Identifying Algorithm Names in Code Comments
Do Design Metrics Capture Developers Perception of Quality? An Empirical Study on Self-Affirmed Refactoring Activities
Artificial Intelligence: A Child’s Play
Hardware/Software Co-Exploration of Neural Architectures
EPNAS: Efficient Progressive Neural Architecture Search
Optimal Explanations of Linear Models
Computer-Aided Data Mining: Automating a Novel Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Process Model for Metabolomics
Making Study Populations Visible through Knowledge Graphs
Don’t Take the Premise for Granted: Mitigating Artifacts in Natural Language Inference
On Adversarial Removal of Hypothesis-only Bias in Natural Language Inference
SAT Solvers and Computer Algebra Systems: A Powerful Combination for Mathematics
GluonCV and GluonNLP: Deep Learning in Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing
Model Development Process
Bayesian Inference for Regression Copulas
Differentiable Probabilistic Logic Networks
Towards Explaining the Regularization Effect of Initial Large Learning Rate in Training Neural Networks
Markov Decision Process for MOOC users behavioral inference
Modeling Semantic Compositionality with Sememe Knowledge
Hillview: A trillion-cell spreadsheet for big data
Playing Go without Game Tree Search Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Co-training for Policy Learning
Generalized Belief Function: A new concept for uncertainty modelling and processing
Audio-Based Search and Rescue with a Drone: Highlights from the IEEE Signal Processing Cup 2019 Student Competition
A Mobile Cloud Collaboration Fall Detection System Based on Ensemble Learning
Graph Representation Learning via Hard and Channel-Wise Attention Networks
Incrementally Learning Functions of the Return
Quantifying the pathways to life using assembly spaces
Copula Representations and Error Surface Projections for the Exclusive Or Problem
A Survey of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces: Towards 6G Wireless Communication Networks with Massive MIMO 2.0
Routine Modeling with Time Series Metric Learning
Bilevel Optimization under Uncertainty
Santha-Vazirani sources, deterministic condensers and very strong extractors
Click-Through Rate Prediction with the User Memory Network
Randomized Constraints Consensus for Distributed Robust Mixed-Integer Programming
Methodologies of Link-Level Simulator and System-Level Simulator for C-V2X Communication
Accurate Frequency Domain Identification of ODEs with Arbitrary Signals
ABSense: Sensing Electromagnetic Waves on Metasurfaces via Ambient Compilation of Full Absorption
Improving the Performance of the LSTM and HMM Models via Hybridization
Mobile phone data’s potential for informing infrastructure planning in developing countries
Image based Eye Gaze Tracking and its Applications
Measuring Inter-group Agreement on zSlice Based General Type-2 Fuzzy Sets
Cross-Domain Generalization of Neural Constituency Parsers
Open problems in the spectral theory of signed graphs
Exploring Conditioning for Generative Music Systems with Human-Interpretable Controls
Transfer Learning from Audio-Visual Grounding to Speech Recognition
Democratic summary of public opinions in free-response surveys
Hybrid system identification using switching density networks
Fast Estimating Pedestrian Moving State Based on Single 2D Body Pose by Shallow Neural Network
BASN — Learning Steganography with Binary Attention Mechanism
A Stochastic First-Order Method for Ordered Empirical Risk Minimization
A Geometric Approach to Rank Metric Codes and a Classification of Constant Weight Codes
Deep Reinforcement Learning in Financial Markets
Convergence Rates for Gaussian Mixtures of Experts
M3D-GAN: Multi-Modal Multi-Domain Translation with Universal Attention
Nearly optimal edge estimation with independent set queries
Symmetric Polymorphisms and Efficient Decidability of Promise CSPs
Diameter computation on $H$-minor free graphs and graphs of bounded (distance) VC-dimension
Finite Regret and Cycles with Fixed Step-Size via Alternating Gradient Descent-Ascent
Decentralized Dynamic Task Allocation in Swarm Robotic Systems for Disaster Response
Informative Path Planning with Local Penalization for Decentralized and Asynchronous Swarm Robotic Search
Selling Information Through Consulting
New Competitiveness Bounds for the Shared Memory Switch
The Ad Types Problem
Polynomial Linear System Solving with Errors by Simultaneous Polynomial Reconstruction of Interleaved Reed-Solomon Codes
A New Stereo Benchmarking Dataset for Satellite Images
$L_p$ Pattern Matching in a Stream
Faster provable sieving algorithms for the Shortest Vector Problem and the Closest Vector Problem on lattices in $\ell_p$ norm
Sentiment Analysis Challenges in Persian Language
Global Optimality Guarantees for Nonconvex Unsupervised Video Segmentation
Split Hopf algebras, quasi-shuffle algebras, and the cohomology of Omega Sigma X
On Approximating Partial Set Cover and Generalizations
Block-avoiding point sequencings of arbitrary length in Steiner triple systems
Improving Solve Time of aggregation-based adaptive AMG
Nonlinear price dynamics of S&P 100 stocks
Off-Grid Aware Channel and Covariance Estimation in mmWave Networks
Automatic Mass Detection in Breast Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network and SVM Classifier
