
Speaker Recognition with Random Digit Strings Using Uncertainty Normalized HMM-based i-vectors
BUT VOiCES 2019 System Description
Highly neighborly centrally symmetric spheres
Inference for high-dimensional linear mixed-effects models: A quasi-likelihood approach
A semi-Lagrangian discontinuous Galerkin (DG) — local DG method for solving convection-diffusion-reaction equations
Online Rental Housing Market Representation and the Digital Reproduction of Urban Inequality
Preselection Bandits under the Plackett-Luce Model
Towards Robust Voice Pathology Detection
Information Pollution by Social Bots
An Assumption-Free Exact Test For Fixed-Design Linear Models With Exchangeable Errors
FMRI data augmentation via synthesis
Stochastic Convergence Results for Regularized Actor-Critic Methods
Bilevel Optimization and Variational Analysis
A Real-Time mmWave Communication Testbed with Phase Noise Cancellation
Neural Embedding for Physical Manipulations
Leveraging Auxiliary Information on Marginal Distributions in Nonignorable Models for Item and Unit Nonresponse
ThirdEye: Triplet Based Iris Recognition without Normalization
Langevin method for a continuous stochastic car-following model and its stability conditions
From quadratic Hawkes processes to super-Heston rough volatility models with Zumbach effect
A Versatile Software Systolic Execution Model for GPU Memory-Bound Kernels
Zeros of ferromagnetic 2-spin systems