Channel Estimation in mmWave Hybrid MIMO System via Off-Grid Dirichlet Kernels
Application Inference using Machine Learning based Side Channel Analysis
Shadow Accrual Maps: Efficient Accumulation of City-Scale Shadows Over Time
A complexity dichotomy for hitting connected minors on bounded treewidth graphs: the chair and the banner draw the boundary
A review on deep learning techniques for 3D sensed data classification
Learning to Speak Fluently in a Foreign Language: Multilingual Speech Synthesis and Cross-Language Voice Cloning
Generating Adversarial Fragments with Adversarial Networks for Physical-world Implementation
SNAP: Finding Approximate Second-Order Stationary Solutions Efficiently for Non-convex Linearly Constrained Problems
On the Approximability of Presidential Type Predicates
Partially Observable Planning and Learning for Systems with Non-Uniform Dynamics
Multi-Speaker End-to-End Speech Synthesis
Coarse Graining of Data via Inhomogeneous Diffusion Condensation
Optimal Chernoff and Hoeffding Bounds for Finite Markov Chains
A family of multi-parameterized proximal point algorithms
Neural Input Search for Large Scale Recommendation Models
The stochastic multi-gradient algorithm for multi-objective optimization and its application to supervised machine learning
Ultrareliable and Low-Latency Communication Techniques for Tactile Internet Services
A New Benchmark and Approach for Fine-grained Cross-media Retrieval
User Detection Performance Analysis for Grant-Free Uplink Transmission in Large-Scale Antenna Systems
Tails of Triangular Flows
Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization Driven by Generative Adversarial Networks
Assortment planning for two-sided sequential matching markets
Deep Lagrangian Networks for end-to-end learning of energy-based control for under-actuated systems
Deep Lagrangian Networks: Using Physics as Model Prior for Deep Learning
Exploiting user-frequency information for mining regionalisms from Social Media texts
Controlling Power and Virtual Inertia from Storage for Frequency Response
Speed Scaling with Tandem Servers
Fetal Pose Estimation in Volumetric MRI using a 3D Convolution Neural Network
DeepXDE: A deep learning library for solving differential equations
Pairwise Link Prediction
An algorithmic framework for approximating maximin share allocation of chores
Joint Learning of Multiple Image Restoration Tasks
Multivariate Variational Mode Decomposition
Improved Structural Methods for Nonlinear Differential-Algebraic Equations via Combinatorial Relaxation
Computing the Maximum Degree of Minors in Skew Polynomial Matrices
DOB-Net: Actively Rejecting Unknown Excessive Time-Varying Disturbances
User Preference Prediction in Visual Data on Mobile Devices
Dual Dynamic Inference: Enabling More Efficient, Adaptive and Controllable Deep Inference
Two-block vs. Multi-block ADMM: An empirical evaluation of convergence
Regularizing Neural Networks for Future Trajectory Prediction via Inverse Reinforcement Learning
Analysis and Simulation of a Coupled Diffusion based Image Denoising Model
Dynamics of Team Library Adoptions: An Exploration of GitHub Commit Logs
Bayesian Variable Selection for Non-Gaussian Responses: A Marginally Calibrated Copula Approach
The Role of Cooperation in Responsible AI Development
On general position sets in Cartesian grids
Multi-layer Attention Mechanism for Speech Keyword Recognition
Simple Kinematic Feedback Enhances Autonomous Learning in Bio-Inspired Tendon-Driven Systems
Striving for Simplicity in Off-policy Deep Reinforcement Learning
Learning to Reason with Relational Video Representation for Question Answering
Finding Robust Periodic Timetables by Integrating Delay Management
The maximum length of $K_r$-Bootstrap Percolation
Deep Multi Label Classification in Affine Subspaces
Progressive Wasserstein Barycenters of Persistence Diagrams
Generating All the Roads to Rome: Road Layout Randomization for Improved Road Marking Segmentation
Out-of-Distribution Detection Using Neural Rendering Generative Models
Stabilization on periodic impulse control systems
Quasi-polynomial time approximation schemes for the Maximum Weight Independent Set Problem in H-free graphs
Improved bounds for centered colorings
Optimal optical orthogonal signature pattern codes with weight three and cross-correlation constraint one
Dunhuang Grotto Painting Dataset and Benchmark
On the Duffin-Schaeffer conjecture
A Little Charity Guarantees Almost Envy-Freeness
Adding Common Randomness Can Remove the Secrecy Constraints in Communication Networks
Ergodicity for Stochastic Porous Media Equations
A multilevel Monte Carlo method for asymptotic-preserving particle schemes
Neural Networks as Explicit Word-Based Rules
Let’s measure run time! Extending the IR replicability infrastructure to include performance aspects
Probabilistic programming for birth-death models of evolution using an alive particle filter with delayed sampling
The cone of Z-transforations on the second order cone
Lingua Custodia at WMT’19: Attempts to Control Terminology
Sparse Unit-Sum Regression
Minimal linear codes arising from blocking sets
Polytopes, lattices, and spherical codes for the nearest neighbor problem
Evolutionary techniques in lattice sieving algorithms
Approximate Voronoi cells for lattices, revisited
Video Action Recognition Via Neural Architecture Searching
Multi-Person tracking by multi-scale detection in Basketball scenarios
One Shot Learning for Deformable Medical Image Registration and Periodic Motion Tracking
Unimodular Polynomial Matrices over Finite Fields
A positivity preserving iterative method for finding the ground states of saturable nonlinear Schrödinger equations
Smoothed Analysis of Order Types
The Ruelle operator for symmetric $β$-shifts
String Attractors and Combinatorics on Words
An Intrinsically-Motivated Approach for Learning Highly Exploring and Fast Mixing Policies
On the q-moment determinacy of probability distributions
A Projectional Ansatz to Reconstruction
About Fibonacci trees. II — generalized Fibonacci trees
Domain Adaptation-based Augmentation for Weakly Supervised Nuclei Detection
Assessing Transferability from Simulation to Reality for Reinforcement Learning
Data-driven Network Reduction for Transmission-Constrained Unit Commitment
Generalized Rank Minimization based Group Sparse Coding for Low-level Image Restoration via Dictionary Learning
Cooperative Localization with Angular Measurements and Posterior Linearization
On Structural Invariants in the Energy-Based In-Domain Control of Infinite-Dimensional Port-Hamiltonian Systems
Necessary conditions for local controllability of a particular class of systems with two scalar controls
Label Aware Graph Convolutional Network — Not All Edges Deserve Your Attention
Learning a Behavior Model of Hybrid Systems Through Combining Model-Based Testing and Machine Learning (Full Version)
Trust-Region Variational Inference with Gaussian Mixture Models
Data-driven Policy on Feasibility Determination for the Train Shunting Problem
Fragmentations with self-similar branching speeds
Entropy and Compression: A simple proof of an inequality of Khinchin
Characterization of the critical points for the free energy of a Cosserat problem
Ollivier Ricci Curvature of Directed Hypergraphs
Utilizing Eye Gaze to Enhance the Generalization of Imitation Networks to Unseen Environments
Fractional Revival and Association Schemes
Coresets for Clustering in Graphs of Bounded Treewidth
Lexicase selection in Learning Classifier Systems
Optimal mechanisms with budget for user generated contents
Matroid Bases with Cardinality Constraints on the Intersection
Interpretable Deep Learning Model for the Detection and Reconstruction of Dysarthric Speech
Constant-Time Dynamic $(Δ+1)$-Coloring and Weight Approximation for Minimum Spanning Forest: Dynamic Algorithms Meet Property Testing
Dense Peelable Random Uniform Hypergraphs
Efficient Gauss Elimination for Near-Quadratic Matrices with One Short Random Block per Row, with Applications
Sparse Regular Expression Matching
SynthCity: A large scale synthetic point cloud
Toward a Procedural Fruit Tree Rendering Framework for Image Analysis
Towards Affordance Prediction with Vision via Task Oriented Grasp Quality Metrics
Approximate Bayesian inference for spatial flood frequency analysis
Metamorphic Detection of Adversarial Examples in Deep Learning Models With Affine Transformations
Robust Transmission Network Expansion Planning Problem Considering Storage Units
On the Complexity of Completing Binary Predicates
ReQA: An Evaluation for End-to-End Answer Retrieval Models
AWG-based Nonblocking Shuffle-Exchange Networks
Haar Transforms for Graph Neural Networks
On uniform stability of certain parallel server networks with no abandonment in the Halfin-Whitt regime
Bayesian Optimization in Variational Latent Spaces with Dynamic Compression
The least signless Laplacian eigenvalue of the complements of bicyclic graphs
RL-RRT: Kinodynamic Motion Planning via Learning Reachability Estimators from RL Policies
New fifth and seventh order mock theta function identities
The random strategy in Maker-Breaker graph minor games
Quantifying Error in the Presence of Confounders for Causal Inference
Variational Autoencoders and Nonlinear ICA: A Unifying Framework
On Characters of a Class of P-polynomial table algebras and applications
Improving Prognostic Performance in Resectable Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma using Radiomics and Deep Learning Features Fusion in CT Images
Scheduling With Inexact Job Sizes: The Merits of Shortest Processing Time First
Superdiffusive limits for deterministic fast-slow dynamical systems
Approximately counting and sampling small witnesses using a colourful decision oracle
BAM! Born-Again Multi-Task Networks for Natural Language Understanding
Learning the Wireless V2I Channels Using Deep Neural Networks
Barnes-Hut Approximation for Point SetGeodesic Shooting
Enhanced generative adversarial network for 3D brain MRI super-resolution
Identifying mediating variables with graphical models: an application to the study of causal pathways in people living with HIV
Fast geodesic shooting for landmark matching using CUDA
Sparse Networks from Scratch: Faster Training without Losing Performance
Higher-order ergodicity coefficients
Bayesian inferences on uncertain ranks and orderings
Vertex-Fault Tolerant Complete Matching in Bipartite graphs: the Biregular Case
On Designing Machine Learning Models for Malicious Network Traffic Classification
Time-changed fractional Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process
Anharmonic soft modes in glasses
Uniformly accurate methods for three dimensional Vlasov equations under strong magnetic field with varying direction